The 7 Best AI Businesses to Start with Chat GPT

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Everyone has been talking about open Ai's chat GPT and for good reason its Ability to generate any requests in Human-like text is remarkable and for Many people it's their first aha moment For what AI could actually be and the Implication that this technology has for Us in the next decade is exciting but Also frightening But instead of thinking about what it's Going to be like in a decade I'm going To be talking about what it's like today And how we can take advantage of the Opportunities in front of us right now So I'm gonna talk about seven different Business ideas that anybody can do using Openai but the cool thing to me about Open Ai and chat GPT isn't just the text Output itself it's actually their new API which is so powerful so if you don't Know what an API is it's called an Application programming interface which Allows developers to basically create Applications that can access and make Use of the information or data provided By chat GPT in other words anyone can Simply Implement Dali or chat GPT into Their own software or apps and then just Create their own front-end user Interface so a good example of this is Actually linza if you don't know what Linza is I actually made a video on it a Few days ago so go check it out but Basically linza is this app that has

Gone very viral lately because they Found a very specific use case of one of These AI apis so you guys may have seen It on Instagram a lot of people are Posting like these animated versions of Their face and how they were doing that Was through this app called linza but The interesting thing about Linda is That Linda was simply using the stable Diffusion AI engine which is essentially Free to use for anybody yet linta was Charging ten dollars for these anime Photos of people so how it works is People would download Belinda app on the App store they would upload 10 photos of Themselves to the app they would pay ten Dollars and then they would receive a Hundred animated photos of themselves All in different styles so why are People paying ten dollars when they Could go do this themselves on stable Diffusion for free well the answer my Friends is convenience so in business The way you make money is by creating Value and in exchange of that value People give you money and a lot of times Value is created simply by streamlining Information so these AI engines are very Broad and a lot of people might not have The creativity or understanding to Realize that they can make an avatar of Their own face so what Lindsay did was Created a new product called the magic Avatar even though this engine can do

Literally anything it can make you an Ocean Oasis in the style of Van Gogh They chose to go one specific use case Which is the magic Avatar AKA animate Yourself and then on top of that they Made it convenient by making it in the App store on your phone which is likely Where most of your photos already are And so for those two reasons that is why They are able to charge ten dollars even Though the actual creation of the images Was completely free so this is where the Real opportunity lies for us while most People are simply playing with the tech To maybe make their day-to-day job a Little easier the smarter entrepreneurs Are finding ways to plug in open ai's API into their own front-end software Platforms so in today's video I'm gonna Give you seven different business ideas That you can start either using open Apis API and even if you don't have the Soft software development skills or Understand how to use an API I'm going To give a few businesses ideas that Anybody can use just by using chat GPT Directly so the good news is this is Brand new openai just released this API So the market is wide open and there's a Lot of Opportunities For What I Call Value Arbitrage right now chat GPT is Broad there's a million different use Cases and our goal is to find a very Specific use case make our own website

Own front-end using the API and then Market that service to people who could Use it AKA people that's life could be Better by chat GPT they just don't know About it yet if there is one thing this Channel is about it's about identifying Blue ocean opportunities and Capitalizing on them before the masses And that's kind of how I even got to This point with this channel in the First place I caught onto the nft trend Very early it was one of the very first People to make YouTube videos on it and I see a lot of similarities to the nft Trend back then to AI right now so if This video helps you see the like Amazing opportunity right in front of us Right now do do not send it to anyone Because then our Secret's gonna get out All right so the first business is a Very big industry and that is called Sales copy so copywriting is basically The words on any website or sales copy If you're trying to sell a product what Is the description of your product on Amazon any Facebook ad where they have Like a description that's called Copywriting and more specifically I Think the best opportunity is sales Copywriting because that way if they get Sales they make money and if you can Help people make money you're going to Make money but I have a friend who's Actually making over seven figures a

Month using this website called And how he's able to do that is just Make high quality sales copy but much More quickly than most people so what he Is doing is he's using this platform Called he gets a client he just Inputs the subject that it's about and The style he wants the copy written in And it literally outputs him the sales Copy he then just goes through makes Sure there's no errors make sure it's Accurate and then he sends it to the Client and they had no idea that it was Made by AI and the crazy thing is his Clients love the copy that he's Providing and so now that he's able to Use this tool he's able to Output like Five times the amount of copy that he Was able to previously and can now Handle much more clients he then hired a Few of his friends who weren't that Strong of copywriters but then showed Them how to use and now he sends Them clients and so he's able to do the Work of a hundred copywriters with a Team of less than 12. so a copywriting Company is the perfect company to start If you're wanting to utilize chat gbt And then the company is one you Could start if you wanted to use chat Gpt's API plug it into your own copy Building website and then sell that Service yourself so that's just a very Interesting one and I really do think

That these actual API businesses are the Big opportunity but at the same time Like I said I'm gonna give you both so Moving on to the next API based business Is going to be what they Do is they basically describe any Subject in about four sentences so you Can say hey what is the Revolutionary War and it's going to serve search all The top articles on Google vet every Single article for you and then give you The best for answer summary out there Which is really helpful because many of You might know that if you Google Something you typically go to multiple Articles to pick and choose the right Answer for you where perplexity is going To go through literally hundreds of Articles and summarize any Topic in four Sentences very simple but very useful Now moving on to the third which I think Is very clever and a lot of you Ecom Drop shippers are going to love this This is called site where you Can literally create any landing page in One minute so if you're a drop shipper Out there you know the name of the game Is testing different products and you're Constantly needing to build different Landing pages for these products to see If people are interested in the product In the first place so site kick all you Have to do is type in the subject matter Maybe provide a few images

Beautiful landing page with great sales Copy great layout you can build these Landing pages so much more quickly Typically it would take a few hours or Even a day for someone to make a landing Page to test a product now you can do it In a minute and if you can and save People that time you can create that Value you make a specific use case with This AI you're going to make a lot of Money so moving on to the next business Using chat GPT if you wanted to use chat GPT you could create an SEO agency if You don't know what SEO is that's a Search engine optimization meaning where You rank on Google for specific keywords So if I type in Brett malinowski on Google hopefully my name shows up first Because I have the best content and That's what Google has decided is the One they want to show you but there are A lot of other people with my name Making different types of content and so How you stand out in the SEO how Google Chooses that is one how much depth you Have about one specific topic or one Search term and so if you've talked About one search term a lot they'll view You as an expert and rank you much Higher the other way is backlinks Meaning how many times have other people Linked to you as the expert when they're Describing a certain situation or Certain topic and so I'm going to focus

On that first example which is the depth And so if you use chat GPT you can Generate like 50 well-written blog posts Or articles around one specific topic You could then take those articles Upload it to your website index them and Now from Google's perspective you have 50 articles about one topic and you did That in one single day so again this is Going to make you more efficient at your Job and be able to sell that service to Other companies simply by using AI Because you have the knowledge that they Don't and you know these tools exist Which is value Arbitrage alright so the Next business I want to talk about today Is going to be actually AI thumbnail Creator service so this is going to be Less common and I don't see many people Talking about this but I actually did This for a thumbnail in one of my videos A few days ago where I talked about what The metaverse actually is so I actually Was just trying to make a thumbnail to Show two versions a bad metaverse and The actual metaverse in the future I Actually used AI I used linza to make a Photo of my face that was a metaverse Version of my face and so what this Means is that if you're a thumbnail Creator you can simply use dally or Stable diffusion and and start getting Specific layers that are really high Quality and so a set of needing a 3D

Artists to make you a 3D spaceship Hovering Earth so you can make a space Video on YouTube you can just type that Into stable diffusion and you get a very High quality image output of that search Term so you don't need to find the Artist with these years and years of Skills you could just use stable Diffusion to Output those images or even Specific layers so maybe you have Photoshop skills and so you get a 3D Spaceship you get the Earth you get the Space backdrop and you get a picture of My face animated and you can just layer Those together so instead of needing all Those skills you just generate it Through Ai and then you can make YouTube Thumbnails of a very high caliber that You couldn't previously and you can sell That to all the different YouTubers as a Service so that is a really cool Opportunity that is something that dally By openai would enable as well all right Moving on to the sixth business is going To be a lead generation business so a Lot of businesses are always looking for Leads for new people to sell their Services to and a lot of people out There pay big money for email lists or Just people that they think are Interested in their service and so I Actually searched in chat GPT to send me The 20 emails of the top web 3 agencies Executives and lo and behold it

Literally gave me a list of 20 emails of The top web 3 agency Executives I have No idea how I found these emails but the Emails looked accurate and it's really Exciting now this might be something That is not completely accurate today or You might be getting spam emails but It's really interesting to see that I Was able to source that many emails so Quickly of very powerful people and that Is a big business in and of itself I Know a lot of people that run agencies Where they buy email lists and then sell Those emails to companies for fifty Dollars a hundred dollars per lead Because they think those people are Interested in a specific service so that Is something that chat GPT will enable And a business you can start very very Quickly the last business that you could Start using AI or chat GPT would Actually be a newsletter so very similar To copywriting but you can create a Weekly Newsletter or daily newsletter at This point since there's so many around Specific topics and then if you can grow Your subscriber base to this newsletter You could input sponsors you can input Ads because you're making high quality Content thanks to the power of AI this Is very straightforward whether you want To sign up with companies to make Newsletters for them or you want to Build your own newsletters and sell

Advertising spots AI is going to write Very high quality content around that The only problem with chat GPT right now Is it's sourced to 2021 anything after 2021 it is not in its training so you Won't be able to write like upcoming News but it would be nice for Educational newsletters where you're Teaching people or even like an email Automation writing campaign so that's Going to do it for the seven different Businesses you could start by using chat GPT and open ai's API I highly recommend Thinking about creating an API based Business because again chat GPT can do a Million different things and if you Could pick out one specific Niche idea Make a website around that targeting Specific people that are interested in That Niche idea and then you can pull The API of chat gbt and basically if They search something in their specific Niche they'll be popped up perfectly Right there and they'll pay your Business for that service so that's Something that I think is really cool I Think it's really clever and that's what I call Value Arbitrage not many people Have figured this out if you could be One of the first people to implement This Tech to solve a specific problem For somebody else they're going to pay You a lot of money for it so guys that's Gonna do it for today's video If you

Enjoyed the video just hit the like Button and if you see the opportunity Here guys and you're excited about it Just hit subscribe I have a few more Videos coming out on the topic and this Is just really exciting I love thinking About how our world is going to be in Two three four five years and hopefully I unlocked that excitement in your brain But other than that guys hope you had a Wonderful day I will see you in the next One [Music] Foreign [Music]

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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