Web2 Marketing Agency Entering Web3: Eric Siu’s Lessons Learned

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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the brett way and Today we have one of the top marketers In the world here to share us with his Experience of bridging web 2 companies Into web3 let’s get into it [Music] All right guys so today we have eric sue Coming on the channel to really teach us What web 2 companies are looking for When getting onboarded into web3 and What type of agency they’re looking for Are they looking for a web 3 native Agency or are they looking for a web 2 Agency and so he is working with some of The biggest brands in the world to help Them onboard into web3 as well as Actually works with some of the biggest Crypto brands and exchanges as their Web3 marketing agency so safe to say he Has quite some experience and i’m really Excited to welcome to the channel but Before that guys he did actually hook us Up with something to give away on the Channel and i’m really excited about That so this news flash is going to be For anyone who’s liked and subscribed But we’ll talk about that later in the Video but guys let’s welcome eric to the Channel so eric welcome to the channel My man thanks for coming on Thanks for having me brett excited to be Here Dude okay so this is i’m really excited

For this because you’re so connected in The web 2 world i mean you literally Have one of the top marketing podcasts And so i’m sure a lot of companies now Know that you’re in web 3 and are coming To you for web3 services and i talk a Lot about agencies on the channel and How web 3 native agencies are really Important but you gave me an interesting Insight right before this and i really Want you to elaborate on this so you Told me that most web 2 companies are Actually hesitant to go with web 3 Native agencies share more on that Please correct yeah so i’m actually Going to pull up a post that i put too So basically i’ve i’ve spoken to there’s Like a handful of brands that will reach I remember speaking to a someone that Actually took two companies public right Right and very experienced operator yeah And um you know she wanted to launch a Token i was like so who else have you Spoken to right and so she was like look I’ve spoken to every single web 3 agency Out there and they’re all a joke and i’m Like what do you mean by that and she’s Like because there’s a total lack of Professionalism right and And then i saw this tweet during that Time like every single person i was Talking was like yeah we just want to Work with the web to agency to Understand web3 like you guys are like

Perfect blah blah blah i’m just like Whoa like and i think you’ve seen the Same thing too brett it’s like people in Unfortunately in web 3 we haven’t Learned uh discipline yet we haven’t Learned how to deliver on time be on Time be respectful right Learn how to like you know take care of Ourselves too right and so um it kind of Brings me back to my early gaming days Too and i think everyone’s just kind of You know it’s the wild wild west so i Think we’re starting to see a lot more Professionalism because a lot more money Is coming into this space and i think It’ll even out eventually but as of Right now there’s a strong preference at Least for big brands because they need To protect themselves to have that Professionalism without a doubt and so i Think it’s kind of like a fine balance We might see like the web 2 agencies Might understand web3 but don’t truly Live the culture and so they’ll maybe Have some gaps and the web 3 agencies Really understand the culture but maybe The culture’s kind of uh we just kind of Lack those cordial punctual Traits that these companies are used to This is the post that i wrote i’m Looking at now i was like there needs to Be a web 3 course on how to be a Professional How to be on time how to deliver how to

Communicate how to be respectful how to Focus how to have humility you know Okay so if you are a web 3 native agency And you’re trying to get one of these Clients what do you think those basics Are that they should be hitting is it Just like putting a lot of focus on Their onboarding process what could they Possibly do to maybe get over this yeah I think you know at the end of the day It’s The quote i keep coming back to is Instead of trying to be interesting be Interested this is like one of those Pioneer sky things like yeah listen Right and honestly it is like actually Listening to let’s say i talk to you Brett what are the goals exactly what Are you trying to achieve and can we do It and not being just one of those um Let’s say agencies out there that say we Can do everything and volunteer for Everything my one of my podcast co-hosts Is neil and he he’s um his agency has About 800 900 people And interestingly enough his number one Referral source for new customers right Now is not not seo it’s not youtube it’s Actually referrals and it’s because you Do a damn good job and then people refer You right your customers back for you But also the lifetime value of your Customers they stay a lot longer because You do a damn good job that’s really

Just the snowball like your first Client’s always going to be the hardest One and then i mean another good thing Is just work with other agencies to get Clients and if you do good work with That agency they’re going to bring you On so it’s from all spectrum but word of Mouth is very very powerful these days a Lot of people look past that so i think It’s really interesting so when you see These conversations or you see these People go with web 2 companies what or Web 2 agencies specifically that Understand web3 are you seeing success Out there are they having a good Experience who has done like a good job In your experience i can’t say i’ve seen Many um i know there’s a handful of Agencies that i can name out the top my Head that are more focused on web3 let’s Use niels company as an example right so For neil’s company they work with ftx Which is you can say well they’re in Exchange maybe they’re like web 2.5 or Whatever so one of our clients is Immutable and then the other client is Uh like one of the other clients is Bittrex right like i don’t really do Client work but sometimes i’ll listen to Some of the calls to see how they’re Doing and all that and so what’s Happening on those calls it’s like okay Like here’s the strategy piece right so Strategy is actually the thinking piece

And here’s the tactics i think the Problem with most web3 native agencies Right now because they’re new to the Agency game but for the most part it’s Like oh let’s just focus on tactics the Whole time right yeah whereas like Actually i’ll give you a really good Example there’s a company called Tokenology and the ceo of that company Used to be the president of sony for the Last 30 years or so right and this guy Has all the relationships in the world You know for them like when you talk to Them it’s like yeah it’s like we just Want to do a good job there’s no ego and We’re not trying to just you know make Money very quickly right it’s once you Get a little older you start to realize Like making money slowly is better 100 And i think that that’s something that a Lot of people are just so not used to Because our space moves so quickly and It’s like you have to build a pipe you Have to launch in six weeks you have to Make a lot of money on the mint and then We’re gonna figure out the actual Product side and so i think that’s kind Of a shift that we kind of need to focus And so that go to market strategy is Something that i do see overlap like we Saw chevy absolutely drop the ball with Their their go to market strategy same With a lot of these celebrities they Really do reputational damage by using

These strategies so what’s the best web3 Just broad marketing advice for web3 People like if you are running an agency Let’s say you kind of got that Communication down what do you think are Like some web3 strategies that you see Working for marketing yeah you know What’s interesting and you’ve probably Talked about this on the pod before but I i want to get people to think about This in the world of Web 2 a little bit right and to be Honest i hate the dichotomy because it’s Like yeah right in 10 years we won’t be Saying that right exactly but like right Now okay fine you can have these two Sides but you know web 2 a company like Hubspot sas tool right so what they do Is they give away their crm for free Their tool and then basically you Upgrade you start using it more and then You know they give you a crippled Version but then eventually you upgrade And your team starts using it that’s how They’re a publicly traded company i Believe free mints are basically you Know this is known in sas as product Like growth meaning that you give the Tool away for free the free mints in my Opinion now which is kind of what we’re Planning to do with ours that is product Like growth and the thing now with this This current meta is that okay you do This free mint but now you’ve given away

This free tool but you still have to Deliver right you still have to deliver And you’re i actually think there’s Misaligned incentives when you give Everyone all this money up front because I know a lot of people you know they Have a business to run and yet they’ve Minted a you know a couple million Dollars or so they’re not incentivized To work that hard anymore right it’s a Serious problem i actually just made a Video on this that came out a few days Ago about these people who get a like You just said a few million dollars up Front and then they never really had a Business model for their project they Were just so focused on selling it out That there’s no focus on incoming Revenue streams and then they start Seeing money drying up then they get Very absent from the project and then All of a sudden they just hand it off to The community and they’re gone and so It’s really not the best structure to be Starting a business and i think they’ve Gotten really good at marketing and Sales but they haven’t gotten good at Like actual product and actual customer Development and that’s the stuff you Have to learn you have to learn how to Like operate and that’s what i’ve seen With so many teams and that’s why like In the nft academy we’re really trying To like encourage people to work

Together because you have like very Strong product teams but no ability to Get awareness and then the best Marketing teams but then their project Makes two million dollars but then fails Immediately and crashes and then Sometimes people have great ideas but There’s no product market fit too but It’s just so many different people that Are trying to do everything when i Really think they should be specializing And thinking about the agency model for Themselves and just doing what they’re Good at and then teaming up with other People or real brands that have good Product that’s well said i think like a Lot of agencies like to say we do Everything but when you do brett’s point When you actually lock in and focus on One thing then you become known for that And everyone talks about you right it’s Just like by the way like warren buffett And like so i have warren buffett bust Over there right warren buffett and bill Gates right when people have asked in The past like what has led to your Success they both were they wrote one Word on a piece of paper and they turned It around like it said focus right but Most people like and by the way like i’m Guilty of this too like i want to try a Bunch of different things yeah but like You come from a gaming background i come From a gaming background too um you

Learn you’re going to learn the hard way Eventually if you don’t want to focus so Exactly i kind of i got shiny object Syndrome when there’s so many Opportunities especially in web 3 with Like you could be the first in any Industry and really take it over it’s Like what do you settle down with but Without a doubt i think for us that was Something that we found out really early Like we’re very good at the go to market Strategy and then we can connect people To the strongest in their field and just Optimize our time and then we’re known For that overarching strategy but other People action it and so that’s 100 what I recommend anyone watching this do if They’re considering finding an age or Starting an agency or running an agency Is befriend other agencies get good at What you’re doing and then become known For that and that alone so really eric You did mention that you’re dropping a Free mint coming up and you have so many Value like you have some of the best Events i’ve ever been to at all these Nft nyc and ftla connected to so many High level people what’s the purpose of Your project what’s your goal so Leveling up heroes which is the name of Our project and i appreciate that brett It’s always good to have you um so for Me bret you’ve learned to become an Entrepreneur i’ve learned to become an

Entrepreneur right entrepreneurs like if You look at if you’re watching this Video right now everything in the room That brett’s in or i’m in it’s all built By entrepreneurs right so entrepreneurs Push the pace of the world forward and Um at least for me you know i actually Went to investment conference a couple Months ago and um i think a lot of People in here know what y combinator is If not they’re accelerated they back Airbnb strike these companies when They’re basically nothing right you know I met a guy he runs An accelerant called entrepreneurs first And it’s basically the same model but It’s like before you even become an Entrepreneur they put you through a boot Camp and then they like help you find a Co-founder right and they’ve actually Created a lot of value and i’m like There needs to be more things like this But beyond that like that’s always Something i wanted to do like brett like You’re you’re fundamentally like you Love learning you love teaching the same Thing for me right i love learning i Love teaching and i want to train and Invest in the next generation of Entrepreneurs so that’s what the mission Is of of leveling up heroes and so i’m Happy to talk about the the utility In a second but the whole thing for me Is like okay this is something i can

Work on for the rest of my life because I have the domain leveling up and i Wrote a freaking book called leveling up And so i can i can get behind this thing Right like i look at life as a game and I just want to help people like win the Game of entrepreneurship and then i want To invest in the top one percent of These people and then also provide the Community a chance to also invest in These people too and that’s that’s like Like a mission you can get behind oh 100 Because like there is no end point for Any entrepreneur and so it’s really cool Like you can get a baseline of people That have the same goal and then people Who do excel and are showing that They’re going to put the work in you can Kind of hand pick to help level up by Hand so i think it’s a really important Mission and that’s never going to stop Because it’s the further you go up the More you can help more people so that’s Really cool okay so that’s the mission That’s the goal how we accomplishing This eric so basically right now um so You mentioned agencies right so we Actually have uh for the freeman i’ll Talk about the freedmen first and then I’ll talk about like what the upgrade Looks like okay um but the free mint Basically um it includes a digital copy It’s free it includes a digital copy of Leveling up and it also includes a

Profile picture that will be unique and There’s like all the unique like gold Characters and all that like jade Characters right like and it all ties in With like there’s like historical gaming Reference to all the characters beyond That there’s actually an early bird Discount we’re gonna do one event a year Right so you get an early bird discount For for these and why are there costs Eric well because there are hard costs To running events It’s such a weird like how that’s even a Question like it’s so bizarre to me yeah People get pissed and feel like weird i Just want to establish that everyone but That that’s what it is and beyond that There’s a discord and so what i’ve been Doing right now is actually like on Thursdays we do uh like group coaching My plan is to bring in other people in Addition to myself and it’s just Straight up startup and marketing Coaching there’s q and a in there i Don’t know about you but i get so jazzed Up when i see people growing it’s like a Drug to me it’s better than any other Drug right it’s like a it’s great so um Not that i do drugs or anything but That that’s that’s what it is at a high Level that’s what the free mint is it’s 12 345 characters okay and then so it’s Basically they’ll get access to your Book you’ll probably have like a little

Bit like a beginner course in there and I’m assuming you’re doing community with It yeah yeah there’s a community and There’s the the free uh pfp but if you Want to talk about courses that’s Actually the the upgrade and there’s Like four three or four courses in there Yeah how are you doing the upgrade is it Going to be a next a new set or is it Going to be like multiple or whatever we Already have a set out there it’s the Original leveling up hero set that you Could get on openc um and then like they It’s all think of it like proof Collective right and so there’s only Like 1500 of those available basically There’s a cost for those and i think the Floor price like point zero six right Now or something it’s low yeah right um And so in there you actually get the Agency accelerated course which is Basically how to build an agency and There’s like a leveling up course on how To build oh no way yeah and these oh Both of these are 10 hours each right so I give like all the secrets i’m on Building like a eight figure agency and All that eight figure businesses then There’s one on a player hiring blueprint Because if you’re gonna if you’re gonna Build a business you have to hire great People right i think that the truth yeah So that that’s all in there and then Beyond that there’s the same utility and

Then you get a physical copy of the book But yeah we’ve tried to load it with as Much as we can in terms of learnings and Then there’s obviously we talk about the Community so that’s what it is at a high Level dude i think that’s so important There’s this statement that i’ve been Using a lot is that nfts are a function Of a business not like a business in Them of themselves and so to see that Like you’re just literally selling your Products and services through an nft Collection is just like a staple to how You’re like we’re just so far ahead of The game and only the first people to Really wake up to this so really Refreshing that these projects have like A clear-cut mission clear-cut product to Help them accomplish that mission and Then on top of that you get a pfp to Show people that you’re on that mission And so there’s like there aren’t many Like educational entities like yours or Like the the one that we have coming Right um but we just want to make it Like really really fun for people and We’ll see what happens right but um you Know you’re at the forefront of this Dude it’s just so consumer friendly like And it makes so much sense to let people Buy the nft get the access and then sell It whenever they’re ready to go start Their business because you need capital When starting a business and to have

Three thousand dollars or whatever it is For these a lot of these courses locked Up right away it’s like a really big Shot in the foot and just pushes back Your start date so i think it’s super Important but my man you did say that You’re gonna hook me up with a few Hundred spots for my community and so i Really appreciate that guys i did say This at the beginning of the video but This is it guys 200 free mints all you Have to do is like this video subscribe Click the link in the description you’ll Get whitelisted join the discord to get The role and you’re good to go and so I’ll definitely be in the community i Love participating in all of eric’s Events you guys might not know who he is But i’m telling you most valuable Information and just so you guys know Alex ramos is one of my favorite people To listen to and he’s actually speaking At their next event and yeah that’s Pretty cool to me and so every event I’ve gone to i’ve learned immense value From the top top top people in the space So eric’s definitely someone i would say You should go learn from and if you are Looking to start an agency his first set Leveling up heroes actually has a 10 Hour course on how to make an agency From scratch and so if you want to start There absolutely go check that out and If you are interested in learning from

An agency i would recommend learning From the top web 2 agencies as well Because they have a lot of the Operations down and the web3 knowledge That you already have will be very Valuable once you actually do get Started in gaf’s clients so guys Everyone thank you eric i appreciate you Coming on sharing that knowledge and Honestly that was really good insight That they prefer web 2 companies Strictly because of the operation so That goes to show you guys that your Onboarding process and being prepared to Make sure that you can overcome those Objections on your sales calls really Really important but that’s going to do It for today’s video i hope you have a Wonderful day guys eric do you have Anything you want to share before we go Yeah i think beyond that brett Appreciate it uh just follow me on Twitter at Ericosiu and yeah see you on twitter i Saw that tweet that you had that Actually like forced a meeting in our in Our team like okay this is actually Really important because i will struggle With replying to a lot of people too and I do see how that can really affect Reputation and professionalism so your Tweet’s also your chrome extension tweet I literally got like two of our software Tools in development to be chrome

Extension so he’s low-key got some great Ideas and he sees things at a high level So definitely follow him on twitter but Guys as like i just said have a Wonderful day we’ll see you in the next One [Music] You

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