We’re about to get some huge NFT drops (what to expect)

The next few weeks look very interesting for NFTs. In this video I give an update on the macro trends for NFTs as well as several drops that are likely to make a big splash.

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So the next few weeks are going to be Very interesting for nfts and so today We’re going to cover some of the most Hyped drops that are coming up as well As whether the market is gearing up for Another bull run in april speaking of Which why you go ahead and drop some April showers on that like button look It’s just a rain joke don’t get weird But we are celebrating a bit because i Finally broke a hundred thousand Subscribers now the reason why the next Few weeks are gonna be interesting is Partly because of what got us here in The first place and so let’s turn to our Handy dandy dune dashboard and we can See that over the last 12 months we saw Two really big spikes in nft volume okay The first happened in august where the Market 10x compared to july that was Unsustainable and then things cooled off For a few months until january where Again we had a huge spike almost double What we saw in the august peak now since January we’ve been in another cool down Period and some people have called this A bear market but keep in mind that the Market is still more than 10 times as Large as it was in march of last year so Some of this is gonna be relative based On when you came in in the first place But if we zero in on march specifically We can see that we may have bottomed out Around mid-march and the last couple of

Weeks have seen a clear bounce and it’s Already trading above most of q4 last Year now over the last few days Specifically there’s been more uneven Growth across the market and so from my Perspective at this point there’s no Clear direction one way or the other However there are a couple of big Catalysts coming up that could push us Back into another bull market now the First of these catalysts is the highly Anticipated airdrop by metamask and if You don’t know what these airdrops are It’s when a web3 protocol or app creates A token and then distributes those Tokens to the people who in most cases Have already been using the product and Now an airdrop 4 meta mask has been Confirmed we just don’t know the date But people have been sharing rumors that It’s coming very very soon what we do Know is that metamask is the wallet that Most nfc traders use and so the airdrop Will effectively inject you know a ton Of liquidity into the hands of people Who are already buying jpegs of course If you watch my other videos on airdrops You’ll know that these are more than Just stimulus checks right it’s the Opportunity to get ownership in some of The most important protocols of the Future but lots of people are still Gonna dump them anyways and so that will Bring new life into the market now the

Other big potential catalyst and if You’ve been around the space long enough This is almost becoming like a meme but I’m gonna say it anyways it’s the Coinbase nft marketplace now coinbase Originally announced the platform as a 2021 launch but they delayed it and now We’re in april so you know someone got Fired but anyways it’s possible we see This later this month how much of an Impact it has who knows but i’ll give You two reasons why this could be a big Deal reason number one is the fact that Coinbase has currently 89 million Registered users and so if they’re able To convince even one percent of that Base that would be almost a million People and keep in mind that today we Still have only about half a million Monthly active traders on openc okay It’s a tiny space and so that kind of Injection would be a big deal and reason Number two it looks like they’re Introducing an nft custodial service and So For the first time newbies don’t have to Worry about the c phrase for their Wallet just like how they leave fungible Tokens on coinbase they can start to Leave their nfts on coinbase as well There’s also a chance that they Introduce reduced fees or no fees when You’re trading in between custodial Wallets which could convince even some

Veteran traders to start moving over to Coinbase alright so that’s the macro now Let’s talk about a few upcoming drops And i’ll preface this by saying that This is one of the best lineups that I’ve seen in a while what i’m gonna do Is quickly go over some of the biggest Ones you know ones that i’ve already Partially talked about on the channel Before and then i’ll go deeper on a Couple of projects that i’ll be Mentioning for the first time so in Terms of the biggest drop that’ll Probably be the bordeape yacht club Metaverse land project which is expected To come out this month what we know is That yugo labs will be selling a hundred Thousand pieces of land with thirty 000 Going to existing holders and another 70 000 in a public sale starting at one East then they’re going to follow this Up with an additional 100 000 pieces of Land released for sale in august so if We assume they sell out those first 70 000 at one eath that would be about 225 Million dollars at current eat prices And it’s hard to see how that doesn’t Drain some liquidity from the rest of The market but how much it impacts other Collections is still tbd okay now Probably the second biggest collection Of the month another one that i’ve Spoken about a lot on this channel is v Friends 2 which is garyvee’s follow-up

Collection to v friends one which came Out almost a year ago and it’s a Collection that has consistently stayed Above that 10 eth range pretty much the Entire year now season two is going to Have 55 555 nfts at a mint price of 995 dollars Price in eth on the day before launch And here’s where we’re at in the Schedule okay april 12th will be the Mint period for people who held the Friends series 1 or for people who won The book game token raffle then we have A public mint on april 25th for an Additional 10 000 tokens and finally we Have another series of raffles starting On april 27th for rare new characters That are being introduced now if you’re Interested in playing those raffles You’ll need to buy into specific book Game tokens and if you win you’ll be Able to burn those in exchange for the New rare character token i’m sure There’s also gonna be people buying book Game tokens in anticipation that the Price is gonna go up leading into these Raffles so that’s something to consider As well all right now those are probably The two biggest drops by volume this Month but now let’s talk about two other Nfts that i’m excited about and that i Haven’t spoken about on this channel Before now the first drop i want to talk About kind of a controversial one is

Moon birds and this is the first profile Pig collection coming out of proof which Is a private community made by kevin Rose now who’s kevin rose well he’s a Very well-known vc was also the Co-founder behind dig which is a news Aggregator and was once competing pretty Head-to-head with reddit now the crazy Thing about proof is their current floor Okay for a private nft community to Essentially reach blue chip status and Maintain that status is pretty Unprecedented so what really is proof Okay from one angle it’s a quote alpha Group and what that means is that they Help you get information and deal flow On upcoming nfts and they’re hiring Analysts that are helping bring out the Signal from the noise and it’s almost Like a web 3 research firm so people Might be getting some of that money back By getting information on upcoming drops And perhaps getting early access to some Of those deals and then you have proof As a networking hub okay because you Have kevin rose and his team and because Of his content he attracts a lot of vcs And builders and creatives and so it’s a Solid place to network if you’re Somebody who wants to start something in Web3 but in a recent q a they made it Clear that they see themselves as Something more specifically they said Proof will be known for creating

Products that push the boundaries of Technology innovation and utility their First product was called grails which Was a collection where they basically Convinced some of the top artists and Celebrities in the space to make a piece That people could buy without knowing Who the artist was and then they had a Reveal which included names like gary Vaynerchuk gramplin and larva labs among Others and now their latest product is Going to be moon birds which is a 10 000 Profile pick collection so as we see Here the moon birds are these owls it’s Pretty clean pixel art very brandable Very lighthearted and this is important Because up until now proof didn’t have a Brandable layer that would tie them all Together and so now they have these Profile pics that you know they can use To show off their membership on twitter And in the metaverse and this is Actually pretty unique because typically An nft project starts with the brandable Layer first right the profile pic and Then they bring in the community but Proof is going the other way around They’re starting community first and Then are now stacking nfts on top of That and we’re seeing that this is just As powerful because the core community Is already aligned on some common ground But anyways going back to moon birds the Art is cool but if we’re honest that’s

Not really why people are buying them What we’ve seen is that proof is trying To build an ecosystem and moon birds is A bet on that ecosystem and you’re Betting that as that grows you’ll be Able to capture some of that upside and One of the ways they’re gonna do that is With a mechanic called nesting and Nesting is basically another way of Saying that you’re staking your nft but The benefit here is that people who have Nested their nft for a longer period of Time will get more benefits so in Addition to all that if you buy a moon Bird you also get access to a few of the Channels in the proof discord and so There is some potential mingling with That supposedly great network that we Spoke about keep in mind that every Proof member is getting airdropped two Of these moon birds and so they’re also Incentivized to support the community as Much as they can now with all that said Let’s talk about some of the recent Controversy with moon birds they Originally said that they were going to Do a dutch auction which is when you Start at a high level of eth and then You slowly go down until you reach a Base floor price and the initial price For the dutch auction was going to be 2.5 each i can already hear some of you Going oh come on that sounds ridiculous That’s way too high but actually it

Turned out that there was so much demand Even at that level that it was going to Sell out instantly and it was basically Gonna turn into a gas war and there were People saying that they were gonna spend At least an eighth or more on gas alone And so recently they revised their Strategy and now they’re gonna do a Raffle where you need to have 2.5 eth in Your wallet you need to verify a twitter Account and a discord account and you Can only buy one moon bird per wallet And they hope that this is gonna be Enough to stop most of the bots and also A way to avoid a gas war now it’s fair To say that they could have just raised The dutch auction to say five or six eth And probably found the man there the Fact that they’re keeping it at 2.5 eath I mean it kind of just makes this a No-brainer if i’m honest again do your Own research not financial advice i’m Just not gonna sugarcoat it because We’re all adults here right i think okay The other drop i want to talk about is Called lonely pop and this one isn’t Confirmed for april it might come out Later well let’s just talk about it Anyways because at this point they only Have about 50 000 followers i’m gonna Guess that this is gonna double at some Point and they don’t even have a discord Yet now this is a collection made by the Artist noina an artist that has been

Building a name on foundation and which Is now taking a stab at their first Larger collection and right off the bat What i can say is that i love the art Okay it’s very stylish and clean and i Think these word bubbles could become One of those iconic traits that i love To look for you know it’s just a simple Feature that can be used a lot to Differentiate this collection from all The others the other important thing to Note about this collection is the Developer team ox studio and they call Themselves a web 3 grown brand incubator And the first collection they worked on Was three landers now i’ve spoken about Three landers on the channel before it’s Fair to say that this project has been a Success so far and so what we see is That os studio knows how to handle Things on the back end and they let the Artist do what they do best without Having to worry about all these Blockchain mechanics now there’s even More cross-pollination between the two Groups because if we take a look at Noina’s foundation we can see that one Of her collectors is none other than Three land boy which is the artist Behind three landers so it’s possible to Say that we might see more collabs Between them maybe they’re part of the Same universe or something and maybe ox Studio can create a portfolio with more

Hits and string them all together in Some way anyways like i said they don’t Even have a discord yet just keep an eye On them it’s going to sell out soon most Likely and then rise up the ranks Depending on how they deliver the story All right guys that’s it for today i Know i missed a ton of drops that are Coming up you want to highlight one drop It in the comments below i might cover It later thanks again for watching and I’ll catch you at the next video

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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