The BEST Opportunity to Make Millions Online: How NFTs Will Revolutionize Business

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What’s going on everybody my name is Brett and i’m here to keep you up to Date with the biggest money-making Opportunities in the nft space because i Think we’re on the forefront of a Technological revolution and most people Are overlooking the possibilities and The potential that we’re seeing with Nfts a lot of you might follow my Channel because you like trading profile Picture projects or trading nfts but i Want to continue to express and show you Guys what i see the future of our world Is with nfts nfts in my opinion are Going to disrupt almost every single Industry in the nft space so guys this Is so so big because it is so simple Most people when they hear nfts they Either think it’s scam they’ve heard About it from other friends or maybe They think about flipping pictures for a Lot of money and that’s what we see Today and we might have some passes that Use utility maybe they’re gatekeeping Access to a private group which i like a Lot but they can be so much more so guys I really want to go through what Problems nfts solve and really they Don’t even solve a new problem we’ve Already found ways to solve these Problems but nfts just eliminate Friction make it one step closer and Actually put ownership of digital assets Into your hands and so this is very very

Simple but i’m gonna break it down for You guys but before we get into that Guys if you are like me and you are a True believer in this technology i’m not Going anywhere no matter what the market Conditions are whether nfts are popular Right now or not i will be slowly Building in the background slowly but Steadily because i believe this Technology will make the world a better Place so if you agree with me and you’re On that same boat if you could hit a Like on this video hit the like button Below that’d be very very appreciative Also leave a comment with where you Think nfts could be best utilized in the World today but guys anyways on to the Video [Music] All right guys so in the real world Today if you’re in a first world country I’m in the united states we have found Ways whether if you own a house own a Car you can very well and very easily Prove that you are the owner whether That’s the deed of your house at your Local government building whether that’s Your car title or any other type of Ownership verification of assets that we Hold currently well imagine you’re in a Tribe in africa and you have a hut in The middle of your town well guess what There’s not really anything other than The fact that your family’s lived there

For the last 30 years so nobody else Comes in to message with your stuff but Say you leave that town for about two Months and no one’s at your home and you Come back and you find out that someone Just you know took the liberty to move All their stuff in and now they have That home How does that person in africa when There’s no real city legislators city Government buildings or tracking of These houses how does that person get Their house back there’s a lot the short Answer is they don’t and they might have To physically fight that person so Luckily in first world countries we have Solved this problem so since that Problem solved why would nfts why would You want to come in and over complicate Things well one guys those forms of Ownership are what we called centralized You have to go through a government Facility a government building to prove That you own that nft so this leaves Room for one corruption if a government Official doesn’t like you two the Building can catch on fire and now You’re just straight up out of luck or Three really you don’t have any power or Say of where that deed is and if you Lose that piece of paper it’s gone Forever and so that piece of paper is so So crucial that it’s kind of scary that If you lose it you might be in jeopardy

Of losing your family’s home and same With a car title it’s still backed Through the government which again Totally works and it has no problem but If we actually put these on a Decentralized blockchain there would be No need or no worry that somebody could Come in and actually affect your Day-to-day assets so most people my age Understand there is value to digital Items if you play counter-strike or many Video games like fortnight you Understand that a lot of people are Paying tens hundreds thousands of Dollars just to look cool in games and Buying cool patterned skins if you don’t Know what a skin is basically if you Have a gun in a game you can put like a Cool pattern on it it doesn’t make the Gun any better it just makes you look Cool and people typically know that if You have this one you’re either really Good at the game it’s really expensive So you might be rich or really that you Just have good style and you look dope So this is something that’s very very Common for anyone i’d say 20 my age 25 Or under and so this is something i Don’t need to really explain but the Problem guys is with these digital items There’s no real way to prove that you Own them right now so if you log into Counter-strike that’s my favorite game I’m gonna use that for example you have

Your account and that account is on Steam or through valve and basically Whenever you own something yes your Account does show that you are the owner Of that item but it doesn’t exist Outside of that game’s ecosystem so if The company decides to shut down the Game boom your digital assets are gone And you’ll never be able to get them Back and same thing as fifa is a good Example if you play the game fifa it’s a Soccer game basically they have this Thing called ultimate team and as you Play you can buy packs like three Dollars and you get a random player that Can be on your team now if you get a Really good player you’re gonna make a Lot of money because you can sell that Player on a market for fifa coins and Basically it’s a free market where you Actually own these players every single Year but that is the weird part it’s Every single year when the new game Comes out you have to start from scratch Even if you spent five thousand dollars Built up the best team with messi Ronaldo and mbappe on your team you’ll Never be able to get that team back Because they made a new game and it’s a Completely new game it’s in a new Ecosystem it’s centralized and so you Have to buy everything all over again You never really actually owned it they Just let you put your name on it and so

It’s kind of false reality so what nfts And actually web 3 wallets will enable Is gonna be a universal online digital Profile and so this means you’re gonna Have one account and you’ll be able to Use that one account to log in on every Single platform on the internet imagine That you sign into your wallet you have The chrome extension and every single Website you go to you’re automatically Logged into and anybody clicks on your Twitter profile your instagram profile Your facebook profile they’re all going To get tracked back to your web3 wallet Where they can see which assets you have In every single video game so they’re Going to be able to look at your Fortnite account they’re going to look At your counter-strike account they’re Going to be able to see your car in your House and your watches i won’t go that Far i think that’s something i’m very Excited about but a lot of people kind Of struggle to see this without having a Fundamental understanding of what nfts Will do to actually benefit the world it Guys nfts all they do is make it easy to Have verifiable digital asset ownership Aka meaning that you prove that you own Item whether it’s digital or physical The physical side is a little Complicated so we’re gonna stick to the Digital but understand guys it’s all About just proving who owns what because

Like i said at the very beginning of This video if you had a house in africa And you lived there but then you go out Of town how do people know that you own That when you come back and someone Moved in so that’s what this is solving But on the internet so you guys can see The scale that this is going to take Place in so another great example is What we see on people on instagram all The time we see people stand next to a Lamborghini or a ferrari and they act All cool and they’ll put a caption well You never really know if they are the One that owns a lamborghini maybe they Just saw on the side of the street maybe They just rented it to try to make Themselves look professional so we see This a lot in the fake guru online Education space a typical online course Selling guru will rent a lamborghini Rent a ferrari shoot and advertise it With it make them look like they’re Legitimate talk about how successful They are and then try to sell you a Course and so this is very deceptive This is very unethical behavior but we See it all the time unfortunately so What nfts will actually enable is if you Own a car or own something that you put On your instagram you will actually be Able to prove that you own it because It’s on a decentralized blockchain in The form of a non-fungible token and so

These are not built out yet guys and This is why i think this is a huge Opportunity and why if you are into nfts Right now you should be super super Excited about the opportunity that’s Right there because no one is Understands how this technology is going To take on our world and if you are the Person that is actually focused on Building and has been building a project Or at least considered it you are in the Right place right now my friends because If you can learn how to actually Implement this technology whether you Want to learn solidity development or You want to build a team of everybody That you need to actually make nft Projects you’re going to do very very Well because like right now guys like my Friend iman says nfts are not a business Nfts are a function of a business and so As nfts get adopted through almost every Single business out there it’s going to Be very very hard for these projects or These companies to figure out how to Implement nfts when they become popular Because in the year 2000 it was really Really hard to make a website you had to Hire a developer that probably costs Around 100 000 to make you your website Interface and then now you have to sell A product online how do you get that Product to them how do you tell ups hey I had an order shipped this

Automatically how do you even take their Credit cards there was no such thing as Paypal there’s no such thing as stripe Getting payment was hard you’d have to Take check in the mail back then to run An online business but a decade later as The technology developed a company Called shopify came around and you could Pretty much do all of that in less than A day and your online store was ready to Go so you were selling products online In 24 hours for less than probably a Thousand dollars where back in the day It took you months to figure out your Fulfillment system took you hundreds of Thousands of dollars to get it set up And so that moment is coming for nfts Very very soon and that’s what this Channel is about my channel from here on Out is going to be here to show you guys How to make money with nft technology Whether that’s trading nfts great but That could also be how to make nft based Businesses how to actually implement Nfts into your business and what Different markets are actually going to Be affected by nfts the most i’m very Passionate about education i’ve seen Online gurus out there abuse deceptive Tactics and take advantage of people Just like you and i and i do not like That and on top of that i think the Mainstream college universities in America are also very very corrupt and i

Think nfts can fix that so that is my Passion and that is the purpose of this Channel so guys i just want you to fully Understand that nfts are absolutely a Technological revolution and if you get Involved now i don’t have anything to Sell you right now guys i’m just Genuinely telling you this is the Biggest opportunity of our lifetime and If you understand this technology and Can actually help businesses implement Into their business you are going to be On the cusp of a million dollar business Because it’s very very hard to figure This stuff out for the everyday person Who doesn’t understand crypto doesn’t Understand blockchain but if you already Have this baseline information and Education because i’m assuming you are Because you watch my channel then you Are going to be in a perfect position to Blow up so guys i always talk about Utility nfts on this platform okay so I’ve made videos before about how if you Have a patreon actually a better Business model would be nfting that Patreon because one your consumers Actually get to own access to your Content and that way they buy it you Make good videos more people want it the Price will go up so they buy it they Enjoy your content and then whenever They’re ready to unsubscribe they can Actually sell it and possibly make money

And so utility nfts are basically these Type of nfts that people actually buy Because they want access to something Aka it’s gatekeeping who actually Deserves to be in it and so i have Helped a lot of people implement this Into their business whether that’s Champs only i just advised for iman Gachi’s project jen’s croquet club which Absolutely crushed it i want to give a Big congrats to them anyone who watched The channel got in on that again Congrats to you the floor price went Over 15 eath at one point so they’re Crushing it so these small communities Of around a thousand nfts where people Come together with the same goal or Purpose are very very powerful because It taps into our innate human desires Who actually want to be in tribes of People that are like-minded and around Them so utility nfts are very very Popular and they do very very well on a Trading basis but that’s also mainly Because people are buying these passes Because they actually want to be in it And so right now guys if you’re still Trading nfts you are a true degenerate Like the market is so so slow right now There’s so little interest and so many People have left the space so if you’re Still here you’re an absolute degenerate And i mean it props to you but at the Same time maybe go to call a gambling

Addict website because you might have a Problem but guys if you’re still here And you’re still enjoying trading and You want to stay up to date with like Every single new meta so my good friend Arkham swift had on the channel a lot Recently is actually releasing their Pass for their deep end research team Discord basically these guys are like The definition of nft degenerate they Literally live trade nfts all the time They’re on top of the free mint meta you Get access to all the best tools in the Nft space including nft nerds which is Literally the best nft trading platform So guys he’s minting guys they are Minting on the 17th i think their Whitelist has already filled up so again This is just giving you guys awareness That if you’re into utility nfts and You’re still trading i just want to give Them a big shout out because they’ve Done so much for me so the deep end Research team again they’re minting on The 17th definitely go check them out if You’re still interested in trading guys If you’re doing it alone you don’t have All these tools and you’re not giving Yourself the best edge possible it’s Really really hard to be successful in Trading nfts so this is one example of a Utility nft which is why i brought this Up and so this is a nft where you buy it You use it you get access to private

Information you get to be around a lot Of other djinn traders that are staying Up to the mint meta and actually take Advantage fully of this information out There so you can all make better Decisions together that’s the best thing You can do surround yourself with people That are smarter than you or people that Are on a similar path as you so if they Make mistakes you can all come together And hopefully skip those yourself so Guys that is one example of how nfts are Going to be utilized for utility and so If you know anybody with a big following Anybody with a patreon anyone with a Paid group nfts are a great way to Eliminate friction actually let your Consumers own that content it could Possibly go up if you do well but again If you’re not doing a very good job it Could also go down so it holds content Creators accountable which i think is a Great incentive overall for the world And so that’s why i think it’s really Really cool of course you can offer both A monthly subscription or the nft if People are really big fans you can do so Much but it is a better way to do things If it’s in your wallet you get access if They sell it they automatically lose it So it’s automated you don’t actually Have to check in who’s paying who’s not Paying each month so it’s a really cool Way to implement nfts into the world so

I think nfts will be used for education Gatekeeping private groups like this of Course gaming all in-game items should Be nfts that way if you put money into Grand theft auto you earn one of the Nicest cars or one of the nicest jets You put a lot of time into that and that Way if it’s an nft you can actually take That plane take that car and sell it to Somebody else sell that cryptocurrency And that will actually turn into real us Dollars in your bank account so if you Guys don’t understand that concept i Don’t know what to tell you maybe go Watch some of my earlier videos and that Will actually help you a lot so guys Moral of this video is to teach you that We already have pieces in place in America in first world countries to Prove that you own something nfts all They’re going to do is actually help we Help us prove that we own them but Online with a universal digital profile Where you can go anywhere and you all Have the same account whether that’s Your instagram account twitter account People will be able to actually prove Who owns what no matter what same with Digital items like in-game assets skins Courses whatever it may be whatever you Own online will actually just be an nft So there’s a weird stigma around there And it’s really cool and cultured to Hate nfts but that’s really natural

Humans like to reject change especially When it’s a complicated concept that They don’t understand their ego their Mind is set to protect them and so Instead of just saying hey i don’t Understand this i maybe i can learn more They just reject it and call it stupid Because it’s easier to protect yourself And protect your ego so you don’t look Vulnerable so very normal but understand Guys if you can get past that hurdle if You get a deep understanding for this Technology it’s really not that Complicated it’s just a decentralized Which means that there’s 20 000 Computers all over the world verifying Transactions blockchain meaning just Like a ledger transact like literally Just listing every single transaction Where no one can control and hack it and These nfts are just non-fungible tokens Or token ids just like serial numbers And it’s basically just saying if you Have this serial number in your wallet You’re allowed to go through this Website if you don’t you can’t get into The website very very simple and so if You guys can understand that very simple Concept and the inner workings of it and Then even figure out how to help other Businesses implement this technology Into their nft or into their business You are going to have a multi-million Dollar business at your hands guys think

About it right now even some of the most Lucrative top businesses in the world Fortune 500 companies can’t even figure Out how to get nfts and they some of Them are we see a lot of big companies Already but guys as this trend continues As consumers get more and more familiar With it and as they start demanding Digital asset ownership aka they Actually own their items and can sell it And benefit from it then that is when We’re going to see a huge boom in these Mid-level businesses these small Businesses actually wanting to implement Nfts and they’re going to need you an Agency owner nft blockchain-based agency Owner to come in and solve that problem For them so guys that is what i know is The future of our world i see it clear As day and i hope this video helped you As well the number one thing you can do For yourself in this recession is be Frugal and spend all your time learning About blockchain technology nfts crypto Whatever it may be and trying to get That basic understanding of why this is Better better technology always wins to Me it seems inevitable i’m not too big On decentralization but this technology Itself makes the world better it puts Asset ownership into the consumer’s hand And it’s going to shift power back into Our hands as well so instead of having a Free product and then plastering ads all

Over it and selling you to the world You’re actually going to be able to Access own data and if you do want to Share that data you would get rewarded For it financially so guys that’s my Vision of the future i hope this kind of Clears up what nfts are actually all About and how you can actually make Money from them in the future so if you Like this type of content please hit the Subscribe button my whole goal this Channel is again keep you guys up to Date with the biggest money making Opportunities in the web3 nft space aka I’m gonna be here showing you guys every Opportunity that i see as a leader in The space and sharing that with you guys Breaking down exactly how you can make Money from it so if that’s what you’re About turn notifications on so you never Miss an upload but as always guys i hope You have a wonderful day and i will see You in the next one [Music] You

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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