These 4 Ai Tools Will Make You Superhuman

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These four AI tools will make you 10 Times more productive and I guarantee You everyone watching this video right Now will be using at least one of these Tools by the end of this video in my Last video I talked about the different Businesses that you could start using Open ai's gpt3 API which I think is one Of the biggest opportunities Our Generation has right now but I have news For you my friends the idea that's Actually the easy part execution is Where things get hard and if you want to Execute on your idea as quickly as Possible it's probably wise to optimize Your productivity with the help of Artificial intelligence as well these Four tools have saved me so much time in Creating presentations taking notes Drafting emails doing research and much Much more and just to be clear I am not Associated with any of these tools in Any way shape or form and I'm not being Paid to talk about any of these These Are tools that I just genuinely find Useful so with that being said if any of These tools help you all I ask is that You just click like on this video and Send it to a friend so we can all Continue to get better together deal Alright so a big part of my job is Actually creating presentations and so When my friend Gronk wizard actually Sent me this tool called Tome I got very

Excited so Tome is basically an AI Powered presentation Builder so whether You're making pitch decks business Proposals school projects whatever fits Your needs Tome will help you with that And the cool thing is they actually use Gpt3 natively and Dali natively to help You generate the text and the images for The presentations and yes you heard that Right this apple actually create your Entire presentation text images in a Story-like way all in less than one Minute it's pretty remarkable and to Show you I'm not lying I'm actually Going to make one right now so I am Actually speaking at my friend Ryan Pineda's upcoming real estate event in Las Vegas on January 11th and I am going To speak so I need a presentation to Speak on I will be speaking on future Technologies and how they're going to Impact the real estate market so let's Use Tome to create the presentation that I'm I'm going to speak about at Ryan's Event so you just go to Tome you just Hit create and then at the very bottom Create a presentation about let's say How future Technologies like web3 and AI Are going to change the real estate Market in the coming years enter as you Can see it's creating it live in front Of us right now so that was less than a Minute the whole thing was created Looking at the title page it says real

Estate Revolution how web3 and AI will Transform the market it gives you a Quick outline of what each slide will Cover then we talk about smart contracts In the real estate market it describes What smart contracts are which is spot On and the real estate market is Actually beginning to benefit from the Use of smart contracts as they enable And secure efficient transactions 100 True now it's going into AI which I Actually haven't done a lot of research On but apparently artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way Real estate is bought and sold from Automated property valuations to Predictive Analytics AI driven services Are helping to make the real estate Market more efficient secure and Accessible so as we go through the Presentation you can see that it covers All of the bases at a really high level Level now I'll definitely go through This and make things way more detailed And add extra touches but this is a Really good starting point to build off Instead of just looking at a blank Screen having to type in all those Definitions myself I get a nice image And nice text that has a good detailed Explanations of what topics I'm covering Especially when I'm talking to a new Audience so this is something that I Would use to give me a nice Baseline and

Then I'll build off it to make it my own And on top of this Tome is a good Presentation Builder it has all the Different tools text image formatting Input anything you need it's really Really useful so just simply using this As a Baseline and then using tome's Actual presentation Creator tools it Saves me so much time when I'm doing Project proposals for my agency and it's Free so it's a no-brainer for me and if You actually want to see me present this Presentation live in The Mirage in Vegas On the 11th I'll just leave a link with A discount code in the description below So the next one is one that we all Probably know and love by now and that's Going to be chat gbt I've been using This to write memos to my employees Drafting emails and many random other Ways in my video last week I actually Talked about how chat GPT could be used To write blog posts or articles that can Help boost you in SEO and a lot of People were quick to comment saying that Google can actually pick up on AI Written content and this would actually Hurt you in their rankings well my Friends I have a way around that so Whether it's for SEO School research Whatever you may be doing I do think you Should be able to use AI as a tool to Help you accomplish those and so I'm Going to show you another AI tool that

You could pair chat GPT with to get Around this so quill bot is actually an AI based paraphrasing app that you can Use and it'll basically reword any Paragraph for you on top of that it can Even change the tone style and the Length of the message that you put into It and to prove this works there Actually are AI detectors out there and So let's go ahead and have chat gbt make A story for us about maybe a YouTuber That got caught cheating on his homework Alright so we got a pretty long story Here about Jack who got caught his Teacher actually put it in a detector Herself so we're gonna put the first two Paragraphs into quill bot and see what It does it's going to reword things here It shows you which words that actually Rephrases we're going to copy this and Then we're going to put it over here Into the content written detector Analyze text and 97 human generated Content pretty cool right so keep that In mind if you're using chat gbt for any Of those reasons so moving on to the Next tool as I mentioned earlier I've Been using chat GPT to help me draft Emails but this next tool optimizes your Email using AI so superhuman claims to Be the fastest email experience ever Made and I have to say it has Drastically changed the way that I Actually use my email so first how AI is

Leveraged is they quickly show you the Emails that you value the most or most Important to you based on your behavior That way you never miss important emails Again and on top of this they have a Undo send feature which I did not even Know was possible but if you click undo Send it'll be like the email is never Sent so if you had a typo you said Something you shouldn't have you can Just hit undo send and there you go you You've got bailed out and on top of this They also have a feature that shows if Someone read your emails which again I Didn't know was possible and those are Just cool features but it actually makes The experience of email much faster Instead of having to know where every Button is on the Google user interface You can just open up a command center Hit command U and then type in whatever You want to do whether you want it to Remind you to reply to this email two Days later a lot of times in my life I'll get email it's not very time Sensitive I don't need to talk to this Person until Wednesday and so this I can Literally just say command U Remind me Two days and then in two days right There shows up back at the top of my Inbox like I just received the email Which is really useful and so what this Really does is makes it so you can clear Your inbox every single day instead of

Just looking like at a big wall of Intimidating emails you can put them in Different sections ones that you're Working on now ones that have been sent Ones that have been deleted and it's Just a really good way to organize your Email and cumulatively it probably saves Me about an hour every single week which Is pretty drastic so in my opinion it's Definitely worth the 10 minutes that it Took to set up and take the tutorial to Learn how to use it but that's just me Check it out if it sounds like something Cool to you all right then moving on to The last tool which I have been using For years is actually notion and this is A note taking app spreadsheet building Up it's basically like the Google Suite Like Google Docs Google spreadsheets but Way more advanced and a much better user Interface so notion actually announced That their AI features are coming soon There's currently a wait list so this Isn't out yet but in general if you Haven't used notion check it out it's Going to save you a lot of time and There's a lot of cool features that will Make your life better but notion can be Used to take notes build spreadsheets Manage teams much much more it's really Cool because you can actually like layer Your note taking basically if you took Notes two weeks ago now you're taking Notes today you can literally like

Hyperlink text back to your previous Notes if you need to reference it for Your team so as Mark said in Presentation two weeks ago click here They'll read the two weeks ago's notes And and then you're going to compile More notes underneath that but all it is Is a hyperlink so you don't need to like Completely make a whole dock explaining Last year's so it gets really powerful Because it's a lot like a computer's Folder system where you can create a Folder put files in there put another Folder put files in there and so it Compiles information very concisely and Is a very good way to communicate across Your team so that alone is very powerful But notion recently announced that they Are adding AI as a new feature so their Tagline is Leverage The Limitless power Of AI in any notion page write faster Think bigger then augment your Creativity like magic so it basically Brings the power of chat GPT but puts it Natively in the notion dashboard which Is going to change the game so now let's Say you're making a document and you Need to make a list of four recipes you Can simply ask notion hey give me a list Of four different recipes that we could Cook for dinner and the response you get Is exactly the response that you would Get if you input that into chat gbt but Now it's directly in your note taking

Platform which will save a ton of time So the long long two weeks of copying And pasting your chat GPT onto your Note-taking app is gone so this is going To streamline my workflow so so much so On top of like prompting different Creative ideas kind of like the example Of the presentations that I shared Earlier it's going to summarize my notes For me if I want to compile them it's Going to have automatic spell check in Grammar check and on top of that it'll Actually translate any language live Right in your notes just simply ask it To so this one's not actually released Yet this is currently on a waitlist so If you want to get access before most People I highly recommend joining the Waitlist because this is probably going To be a big game changer and will make You a lot more productive it's a lot Like github's co-pilot but for everyday People not just coders if any of you Know what that means oh and I almost Forgot to mention my developer friend Actually found a way to use chat gbt but With your Siri on your iPhone and so you Can literally have like an AI powered Voice assistant on your iPhone and it's Pretty cool because you get the power of Chat GPT like anywhere you go at your Fingertips so if you want to learn how To do that it's kind of a technical Setup it takes like five to ten minutes

But I'll actually just have him make a Tutorial video and if you just put your Email in the link below we'll send it to You for free so if you have any Questions for me about AI businesses or My developers on that process we Actually have an AI Discord server That's completely free I'll leave the Link in the description below as well But that's gonna do it for today's video Guys if you enjoyed the content and you Want more AI videos on how it can Improve your everyday life I have a lot More videos like this coming so just hit The Subscribe button so you don't miss a Video but other than that guys I hope You have a wonderful day and I will see You in the next one

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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