Why Celebrity NFT Projects Fail EVERYTIME (Web3 Go-to-Market Strategy)

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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the bret way and today We’re talking about why some of the Biggest web 2 brands that enter the nft Space fail Let’s get into it [Music] All right guys so this video is so so Important and i’m kind of looking Forward to it because this is just kind Of embarrassing we have one of the Biggest celebrities chris brown dropping An nft project and only selling 246 Out of 10 000 nfts last week this is Just so so easily avoidable and i want You guys to understand that i know that This market is kind of down right now so I want to give them the benefit of the Doubt there this might have worked six Months ago in the hottest market in January when things were booming but Honestly i don’t think this chris brown Project even had a chance back then it’s Just so clearly a cash grab and i really Want to dissect why and what they could Have done differently how we could Actually help them make better decisions In the future that way if you’re an nft Agency owner or even just a new mentor You can actually look out for signs like These so you don’t make these same Mistakes so before we get into the chris Brown one i actually do want to talk About the chevy project and honestly

They did a lot of things right and they Actually followed the same blueprint That we like to follow uh with our nft Agency so if you guys don’t know who i Am my name is brett malinowski i am an Nft builder i’ve launched three Successful projects the magic mushroom Clubhouse wgmi media and nft academy Where we actually teach people how to Build nft projects the right way and so This is what we’re actually going to Talk about today we’re going to break Down chevy’s nft drop and chris browns Drop go over what they did wrong and how They could have done it better on top of Things that you overall if you’re Considering entering the space or Considering making an nft project you Have to understand these core principles So before we get into the actual reviews Of these drops i want to go over things That most traditional web 2 brands miss When entering the space and why Celebrity projects always fall flat so Rule number one of marketing any product Is to understand your consumer and Understand their values and most of These web 2 brands don’t respect the Game and they don’t respect what web 3 Stands for or maybe they’re just too Lazy to do an inch of research but guys The whole point of web 3 is we’re tired Of web 2 brands just giving us free Products stealing all of our data and

Then just raking in money on the back End where they own all of the assets and It’s centralized so there’s not actual Any real benefit to the consumer other Than the product though that’s totally Fine it’s not unethical by any means the Whole movement of web 3 is put power Back into the consumer’s hands and let Them actually own their data own the Product own the actual digital items so That way no company can censor you Instagram twitter facebook they can’t Shut down your account and lock your In-game assets there either so think About it like that if you buy a Fortnight skin and you get banned from The game all that money you put into the Game stays in the game and you can never Do anything with it again that’s the Whole point of decentralized ownership And that’s a core value of web 3 and the Whole point of nfts and so a lot of These companies totally skip over that And you see no notion of that in their Messaging when they’re talking to their Consumers most celebrity projects it’s Just so clear that they just think they Can come in and capitalize on the hype And make a few million dollars we’ve Seen a lot of projects like that we saw A little uzi’s project we saw rich the Kids project we’ve seen so many Celebrity projects that they make hype They talk about it on their platforms

And then nothing happens they don’t Follow through and it’s just a way for Them to make money and again it’s so so Obvious for us native web 3 nft traders Because we’ve seen it so many times and Really it’s just you can feel how Disingenuous it is so whether you work For a web 2 company and you guys are Considering entering the nft space or Whether your company’s already there you Need to understand this right out the Gate these basic principles of going to Market what’s the best go to market Strategy in web three first you need web Three people to see your product you Need interest from web three if you Think that your own internal audience is Gonna do all of the legwork and that’s All you’re gonna bank on you just need To make sure that you have the best Onboarding experience possible aka you Are educating the crap out of your Website audience because if they’ve Never bought crypto before it will Literally break their brains trying to Figure out how to buy ethereum send it To a wallet how do you even make a Wallet and then how do you connect a Wallet to a website how do you buy the Nft you’re gonna have to hold their hand And make it as easy as possible there Are a lot of actual tools out there Where you can potentially buy nfts with Credit card and so if you are

Considering selling to a non-web3 native Audience i really consider letting them Buy with credit card they have to still Make a web3 wallet but that’s kind of The easy part making a wallet is not Hard it’s the buying crypto for the First time setting up your bank account Sending it if there’s a hold usually for 72 hours and getting over that whole Barrier to entry but if you can let them Buy with credit card and actually set up Their wallet that’s half the battle and Then that way if they do want to move Their nft or sell it then they can go Through those complicated steps of Learning how to transfer on the ethereum Network but besides the point you just Need to make sure you’re making it as Easy as possible for new audiences to Get onboarded and whether that’s Educational videos whether that’s step By step on your website providing every Link they need and even considering Letting them buy the nft with credit Card even though it kind of goes against What web3 is all about it’s still where We want to meet halfway in the middle It’s a compromise and that’s okay with Me so first things first when you’re Marketing your project you need to have A clear narrative i always talk about This in the nft academy like i said Earlier that’s where we teach people how To implement nfts into their business

It’s actually an nft you buy the nft you Get access to our course we do live Trainings small groups every single week And whenever you have all the Information you need you can just sell The nft for the next incoming student Really really cool i really am proud of What we do at the nfc academy but Basically we teach people the two to Three sentence rule you need to be able To clearly explain what your nft project Is all about in two to three sentences Sure you’re a big brand people might Already know but in reality you need to Make it very very clear why the buyer Benefits from buying this nft why should They buy and hold your nft how is their Life going to be better and if you can’t Clearly depict that in two or three Sentences it’s gonna be really hard to Get the point across because Non-fungible tokens web3 people are Already confused and now if you can’t Really explain the benefit concisely They’re going to get lost reading Paragraphs about the metaverse community All these buzzwords are going to go Straight over their head you need to be Able to explain it in two or three Sentences and keep it concise and lastly Everybody thinks that they since they Already have an audience this person has 100 million followers you’re gonna get Sales guys we have paid hundreds of

Thousands of dollars in influencer Marketing with some of the top Celebrities 10 20 million followers on Tick tock instagram even twitter Changing their profile picture having it In their bio putting a link to our mint Page and it converts zero i’m telling You we paid one of the top top rappers Who had a top three song on the charts To change their profile picture to our Nft make a instagram story about it and It converted to three sales on secondary And the floor price was only about 100 200 in the peak bull run okay so Non-native audiences non-web 3 audiences Are very hard to convert i really hope You understand that and if you are going For them you need to make it as easy as Possible and do as much as you can do Heavy lifting to help educate them and Make them clearly understand how they’re Going to benefit so they will go through That pain so what you need to do is Actually go after native web 3 audiences Aka nft traders where do those people Hang out i run an nft alpha group agency We have made seven alpha groups in the Nft space where people are literally Spending all day every day in small Groups around a thousand people who take Trading and flipping nfts very seriously That’s where you want to reach out to These different alpha groups whether It’s kosher plug whether it’s bento boys

Project whether it’s champs only popeye Whatever alpha group you want to go After reach out to them and try to Create some sort of cross collab the Most popular is actually offer like 50 Whitelist spots you don’t know what a Whitelist is it’s basically like a Guaranteed mint you have a thousand nfts In your collection you’d want to give 20 Different groups 50 whitelist spots aka 50 guaranteed mints to guarantee that Your project is going to succeed these People they don’t have to mint but at The end of the day they’re going to do a Twitter giveaway to their group they’re Going to give away actual whitelist Spots to people in their group who are Trading nfts full-time for a living and That’s going to be a very dense group of People that are most likely going to buy If they get a whitelist spot so that’s Just nft marketing 101 i made a whole Video on nft marketing on my channel a Few months ago that is very very helpful If you’re brand new to nft marketing Start there and come back to this video And we will actually start breaking down The specific mistakes these projects Have made so understand you need to play The game it’s all about collabing with Other successful projects other Successful alpha groups and other places Where they actually have web3 audiences A lot of youtubers like me we don’t do

Paid promo you can’t just pay me 10 000 And i’m going to talk about your nft Project because again web 3 is all about Authenticity and having real connections With your audience and connecting with These people there are real people Behind the screen and that’s why we Aren’t going to just blindly show your Project because you’re just trying to Make money off our audience and we see Straight through that that’s what web3 Is all about so understand you need to Come to the table offer value up front See how you guys can make a mutually Beneficial relationship i’m always the Type of guy where i’m at a dinner with a Lot of other entrepreneurs i like to say I’m a favorite for favorite guy if you Can help me i’m gonna help you Reciprocity that’s the key it’s really a Powerful drug so guys okay enough of my Preaching but those are core principles Most web 2 companies don’t even do their Minor due diligence to understand before Launching a project if you are Considering launching a project maybe You hired an agency make sure you Understand that and make sure they have Actual good intentions with the project Most of these celebrities most of these Big brands don’t really make it clear What the actual utility is they’re gonna Say the word they’re always gonna say Crazy utilities we’re gonna make a

Community we could work together we can Actually get to know each other and Connect with my fans if they Don’t clearly describe why they are Entering the web3 space what core values They align with that web3 is all about And how they’re actually going to Utilize these tools and this technology To actually connect with people They’re probably lying and it comes off Very disingenuous and web3 people see Straight through that so guys i know I’ve been talking for a while let’s go Ahead and jump into chevy i’m going to Give them a little bit of credit they Did a lot of things right whenever we Look at nft projects or working with Companies for our agency i always look Like to look for a main character or a Really established brand and that’s Exactly what they did they actually went With a very well-known artist his name Is x sulo or nick sulo i believe he has An instagram page of around 120 000 Followers which is really good this is a Narrative the nft degen’s nft traders Will say oh it’s a notable artist he has A big fan base a lot of his audience Might actually like this so i’m going to Trade on the speculation that his Audience is going to want to support him And buy his art that is one tick in the Right direction we always like to look For a main character and they did a

Great job of course he’s a very talented Artist and the art for this nft is Absolutely amazing this is top tier art Super well done one of the best pieces Of art in the nft space as a whole way Better than most of these generative pfp Projects now this is why they probably Made the decision to mint on super rare So you guys don’t know what super rare Is super rare is the future of the Crypto art market a network governed by Artists collectors and curators Basically it’s where all the high tier Art is sold for nfts you’re gonna see a Lot of art from really famous notable Artists and these projects go for very High prices this is where i think they Started to make mistakes they decided to Go after a one of one and do an auction But it’s cool because this nft does Actually come with a corvette so if you Win the auction for this nft you will Actually get a corvette that is this Color so it’s going to be this specific Green it’s going to be the only corvette In that color and that nft will actually Come with like an rnf code so you can Actually have a digital version of your Car that is a really cool concept and i Do think that’s going to be really cool In the future but i think it was a big Mistake because they started at their Mint price the reserve was 206 that’s Over hundred six thousand dollars at the

Time of recording this a typical Corvette like this would probably go for Around a hundred thousand dollars i Think a little bit less i’m not too sure But somewhere around the hundred Thousand dollar range and so the auction Reserve is actually starting at double The value of the car and i think they Were banking on the fact that it’s a lot Of novelty it’s like the first chevy Corvette nft actually comes with the car What better utility is that so we’re Gonna do it on super rare where all the Rich art collectors are now why i think That was a mistake was because art Collectors and car collectors i think That’s a pretty different demographic And just because your art is of a car Doesn’t mean these high-end art Collectors want a corvette typically People are paying hundreds of thousands Of dollars art might even be a little Above chevrolet’s brand okay i’m not Trying to hate on them but let’s be Honest they’re not a high-end luxury Supercar brand that’s something that Again that’s anecdotal don’t listen to That too heavily but understand guys They could have done things a lot Differently and i think that’s why they Literally got zero bids they got zero Bids they launched during nftnyc so they Said oh everybody that would be Interested in this nft was too busy at

Nftnyc people complained so they opened Up the window for another 24 hours and Still no bids so they absolutely failed This launch no judgment but Realistically i think they could have Done things a little differently i do Want to make one note on super rare Again guys super rare is high-end art There’s only like 10 to 20 transactions On that platform a day so realistically If you want to succeed you should Probably put your nft’s auction where All of nft buyers are and that’s on Openc i think still over 95 of all nft Volume across all chain is on openc so First thing i would have done Differently was set this auction on Openc because that’s where people are i Am a hardcore nft person i did not even Know this was happening i never go to Super rare it’s just not what the Market’s doing right now and that kind Of shows you yes they might have made Decisions for a specific reason but i Don’t think that was the right decision Because that’s not where the volume is And no one really knew about this in my Opinion i saw no one in my circle Talking about this so they failed to Build hype in the web 3 native nft Trader area no one really knew about it In my circle now of course i could have Just missed it i’m a busy guy so i don’t Discredit them for that but

Realistically selling one of one only One of these i think was a big mistake Why because they are assuming that most People are into nfts because they’re True art collectors that’s not the case Guys we are self-proclaimed djinns Almost everybody in the nft space is Just basically a gambler and they’re Trying to make money flipping nfts and So if you’re not playing into that Aspect of it think about it everybody Likes to mint nfts because it’s Unrevealed there’s 10 000 for like 48 Hours nobody knows what nft they got and Then some people are going to trade the Pre-reveal floor because what we see Most the time is once they actually Start revealing people find out they got A rare one if they got a rare one they Can sell it for like 100 x on their Investment if you get a floor one you Typically might lose money and so what Happens after reveal typically what we Call a post reveal dump and everybody That was kind of just gambling was Trying to get a rare if they didn’t they Sell it because they don’t want it Anymore and they’re worried the floor Price is going to go down so gambling is In the core of most nft traders or aka Nft degens and that is something they Did not decide to hit now again it could Have been a purely conscious decision Maybe they didn’t want to track that

Crowd whatever it may be but personally If i was going to say hey chevy if chevy Came out to me and said hey brett we Need to go to market strategy we want to Do an nft we have this green corvette we Want to make it the one of one it’s mint Green plays into the brand of web3 i’m Like oh that’s such an awesome idea i Would probably recommend they do a Relatively low supply still i would say Recommend around a thousand and sell Around a thousand for the 200 to 300 Range so they can still make that 300 000 that they were shooting for and then With this i would just randomly raffle Off the corvette the actual car to one Of those people who pay two to three Hundred dollars so that way it’s a much Lower risk for one of your 1000 holders They’re gonna get a hundred thousand Dollar car happy as hell and then that Way you can actually get more people to Take a bite they’re gonna generate the Revenue and then of course it scratches That gambling itch of one of you out of The thousand is actually gonna get a Free corvette that’s a one of one and That in and of itself is gonna be super Valuable that’s part one now you have to Consider okay that’s overall what i like To call a negative because you have one Happy person and now you have 999 Holders that are very unhappy so this is Where it gets interesting this is where

I as a go-to-market strategist would Start implementing different utility for The nft and again i’m going to still Keep it physically attached i would Maybe set up a custom interior or maybe A custom license plate or some small Little nod to nft holders for a 1000 set Of actual corvettes so this way if Someone actually wants to buy a corvette They don’t have to get this color we’ll Keep the color one of one for the one Lucky person but that way if any of These people actually want to get a Corvette themselves they can go to the Website connect their wallet verify they Have the nft and they’re actually going To claim a corvette the corvette will Come with complete custom interior it’ll Have the art on it maybe even put your Wallet name on it something cool like That make the license plate customized To you whatever you want to do something Simple so it’s not like a huge overhaul For corvettes but at the same time those People that choose to do it can actually Get that custom personalized touch and Once that nft is claimed it would be Burned and then you can actually get a Different nft that shows that you Actually bought a corvette and you are The owner of one of the genesis Collection one of 1000 corvettes and you Have this one and you can even get the Nft to resemble how you decided to spec

It out something like that keep it Simple get as complex as you want it Really comes down to how willing and how Committed chevy is to going hard on this Strategy so i think that would be a much Better go to market strategy to find More levels of success because it hits That gambler’s niche you get more access You can actually do partnerships with Web three people web3 alpha groups and On top of that you give people the Option to actually use the other 999 Nfts to still have a personalized Corvette that other people can’t get Access to and that would actually Attract new buyers because people that Are really big corvette fans if they Want a rare one of one thousand corvette They could actually buy the nft just to Claim it and then buy those corvettes i Know at one point there actually was a Chip shortage and corvettes were taking Years to get so maybe this could even Get you bumped up on the waitlist that’s Another utility idea right there these Are things to consider and that’s why Nft agencies are so critical that’s why Companies like this need people like you People that have been watching my Channel for the last eight months and Trading they have context and can see And come up with creative new different Ways for go to market strategies because Clearly this didn’t work now i don’t

Think it’s a bad idea in theory but Objectively looking at the results they Failed straight up and so those are the Things i think they did wrong those are Things i think they overlooked and those Are things that i as someone who is a Self-proclaimed not an nft expert Because there are no experts but someone Who’s been around the block for a while That’s kind of how i would have done it Personally moving on to what may be one Of the worst nft drops i’ve ever seen And just an absolute blatant cash grab With horrible execution all around guys I like to be usually a pretty neutral Understanding guy but this is just so Unexcusable if you are the nft marketing Agency that did this launch you need to Do better you need to hold yourself to a Higher standard and yes i know it was Chris brown you couldn’t pass it up but You need to make sure if you’re going to Take on a project like this that the Person is committed and understands why They’re making an nft set not just Leveraging their 130 million followers Across different social media platforms To try to build hype and make a quick Bag because that’s clearly all this Project was meant to be so first things First guys if we go to the breezy verse Official chris brown nft website we’re Gonna see that of course what do you Know they’re playing off the term

Metaverse buzzword number one if you Look at the art it’s just the most Classic 3d art guys if you haven’t been In the nf2 space for a while pretty much Every nft trader associates 3d Futuristic art as just straight rug Pulls we’ve been taking advantage of way Too many times we have instantly a bad Taste if we see this futuristic 3d art It’s overplayed and clearly associating This 3d art with a celebrity is already A big hurdle now great we actually got Chris brown to make a video talking About the project that’s a right step Guys it’s 30 seconds and he literally Said the utilities are gonna be off the Chain he didn’t even list what Specifically he wants to do he didn’t List his goals he didn’t list his Mission his vision what he values he Didn’t reference anything in web3 you Can clearly tell he just was in the Studio they said hey chris we need to Get it 30 seconds real quick talk about The project this shit’s going to go off We’re going to make 3 500 eth okay it Was a 0.35 each mint at 10 000. again How out of touch can you be anything Over 0.1 nft traders are going to freak Out and if it’s a 10k set over 0.1 You’re going to instantly get flooded And you better be delivering the best Product and making it super clear what You’re going to get so if i’m not going

To play this video for copyright sake But if you guys go to the website the Breezyverse.com you’re going to laugh It’s kind of funny and again i am Nothing against chris brown i don’t Think they’re doing anything unethical Here but from just a strict point of View of someone if you want to enter the Web 3 space and you want to make the Best go to market strategy you’re doing Everything wrong and it’s just flat out Embarrassing you need to do better okay They made a discord which is great and i Really hope chris brown has been in that Discord if you make a discord around a Big celebrity like this and the Celebrity is not spending every single Day for at least an hour or two in the Discord for the first few months at Least you’re rug pulling like that’s a Complete joke and you’re just doing the Basics these are projects where it Really looks like someone’s like okay They looked at a few other successful Projects and then just copy pasted their Roadmap and used every single buzzword They have metaverse check community Discord check utilities check big Following check so it’s like they aren’t Putting any heart soul or effort to do Something different they’re really Trying to check the boxes and then Leverage his big following to try to get Sales okay so moving on to the utilities

I don’t hate these but is this really Enough to justify a 350 nft i don’t know I think nfts you should really focus on Your quantity and your price quantity Should be based on expected demand so i Can see why they do 10 000 when he has 100 over 100 million followers on Instagram for sure but the price .35 you Need to really have a good product to Deliver and so you get free vip concert Tickets is that for every holder is that Just for a few they’re not making it Very clear no details you’re gonna do Meet and greets again how realistic is This irl utility is cool and all but This is supposed to be the metaverse we All prefer being online it’s a much more Effective way to communicate and to live And in reality if you’re not giving me Digital utilities priority i’m not Interested so these are all cool Utilities you’re going to get music Video wardrobe touring wardrobe personal Wardrobe basically he’s just giving away His clothes that he wore in music videos And i get that can be cool but only like 10 out of your 10 000 holders could Possibly win this so again it’s just a Major net negative really be thinking About that when you make utility for Nfts you don’t want to lay too much on Just a few holders winning and the rest Getting left in the dust gonna leave a Bad taste in their mouth they’re gonna

Dump on the floor the second they don’t Win and it’s just not a good sustainable Business model so lastly video calls With chris again i guarantee you he’s a Busy dude he probably doesn’t really Understand web3 i bet he takes three Calls and calls it good again this is Just the most copy paste very low effort And it’s just so so clear chris brown is Not taking this seriously again at least The team is on here shout out to you Guys for putting your face on this i i Personally would not if this was the Product i delivered but at the end of The day you put your face on it you Owned it you gave it your best bet so You’re not bad people you’re not Unethical you just have a lot to learn Guys i probably just need to make a Consultation call i’ve always been Against it but at the end of the day Like i could have saved them so many Mistakes in like a one-hour call so i Might consider doing that at this in the Day because guys there are so many big Brands that come after me and brandon to Help them do this and i don’t because I’m trying to focus on my projects and These are all very big distractions And at the end of the day celebrities Most the time just think about nfts and Think about making a quick bag so we’ve Been on countless calls with some of Your favorite actors some of your

Favorite comedians some of your favorite Music artists and just turn them down Because it’s so clear they have no Intention of actually doing good things In the space and contributing to the Space if you are an nft agency and you Get a big celebrity like this i urge you I know it sounds cool i know it would be Like oh you could say that your bar to Your friends oh i did chris brown’s nft Project but if the artist or the Celebrity is not committed doesn’t have A clear mission vision or value or Actually have a plan on what they’re Going to do with this technology stay Away it’s actually going to hurt your Brand way more and it’s going to hurt His brand guys they only sold a little Under 300 out of 10 000 and they still Have to live up to this road map i guess The road map was kind of a joke and i Guess the odds are way higher that those People actually win actually the 265 People might actually come out pretty Happy about it but at the end of the day There’s just very poor execution i keep Saying it but do better do better okay So they did do one thing right kind of And they made a quick one minute video On how to make a wallet and they branded It to the breezy verse which is great Good effort and the art is good Objectively like this is hard art to Make but they made a one minute video on

How to make a meta mask wallet that is Not enough you need to be walking Through every step of the way if you’re Going to have to mention ethereum teach Them how to buy ethereum show them the Different exchanges if you want them to Make a wallet teach them how to make a Wallet teach them how to send crypto to That wall teach them how to connect Their wall to the website teach them What minting means teach them where they Can find their nft after they meant Teach them what they can do with the nft After the minute teach them how openc Works like you need to make that all Very clear and that doesn’t take long And you don’t have to make the videos Yourself use my videos they’re free on Youtube for the love of god make it the Most easy onboarding process possible They did zero web3 marketing they were Counting on just using chris brown’s Audience and that’s the result they got So guys i hope this is a learning lesson For all of you but please please please Invest 20 to 30 hours and trying to Understand our culture what we value in Web3 watch all of my building videos Because i teach you all of this Firsthand and if you actually want First-hand advice in a structured course Join the nfc academy you can buy that Pass on openc i have it linked in the Description below you can talk to me

Directly we’ll give you feedback and We’ll teach you how to do things the Right way we have been behind dozens of Successful drops pretty much all have Sold out lastly we can look at the chris Brown rollout how they actually decided To do it he put it in his bio for 114 Million followers on instagram and they Only sold 260 and then he actually even Made a post doing a giveaway for a Sweatshirt that he wore in the go crazy Music video you get his supreme Sweatshirt if you won that giveaway so They had that part right but they sent It to a completely opposite wrong Audience without actually helping them Understand why they should be interested And if they are how to actually Participate so guys that’s gonna do it For today’s video i know i was a little Critical there on chris brown’s project But i’m just tired of celebrities coming In thinking they can make a quick bag Off of people like you and i think they Can fool people and think that they can Actually look at the camera and say You’re actually going to get value and People should buy your nft when you’re Putting no effort into it typically i’m Very very neutral i’m actually a very Positive message but these things upset Me so hopefully if you are someone Considering making an nft project for One of your celebrity friends or you’re

Helping one of your major brands that You work for enter the nft space you can Avoid these mistakes and try your Hardest to do things the best way i Highly recommend you try to find Advisors that have been in web 3 Understand what we value and can Actually help you come up with a go to Market strategy that’s going to benefit People guys nfts have a bad rep because Of projects like this it is my mission To express how valuable and how broad Nft’s use cases can be for people i want Gamers to understand how big it could be So that way they won’t buy games unless They actually have true digital asset Ownership guys that’s my mission my name Is brett malnowski i hope you got value From this video if you did please click The like button below i’ve made Countless of building videos like this If you’re interested you can go check Those out on my channel go to the Homepage and see all my building videos Guys leave a comment on some of the Upcoming projects that you think are Doing things the right way so maybe People like this can go study them and Of course guys if you like content like This please hit the subscribe button Maybe even hit the notification bell if You want to be one of the first that’s Gonna do it for today’s video i know It’s a long one but i think this was

Very valuable and it’s a very very Important message for anybody stumbling Upon this wonderful wonderful space that We call web3 so guys as always have a Wonderful day and i will see you in the Next one [Music]

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Welcome to the Future of Money

Owning a unique piece of art is more than having your hands on something rare, something that represents a piece of history. It’s also a way to diversify your wealth so that it’s not only protected but also has ample room to grow.

Fees and More Fees and the Investment World

It should go without saying that the financial world survives on the fees that investors and consumers pay related to their accounts. Fees are not a bad thing, but today there is more and more press about the “fee drag” and how it can stifle a portfolio over many years.

10 Things To Know About 1031 Exchanges

When you are considering your first 1031 exchange, the mysteries can seem endless. Here, we introduce you to the basics.

3 Investment Options To Top Up Your State Pension

We all dream of having a beautiful life when we get old. Unfortunately, the state pensions aren’t enough. While this is the case it doesn’t mean that you can’t have more money at your disposal when you retire. To help you out, here are some of the ways in which you can top up your state pension:

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

Welcome to the Future of Money

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