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To put it quite frankly guys the Transition from web 2 to web 3 is so Revolutionary but a lot of people don’t Get it yet and this is single-handedly Like the biggest opportunity of our Lifetime if you understand the why there Are so much more to nfts than these Jpegs than flipping nfts and a lot of People that do that stuff think they Understand web3 you’re really missing The big picture so today I’m going to Lay it out for you what actually is Happening through this transitionary Phase and how you can position yourself To take advantage of it to make a lot of Money because at the end of the day if You’re early to something like this and You can solve a problem that helps People you’re gonna make a lot of money And when there’s nobody else doing it And no one else sees it like this you’re Gonna have a huge competitive advantage And you’re going to be way ahead of most People so hear me out listen to this Video for the next five minutes and I Promise you’re gonna walk away with a Deep understanding why web 3 is the Future and how you can make decisions to Take advantage of it so back in the day 1960s 1970s there’s basically like a Hundred different TV channels and radio Stations right and only a few select People or if few companies actually had The power between what type of TV shows

Went on there What actors were chosen For these TV shows and they were Actually the only people who actually Financially benefited from these TV Shows so they owned who was seen what Was seen and then they made all the Money from that for themselves so a very Centralized Hub or very few people made All the money it had all the power on What was being seen okay and so Transitioning into the 2000s 2010s with Web 2 and the social media age web 2 is Essentially just social media so it Shifted things drastically now anybody Can make a YouTube channel anybody can Make a tick tock and anybody could be Seen by millions we all have cell phones With cameras in our pocket a 15 year old Could make a quick video pop it up on Tick Tock and 15 minutes later millions Of people are going to see that so that Was a huge shift from web one or Pre-internet days to web 2 and social Media so it democratized who could Actually create a channel or who could Be seen by millions of people and that Was a beautiful Innovation but guess What hasn’t changed still just a small Select few of these companies are making All of the money okay so back in the day It was these networks could choose what Was seen and who was on it and then also Made all the money by selling Advertisements now anybody can be seen

And anybody can make a channel but still These big tech companies Facebook YouTube Google are making all of the Money so let me explain this a little Further right now it is free for you to Consume YouTube it is free for me to Make videos on YouTube I can make a Video and grow a huge audience and then I can monetize that but understand this When I make a video and put it on YouTube I am actually making content for YouTube YouTube now owns this content What do I mean by this YouTube takes my Videos when I put them on my channel I’m Giving them permission to actually take My video own it and then sell it to Advertisers so when I click yes monetize My video yes they’re paying me but at The same time they’re making 80 to 90 of The money by selling this advertisement Spot to one of their advertisers so That’s what the problem with web 2 is And that’s what web3 changes so web one Pre-internet like I said chose who was On it what TV shows and also made all The money web 2 is anybody could be on It anyone can make a channel but still These big companies make all the money Web3 is going to be the way that Creators anybody can make a Channel or a Platform and anybody can own their Channel and platform do you see how That’s such a big fundamental shift so That is a very high level from web one

Web Two to web 3 and where we’re going Right now we’re in that web 2 to web Three phase so guys understand it’s not Going to be a day where we wake up and Everybody’s in web 3. it’s going to be a Very slow Evolution and a very linear Path to get closer and closer to these Web 3 values so that is what’s happening So guys this is the part where if you Understand this you will be positioned Perfectly to make millions of dollars by Building for this future that we see Okay so if you’re excited about that Guys please click the like video it Really does help the channel but let’s Jump into it okay so this is the best Way that I can put it for you guys to Understand this is just a small scale of What’s going to happen in web3 okay so We saw people like Kylie Jenner build a Huge following on social media and then Build a billion dollar makeup brand all Around her audience on Instagram so she Literally just made videos on Instagram And then sold her products directly Through that now Facebook was also Making money on her content but she Found a way to integrate her own product Line and sell that to her audience which Is very powerful and again we’re not Complaining but understand that there Are two sides of that coin that the Creator could benefit from she could be Selling her own products and also

Selling the advertising and owning the Advertising that’s what web3 creates so Let’s say this imagine there’s a Platform just like YouTube but instead Of YouTube making the 80 the creators Make the 80 and a small fee goes to the Platform we’re seeing this at a small Level with patreon not saying patreon is Web 3 because it’s still very Centralized they make a big percentage Of every uh Trader’s fee but understand That there will be a platform that is More fairly skewed towards the Creator But I’m not even focused on that I am Focused on helping the creators create Their own individual platform and this Is something that we’ve seen as well we See a lot of people make their own Website and put their own content on the Platform a good example of this is Louis CK the comedian he actually created his Own website where people just make an Account and then that’s where all of his Comedy specials are released if they Want to watch The Comedy Special they Just pay for it and they buy access to The comedy special if they want to watch His private podcast they pay for access To his private podcast directly to him And no big media platform like Comedy Central or Netflix putting it on their Platform and selling ads or selling Subscriptions to actually access it it’s Just him and his fan base very direct

This means that he owns his audience Instead of YouTube owning his audience Or set of Netflix owning the audience he Is actually betting on himself building His audience directly on his own Platform and this is what web3 will do This is what’s going to happen to every Single Creator it individualizes the Creator economy it lets creators own Their audience own their platform and do Whatever they want whether they want to Run advertisements or not whether they Want to sell products or not and the Best part about this guys is that the Backbone of how this will happen is Through nfts a lot of you think that Nfts are just pictures of animals that You can flip to make money but Understand that when nfts become super Easy to Mint which by the way open C and Every other platform out there are Creating very simple one-click mincing Collections where you can mint thousands Of nfts without any technical skill That’s happening right now and so nfts Make it extremely easy for Content Creators to own their own platform Because you can now make a website Launch an nft set and that nft set gives You access and ownership to your Favorite content creators platform and So we’re already seeing this at a small Scale with Alpha groups in web 3. a lot Of you might not know what this is but

Basically it’s a private community on This app called Discord and if you have This Discord Channel you connect your Wallet and if you have the nft you get To get access to all of the content Creators content all through Discord Without Discord taking any percentage You own the nft you speak directly to Your content creator and you get access To all of their content so that’s what The internet is evolving into there is No web 2 or web3 it’s just evolving from Social media platforms owning the Audience and owning your content to the Individual Creator owning their content And giving people access to that content Via this technology called nfts do you See how big that is because if you were One of the first people to understand How to make these nfts how to make these Individual platforms you could go to Each and every content creator and say Hey I can save you money I can make you More money just let me help you make Your own platform make these things Called nfts maybe don’t even call them Nfts and that way you’re going to be Able to step in help this person who Already has millions of followers Already has a ton of money coming in From Their audience but you’re going to Help them make more money and guess what If you can help people make more money You’re gonna make a lot of money

Yourself because that’s the most Valuable thing you can do so understand Guys that is the difference from web one Or traditional media to web 2 and web 2 To web 3 and that in my friends is the Biggest opportunity now I can’t tell you Exactly what business model to choose Because there are so damn many I can Only talk about what I’m working on and That is helping the biggest brands Implement these nfts to their customer Base so I talked about individual Creators actually implementing this to Give to own their own platform and give Access and ownership to Their audience But at the same time big companies are Already doing this I’ve talked about Dozens of them on this channel but Understand that’s what I am doing I am Helping big companies create different Segments of their class customer base so Guys I could talk about this for hours But understand that’s the fundamental Shift and the fundamental difference From web 2 to web 3. now I’m going to Talk about specific business models that You guys can copy in the future so make Sure you subscribe to the Channel with Notifications on so you don’t miss those But understand that that’s the key Difference and that alone that high Level thought process and understanding Should open up a lot of creative ideas For you guys to come in and make a lot

Of money on these opportunities and These holes people are going to start Trying to pull their audiences from YouTube from Tick Tock to their own Platforms and that’ll be powered by nfts Without people even knowing their nfts So I’m going to leave it at that guys You guys need to internalize that think About it and if you are in the nft space Think about how all these communities or All these Alpha groups or all these Influencers have used nfts to engage Their audience and then used all these Mechanics like claiming or burning or Staking to actually further that Experience because that’s going to Happen with every single content creator On the planet and I know that for a fact So guys if you learned something and This gave you a deeper understanding of What the difference from web 2 to web 3 Is and where we’re going please click The like button and even more Importantly share this with a friend Share this with a family member because They need to see this too and if you Guys get this you’re going to be years Ahead of people which gives you years of A head start because if you’re Drop Shipping social media marketing agency Affiliate marketing that is Competitive it’s saturated there are Thousands of people making videos on it And if there’s thousands of people

Making videos on it it’s going to be Very hard you have two options it’s very Possible to be successful at those Businesses but you can spend three years Just to get as good as your competition Or you can spend the next three years in Web 3 getting ahead of your competition I know what I like to do but guys that’s Going to do it for today’s video I hope You learned something please have a Wonderful day and I will see you in the Next one People [Music]

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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