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Adobe’s nft strategy could totally Revolutionize how businesses serve their Customers and so I’m really excited to Share this with you guys today because This is my passion and my goal is to Onboard 1 million people into web3 and So I think if we can actually share Creative ideas like this and get people To understand why web3 and nfts will Make their business better we will Actually start seeing them use this Technology much more quickly so the Purpose of this video is to open up your Guys’s imagination and see how Adobe Could actually Implement nfts to benefit Their customers and actually improve Their business at the same time so guys Let’s just go ahead and jump straight Into it Adobe you don’t know who they Are they’re the creators of Photoshop After Effects Premiere Pro Lightroom a Ton of creative software tools that Millions of people use to improve their Life or even make a living and so I’m Going to go through how Adobe could Implement nfts to change their pricing Model to actually better serve different Segments of their customer base so in my Video last week I talked about how Starbucks is creating nfts for their Loyalty reward program and what is cool About that is they’re actually again They’re actually taking different Customer demographics and segmenting

Them based on what they value okay so This might sound pretty vague but Understand this that people that shop at Starbucks come from different incomes They’re people that make millions of Dollars a year and there’s people that Make fifty thousand dollars a year but Right now the reward program benefits Everybody equally you spend five dollars You get Five Points you spend five Dollars you get five points nfts are Gonna allow them to actually make Decisions for Millionaires and then also The everyday person working at nine to Five making fifty thousand dollars and Then a different segment of people Making three hundred thousand dollars Because those people think differently And value different things the easiest Way I can say this is person making a Million dollars a year doesn’t care About getting a free cup of coffee every Friday but a person that makes fifty Thousand dollars a year that’s the Highlight of their week and so that’s What I mean by segmenting different Customer bases all right back to Adobe So how is Adobe going to do this and how Are nfts going to improve their business Well if they use this nft strategy they Can again serve different customer bases While actually increasing their bottom Line so right now let’s just start with Where Adobe is at Adobe has this thing

Called The Creative Cloud and this is Really cool because you can get access To photoshop After Effects Premiere Lightroom all these different tools for One flat rate of 50 a month which is Amazing because when I was in high School and I wanted to use After Effects The only way that I could get After Effects was if I paid a fifteen hundred Dollar license to access After Effects And when I was in high school I had like 300 to my name and it wasn’t possible so There were ways for me to figure out how To get access to it but it may not have Been legal it’s been seven years Statutes of limitations but understand That back then that was the only option It was either pay fifteen hundred Dollars or you never use the tool and so In college when they came out with the Adobe Creative Cloud and I was able to Get access to all of them for only fifty Dollars a month I was super excited About it but as I’ve evolved and became Older and actually made more money made A living it turns out looking back I Paid way more than fifteen hundred Dollars to actually access After Effects And the interesting thing is I still use That exact same version of after effects That I learned in college so right now You might be thinking okay that’s good It’s only 50 a month and I get access to These tools that’s cheap anybody can

Afford it and that’s exactly right it’s Amazing and it also incentivizes Adobe To keep making updates because Everybody’s paying 50 a month that money Can go back into the company and Software developers can continue their Job keep getting paid to make their Products better sounds like a win-win Right well here’s where I think that They can actually get really creative And actually give optionality in their Pricing model to their customers okay so Let’s go ahead and imagine this there is Something in business called lifetime Value LTV for short and what an LTV is Is basically the average amount that Your customer uses your product and they Put that in a dollar amount so let’s say That it’s fifty dollars a month for 12 Months that’s going to be 600 a year Let’s say the average person stays on Adobe’s products and keeps their Subscription going for three years so That would be six hundred dollars per Year three years eighteen hundred Dollars and that’s say out of everybody That uses their product that is the Average so the average lifetime value of A Adobe customer is 600 times three Eighteen hundred dollars dollars okay so The lifetime value of an adobe customers 1800 some people are going to go four Years some people are gonna go two but It averages out over millions of people

At eighteen hundred dollars okay so Personally I’ve had the Adobe Creative Cloud for over five years which means I Have paid over three thousand dollars to Get access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Well I don’t see myself stopping using After Effects at any time soon I’m still Making these YouTube videos I use it Every single week but the interesting Thing is I still use that exact same Version that I learned in college Because I’ve gotten very busy it’s not My full creative job the updates are Very small and I’m just used to that User interface and when they make a new Version and there’s a button that used To be here but now it’s over here and I Can’t find it I get mad so I use the Exact same version from 2018 and I paid Way over the 1500 that it would Initially cost me to actually get After Effects so do you guys see where I’m Going with this why is there not an Option for me to just pay in full a Lifetime version of that version of After Effects I would love right now if I could just pay 1500 dollars for my Favorite version of Photoshop or after Effects and then I could have it forever I don’t need updates I like it the way It is I get what I like and if I want to Buy another one in the future I will but This isn’t possible right now and I’ve Talked to a lot of people that work at

Big studios like Universal music group And they all individually every single Editor which there’s thousands of them Have to have their own 50 a month Package so imagine how much money is Being spent by Universal just to give Each one of those a continuous 50 a Month access to their software so don’t Get me wrong guys I am a capitalist I Hope Adobe makes money they make a great Product but understand this if they have A lifetime value of eighteen hundred Dollars for all of their customers why Don’t they sell a lifetime nft to their Adobe After Effects products or any of Their product lines individually that is The equivalent of that lifetime value Now of course it is the goal for a Business to increase the lifetime value By making better products but Realistically that ceiling is pretty Close to eighteen hundred dollars and so If they actually gave me the option to Pay fifty dollars a month or maybe two Thousand dollars which is a little above Their lifetime value but I actually own Access to that then I am 10 out of 10 Going to choose After Effects because I Know in the long run it’ll save me money And that’s the smart business move for Me as an entrepreneur okay so let’s Imagine they do that they’d have the 50 A month option for people who might not Be in the financial position as me but

They also have the two thousand dollar a Month option and that’s going to be sold As an nft okay so if they actually told Me that it was going to be an nft they Could actually probably sell it for Three to five times more than the Lifetime value because then I would know That I could then sell my nft on a Secondary market and so this nft signals Access to After Effects I will be able To use it and if whatever reason I Stopped making YouTube videos or I hire Another editor I don’t need it myself Anymore I could then sell that nft on a Secondary Market this is where things Get tricky so guys leave me a comment on Any hole that you see in this argument This is me exercising a creative thought Experiment and if you guys could comment Come up with different holes or floss With the strategy you this will actually Help me make better decisions and think About things better in the future but Guys just leave a comment it’s going to Make us all better I would really like The constructive criticism but to me This sounds really smart so you could Sell the two thousand dollar lifetime Access license or you could sell the Seven thousand eight thousand ten Thousand dollar nft access pass lifetime To Adobe After Effects and I would Probably pay three to five times more That two thousand dollar Mark if I knew

That I could sell it at any time that is What’s really cool about nfts is that it Actually lets me own access and own the Product if it’s just a license I own Access to it but I don’t own it in the Sense that like how I own this watch I Can I bought this watch and if I want to Sell this watch I can sell the watch in A secondary Market that’s just not Possible on the internet right now and It blows my mind because we can buy our Houses buy our cars rent our houses rent Our cars but you can’t do that on the Internet with any of your online digital Items which is craziness but besides the Point so if Adobe actually implemented This where you could buy this year’s License of after effects or photoshop Shop for eight thousand dollars and it’s An nft I would then be able to use it For as long as I want it doesn’t even Need to get updated because I like this Version and then in three or four years When I want to upgrade to a different Product or just stop making videos I Could then sell the nft and get my Investment back now it might not stay at Eight thousand dollars so you know it’s Not the purpose of an nft to stay at the Exact price or go up but at least I get Some of that money back where right now I am just paying fifty dollars a month Into a black hole and there’s not a Chance I even get a percentage of that

Back and so actually selling these Memberships to these softwares like Adobe is much more consumer friendly Because I could I would pay more knowing That I can get more out of it down the Line and so that’s a really cool concept Now the objection that a lot of you Might be thinking here are okay Brett But why would Adobe want to do that if They are going to limit their sales like If someone pays eight thousand dollars For it new and they could sell it on Secondary for seven thousand dollars why Would anybody else buy the 8 000 version And and guys I don’t think it’s smart For Adobe to do like a traditional 10 000 uh access pass set and try to sell Out the first day you would need to Create incentives that incentivize People to Mint one buy the very first Version and you could do that in a Really cool way you could do so many Different things this is where our Creativity can go wild guys so basically What could happen is let’s say that You’re in the market for a lifetime nft Access pass for adobe’s After Effects You want the 2018 version so you’re Looking at the 2018 nft collection Lifetime access nft pass okay so you Could mince it fresh for let’s just say Eight thousand dollars but they’re going For six thousand dollars on the Secondary Market well what if Adobe said

Hey anybody who mints the nft or buys it Directly from us will get 25 percent off Next year’s version 25 off of 8 000 is 6 000 and so basically what the free Market is saying is that anyone who is Selling this pass already used that 25 Off for the 2019 version and so you can Either just buy it on the secondary for 6 000 which is even cheaper and you Could sell it at any moment anytime you Want afterwards or you can mince it Fresh from Adobe and get yourself 25 off For next year’s version and you can get Really creative with this but we’ve seen This all the time in the nft space if You guys follow evanco Wine Company by The wizard of Soho it’s really cool you Meant the nft the nft is fresh you get Two free bottles of wine with your nft And if you want those bottles of wine All you have to do is connect your Wallet to their website hit claim and Put your shipping address in and they Ship out your bottles of wine and now in The metadata of the nft it says two out Of two claimed and so now that floor Price is separated from the nfts that Don’t have a claimed nft same thing with Mutant ape yacht club or any of the Board ape Yacht Club ecosystem when they Dropped apecoin you connected your nfts To the wallet you claimed your ape coin And you got like hundreds of thousands Of dollars in eight points where there

Are really some nfts that people don’t Even know this exists that are unclaimed And you can see that in the metadata on The nft so Adobe could do a lot of Really cool Creative Promotions a lot of Cool incentives to incentivize people to Buy the 8 000 nft or the two thousand Dollar license or the 50 a month if you Don’t have a lot of money and you’re Living paycheck to paycheck and you make Like four thousand dollars a month the 50 a month option is great because at Least you get access to it you’re making A living and you’re having fun where if You’re someone like me who wants life Time access has a little bit more money And is going to use this forever then I Want the option where I could just buy a Lifetime access so I don’t have to pay 50 a month forever and so that benefits This segment of the customer group and Then this segment of the customer group Actually also has a benefit because at Least they have an option that’s a lower Barrier to entry so I know this is Getting a little long-winded but guys Leave a comment on different incentives That you think Adobe should put in so You would actually mint the nft as Opposed to buying it for 25 discount Secondary but do you guys see how much Is possible it doesn’t just have to be a Discount it could be buy After Effects Get Photoshop for free it could be buy

After Effects get access to this in real Life course from the editors of Transformers it could be anything in Their wheelhouse anything that they have In their business model to give you more Perks for incentivizing them to mint it Directly instead of actually just buying On the secondary but also giving the Option of secondary so you can get a Small percentage of that value back even If it’s just fifty percent thirty Percent that’s better than 50 a month Into a black hole so guys that is how I See Adobe could be implementing nft into Their business and I hope that that Opened your mind to the possibilities of How different businesses will be using Nfts it’s just a different option for a Pricing model and it gives you the Ability to own digital items own Software like Netflix or licensing Courses or whatever it may be and I Think that’s a beautiful thing and That’s what I’m focused on I’m focused On opening people’s minds so we can Onboard a million people into web three So if you guys enjoyed this video send It to a friend send it to a family Member try to open their mind and help Them see the light of this beautiful World of notes but guys if you enjoyed The video it really does help the Channel if you do hit the like button And I really appreciate that but other

Than that guys that’s gonna do it for Today’s video I hope you have a Wonderful day I will see you in the next One Foreign [Music]

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