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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day living the bret way and today We’re taking a step back and reflecting On the nft space as we know it let’s get Into it [Music] All right guys so i’ve shot this video Like seven times and i still haven’t Felt happy about it because i feel like I might be coming off a little too Negative and i really want to put the Context out there up front at the very Beginning of the video i know i was Probably one of the very first people That may have got you in the nft space i Was one of the very first nft youtubers To make trading flipping how to make Profits flipping nfts and so what i’m About to say is going to be not Contradicting but guys I feel like i have been a little bit Ahead of most people in the space i feel Like i’ve been a step ahead for most and So the goal of this video is to open Your mind to where i think we’re going Get a reality check and actually help You make the best decisions now moving Forward okay so i saw a crazy stat by Jumpman on twitter today if you don’t Know who jumpman is he has one of the Best nft alpha groups just raised like Four million dollars from vc funding and Have an amazing team follow jumpman on Twitter he’s amazing but basically what

It showed was that 1.5 million people Have been trading nfts there’s 1.5 Million wallets they’ve traded at least One nft on the ethereum blockchain and Out of that 1.5 million people only 5 000 have made over 50 ethereum which i Would just say depending on the price Let’s just say a hundred thousand Dollars way less than half a percent of People have made a hundred thousand Dollars and so i have luckily been in The position where i am kind of in an Echo chamber of almost all of my friends Are in that group of five thousand and That is what’s led me to my success i’m Literally friends with half of the alpha Group leaders in the space people that Is all a day every day we have the most Information and we’re all using the most Tool okay but i kind of took that for Granted and to see that i’ve been Calling nfts gambling for a long time I’ve been over pfps and flipping enough Teach the last six months i pivoted this Channel to building for that reason i Didn’t really see much belief there used To be a lot of novelty at the very Beginning of the pfp phase when i got Into it it was very hard there were very Few solidity developers there were no Online resources explaining what nfts Were hence why i was the first to make Nft flipping videos but back then those Pfp projects popped off and were special

And everyone was supportive because There was novelty To it there was less than a hundred Thousand wallets trading nfts there was No information on how to do it you had To be very very smart and most people That smart were really there for Community culture the whole wag me move Okay and so what i mean by novelty is That it was rare it was hard it was Novel it was one of the very first use Cases of non-functional token technology But as the last year has developed I’ve grown tremendously but so has the Space so has the opportunity we all make Videos there’s so much money to be made And we had a lot of bad actors a lot of Different people come in with way Different intentions and no context of What it used to be okay and so the whole Reason i’m making this video today is to Try to give people context on that’s Where we’re at now and where we’re going Okay so the more of this video i don’t Think there’s going to be an nft space For much longer what i mean by that is Look at the internet in 1995 or 1998 or 2000 early internet days right these Were internet companies and the first Company any company that could figure Out how to do anything on the internet Was revolutionary amazon they figured Out how to get a book from my house your House they figured out to get a book

From their warehouse a random place you Didn’t have to have a single Conversation on a telephone with anybody You could just order a book on this Thing and give them money and somehow it Showed up to your house in a week same Thing with ebay they just made it for Any consumer they teamed up with paypal And then you could pay with a credit Card over the internet Mind-blowing but things have developed So much that used to cost hundreds of Thousands if not millions of dollars Just to figure out how to get that Website set up then you had to find People that actually knew how to do the Development there’s only like 20 of Those people okay but now it takes like 15 minutes and like a 20 subscription to Buy a domain On shopify to have an online store okay So i’m trying to explain to you guys That’s exactly where we are with nft People always say that we’re so early We’re so early this is what we mean by It okay we’re not early to profile Pictures profile pictures were a phase All of my friends not all of my friends A lot of nft influencers out there i Love you all but a lot of you guys are Saying when the market comes back when The next bull run comes back There’s not true demand for profile Pictures guys i’m just going to put that

Out there there’s no need for that Market it doesn’t truly exist people are Saying that under the president that Every single human being is going to Want an online pseudonym pseudonominous Whatever the word is identity when in Reality it perfectly works to have a Picture at your face whether it’s nifty Or not and that’s your online identity That’s the point both these projects Right now are really just brands and That brand ip is cool and it feels like You can be a part of it but this like Doodles gonna need to make like a tv Show that goes viral like rick and morty Even justify fifteen to twenty thousand Dollar floor price In my opinion it’s cool because it’s Novel it’s one of the very first or one Of the most professional teams same with Bayc they started the whole community Thing but is a metaverse really gonna be The play i personally don’t think the Metaverse is real i think facebook is Gonna win i think they have the most Funding they have the best talent and People care more about frictionless Interaction and being able to enjoy the Best experience possible than digital Asset ownership and non-fundable Technology i’m going on a rant this Isn’t why i wanted to make the video the Whole point of the video is to say that Guys at the early days those were

Internet companies just like we have nft Projects those were internet companies As we’ve evolved Now every company is just on the Internet and every single sector is on The internet okay the same thing with Nfts i say all the time nfts are going To be in housing in cars your title is Going to be on the blockchain your shoes If you buy a cool pair of new jordans You’re gonna want an nft so you can show That online because only five people in Real life are gonna see you in those Shoes but 50 000 people might see you Online in your digital profile this will End the days of fake online gurus Renting lamborghinis acting like it’s Theirs and selling you a drop shipping course okay because You’re gonna actually be able to prove If they own those assets physical or Digital nft gaming gonna be massive and It’s not even a new concept everything Is already right there how it should be Just going to implement nfts or Blockchain and let consumers actually Trade their in-game assets so they can Get cryptocurrency or even us dollar Back out okay that’s what nfts enable so What i’m trying to say is that once nfts Are everywhere why is there going to be An nft space it’s just going to go back To you’re the Our guy you’re the shoe flipping guy so

It’s like we’re like in this weird like Reversion and so a lot of people became Influencers because of their knowledge And nfts myself included but in reality I don’t think that’s going to last Because everything’s going to be nfts i Learned this at nftnyc i met some Amazingly smart builders i met some Really cool nft influencers and of Course my friends who i’ve met this last Year that have done amazing things Together with me and so i found myself Echoing the same conversation like where Is this space going and i went to all These different events i was with my Friend k money we were shooting in the Van for wgmy media if you don’t know That is that’s our media company we made A lot of funny interviews with these Other creators but every single event we Were going to the conversation still Kind of felt superficial the people Didn’t really have that much in common They weren’t rallying around whatever Pfp party we were at obviously they had Something in common we could talk about The same viral moments and yes we were Friends because we’re all like a small Group of nerds talking about the same This nft technology but in reality no One really knew about what each other Was going on there’s all these different Pockets and a lot of these communities Aren’t really communities because

They’re just based around fun little Storytelling and so the point i’m trying To make is that there’s always going to Be room for nft technology for small Groups like if you look at my friend Iman gagi’s project the jen’s croquet Club that serves a great purpose connect Top level entrepreneurs in the same Place all with the same goal they can Share information and make each other Better so of course access to that is Going to be valuable because there’s Only like 900 of them and hundreds of Thousands of people follow them they’re Going to want to be in there so they can Be a part of that elite group that’s Always going to be around but these hype Pfp projects i just want you guys to Take a look in the mirror and really try To understand what is the goal what is The mission of this project it is not The job of an nft to make you money it Is not the job of an nft to always go up In price if an nft serves a function and It does that function well there’s no Need for the price to change people will Buy and sell it as they need it it’s Just if there’s like a complete equal Supply and demand the price will stay The same there’s no fault to the Founders it did what it’s supposed to do And so i just want everyone to kind of Have a reality check kind of wake up Look in the mirror if you have an nft

That’s like five ten thousand dollars And that’s more than you have in your Bank account highly highly advise you to At least reconsider what is the thesis Of this project does there have a real Clear shot to actually go up in value to Create more demand because i promise you There’s not just gonna be a flood of a Billion people scrambling to get an nft Pfp that’s the only reason we saw the Boom that’s the only reason my friends Were able to do so well is that we were There when there’s a hundred thousand Wallets within six months we saw Increase go up 100x and a million new Wallets come in that’s the only reason We’re able to flip so profitably and Right now it’s really hard unless you’re Around other like-minded people using The best tools and especially when There’s no interest so guys it’s not Supposed to dissuade you from nfts not Supposed to make anyone less interested In nfts this is supposed to excite you But the fact that nfts are going to be In every business and businesses need People like you and me who understand This technology understand the culture Understand the moving parts to help them Onboard into web3 okay so websites like I said 15 minutes you can make a website These days but still most mid-level Companies making 100 000 million dollars A month will delegate that to an agency

That’s good at making websites or good At doing branding or good at doing Marketing or good at doing ads okay There’s advertising agencies marketing Agencies branding agencies it’s easy to Do but it’s hard to get good at it and Companies would rather pay someone That’s the best at it and delegate it so That’s why you should be focusing on Learning the mechanics needed to Tokenize any digital asset aka if a Company wants to make an nft collection You can be the one to help hold their Hand help them with their strategy and Actually do it for them for five ten Twenty thousand dollars and because You’ve done it so many times because you Have that skill set you can do two or Three of those a week and now you’re Making a hundred thousand dollars a Month because doing an nft agency okay Now obviously this demand isn’t there Yet we’re not overwhelmed with new Clients but at the end of the day guys This technology is a huge revolution and It’s gonna change our world and it’s for The better for the consumer whether it’s In education whether it’s in gaming Whether it’s in superficial flexing your Physical items humans love to do that i Mean that’s half the reason people have Bayc and ft’s in the first place so guys That’s what i wanted you guys to really Get out of this if you’re still watching

Videos like this i think it’s safe to Say you’re here for the long run and i Promise you if you invest in your Education invest in truly understanding How this technology works how you can Actually deploy a smart contract start Building the team start finding other People that can help you accomplish this And team up everything that i do i have Five 10 20 people behind me helping me I’ve done everything with my partner Crypto brando and him and i each have Our pockets of teams to help us Facilitate and do things as quickly as We can that didn’t happen by ourselves We put the work in there were zero Resources on how to make a smart Contract zero resources on how to build A discord community zero but we gave it Our best bet we lived it first and Replicated it with our own take on it And so i know for a fact that if you Guys have been in this space you can too And that’s why i wanted to make this Video to hopefully give you the wake-up Call to understand to start building Your team taking as much time as Possible to truly understand how nfts Could actually be integrated into the Field that you’re a specialist in some Of you are real estate agents some of You do the craziest most niche thing in The world and you’re gonna be the nft Guy for that niche i’m super excited for

You for that so guys if you enjoyed this Video and you see that vision please Click the like button below tell me in The comment section below what market You’re gonna dominate in and what angle You think you’re gonna take guys i made Dozens of videos on how nfts can be Implemented different segments i think Patreon is the easiest one to understand Online education we’re doing it with nfc Academy absolutely going to be massive There’s literally it’s literally endless So it’s like whatever you’re good at Just go find the basic understanding Nfts and figure out how that can be Implemented into the market that you’re In because there is no nft space nft Influencers are only going to live a Short amount of time just going to go to Shoe influencers it’s just going to go Back to car flipping it’s gonna go back To how everything was but you’re gonna Be the person that helps them actually Integrate nfts in their business i’m Super excited about for that for you Guys so this is a very basic video to Help you understand that concept and Kind of give you guys if you’ve been Following me for a while update on my Mindset as i kind of see how i’m going To start approaching nfts moving forward So that was my lesson from nftnyc i’m Going to make a more in-depth video on How to actually help these businesses

This week but guys i hope you enjoyed This video as always have a wonderful Day i will see you in the next one [Music]

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