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0:00 – 1:24 Intro
1:25 – 3:30 Fantasy Sports Explained
3:30 – 5:30 What is Sorare
5:31 – 6:08 Different Strategies
6:09 – 7:04 Officially licensed
7:04 – 8:10 Play on Any Budget
8:11 – 10:02 Sorare Recap
10:03 Final Thoughts

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I just found the first real nft game you Know what’s crazy it has existed for Years with over 2 million registered Users I am appalled I haven’t heard of This nft game before considering I am The nft guy this is FIFA Ultimate Team But with nfts so what I like most about This game and really what I want you to Take away from this video is that they Are not Reinventing anything they are Just taking an existing model with Fantasy sports and then enhancing it With nfts and this my friends is exactly Why so rare will be huge guys I’ve been Having a lot of fun researching these Big companies that are actually Onboarding millions of people into web 3. while it seems like most of the space Is completely oblivious that real Projects like this exist so if you guys Have enjoyed this content as well please Hit the like button we want as many People on our web 3 wave as possible and Then maybe leave a comment on another Big company that I may have missed Because this game has been out for years And I have never heard of it so my Friends we have seen it time and time Again people in the nft space we’re Gonna make a game we’re gonna make a Game we’re gonna sell 10K nft and then We’re going to make a game and if you’re Like me it just makes me angry when I Hear that at this point so when I saw

That something like this existed which Was something that I already enjoyed Doing fantasy sports but now integrating Nfts safe to say I got really excited so If you don’t know what fantasy sports is Let me explain the concept alright so Basically it’s going to be like you and Eight of your friends are gonna create a League and in this league you are each Going to draft a virtual team of real Players so in this example I’m going to Use European Football let’s say we’re Going to play in the Premier League and We’re going to create a league based on The Premier League so we’re going to do What we call a draft and in this draft Each one of us gets to go in order and Pick a player from this league now we Get to pick around 10 players and it Just basically is a first come first Serve basis so let’s say my friend Tyler He gets the first pick he picked erling Holland now I can no longer pick him but I can pick my next favorite player Mo Salah and this goes down the line until Everybody has about 10 different players So like I said there’s only one of each Player that you can choose from and if My friend Tyler chooses a player I can No longer choose that player because He’s already on Tyler’s team okay so Let’s say that we got those teams and my Players start to play so I’m gonna put a Striker a forward a midfielder a

Defender and a goalkeeper and these People are on my team they’re going to Go out in the real world and play their Actual game of football and then based On how they perform in that game is how Many points each player earns for my Team so let’s say that I have Mo Salah On my team most Allah goes out he scores Two goals and two assists so we’re gonna Add those together and that is four so Now I got four points from Mo Salah for My team well I had four other players They also went out let’s say one scored Four one scored three one scored three One scored four and one score two that’s Gonna be about 16 points for my team and I went up against my friend Tyler and His team only scored a combined 13 Points based on those five players Performance in real life so that week I Would get a win I am now 1-0 and then I Go on to play my other six friends in The league next week when the players Play again so that’s the general concept You have a league of eight of your Friends you draft the players from the Sport that you’re playing fantasy in Then you go up against each other Head To Head based on how the players do in The real world tallies up at the score And whoever scores more wins the game so That is the traditional model of fantasy Sports and this is where so rare is the Same but kind of different how they use

Nfts to enhance that experience so Basically what so rare decided to do was Instead of just being in a league with Just eight of your friends it’s Everybody in the world is in the same League and instead of there just being One player per League it’s 1 000 players Per league so instead of just eight of My friends one League one player each It’s hundreds of thousands of people Only 1 000 nfts of each player and then You’re all competing in different Challenges and tournaments against each Other week by week so this is what’s so Cool about it within so rare they have Different types of competitions whether It’s a challenge for specific leagues Whether it’s a certain level of card Whether they’re super rare cards or just The everyday classic cards you can kind Of choose which one you want to get in And there’s different prizes based on The type of competition and so what’s Really cool is there’s hundreds of Thousands of people playing this but There’s only one thousand of each Player’s nft so let’s say you actually Bought the most solid nft card for your Team and he starts to do really really Well you bought the most solid card for Three hundred dollars he starts playing Really really well you actually start to Win some of these leaks well if you win You’re actually going to earn ethereum

And you’re actually going to win other Rare limited player cards so let’s say You’ve bought most solid for 300 he Starts playing really well your team Plays really well and you actually start Winning some of these competitions you Start getting better and better cards so What you can do with these cards since Their nfts is either you can take your Prize sell it on their Open Marketplace For ethereum get more money and buy Better players or you can actually take That car card add them to your team to Make your team better so you can Continue to get more cards to continue To keep winning so while all of this is Happening if Mo Salah is playing really Really well he’s helping you win a lot Other people are seeing that there’s Only a thousand most solid nfts they Want him on their team so they can Continue to win now the price of Mo Salah is around 500 so this is really Cool because not only is he helping you Win and get more cards by winning these Competitions but he’s also appreciating Value because he’s playing well in real Life so there’s a lot of strategy Tactical decisions you have to make Another one that’s really interesting is That these are lifetime nfts if you buy Mo Salah who’s around 30 years old he’s A little older he probably only has About five good years left in him if you

Get erling Holland who is a superstar in His early 20s he has another decade to Dominate and these are lifetime nfts so This starts getting priced into the free Market are you gonna choose Messi who’s 33 he may be killing it right now but You only have a few years left or you’re Gonna get that up and coming 19 year old Who has a bright future ahead of him This is where the creative tactical Decisions get involved and this is why I Have been literally addicted to this Game this week oh and guys I didn’t even Mention these are fully licensed and Like so rare is not just some like Bootleg game by some random people like They raised over 700 million dollars to Do this and they’re actually licensed With most of the biggest clubs in Football and they’re actually fully Licensed by the MLB in America and the NBA which isn’t cheap literally costs Hundreds of millions of dollars which Means pretty much nobody else is doing This and this is the officially licensed Platform so guys there is some serious Money in this game when I was going on There and looking at some of my favorite Cards erling Holland for example his Base card was going for 1700 a messy Card who’s playing really well this year Is going for over a thousand dollars USD Now those are just the base cards they Have base cards they have rare super

Rare and unique I’ll get into all that In a later day but right now understand Like there’s real money in this game and These players are going for thousands Right now but also understand you don’t Need thousands to play when you join and Sign up you literally just connect your Wallet and that to your account you Actually get like a full team of Non-tradable cards but you can actually Use them to enter competitions and you Actually get some pretty solid players And you can use these players to enter Competitions and earn cards completely Organically and I actually did just sign Up to be an affiliate so if you guys Sign up with my link that I’m putting in The description below you’re actually Going to get a free bonus card and you’d Be supporting the channel and I’d really Appreciate that so you can enter Competitions and start working your way Up regardless now I personally have Invested to get some of my favorite Players especially Liverpool players Because I think this has some real Long-term potential and I genuinely Enjoy playing fantasy sports and so I Have to say it guys of course this is Not Financial advice please do not buy These cards just because you think You’re going to make money off of them Make sure you’re actually playing the Game this is very risky I mean you guys

Know my track record the last year Flipping nfts 2022 has not been that hot So hopefully you’re not buying anything I say because you think you’re gonna Make money guys I think this is a Genuinely cool cool concept nfts being Used in the mass Market to enhance the Fantasy Sports Experience this is mass Adoption baby all right let’s recap I Know that’s a lot of information but It’s pretty simple you collect digital Cards like Scout what players you want What age what’s your strategy what League then you trade their officially Licensed cards on their Marketplace then You’re gonna build your lineup to enter Specific contests guys I’m not going to Go too deep in the contest they’re Relatively simple there’s basically Contests for people who have all the Most rare cards and there’s contests for People at the lower level trying to Build their way up and there’s contests Based on like specific leagues and There’s different fun competitions and Challenges so people can mix and match Their cards this way it’s not just pay For the best players and win but yeah That’s what you do you build lineups and Enter specific competitions and then Once you’re actually competing based on How your players do if you win you could Win prizes like straight up ethereum you Can win these other limited or super

Rare cards that could go for thousands Or you could actually even win like Trips to real soccer games but I haven’t Looked too much into that but they do Have it listed on their website which is Pretty cool so really simple concept Just fantasy sports and the players and The cards are nfts that can appreciate In value or depreciate if the player Gets hurt or they’re just not playing Well so keep that in mind guys but I Have been having a blast in the NBA Season actually just started this week And I have been aping hard in the NBA Marketplace because NBA fantasy is my Personal favorite just because there’s Less players to deal with and it’s just Easier to pay attention to for me but Guys I’m not going to bore you with the Whole ins and outs I’ll probably make a Whole separate video on like how to play But I just wanted to show this to you Guys that this exists because it was new To me and if it’s new to me probably new To a lot of you so to see millions of People using nft technology Without Really knowing their nfts but having the Option to send them on chain to open C Is what we’ve been talking about for Months on the channel and they’ve been Crushing it and doing it for years so Huge shout out to so rare I think they Are absolutely crushing it and it Actually blows my mind that people are

Still choosing to Mint the next animal Pfp DJ and mint when there are like real Companies out there like this with game Models that have been proven for decades Like it’s only going to grow with time As more people hear about this and find Out it’s so cool to me but like I said At the beginning of this video guys in Most cases nfts should simply be used to Enhance the experience they should not Be the experience so guys that’s gonna Do it for today’s video if you’re Interested in silverware like I said I Am an affiliate and I have a special Link that can get you a free card so Sign up with that link and tweet me your Roster I would love to see what you’re Working with I’m going to be tweeting a Lot about it so go follow me on Twitter If you haven’t already guys I have Really been enjoying this type of Content I mean this is what I live for This is what I think about all day and It’s been so amazing to see that a lot Of you have been enjoying this deep dive Into big companies strategies as well so Subscribe to the channel if you want to Keep seeing it guys because I’m having a Lot of fun right now I don’t see myself Stopping anytime soon but other than That my friends I hope you have a Wonderful day and I will see you in the Next one Foreign


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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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