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All right guys no intro because this is Important my goal is to onboard a Million people into the web three space I think we’re well on our way with this Channel and twitter i think we’ve done a Decent job but in the end of the day i Do think that a lot of people came into Space misguided due to my channel i made A recent tweet on this a relatively long Thread if you want to read about my Perspective of nft projects and what we Kind of did wrong in this last bull run A lot of people came in they had an Expectation of quick 10x gains and they Never took the time to understand the Values of web 3. so guys i really just Want to talk about in this video what Are the main drivers of mass adoption And the only way we’re going to see mass Adoption with web3 crypto and nfts and That really is going to come down to two Key things the first one is going to be We need seamless technology this is a Movement that a lot of people call web 2.5 where reality is no one knows what Cryptocurrency they’re buying what Blockchain that they’re on but they’re Just participating in these ecosystems Like they always have been like we see In-game currencies that’s a very normal Thing fifa coins fifa points a lot of Games v bucks for tonight’s if you’re Gamer you know what i’m talking about It’s a very common thing and so the only

Way i see mass adoption happening is That the technology evolves the ui the Ux the game design whatever it is the Tokenomics are all so seamless that People don’t even need to know that Their in-game items are nfts that the Points that they’re using are Cryptocurrencies all they know is that They turn on the game and the only Difference is that they can now take Money out of the ecosystem and a good Example of this the best product that i See doing this right now is kind of like Stepping if you look at step in it’s a Move to earn game on your phone where It’s basically a fitness app and you’re Gonna buy these digital shoes that are Nfts but these are just in-game items That give you this thing called energy And basically for every one of these Shoes that you buy and every level that You get you get one or two pieces of Energy and each energy that you have Gets you like five minutes of earning so Basically if you have one pair of shoes You have to pay for up front with solana Once you buy it in solana you have five Minutes where you actually earn tokens While you’re running so you open up the App they track your gps you run outside For five minutes you make like five Bucks okay so you can level those up Reinvest the cryptocurrency that you Earn their gst token to level it up and

There’s just all these different moving Mechanics basically the best use case of Breeding earning reinvesting staking how You actually use all these different web 3 mechanics that we’re used to in a way That benefits you by working out so it’s A really cool concept you work out and You can actually make money working out This is really cool because you don’t Feel like you’re buying cryptocurrency You don’t feel like you’re buying an nft That’s like overly hyped that’s getting Shield to you by some influencer on Twitter okay so it feels really natural Really organic because you download the App you sign in they make you your own Wallet and then once you’re on the app You buy solana then you use that solana To buy an nft if you buy these shoes That dictates how much money you earn in The game and then if you want to Withdraw the money you can withdraw the Money all within the app there’s no Sending crypto there’s no crypto Exchange you have to go to no second Wallet you have to make it’s all native And feels like what people are already Used to on any typical online mobile Game okay so they’re still different Parts i mean it still it says solana Token it still says that these are In-game items that you can buy and sell And so these are different aspects that Do still have web3 values which i really

Like but at the end of the day for mass Adoption to happen i think this is going To be the bare minimum for people to Actually understand how they benefit From this technology and i don’t think They’ll even need to understand that This is an nft that this is on a Blockchain and that they’re even using a Cryptocurrency these words that we like To use in web3 are complicated people a Lot of times just like to sound smart When they’re talking to their friends And they use these big fancy technical Crypto web 3 terms and in reality it’s Not doing us any justice because Everyone just gets confused and people Already feel dumb if they don’t Understand what’s going on and so i Think one there’s going to be a Technological industry like evolution That we have to see as we go on just Technology has to get better we have to Get smarter people we have to get Businesses to see this and number two Obviously it’s just going to be Education like the only way we get mass Adoption is that the technology improves And the education improves and so with Education all we really need to get People to understand is that nfts are Good for them because right now nfts are Hated especially by gamers which is so Ironic because that’s the easiest way to Understand what nfts are and how you can

Benefit from it so what are we going to Do you can’t force people to educate Themselves education is always the big Focus by local governments and state Level decision making and so i don’t Think education is going to be the way To you can’t force it on people to make Them understand i am a huge advocate of Education i mean that’s what my whole Brand and whole channel is all about Educating people but we’re educating People that are crypto curious web3 Curious people that have naturally Searched on youtube and stumbled across My video that were already curious and So it’s going to be very very hard to Actually educate the public if they’re Not actively searching for it especially If they have a bad representation of Nfts and so i think the best way to Educate people is simply going to be Teaching them about the values of Digital asset ownership teaching them About the values of data privacy Teaching them about the values that Everything that web3 stands for but not Using big scary buzzword web 3 terms if That makes sense and so basically my Mission for onboarding more people is Going to be creating a brand new new to Nft’s course breaking everything down in Layman’s terms as simple as possible That’s really always been the goal with The channel to make it understandable

For the everyday person and i really Encourage everybody watching this that Wants to see mass adoption happen Actually do the same when they’re Talking about things in public use Stories use analogies use the most basic Terms possible to get people to see why It’s important that you should actually Own your own assets through a Decentralized platform that way if you Get banned from a game all of your Assets aren’t locked in that game Forever and you lose all your money very Small but very important detail that a Lot of people overlook and i think if Consumers understand that they will Start to demand it they just don’t know That it’s out there right now they’re Just so used to everything being the way It is today where it’s on a free Platform centralized app you use all These micro transactions but then in Reality they actually own all your Assets and if something happens you’re out of luck so i think it’s gonna Be those two things meeting in the Middle for mass adoption we need Technology to improve to the point where People don’t even know what blockchain They’re on that they’re buying nfts that They’re using this technology they just Know that they can again make money from It and that they’re benefiting from it And two educating people on this side to

Really understand that hey you need to Understand that digital asset ownership Is possible you can this actually exists You can do this you could own your In-game items you can own educational Courses take the courses and then sell It you can do all these different things You can use one single wallet online to Get access to all your favorite content Creators content all these different Cool things that web3 enables they just Need to be aware that these things even Exist so education awareness now this is Where i think the two actually meet and This is what’s so important and why i’m So focused on this whole nft agency Mission is because guys educating the Masses is going to be hard and making This user interface and design is going To be hard but what i think the most Effective way to actually bring on mass Adoption is to educate businesses that Have really good products that people Want to buy whether that’s a big brand Medium brand or even a small local Company if we see things like loyalty Programs turn into nfts if we see things Like any digital product be an nft where You actually own it people will go Through the process because they want That good product but the problem is These businesses are the same as your Everyday person they don’t understand Web3 they don’t understand the values

They don’t understand why it’s good for Their consumer so how do we expect them To implement it into their business and So that’s why i’m trying to encourage as Many people as possible to start an nft Agency or to at least start consulting People on why the values are so Important the simplest thing that you Can do is just have conversations with Your people in a day-to-day life it Might not be the sexiest thing but this Is really important to me because i Think it’s good for the world it puts Power back into the consumer’s hand so Guys i really want you guys to Understand that’s why i’m talking so Much about nft agencies i know a lot of People come into the space because they Saw opportunities to make money and i Single-handedly think this is the Biggest opportunity for anybody to make Money now again i understand starting a Business is one of the hardest if not The hardest thing you can do i Understand it’s not for everybody if you Guys just like nft market updates you Like hearing about what’s going on in The space go to wgmy media that’s our News site where we have literally seven Articles every single day talking about New fun developments what some people in The space are doing even watch my friend Nftverse i love his content he uploads Every monday through friday every day

Talking about the biggest events in the Crypto in ft space and it’s just so well Articulated talks at a good pace talks About the most topical subjects and Again doesn’t have anything to sell you So it’s just a really trustworthy great Guy shout out to angel over at nftverse And guys i just think this is really Important because if you’re here in the Space to make money you need to be Contributing at this point trading yes There’s opportunities if you want these Dj flips go to my friend arkhamus Discord archimus on twitter he’s making Like half an eighth a day he told me That and so he’s making half an eighth a Day just doing these dj mints doing it Full time but he’s using like three Different tools online 12 hours a day And just absolutely grinding with other Smart people around him so if you’re Into trading you need to make sure that You’re taking it really seriously Surrounding yourself by people that are Smarter than you and doing everything That you can to give yourself an edge by Using these data tools to make the Biggest decisions the nft trading space It used to be all we had was like the Amount of sales you had in the last five Minutes and then you could look at nancy And see if rich people were buying or Not and you’re like okay a lot of rich People are buying this smart money i’m

Going to get in there’s a lot of sales And trade this volume and you’d make so Much profit but as more tools have came Out as more information as more people Have came in the margins and the margin Of trading has gotten slimmer and Slimmer and slimmer because the amount Of information is more easily accessible There’s better trading tools and Everybody’s just become better overall As more people have entered the space And so the market’s matured and so the Biggest opportunity where i see that big Gap just like they’re used to being Trading is actually onboarding other Businesses and that’s the problem with a Lot of these pfp projects pfp projects Don’t really have a product they’re a Collectible you get to be a part of a Community that has like a central idea But most people were here to make money And these projects were not incepted to Have a business model with recurring Revenue to sustain the business model to Keep teams involved and to grow over Time these companies a lot of these Projects are running out of money and It’s really tight and there really is no Clear path for them whether they want to Create some big ip brand become a kid’s Toy brand make a tv show i don’t know But that’s going to be really hard and The reality is a lot of nft project Founders just aren’t experienced and so

That’s why i think it’s so important for People that have been in that realm to Take that skill set take that knowledge Of the values that they’ve learned What’s actually web3 is all about how These mechanics work how staking works How burn mechanisms work all these Different things that you can do with This technology with that experience Take that and go to a business that has A proven business model a proven product That people like and enjoy and i really Think that’s how we bring on mass Adoption we as web 3 native people that Have experienced this nft bull run need To come together find big businesses and Tell them why it’s good for their Consumers give them the best go to Market strategy to make this a good Experience for people and then actually Go to these businesses and take their Products and actually tokenize them and Share them with the world so guys that’s The only way i see mass adoption Happening if you guys want to learn more About this we talk about this in the nft Academy all the time again if you are to See everyday person who just likes to Learn and see what’s going on in the Space go to wgmy media check out the News if you guys like this video and it Did kind of give you a perspective shift Please click the like button subscribe If you’re new i talk about stuff like

This all the time i try to make things As practical and simple as possible if You guys see any other opportunities in The nft space or what industry that you Guys think will be impacted the most i Love hearing your creative thoughts Because this technology is so diverse And can be used in so many different Ways so share with me what you’re Thinking maybe you can teach me Something and i might even share in one Of the next videos guys that’s gonna do It for today’s video i hope you have a Wonderful day and i’ll see you in the Next one [Music] You

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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