Trump’s new NFT collection is insane

Trump released 45,000 digital NFT trading cards for $100 each. They sold out in less than 24 hours.

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0:41 it’s a big deal
1:45 what a trailer
2:41 supply, price, art
4:11 $4.5 million??
4:48 the future
5:45 cash grab? (hot take)
7:10 will it sell out (it did)

Well ladies and gentlemen it finally Happened it all began yesterday when Trump made an announcement on Truth Social which is the social media Platform that he owns and actually it Was an announcement of an announcement In fact it was to be a major Announcement now what could that be I Mean he already announced he's running For president the only thing I could Think of was maybe the release of the Latest edition of the trumpy bear for Just three easy payments of 1995. by the Way this was my first time on Truth Social and it is an alternate universe Okay I actually made the mistake of Trying to find more information about The announcement in the comments and I Mean there's an insane number of dank Trump memes if you're into that but I Don't think I saw more than a couple People actually discussing the Announcement but today we found out what That announcement was and if you had Guessed that it would be a collection of Nfts with Donald Trump poorly Photoshopped into thousands of different Fictional scenes well congratulations Because that that's what it was now Jokes Aside this is probably the most High profile person to launch an nft Collection to to date okay he's an Ex-president someone who has 88 million Twitter followers and he's out here

Creating digital assets on ethereum and I'm not going to get into any political Discussions I'm not going to touch that At all I'm just saying objectively Speaking this is a big deal now this all Comes after Trump had expressed very Anti-crypto opinions in the past like This tweet where he straight up says I Am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies which are not money and Whose values highly volatile and based On thin air unregulated crypto assets Can facilitate unlawful Behavior Including drug trade and other illegal Activity and yet here he is selling Unregulated crypto assets to use his Words so let's take a look at the actual Drop to see what kind of opportunity Would cause him to make such a 180. Hello everyone this is Donald Trump Hopefully your favorite President of all Time better than Lincoln better than Washington with an important Announcement to make I'm doing my first Official Donald J Trump nft collection I Mean is that old in the Statue of Liberty this guy is a grade a troll They're called Trump digital trading Cards these cards feature some of the Really incredible really incredible Artwork dude this looks insane work Pertaining to my life and my career it's Been very exciting you can collect your Trump digital cards just like a baseball

Card or other Collectibles here's one of The best parts each card comes with an Automatic chance to win amazing prizes Like dinner with me I don't know if That's an amazing prize but it's what we Have or golf with you and a group all Right so the rest of it is just him Listing out some of the prizes you could Win but basically Trump is selling Digital cards 45 000 cards for 99 each and they also act As these raffle tickets where you can Win a bunch of other prizes like I don't Know golfing with with Trump and things Like that now there isn't anything Really Innovative about what they're Releasing here I mean it's just gamified Sweepstakes but in a minute we are going To get into why this might actually be a Bigger deal than people think but first We have to talk about the art because These are amazing and it's very obvious That they're going all in on the meme Ability you know they're very purposely Making it look ridiculous because I Think they know that that's gonna make It go kind of viral people share it all Over the place I mean just a week ago we Had Tim Ferriss the famous podcaster Release an nft collection called Punch and for sure you know he called a punch because he knew people were Gonna just talk about it and spread it Around and this is just another example

Of that so already people are you know Sharing these nfts these Trump nfts on Twitter me included so I wouldn't really Look too deeply into the art other than Just you know seeing this as another Attempt to maybe go viral now the Collection is coming out on polygon Which is a side chain to ethereum and You can use a credit card to purchase Them you do have to kyc which I'm not a Fan of and I'm sure a lot of web 3 Purists are going to agree with that but One of the main points here that that I Want to bring up is that you need a Crypto wallet in order to receive the Nft okay and look 45 000 nfts that means That this might actually onboard more People into web 3 than 99 of collections Out there in the space and you gotta Admit that's pretty funny now in terms Of how much money they can make well you Have 45 000 nfts at 100 so that is 4.5 Million dollars if they sell out plus it Has a 10 royalty on all secondary Transactions which by the way is better Than the Melania Trump nft which had a 100 royalty meaning that all the money You made on secondary transactions just Went to her but in this case in the Event that this does become a meme and People share it around because it is Sort of hilarious maybe he does make Another seven figures from royalties as Well and keep in mind this is all just

Profit okay this is not going to this Campaign they're not political donations As it says on their website now could he Have made millions of dollars if he just Did a traditional sweepstakes without Nfts maybe but I do think that people Underrate this layer of having a Collectible having something that people View as personal property that they can Trade around and I absolutely think that That increases conversion and so this Could become a case study if it sells Out and it's possible that in the future This is just how all sweepstakes and Raffles might be performed right you you Buy your ticket but in exchange you also Get a digital collectible so you always Get something even if you end up losing Which most people do plus there's a ton Of value in the fact that you now have a List of 45 000 wallets that had Previously purchased a trump nft in the Past okay and in the future maybe There's a popular messaging service that Allows you to communicate with these Wallets but even without that you know You can always drop more digital Experiences and products then whitelist These wallets and maybe they're more Likely to convert because they're Whitelisted and now they feel like they Have this exclusive access now here's my Spicy take on all this okay because I Saw people looking at this and

Immediately calling it a cash crap you Know they saw the word nfts they saw the Name Trump you put them together and What do you have just the latest and a Long line of celebrity cash grab Projects that have no real value okay And I'm not necessarily defending Trump With this you know in a way it kind of Is a cash grab but not any more so than When he sells hats or shirts or any Other kind of physical merch okay and This is where people get stuck see when When somebody a Creator sells a hat uh They look at that as a valuable thing Right if someone's buying it to support The Creator someone's buying it because They just want to you know signal their Fan Hood Express their support uh and That's okay but when somebody sells an Nft that same Creator now it's a cash Grab if it doesn't have a whole bunch of Things layered on top of it okay if it Doesn't have a Discord or a road map and It's not trying to be the best the next Disney if it doesn't have all that then It's a catch crap but actually people Can just sell Collectibles okay and this Is what we're going to be seeing more in The future like Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is going to come in maybe he launches an Nft collection it probably gets minted Out by like half a million people and Maybe they're just buying 20 to show Their support maybe have happy profile

Pic on Twitter that is you know in the Theme of The Rock uh and that's fine and I don't think that's any more of a cash Grab than if the rock is selling shirts Or any other physical products so bottom Line will this drop sell out honestly I Don't know right like on one side you Know there's a lot of friction in that You need a crypto wallet to receive the Nft you need to understand the value of Digital Collectibles I don't know what Percentage of his supporters will fall In that bucket but on the other hand This is the type of project that might Appeal to just normal crypto degens who Are attracted to the mobility of this Ridiculous art and also this is Trump's First on-chain drop whether you like him Or not he is a famous person that is Going to go down in history okay so I'm Personally not going to buy it I can see Why some people might and it might even Sell out by the time this video comes Out and so if it did congratulations to Everyone involved anyways that's it for Today let me know what you think in the Comments below and I'll catch you the Next video

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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