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No matter how good your idea is no Matter how hard you work if you get this Wrong you will never be successful and I Know this because I lived it firsthand And it held me back and slowed me down For years in my entrepreneurship Journey Guys my name is Brett malinowski and These videos are kind of geared towards My 18 to 20 year old self the goal is to Help that person avoid the mistakes that I made or kind of get over some of the Hurdles that slowed me down and then Today I’m talking about the Single-handed most important aspect of Any business that you create so when I Was creating my first business I was Kind of a one-man band and it was fun And I was able to build skills put Myself out there at a very small level But if you want to grow to any scale You’re going to need a team and you’re Going to need people to help you along The way and so a lot of businesses are Typically going to have multiple Partners or multiple Founders that Actually start the business together and I cannot express how important it is That you make that decision very very Heavily what I mean by this is that a Business Partnership if your idea is Successful could be a lifetime and this Is basically as serious as a marriage But for your business and so my biggest Problem when I was an earlier

Entrepreneur I found some success with My very first business which was a video Business but I wanted to scale up my Team get more videographers since I had So many jobs coming in and then even Actually start offering ad services and Turn into more of a marketing agency but My problem was I kind of just reached For the people closest to me and that Sounds like the right thing to do you Know get your friends involved get some People in your life that you know you Know well you guys can start working Together and though that’s okay at the Very beginning for like a very beginner Business if you’re trying to make a very Serious business that actually makes Real money like millions of dollars a Month you need to make sure you have A1 Top tier people on your team like Absolute killers and why because Business is competitive and a lot of People that I experienced I was working With I was very passionate I thought This idea was great I thought we were All going to be rich I thought it was Going to be a really fun thing that I Could do with me and my closest friends Around me but the sad truth was these People didn’t have the vision that I had They didn’t have the excitement that I Had and a lot of them had these I don’t Know what we call society’s prescription Options that they kind of lived by they

Only wanted to work 40 hours a week Which to a lot of people that’s a normal Normal amount but they viewed like Work-life balance and when you’re really Young trying to scale a new business and That’s trying to get your first break in The world there’s no time to take breaks And really slow down you have to have a Killer Instinct because business is so Competitive and so hard and when you’re Young you don’t really have a reputation Or a track record to leverage to get More clients and so you need people Around you who are equally committed to The cause who see the vision and as much As I try to Hype up the people around me Or try to motivate them or to get them To see what’s possible it wasn’t in them Like it was in me and so I constantly Wondered why I was never breaking that Ten thousand dollar a month wall I would Hover around ten fifteen thousand Dollars a month and it just turned out The people that I had on my team my Friends from my high school my friends From college someone I knew that was a Friend of a friend they just weren’t as Driven things wouldn’t get done if I Wasn’t leading the ship if I wasn’t Coming up with new ideas nothing would Be innovated and really it was all on my Shoulders for what the business did and That just is not a way to scale a Business and to be successful because

The moment I realized this I started to Reach out to people who actually had Results so I reached out to my friend Brandon if you guys have watched the Channel for a while you know who that is I actually reached out to him because he Was the only person in my whole life That I knew that actually had another Agency himself and it actually scaled it Past 50 000 a month and he was only at The age of 21. he even had an econ brand That did really well and he was the only Person that had proven results that I Was seeing by following him on his Social media and so when I was ready to Start our business popping which is Basically a Disney FastPass for bars to Pay to skip the line at a popular bar he Was the only person I knew that had Proven results behind him and so I took A leap of faith I sent him a cold DM we Ended up hopping on a call that night I Told him the idea he loved it we Instantly got working on it and within Three months we had our MVP if you don’t Know what an MVP it’s a minimalifiable Product since that moment that call with Brandon for different business ventures We have actually scaled to well over a Hundred thousand dollars a month in our Business over the last year so it’s safe To say that I was working for two or Three years with Who was the closest who Was the most convenient to me and just

Within three months of reaching out to Someone who actually had proven results Another go-getter who had it in him like Me we were able to scale to over one Hundred thousand dollars a month that Was basically a 10x in our businesses Revenue just because I found another a Player like myself so first you guys Have to obviously get to the point where You are an a player and you’re watching These videos you’re well on your way Make sure you’re spending at least three Hours a day just learning anything that You’re interested in I was always Self-motivated intrinsically motivated To learn I’m a natural learner and Something that I actually enjoy doing at This point but you guys have to make Sure you get there and you build a skill So by the time I was about 24 years old About a year ago when this happened this Actually was the point where Brandon had Been working on his skills and actually Been trying to run an agency I’d been Working on my skills we started running Agency and when we came together things Happened so much more quickly and guys This makes sense because if you look at The real world the corporate Executives The JP Morgan’s The Fortune 500 Companies they have people in their Company that’s full-time job is just be A Headhunter and look for talents at the End of of the day human capital is the

Most valuable resource so if you ever Find someone in life that has the same Mission as you equally as driven as you And has proven results behind them or at Least a a level skill set you need to do Everything you can to either get them to Work with you or to work for you the Value of your business is basically just The average of the quality of person in Your business and so if you have a team Of 10 people and they’re all a players Your business is going to go so much Further so much faster so I can’t Express you guys that that is single Handily the most important aspect of Starting any business is that you make Sure you pick the right Partners I know So many people that made it work they’re At that fifty thousand hundred thousand Dollar a month range but them and their Partners do not get along it’s either Buy one out or leave the business in and Of itself and go start your own from Scratch again and it’s just a very not Fun situation to be in and a not fun Conversation that I’ve had to have Multiple multiple times so if you guys Can avoid that pain if you guys can skip That just by not specifically choosing People that are closest to you and Really trying to put effort into getting The best person you’re gonna skip so Many mistakes that I’ve ran into and I Think you’re business is going to be

Much more successful much more quickly So guys if you enjoyed this video please Click the like button it really does Help me and of course share this with a Friend if you guys are on this Mission Together make sure you guys have the Same mindset and you’re pushing yourself To learn more on a day-to-day basis so Sharing this video with a friend will Really help them open up their Perspective that’d be great if you could Do that for me lastly guys follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I kind Of do on a day-to-day basis that’s a Good place to watch my story so you can Kind of see what goes on other than that Guys that’s gonna do it for today’s Video I hope you have a wonderful day I Will see you in the next one [Music]

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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