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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the bret way and today We’re talking about the only three nfts Worth buying let’s get into it [Music] All right guys so i think we’ve come Full circle in the nft space and if we Look at this chart on the screen right Now this is a very common chart that we See it basically shows the different Stages of a bubble and i think it was Very safe to say that we were in a very Speculative bubble i think most these Nfts were 100 just bought off the Speculation that they might be historic There was some novelty to using Non-fungible token technology that early On and really as we’ve developed i think It’s very safe to say things are Actually starting to reflect the true Value that they provide and so right now I just kind of want to break down real Quickly for you guys where i think we Were at basically i think i got involved Right here at the takeoff phase i Started hearing my nfts i was into Crypto crypto got hit hard with the Whole china fud and i got bored and then We heard about nfts and i think i got Involved right at the beginning of this Takeoff phase and that’s what caused me To do very very well at the beginning of My trading career and then as we move Forward i think around november and

December we saw this first sell-off Things were very very gloomy and a lot Of people left a lot of people got Disinterested this is when i made a Video with my friend sebastian talking About a mutant ape that we bought at Around 3.9 for ethereum and then of Course i think right around january And february when jimmy fallon bought His board ape justin bieber bought nape We had a post balloon music video is When we saw this absolute euphoric stage And the general public really getting Involved then of course things went down Slowed down a little bit i think a lot Of us saw this one coming and then we Saw a little bit of return to normal and I think a lot of people just kept buying Nfts this is where a lot of the biggest Mistakes were made and i think we’re Still right here in the capitulation Phase i think a lot of people in the Space had a hard look in the mirror and Reflected on what they bought and why And so i think we’re right around here And so this is a good time for everyone To have a wake-up call anyone who’s Still sticking around still interested Through this capitulation phase that Might be down quite a bit but still sees The future of this technology one i Think you’re really smart and props to You i don’t think there’s a better place That you could be spending your time

Learning because at the end of the day i Do think that this technology blockchain Technology non-fungible token technology Has a very bright future and will be Literally everywhere in our world so in My opinion there’s no better place to be Spending your time learning to be in Position for the next bull run is not Accumulating these blue chip pfp Projects i don’t think you should be Buying doodles i don’t think you should Be buying board apes i don’t think you Should be buying any of these well-known Pfp projects that did well in this last Run i think you should be buying Completely different types of nfts and Really trying to get a deep fundamental Understanding of why non-fungible tokens Will be so diverse and used in so many Different aspects of our world Specifically if we talk about soul-bound Nfcs that could be used as your social Security number if we talk about utility Nfts that can token get access to every Single website single sign-on wallets Like metamask how web 3 actually Eliminates friction and just gives you One universal online digital profile That’s why i think this technology is The future i don’t think these pfp Uh brand ip projects are the future at All so in today’s video we’re gonna Break down the three nfts that i think Are worth buying we’re gonna keep it

Concise one guys i’m not a financial Advisor this is never financial advice i Haven’t had to do that since i haven’t Talked about projects in a while but Just very very clear and two do not buy These nfts because you think you’re Going to make a quick flip you think You’re going to make money off them That’s not what nfts are about the goal Of an nft is not to make you money if You’re still here watching my channel For that reason you’re making wrong Decisions and that’s probably why you’re Not doing too well financially in your Life if you’re here watching my channel You’re here to learn so you can fully Understand why this technology benefits People and then you’re going to help Implement that into the world okay you Make money by helping people that’s as Simple as that if you provide value that Value is reflected to you in the terms Of money all right let’s jump into the Project nft number one that you should Be considering buying are nfts with a Purpose sometimes called utility nfts i Still think that’s a really weird way to Phrase it but basically nfts that are Actually a product and owning this nft Gets you access to the product i’m going To give a few quick examples first one Is going to be uh origins alpha pass This is basically jumpman’s nft alpha Group and of course if you’re trading

Full-time nfts the best thing you can do Is be around other people trading Full-time you kind of have a hive mind Of knowledge but why i like origins i Think it’s one of the best if not the Best alpha group out is because they’re Analytical focused they’re very Data-driven that’s how they make their Decisions and they just raise four Million dollars to invest in actually Building the best nft data tools i think This is very very future proof very Valuable and the best way to make Decisions if you are still trading nfts Full-time you guys want to check out Origins origins that are around Two-eighth floor i think that’s a very Good deal for the access that you get And this is a very long-term project but Again guys do not buy any of these Because you’re trying to make a quick Flip okay there’s no volume in the space No buyers are going to come in to raise This price up unless they announce Something absolutely crazy and i have no Insider information that could point Towards that actually being the case Moving forward jen’s croquet club this Is a project that i advised again one Disclaimer i have no financial interest In any of these projects i will not make Any money talking about any of these Projects this is all genuine advice so We’ve seen projects come into the space

Like jens crow k club where they promise A high-end business discord high-end Business network where you can come Together and learn different tactics i Think jin’s croquet club is one that Actually lived up to that because they Spent so much time on the front end Instead of doing all the crazy hype Tactics just to sell out the mint they Interviewed every single person that got Accepted it was a four month process Every person that wanted to get Whitelisted had to hop on a 15 minute Call explain who they are docs Themselves and make it very very clear That they are the caliber of person that They wanted in this group and i think That’s why this project has done so well On floor price wise but of course the Value that you get being in the group Being around that level of people how Those people think the problems that They’re facing and sharing that Knowledge with each other is way more Valuable than the ten thousand dollars That this nft’s floor is at right now This is a group that’s for high level Entrepreneurs moving on to nfc academy This is our education project this is For people that want to build in the web 3 space but they don’t necessarily know In specific aspects we hop on weekly Calls we have 70 hours of videos Everything you need to know to

Understand web3 these are all nfts that Get you access to knowledge information Education and a network of people Similar to you so that’s nft number one These are all minted out but there is an Upcoming project this is called the Krillis the krillis has a really cool Concept it’s basically a nomadic Clubhouse i actually met them at nft nyc Last month and i just really liked their Vision it’s actually founded by a group Of people that facilitate the ypo Discord if you don’t know what ypo is It’s called young president organization And it’s basically the cream de la creme It’s basically one of the top private Members only clubs for very successful Young entrepreneurs i think you have to Be doing over two million dollars a Month in salary and have at least 50 Full-time employees to even get Considered and on top of that it’s just Really really difficult to get into but They literally have people running Different countries as part of this Group it’s one of the most elite groups Of entrepreneurs in the world right now And so what they’re trying to do with This is actually to have these nomadic Clubhouses where you can go anywhere in The world and have a home base to come To completely for free and hang out with Other like-minded web 3 people in person I know a lot of people that have

Successful businesses are kind of more Living that digital nomad lifestyle and They actually have their very first Nomadic clubhouse event coming up on the 27th this is really exciting it’s about Three weeks where this clubhouse will be Open to anybody this is completely for Free guys if you are in ibiza spain you Can go to this place anytime between the Dates july 27th and august 15th Completely for free this place looks Extremely high-end and these are very High-level people that will be coming in And just sharing their web through Experiences it’ll be a good home base to Work if you’re nomadic very interesting Idea i really like what the acrylics are Doing and again it’s very similar to Jen’s croquet club where they’re vetting People filling out applications making Sure the people involved are the caliber A person that can make this clubhouse an Amazing place that they think it should Be so if you’re interested in the Acrylics go check them out they are Still minting they’re minting as they go Which i love that it’s not some hype one Day mint and if they don’t sell out then People are going to fud it so krillis Very interesting project go check that Out so that’s type number one that’s my Favorite type and that’s going to get Very very broad nfts that actually serve A product or get you access to a private

Group a good network of people Like-minded around you moving on to type Of nft number two is going to be Historic nfts slash art nfts i’m putting These together because these are nfts That are bought for one purpose and one Purpose only they are being collected They are collectibles the thing with Utility nfts is that the price of them Is going to be directly valued with Basically the value that you get from That product how much does that product Do for you and the market will find its Value and reflect that in the floor Price so utility nfts don’t have that Crazy jump and floor price because You’re getting a product and you can Basically tell very quickly how much Value you’re getting from that product Now with historic and art nfcs things Can really fluctuate with the market Because collectors will value these Crypto punks i think is probably the Only pfp collection that i would feel Comfortable being in right now because These are ogs these are what started the Movement and this is how most people get Onboarded into the space of course you Could argue bayc but i think bayc is Again turning into a utility nft with Their metaverse and it’s just such a big Risk because if their metaverse isn’t Successful then why would you want your Bayc nft in the first place it was a

Very interesting decision i don’t know If that’s the direction i would have Gone with the project but i’m not going To act like i’m smarter than yuga they Have done amazing things in the space Personally that’s my investment thesis I’m staying away from bayc because i Think that’s possible that their Metaverse might flop and that might have Huge effects on their brand overall and Like i said earlier tying that utility To an nft will make the market reflect The true value of the nft based on that Utility we saw this with cool cats in Their game crypto punks their historic Very first pfp collection absolutely Monumental in the space and i think a Lot of people have sentimental value to This and of course that historic value It’s truly just a collector’s item There’s no utility tied to it it’s just Your iconic one of the first to ever do It started a whole movement in web 3. Next there’s mooncats of course this is Historic nft not nearly as historic but It is older check them out it’s Something that a lot of ogs respect as Well and then of course we can go to art Blocks if we look at this tweet from Zinica our nfts they’re doing very very Well in this bear market and so if we Are at that despair curve coming up it’s Interesting to see that punks and even The penguins are doing pretty well but i

Wouldn’t recommend uh buying anything Right now guys it’s very speculative Times only if you have hundreds of Thousands of dollars on the sideline Should you even be considering this but Of course our nfts the utility of art is The art just to look at it just to have It cool on your wall or cool in your Metaverse gallery and that way you can Look at it you can talk to friends Online and then go check out your Collection and see what kind of taste You have and also kind of implies you Have some money guys that’s number two Historic slash art nfts because there Are no strings attached it’s super light You buy them just to collect them and of Course it has a little higher end Audience so moving on to the last type Of nfts are going to be nfts that have Games right now guys we’ve seen so many Projects coming out with promises of Making the next big game i cannot Express how difficult it is for web 2 Game developers to actually make a game That not only is fun but people actually Decide to play so you have to have Marketing down you have to have the Development down you have to have the Graphics down we have such a high Standard in the web 2 world of gaming These days that almost all of these Blockchain games and these metaverses Right now are a complete joke no one’s

Playing decentraland no one’s playing Sandbox no one’s playing any of these Blockchain games so do not buy nfts from A project that say they’re going to make A game and especially do not buy nfts For a game if the nft is not going to be An in-game item every gamer is already Used to in-game skins in-game currencies Micro transaction these boxes to gamble Whatever it may be they’re already used To that and so why would anybody come in And buy an nft that’s tied to a game but Not used in the game and why would Anybody want to take the risk of buying An nft for a game that might not be fun That might not be mass adopted they Could have all the credibility with a History of a successful game and still Launch a game that completely flops Buying nfts for a game that haven’t Started development or still in Development is the riskiest thing you Can do it’s like a 0.001 chance of a Moonshot so if you’re going to buy Gaming nfts just wait for the game to Come out wait for there to be proof that The game is fun and then start Collecting your in-game items that Happen to be nfts it’s all about Decentralized ownership of in-game Assets i think that’s going to be the Biggest market possible because we Already see it but now if your account Gets banned you still actually own your

In-game asset so for that i’m going to Give a few examples i’m going to be a Complete hypocrite but triverse this is A game that’s not out yet but this is a Project that i have had before i even Made my first youtube video this is a Project i’ve been a huge fan of and They’ve had such consistent constant Communication they’ve showed progress They’ve do updates and the art style is Beautiful i said it before in the Channel i think this is the perfect Blend of complexity with gameplay and How many hours you can actually play to Accumulate leveling up in the game but Also simple enough that it can actually Be done relatively within a year or two To at least get access out there of Course tree versus had a few alphas and Loopify the founder is probably like the Holy saint of the nft space i heard Someone say if beanie is satan loopify Is god so very interesting but he has One of the most strong supported Followings he does so many good things For the space and i’d be ashamed not to Mention tree versus one more time for me Next is going to be grits by gala games Of course guys don’t buy this today but The game looks very very close to being Released and they’re selling their In-game assets gala games has invested Over a billion dollars and acquired Multiple game production companies that

Way they’re actually just the platform To go to play 20 different games so gala Games is one of the things i am most Bullish on you can buy their token if You just want to bet on their whole Ecosystem or you can actually buy the Nfts uh on grits i think grit is going To be actually one of the first true Blockbuster battle royale games that’s On chain and you can actually own the In-game assets and so grit is one to Look at and that’s my thesis on gala if You look at them it’s pc based game and You can actually buy cases you can get Generative art characters and so it’s Actually one of the first projects that I’ve seen from zero to 100 actually walk The walk as a true blockchain game Finally it’s going to be parallel alpha Parallel alpha is a card game kind of Similar to like a yukio or a pokemon in A sense and so of course this is a very Simple type of game just like yukio or Pokemon very familiar but that can Appeal to a mass fan base and it’s Digital they’ve had very cool like Physical digital vr ar Models that you can have where it Actually looks like the cards are in Front of you in real life but of course This is digital they can have very cool Interfaces to actually play this game Online with friends and so i think this Is very promising in the sense of it’s

Not reinventing the wheel by any means But it’s actually letting these digital Cards these collectible cards being Owned on chain and i think that’s going To be massive i think every big card Company is going to have to pivot to This i think they are the first mover Advantage there now of course guys not Financial advice if you’re going to get Into this try to understand the lore and Only if you’re interested in card games Don’t just buy this because you think Other people might be interested in card Games do your research try to understand The characters understand the different Editions i know the color of the qr code Kind of signifies the rarity of these Cars and how powerful they are in the Game so really do your own research but Again parallel has continued to execute Continue to evolve and has a very very Strong supportive base because it’s a Game people actually want to play and They can do really cool things being one Of the first on-chain digital card games Like this hopefully this was concise but Those are the three nfts the only three Nfts i think you should be buying right Now are nfcs that you’re actually going To use or nfts that you’re actually Going to enjoy for what they actually Are whether it’s a utility nft whether It’s a product being sold as an nft Gatekeeping access to a group of people

That you want to be around or it’s Actually just art or historic nft like Punks or a game that’s actually out Right now so guys those are the only Three type of entities i think you Should be buying right now if this gave You some insight if this gave you a Different perspective please click the Like button below it really does help my Channel secondly i would love to hear What other interesting types of nft use Cases you guys are seeing or if there Are maybe i missed one what nft project Do you think should be buying right now In the bear market that we’re in Personally i’m not buying any nfts Unless i genuinely am going to use the Product and actually benefit from it Directly but that’s just me hopefully You guys enjoyed this video i want to Sprinkle in content like this sprinkle In the building videos i’ve had a lot of Fun talking about building nft agencies But overall guys if you’re enjoying this Content hit the subscribe button we have A lot more coming other than that guys That’s gonna do it for today’s video as Always i hope you have a wonderful day And i’ll see you in the next one [Music]

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