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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the Brett way and Today we’re talking about the Lamborghini nft strategy that no one Knows about that’s kind of a secret and I really think that’s a big mistake but We’re going to get into that first two Announcements one I make nft news Market Updates every Wednesday on wgmy media’s YouTube channel I just dropped one first Link in the description if you want news Market updates secondly we have a Newsletter for wtmi media every single Day get the most up-to-date biggest news Stories from web3 enter email inbox Second description in the link below Thirdly I’m not gonna waste any more of Your time let’s get into what this video Is about Lamborghini’s nft strategy so Many of you might not know but Lamborghini actually dropped an nft Earlier this year I think it was around January and it was a really genius idea And I loved their strategy first and Foremost they basically just created This one-of-one nft that was going to be Sold at a Sotheby’s auction but the Catch was that this one of one nft Actually came with a physical Lamborghini but not just any Lamborghini Guys it was actually the the very last Lamborghini Aventador if you don’t know The Aventador is one of their more Higher end models and one of the most

Beloved nfts of all time they have the Doors that go up the Cool Front body Style and it’s really a really cool car This is the last one to ever be made and It was tied to a one of one nft the Auction was successful ended up selling For over 1.6 million dollars and this is Really cool because this is how I think Nfts should be sold they should signify Ownership of physical items but you can Show that digitally via an nft you can Prove that you own physical items online And that’s a beautiful thing and they’ve Really set that standard so it was Really sad for me to see their new nft Strategy that they’ve come out with Recently so if you guys haven’t heard About their new strategy let me just run It by you real quick 30 seconds okay so How they describe it is a virtual Journey that starts from the Moon Crosses space and continues in iconic Locations across the world first and Foremost buzzword heavy that just Instantly it makes me sad I get to try And tell a story but what the does That mean as nicely as I can put it and Again guys I’m not trying to hate but They’re just being very vague with this Nft collection and that’s what I don’t Like so basically the collection Consists of four nfts that are released Each month for four days consecutively And will be available to purchase for 24

Hours only so I’m already kind of Confused on the rollout it seems like a Lot of moving pieces but the fourth nft Is going to be available in a very Limited edition and there’s only going To be 63 of them so this is very Interesting but at the very end of the Campaign guys if you have all four nfts You’re gonna be able to receive a Special nft and that’s all the Information that’s released and so Personally as a marketer I understand That Curiosity getting your audience’s Imagination telling a story these are The most powerful ways to sell but when You’re a Lamborghini and you have some Firepower utility AKA real cars real Brands real products to back your nfts I Don’t know why they’re necessarily Choosing this route and so it’s it’s Great and all but that doesn’t excite me To Mint their first three nfts or their First four nfts why would I mint these Four nfts just to get a special nft That’s kind of like the Ponzi style that We’re seeing in the nft space where it’s Like if you buy this nft then you get a Free companion drop and then if you get A free companion drop you’re gonna get Another nft drop and then another nft Drop but there’s no real value to the First nft let alone the second third or Fourth so I will give them the benefit Of the doubt because they can do really

Cool stuff like if they made it so those Last 63 nfts if you had all four and the 63rd you can kind of combine them all And that nft gets you the right to buy One of 63 special edition first edition New Lamborghinis that could be really cool sorry for cussing but That’s cool because even if you can’t Afford to buy a 300 400 000 Lamborghini New even just you owning that nft for The right to buy would be really Valuable because there are definitely Some Mega millionaires billionaires out There that love really rare cars and if The only way from to buy this one of 63 Lamborghinis is to buy your nft that Gives you the right to buy the car then That nft is going to be worth tens of Thousands of dollars most likely so they Could do really cool things I want to Give them the benefit of the doubt and Another cool thing I will say is if you Own three of the four you can actually Go on a tour of the Lamborghini Headquarters which I’m sure is actually Cool for a lot of people especially if You’re a big fan of the brand so they Are adding some utilities some Experiences but personally I think they Could have done something very very Innovative and use a much different Strategy that actually could have Shifted the landscape of our world as Lightly as I can put it so guys that’s

What they’re doing leave a comment if You think that’s cool but I’m gonna jump Into what I think they should have done Because I love thinking about this Alright guys before I go on just full Disclaimer these are new creative Cutting Edge ideas I have thought about These this is fun for me it’s a good Thought exercise and it just gets my Creative juices flowing so if you hear Any holes and what I’m about to say Please leave them in the comment section Below so we can all get better the Constructive criticism is good for all Of us and it’s fun to think deeply about What the pros are what the cons are and What could make this a make or break Strategy but for me I think this is a No-brainer and I don’t see too many Holes in it so let’s go ahead and jump Into what I think Lamborghini should Have done for their nft strategy so they Leaned into the art they lean into the Storytelling and that’s great but I mean That’s what everybody’s doing in the nft Space and when you’re Lamborghini you Have advantages nobody has and it’s a Concept that I talk about all the time On this channel and that is status Signaling why do people buy Lamborghinis It’s really just a signal to the world That you’re rich or that you are someone That people should care about right and I know that’s super shallow but that’s

Just human behavior I’m not saying it’s Good or bad we see it all the time on Instagram people take a picture in front Of a Lamborghini that’s not theirs they Rent a big house take a video in it try To sell you a course uh the classic Tai Lopez here in my garage looking look at My Lamborghini and a lot of times people Making these ads don’t actually own the Lamborghini and they’re trying to Deceive people so nfts actually make it So you can prove that somebody owns Something at the end of the day that’s Really all nfts and blockchain R and the Concept of provenance and why this is Big or will be important to society is Because I mean if you’re driving a Lamborghini you’re out living your life Only like 20 30 or 40 people are going To see you in that Lamborghini in real Life but if you have hundreds of Thousands of people that follow you on Social media and then you have that Lamborghini nft in your public wallets Thousands of people are going to see Every single day that you really do own A Lamborghini and I know that sounds Vain but that’s how our society works And that maximizes status signaling People are going to want to do that so What I think Lamborghini should have Done is actually made nfts that are tied To every single vehicle now this is Something that sounds like too good to

Be true but here’s how they could do it And this is the interesting part so There’s this technology called near Field communication or for short NFC and You guys might not know what that is it Might sound complicated but I promise You used it before so if you guys have Looked at your credit cards recently and You see those three little lines that Kind of looks like radar or Wi-Fi that’s Actually the tap to pay feature and if You go to Chipotle or go to any of these Stores in America most of times when They ring you up you can just tap your Credit card on the credit card machine And the transaction goes through it gets Approved without ever touching and it Looks like magic that’s called near Field communication technology and nfc’s Near field communication can be tied to Nfts these days and so what Lamborghini Could do is put a near field Communication chip in the center console Of your Lamborghini with the little Symbol and then you could actually pull Out your phone your meta Master whatever It may be and you can actually scan the NFC chip and that chip once it’s scanned Will transfer an nft Associated to that Car’s VIN number into your wallet now Here’s the catch that nft is not Transferable or tradable meaning you Cannot sell it but it will sit in your Wallet and it’s the only one that is

Related to the VIN number of that Lamborghini now there’s a problem that People may think about and the problem Will be that anybody can come into your Car and the nft will then get Transferred to whoever scanned it most Recently but at the end of the day this Isn’t really a problem if you are the True owner of the Lamborghini because if Say you go to a car show you have the NFC chip in your wallet you let someone Sit in your car and when you’re not Looking they scan the NFC chip well in Reality yes it went to them for a little Bit but no harm no foul you can just Rescan the NFC chip when you get home And it’s back in your wallet so it’s not Like they’re high stakes that this could Be stolen and then locked forever you Could revoke it right back and that Still helps you online when someone Clicks on your profile and looks at your Wallet they see that that NFC nft so That’s like not that big of a problem But I could still see that being a Problem and I know a lot of you are Already commenting your whole right now But what we’re seeing companies do is Creating more of a centralized platform To avoid this so easily what could Happen is you buy the Lamborghini at the Dealership you scan the NFC you’re Basically mincing that nft for the very First time and now it’s in your wallet

Well let’s say that exact same situation Happened somebody comes in your car and Tries to scan the NFC to get that Ownership nft well if it’s through a Centralized app the app will then send You a notification saying do you want to Transfer the ownership nft to this Person and if you’re not selling the car And it’s still yours and they’re trying To steal it you just say no and it voids The transaction and so this could be Really cool because when you sell a car There’s typically a bill of sale you Transfer the title and then finally you Would actually then transfer the NFC nft And that is a really cool way to Actually make the transfer of ownership Of a new vehicle much more official on The blockchain and forever and so this Is really cool to me the importance of Provenance is not very understood but Provenance basically just shows who owns This vehicle in order and that’s what The blockchain is all about proving who Owns what who used to own it who owns it Now so having this NFC nft that Authenticates the ownership and if it’s Actually has to be approved by the Current owner that’s going to be a key Factor in selling vehicles in the future Because I think people are going to Care Heavily about having that nft because if You have that nft thousands of people Are going to be able to click on that

Nft see that it’s from the official Lamborghini collection and see exact Exactly what car you own this concept of NFC nfts tied to physical items could Apply to fashion like high-end Brands Like Gucci or Louis Vuitton shoes like Nike Jordans or anything that’s like a Rare shoe even watches pretty much any Physical item these NFC nfts that can’t Be traded in and of himself only Transferred if somebody else scanned the Chip in the item that is a cool ass Concept and that’s the future of our World ladies and gentlemen but if you Have thought of a problem or a hole Again please leave a comment on it Because I’m excited about this but again We don’t want to jump ahead of ourselves Without thinking through the complete Problem so guys if you know someone that Works at Lamborghini send them my way I Would love to give them some advice or I Mean if you know anybody that works at a Big brand and they’re thinking about nft Strategy I would love to consult with Them that’s what I aspire to do I want To help the biggest brands in the world Enter web 3 the right way and I actually Do have a form for this so if you’re Looking for consultation or know someone That could use help with their strategy There’s a form you could fill out it’s Probably gonna be the third link in the Description below I would love to hop on

A call and see if we can help your Company enter it the right way but guys That’s gonna do it for today’s video Like the video If you enjoyed it but More importantly send it to a friend Send it to a family member or just Someone you care about this is probably The biggest opportunity of Our Generation it’s like the internet in 2001 and we don’t want anybody to get Left behind so that’s gonna do it for Today’s video I hope you have a Wonderful day and I will see you in the Next one [Music]

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