The Way People Interact Is About To Change Forever (Capitalize On it Now)

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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Nfts are stupid but why does it have to Be an nft I hate nft no my friend you Just don't understand the problem that They solve and I'm going to explain why Everything should be an nft more Specifically how nfts fundamentally Change the way we interact with each Other and how permissionless brand Collaborations will change everything Now that is an important word Permissionless now this may be the most Value dense video I've ever made on the Channel but this is PhD level nft Information so I'm going to ask you to Share this video later in the video but Whenever you're sold on it just send it Someone you care about because this is Going to be huge okay so what does Permissionless mean since nfts are Simply decentralized digital assets Decentralized meaning they're not Controlled by one person or business They're accessible by everyone on a Public blockchain meaning anyone can Interact with any nft it's decentralized That means anyone can create a token Gated website for any nft you don't have To be the creator of an nft to create Token gated websites and this is Something that we saw Tiffany Company Did with crypto punks and so token Gating simply means that if you have a Token in your wallet you get through the Gate right so if you have this token you

Get access whereas if you do not have The token then you do not get through The gate you do not get access so an nft Is a non-fungible token meaning if you Have the nft you get access and this is Called token gating so a website will Simply have you connect your wallets They check your wallet and if your Wallet has the nft you get in if you Don't you don't so I want to focus on What Tiffany Co did with crypto punks Because this is actually going to be Massive and what they did went very Under the radar so basically Tiffany is A high-end luxury jewelry company that Sells jewelry that ranges in the tens of Thousands of dollars very expensive Custom jewelry and what they actually Decided to do was create a custom Netflix specifically for crypto Punk Holders so what they did for this was Actually create a token gated website But it was only token gated for people That had crypto punk nfts in their Wallet so you had to have a crypto Punk To access their website so what they Then did was sold an nft for 30 ethereum Or around 50 000 at the time on this Token gated website and basically what Happened is nft holders could then Submit the crypto Punk that was in their Wallet and Tiffany would actually make a Custom piece matching their Punk's trait And aesthetic so this is what I am

Calling a permissionless brand Collaboration because there was no Official partnership between Tiffany and Yuga Labs the company that owned crypto Punks right now so only crypto Punk Holders could access this website to buy A 50 000 nft and so the really Interesting thing here is is that Tiffany did this without having to get Permission from Yuga Labs the Creator or Owner of the crypto punks nft that's Because these nfts are on the ethereum Blockchain which is decentralized which Like I said means anybody can interact With them hence the term permission you Don't need permission to interact with These nfts create token gated websites Or create special offers for specific Nfts so why did Tiffany do this well it Was actually genius so let me kind of Explain this to you guys at the time Crypto punks were well over a hundred Thousand dollars for the cheapest one And someone who is willing to spend that Much money on a JPEG is also probably More likely to be interested in other Luxury items like jewelry so the crypto Punk holder base fits Tiffany's Target Demographic perfectly on top of this the Core value of crypto punks is that they Are highly desirable scarce Collectibles Emphasis on the scarcity there's only 10 000 of them so the people that own these Feel like they're in an exclusive club

And Tiffany matched this ideal by Basically only selling 250 of these Custom Punk necklaces or 250 of these Nfts that got you the custom Punk Necklace and of course it was only Available to punk holders so this made Punk holders feel like they were getting An exclusive offer now if you know Anything about nfts they are very Centered on community and now anybody Who actually got one of these necklaces Is going to be able to flex and have Some status at the next IRL crypto Punk Event and on top of this this cost zero Dollars in marketing to do they raised Over 750 ethereum on these sales that's Around 1.5 million dollars and they got A lot of free press from this they got Featured in CNN and Forbes on top of This now they have wallet addresses of High-end customers that they can Re-target down the line which is really Powerful they can now send a future Token gated offers to these wallets Because they know that these people are Now interested in Tiffany Jewelry so you May be asking yourself Brett why does This matter why should I care I don't Care about jewelry I don't have fifty Thousand dollars I don't have a crypto Punk but you have to understand the Implication that this has on all brand Collaborations in the future let me Break it down into something that you

Might relate to so let's say that all Netflix subscriptions were nfts meaning That if you have a monthly subscription For Netflix they basically send you a Nft into your wallet that you you can't Trade you can't transfer but as long as You pay your 15 a month the nft stays in Your wallet you then connect your wallet To the website and you get access to Netflix if you stop paying the Subscription the nft automatically gets Pulled from your wallet so imagine that Concept where all Netflix subscribers Have to have a Netflix nft in their Wallets okay so let's say you own a Popcorn company and let's say this let's Say you want to run a 20 off promotion Only for Netflix nft holders well all You would do is make a separate section On your website you would token get it So only people with a Netflix nft in Their wallet could access your website And on that page that is token gated you Offer a 20 off discount code this could Be synced with a release of a new show This would be a good way for you to Separate yourself from other popcorn Companies and get a targeted demographic That is probably interested in popcorn And on top of this you're giving Netflix Subscribers a special promotion and Another benefit of being a Netflix Subscriber without Netflix even having To approve this so this is what we're

Going to see a lot of businesses Starting to offer exclusive benefits to Other whole Builders and those holders Are going to benefit whether that Company approves of it or not so I could Give countless examples but I think you Get the point so another benefit of this Which I want to get into but it's kind Of advanced kind of nerdy and not so Sexy but if you run Facebook ads you Know that basically you target people on What is called an interest group meaning If I search the term Netflix on Google Now people on the back end can run ads To people like me who have searched the Term Netflix on Google but let's say I'm Selling a Netflix pillow or something Like that and I want to run an ad to People that have shown interest in Netflix well what happens is anybody Who's Googled the term Netflix will be Shown that ad but what could happen is Someone could have Googled what is the Best streaming service Netflix Hulu or Disney plus and then they may have came To the consensus that they wanted to go With Hulu now my product only applies to People who actually have Netflix yet I'm Running an ad to that person because They showed interest in the term and so It's not perfect now Facebook ads are a Great advertising platform but let me Explain how nfts actually make a much More precise advertising platform so

Instead of having to be intrusive and Selling data and looking at what people Have been searching on the internet you Could simply just be running ads to People who hold Netflix nfts and that Means you know with 100 certainty that This person is a Netflix subscriber Because they have the nft in their Wallet right now which is a much more Accurate way of running advertising and I know for a fact Facebook and Instagram Will be working on this very very soon So this also implies that the way we do Targeting in the way that businesses Collect customer data can be Fundamentally shifted because web3 Wallets can be made anonymously and what That means is that you don't need Someone's name email birthday address Social security number just to make an Account for a monthly subscription Service you just basically create a Wallet and the nft in this wallet gets You access and now people can run Targeted ads to those customer bases Without having to know the person's Personal information so this is really Advanced boring stuff that is is really Important but I'm not going to bore you Guys on the whole data privacy lecture But understand this is the beauty of Web3 you can Target people more Effectively without intruding on People's privacy while simultaneously

Creating a more interoperable world Where Brands and small companies can Engage with each other's customer bases Like never before so again like I said At the beginning of this video this is Like PhD advanced level Concepts but This has massive implication on how we Interact with each other at a global Scale so the last way I'm going to Explain this to you is basically this When you create an account on a website Any website they ask you for your name Email and maybe a phone number then they Use this information to make your Account but simultaneously they offer This info for sale to other companies so Now another company can buy this Information from you and now they can Connect that email address to the six Other accounts that you use that email Address to set up they can start Creating groups of people that are Interested in similar things so if you Use this email to sign up for Netflix And use this email to sign in for Amazon And then BarkBox and and then I don't Know something like PornHub since you Signed up with the same email for all These accounts they can now track your Behavior on all these platforms and then Conglomerate it and start making a Profile about your online behaviors and This information is available to all the Big companies because they're just

Selling your data back and forth so this Is a very highly controversial Topic in General selling people's data but this Is really only available to the top Companies that are willing to pay top Dollar and again this is extremely Unnecessary invasion of our privacy and So this is really interesting because Nfts can achieve the exact same goal Without exposing your identity while Simultaneously making this information Available to everyone which evens the Playing field for everyday small local Businesses so if you think about it when You create an account for Netflix your Information's vertical right here it Doesn't get shared to anybody else Nobody else knows you have a Netflix Account until they sell it to Amazon and Then Amazon sells it to BarkBox and then BarkBox sells it to Facebook and now all Of a sudden all of these companies know The 300 websites you're on what you're Searching on Google because they're all Selling it back and forth and tying it Back to your email where if it's a web 3 Wallet it is completely Anonymous you Can actually make multiple wallets so You could have one category of accounts Like your Netflix Hulu and Disney Plus In one wallet and then you can have your I don't know adult djin wallet where all That behavior is on a different wallet And they can't tie it back to you which

Again is not sexy but it is very weird To think that these companies know Everything that you're doing on the Internet and if you actually pay Attention to its doordash is very good At actually sending you notifications at Specific times of the day where they Know you're hungry on Monday they'll Send me a notification at like 5 30 p.m Because that's the average time that I Eat on Monday but on Tuesday I have Meetings from five to seven so I don't Usually eat till eight and they Coincidentally will send me a Notification at 804 to get Chick-fil-A On a Tuesday and so these things are Getting really good and with Tick Tock And these other social media algorithms Who take an absurd amount of data Including listening to your phone Looking at all of your photos and your Text messages you allow them to do that By the way if you have tick tock on your Phone you agreed to that and it's just Getting very very messy and this is Something that nfts solve and so I kind Of combined the two concepts of Permissionless brand collaborations and Decentralized digital assets that can Kind of protect your data I do think They go hand in hand and that's just a Way that nfts vastly improve the system That we currently live in and make it Much better for the everyday person on

Top of this you know how those big Companies sell the data well if nfts and Every single software was sold with an Nft any small business could benefit From knowing that customer data and Could actually make better decisions and Create special offers for those people And so it's a much more fair and kind of Evens the playing field for everybody Yet that's something I don't see a lot Of people talking about the nft space But it's something I have not been able To stop thinking about because it's my Go-to when I work with some of these big Brands for my agency why should you be In web 3 right now because a Decentralized permissionless brand Collaborations allow people to interact With your brand like never before that's What I always say but do you see how big This is guys like this is so unsexy but Probably the most important video I've Ever made but this is literally pH HD Level concept so if you understood even Half of what I said you are ahead of Like 99.99 of people and I promise you In three to four years this is going to Be like the biggest make money online Trend just like social media marketing Agencies was a few years ago nft web 3 Agencies are going to be massive so if You are starting to digest this just Watch this video a few times over Repetition is how we learn and I promise

You you're going to start unlocking so Many different creative Avenues on how You can apply this to different Businesses in the world to better People's lives so guys Tiffany used Another web 3 mechanic to actually Redeem the necklaces which will be Massive in and of itself but I'm Gonna Save that one for the next video because This was probably information overload But guys if you see how this Tech is Going to change the world please send This to a friend and a family member Because we do not want the ones that we Love to miss out on this generational Opportunity this is literally one of the Biggest potential markets in the world Ownership on the internet at scale and This is a once in a lifetime opportunity So I really hope you guys are taking This seriously if you learned something Just please hit the like button it Really does help the channel and the Only way we see this happen is if more People get educated that this is Possible so if you want extra credit Leave a comment on a potential Permissionless brand collaboration you Think would be cool but other than that Guys I hope you have a great day and I Will see you in the next one [Music]

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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