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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day living the bret way and today We’re talking about the nft that has Literally made people millions Let’s get into it [Music] All right guys so if you watch this Channel you’re probably interested in Building but i know a lot of people Follow me because of my trading days and I just want to quickly talk about why i Like building so much and why i Transitioned the channel that way and Guys it’s mainly because these are Replicable skills that you’re actually Learning like hard skills that can be Translated into the real world no matter Whether it’s web 2 or web 3 but on top Of that things are much more in your Control with trading i would have great Days then i would have horrible days and It was just an emotional wreck and Really i can never consistently feel Confident and i saw the pfp hype phase As a short-term thing and so i pivoted This channel early january to more of a Building tone because of that and so i Wanted to focus on something that’s Long-term sustainable because nfts are So much more than profile pictures and This technology has the ability and the Chance to really take over the world and I think almost any business can use this Technology to eliminate friction and

Actually make a better overall Experience for their consumers and so That’s why i was so passionate about Building and that’s why i’ve invested so Much time in learning the skills Necessary to build a successful nft Project to help big brands actually get Onboarded into the space and so today Guys i want to talk about the nft Academy because we are gearing up to Drop our second batch of 500 nft academy Passes this sunday july 31st at 3 p.m Eastern time so guys we have done a lot In the academy and over the last six Months i’m super proud to say that over Five people that joined that initial 500 Have actually joined the million dollar Mint club and the million dollar mint Club is actually an award that we give Our community members our elite holders If they actually sell out a successful Project and do over a million dollars in Revenue from that and so we actually had Five projects we had satoshi runners bat Cats yakuza inc birdies gang and recon Rams sr5 in the million dollar mint club And that is what makes me so fulfilled Because when i started my first project I didn’t know anything and i didn’t even Know what questions to ask like how do You know how to find a solidity Developer there were none on fiverr none On upwork how do you do rarity Disbursement how do you know what laser

Eyes how many of the most rare traits Should be in the collection how do you Build a community how do you build a Discord bot i didn’t know any of this Stuff and so it took us a long time and We spent a lot of money and made a lot Of mistakes doing the wrong things so i Knew the first thing that i wanted to do When i made my first project was help People in my community that might want To do the same actually just skip all Those mistakes and just tell them Everything that we did in a really clear A to z format just to give them the fast Track and so hopefully they could skip The mistakes we made and actually know They’re doing things the right way and So that’s what we did with the nft Academy and we actually decided to make It an nft collection just for my holders And my community because those are the People that i wanted to have access to This information first and so what i Like about this and what i think is Super important about what we do is that We actually sell it as an nft because The old days i’ve spent a lot of money On online education and i have gotten a Lot of value out of it but there were Some where i saw an ad of a guy with a Lamborghini and he promised me a dream Of getting rich really quick and i Bought his 1500 course only to find out The information was relatively useless

And out of date was just out of luck i Just spent 1500 and i learned nothing And that was it that really hurt me and Put me in a bad mental state and really Stifled my desire to want to keep going And make the business because it was Just very dejecting and so i think it’s Really important that education is sold As an nft because that way you could buy The nft get access to all the Information see if it’s good or not Learn what you need to learn and if it Is good and you have all the skills that You need you can then sell the nft get The investment back and actually use That to kickstart your business and so We’re one of the first people to ever Sell education as nfts and i really want To see this become the new standard Because it holds founders accountable And you’ll be able to gauge if it’s Actually valuable information based on The floor price if they’re selling The price is going to go to zero so guys I just want to talk about a few things That we have coming for this new batch Of the nft academy yes we were very Focused on making profile picture Projects so if that’s what you want to Do we have dozens of videos of live Trainings of people that literally just Sold their project out we had all the Founders that joined the million dollar Mint club come in and teach exactly what

They did to make their project work what Was working live up to date and we think That’s very important so that’s why we Do weekly live trainings in weekly small Groups where you can literally hop on a Call in groups of five to ten with me my Partner crypto brando and now champ and Kosher plug are actually going to come In and teach as well so we’re really Excited about that i’ve had nft agency Founders who did the biggest celebrity Drops some of the biggest youtubers come In and just teach as well and so those Are all recorded you’ll be able to go See all those but of course we’re really Big on the agency model right now Because we see a lot of interest from a Lot of big companies coming into the nft Space right now and agencies are just The best way that we can actually Onboard them the right way from web3 Natives like you and i so guys i am Really excited to announce this we Actually have web work up and ready to Go so if you’re in the community you Might know a little bit about this but Guys this is basically a fiverr or Upwork but for web3 internal into our Community only and so basically a Service job posting board for our Holders to basically go on there and Actually make a description of the Services they provide that way if you’re An agency that specializes in

Development you can actually go find an Agency that specializes in marketing Community building social media whatever It may be and this is all for our Holders to be able to post their Services hopefully help get more clients What’s great about this there’s actually A review system you can rate your Experience with these community members On a one to five scale and on top of That you’re actually going to be able to See the discords of who provided the Service and who hired them that way if You’re looking to hire somebody in the Future you can actually go look at their Profile see who they worked with before And reach out to their previous client So that way you can ask them what was The scope of work what was the Experience like were they responsive and Just overall get a better feel for the Person that you’re about to hire because I know as a project founder and as Someone who hires a lot of people that Is a big problem and it’s really hard to Trust someone especially if they’re Anonymous so we’ll actually have Everybody’s discord name on there and so This is going to be great to hold people Accountable the whole point of the nft Academy was to be a networking discord For builders and founders in the space Very similar to an alpha group for Trading but this is the builder’s alpha

Group where we just share knowledge Share ideas and tell people it’s working The best thing about this was also that The fat cat’s founder dylan shub they Sold out their project in the bottom of The bear market and he came in and Shared exactly his thought process Behind it and how he made that happen And so it’s just constant up-to-date Information learning around everybody on A similar mission and like brandon and i Were talking about in my video a week Ago how to get clients it’s actually Best to work with other agencies because That way you guys can all specialize in Different things but you’re all getting Different leads different clients and Then can tag team and help each other With different projects and so this is Something i’m just very proud of and Something that i think is by far one of The best products in the nft space right Now and so we’re super excited to Announce webwork this job posting board And just so you guys can see what the Process looks like you basically can List your wall address list your name List your discord and actually list your Services the category subcategory your Average price and your delivery time and Then this way people can send you Proposals and vice versa if there’s Other people that need someone hired They can post that as well and so this

Is just really cool and i’m really Excited to roll this out in our Community so guys that will be ready Right after the mint and i’m really Excited for that as well as guys Realistically i get a lot of dms a lot Of emails probably like 20 to 30 a week From companies that want to hire me or My agency and we can’t possibly do those All and so once web work gets up and Rolling and we have some people that Have done good work consistently we are Actually going to start verifying them Or verifying their agency and we’re Actually going to start passing those Leads down to you guys in the community So that’s going to take a month or two To actually kick in but i know a lot of Agency owners especially that one who Does a lot of celebrities he has too Many deals coming his way and will Actually be starting to do like a Referral basis for people in the Community because getting your first Client is always the hardest it takes Way more effort people don’t trust you But once you start getting that snowball Effect you get some positive word of Mouth people will start referring you Then you start to see very big business Opportunities and there’s no reason you Can’t be getting to a hundred thousand Dollars a month doing this so guys we Want to help you guys get your very

First clients but that will come in time Just keep that in mind but guys that’s Gonna do it for today’s video remember The mint for this is gonna be this Sunday july 31st at 3 p.m eastern time And i’m really excited to see you guys In the academy but that’s gonna do it For today’s video if you’ve ever been Thinking about taking the leap now is The time we’re way ahead of most people This is the best opportunity with the Least competition and i’m really excited For you guys to join us on this journey But guys that’s gonna do it for today’s Video i hope you have a wonderful day i Will see you in the next one [Music] You

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

Welcome to the Future of Money

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