NFTs I’m buying RIGHT NOW before the next bull run

In this video I go over the NFTs that I’ve been buying or ones that are on my watchlist.

The point of the video isn’t to convince you to buy these projects – it’s about showing my thought process behind why I’m buying them in the first place. I offer some frameworks for how to approach these NFTs during a weird market like the one we’re currently in. Use these to find hidden gem projects early before the rest of the market discovers them.

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Okay look i’m not gonna lie to you the Market has been a little strange over The last few weeks and if we take a look At nft prices you’re gonna see many Collections that are still down 30 40 on A seven-day basis we’re also seeing many New drops that just don’t fully sell out And these were nfts that would have had A line around the door just a month ago On the other hand we’re getting these One to two day mini volume spikes like We’re getting right now as i filmed this Video but it all feels like it’s Balancing on a tightrope now i could Just take a break from all this maybe Rename my channel to something like john Carlos used to buy tokens go out and Touch grass spend time on the beach but Someone has to keep the lights on at Jpeg capital i have over 200 unpaid Interns that need to be supported and i Did tell them that if we got over 2 000 Likes on this video that i would take Them out to some fine dining besides There’s no point in even having them if We’re not actively trading and so back To the market we go we just have to make Sure we have the right strategy in this Type of weird environment and so today I’m going to break down exactly how i’m Approaching nfts right now and i’ll give You a tour of some projects that i Either already bought into or that i’m Actively watching highly recommend

Watching this video if you’re still Actively trading nfts and look i’m not Trying to convince you to buy into these Specific projects i just want to show You a little bit about my framework and My thought process behind these Purchases and hopefully that can help You decide on what nfts you want to buy That are closer to your style and that Just appeal more to you okay so first Off here’s a little context about where We’re at in the market over the last Couple of weeks we’ve seen a big drop Off in volume across open seat and as we Said many established collections were Down big i think boarded yacht club had A 48th drop at one point although that Was before the yuga labs announcement That they were acquiring crypto punks And me bits and since then they’ve come Back strong again and this is actually Why we’re seeing some renewed life in The market in the past couple of days But again it’s hard to know how long This adrenaline rush is going to last And the macroeconomic situation is very Delicate right now i’m not going to Pretend like i know where this all ends Up in the coming weeks what we do know However is that quality teams are still Building and that’s true even if these Flippers are losing steam so what we can Say is that the fundamental value of What the best nft projects are trying to

Build is still intact but we are losing A lot of the hype which in some cases Makes up a large portion of the price in Many cases there’s no fundamental layer At all it’s all hype you know fugazi and These are the ones that will Unfortunately slide to a price point of Approximately zero eth in the not so Distant future we’re obviously trying to Focus on the projects in this category Right the ones that have more Fundamental value you see when you have A bull run fundamentals take a back seat To hype and it’s not uncommon to see Nfts go from zero or whatever their mint Price was quickly to one to two eth just Based on hype alone in fact we have a Lot of traders that do well in this zone Specifically and so they know which nfts Are likely to get hyped up and they Target those even if they don’t think That they’re necessarily good long-term Bets all you have to do is find nfts That are flashy and that have the right Keywords that are gonna get the Mainstream buyer all hot and bothered And then you just sell after that Initial pump and so as a mental model we Can call these the zero to two trader And what that means is that they Specialize in knowing which nfts can go From zero to about to eth and again the Numbers aren’t meant to be super Accurate it’s just a mental model but

This strategy can be very profitable you Can get those 10x 20x gains and then Just rinse and repeat however hype is Less reliable when the market gets soft And even in a bull market you know hype Can only get you so far and so once you Do get to that two to three eath range To grow from there you know to Potentially get to 10 eth now you have a Very different set of success factors And the bar gets raised significantly to Get from this point to double digit eath You can’t rely on the newbie collectors Anymore you now have to convince smart Money buyers and whales that this is a Good product that they should purchase And look some of these whales are just D-gems with a little bit more money They’re not all geniuses but in general They are more discerning and they can See through smoke and mirrors and hype a Little better than the newbie collector And so doing well as an investor in this Range involves a new skill set and we Can call this the 2 to 20 trader because When you’re talking about nfts that go From 2e to potentially 20 eth that Involves a much better understanding of Fundamentals and long-term brand Building now i’m sure there are traders That can find success in both ranges but It’s hard to be great at both and so i Do recommend specializing in one or the Other personally i would consider myself

To be in that 2-20 category and that’s Because most of my wins have come from The secondary market usually purchased Between 0.5 e to 1.5 eth and i like this Because it gives me a little bit of time To see you know the project get battle Tested by the market we see the creators In action for a little bit we know it’s Not a rug pull etc that tends to be the Sweet spot for me so with that said Let’s take a look at a few projects that I either bought in recently or that are On my watch list and i think these all Fall into that two to twenty bucket i Don’t mean that they’re exactly two Ether and i think they’re going to go to Exactly twenties i just think that you Know they’ve been on the market for a Bit now you know we’ve seen them for a While and they’re still upside Potentially from here even if they’re a Little more expensive than your average Mint okay so let’s get into it the first Collection is capsule house and this is One that launched in september of last Year and it hit a peak of about four Eighth in january but has dropped about 75 percent to one east with this latest Market decline so we can say that it Originally had momentum and perhaps Enough fundamentals to reach a higher Point but it’s been swept in the broader Bear market and might be flying under The radar at this point so why do people

Like this collection well first off it Was made by two artists that already had A great reputation in this space and Have been building a personal brand Outside of this collection for a while Now if we just focus on one of these Seerlight we can see that he’s been Doing this for a while and some of his Work sell for 200 to 300 thousand Dollars and one thing that people look For in these one-to-one artists is that They have a cohesive and easily Recognizable style and i think it’s fair To say that you can see that in the Low-fi warm comfy color schemes that Searlette uses you’re going to see this As a pattern with all the other Collections but basically i’m a big fan Of nfts that are driven by an artist That already has a brand creating art Especially when they understand web3 and Internet culture and this is because if You can find an artist that is already Growing on their own that can bring Awareness continuously back to the Collection and that should help it stay Above the noise across multiple Attention cycles also in this case they Actually happen to be top tier one of One artists and so we know that they can Create high quality designs for their Nfts and that’s a big part of their Pitch if we see here in their road map They say quote we want capsule house to

Be known as a premier web 3 brand Focused on exceptional art storytelling And community and so essentially they Want to make the highest quality profile Pick collection and in this case each of The nfts are hand drawn individually and Because of that they’re being slowly Rolled out in chunks all the way through June 2022 and if you go on open c you Can find these capsules that are still Just unhatched versions of the nfts that Still need to be revealed now if we Swing back to the road map we can also Get a better idea of their long-term Vision we see that they plan on Expanding their world into many Different mediums including anime and Games and they’re exploring ways for the Community to share in the success for Example if a capsule house anime does Well holders should directly benefit They’re also working with 3d artists to Model figurines they’re exploring Fundraising from traditional investors And also exploring the feasibility of Having a token and so to me these guys Are already embracing all the Possibilities of web3 and that initial Brand that seed is already the highest Quality or one of the highest quality Profile picks on the market and if You’re a competitor that quality is Going to be hard to match okay now the Next collection i want to talk about is

Tubby cats and this is a collection made By the artist ratwell who has a long History of being a sort of premium meme Dealer on crypto twitter and they’ve Built up a bit of a cult following Through that so we already have an Artist that knows how to go viral within A community and in this case it’s one That includes crypto whales and the Exact demographics of people who might Already be interested in buying nfts and Then radwell created tubby cats which is This collection of 20 000 cat nfts that Is a high number and that is a risk that You should consider but let me touch on Some things that i like and what i look For starting with the art itself so First off i think the trait distribution Is great you can scroll endlessly and Find a high number of different items Backgrounds fashion styles etc and this Is really important for a collection This big and i think they did a great Job with the variety next i always like To look at the rares which in this case I think are all pretty great and i can See whales bidding these up over time And then the floor nfts are also not bad Which is important for making sure that Every owner is satisfied with whatever Piece of the collection that they do own The last thing you want is a weak floor Set where the bottom third of owners are Just unhappy with what they have and

This is gonna bring down the actual Floor price and morale in general the Other thing i look for in any art Collection is the presence of any Potentially iconic traits remember Branding is an art and being able to Create a design that sticks in people’s Minds and is easily recognizable across Different styles that’s priceless so When you see a trait like the noun’s Glasses or maybe the floating eyes on Doodles these could become iconic traits That cross over into the mainstream and Just make it easier for these Collections to rise above the noise and So with that said i think the shape of The cat head on tubbies could be one of Those features and i imagine keychains Or plushies or other merch that simply Have the outline of this cat head and That could be enough to know that it’s Related to tubby cats the last big thing That i like about this collection is the Fact that they’re using the cc0 model For their intellectual property what This means is that the branding and the Art is all in the public domain and so Anybody can make derivatives of it Anybody can use it they can Commercialize it et cetera what we’ve Seen with these high profile cc0 Projects in general is that they tend to Do pretty well okay so you have nouns You have mfr’s you have cryptos and the

Reason they do well or part of the Reason is because they encourage a lot Of people to create these derivative Projects and all that brings value back To the originals so think of a cc0 Project as just being like a base Protocol layer and then on top of that You have a network layer where you’re Getting all these derivative projects And the value of the whole is just based On how high quality the activity is on That network now so far when people Think of derivatives they think of you Know low effort cash grabs like kevin Mfers or something like that and it’s True most of them are just going to Gravitate towards zero but i do think That derivatives are gonna get better in The future and for example here’s some Concept art that we might see in an Upcoming game involving cryptos and Nouns the reason why this might happen Faster with tubby cats is because the Team is taking a more active role when It comes to derivatives and they’re Doing this through what they call the Tubby collective and so basically the Way i understand it is a hand pick Artist to create different derivative Projects based on the tubby cat’s ip and So they’re going to have a 3d collection They’re going to have a pixel collection And so on in other words they’re taking A studio approach which i think we’re

Gonna see more when it comes to these Types of projects and this allows them To curate what gets associated with the Brand although obviously it’s still a Public domain project and so anybody can Make a derivative but i think this kind Of direction helps all right now last But not least i want to take a look at Three landers which is a relatively new Project and this one comes from a thai Artist known as pom who has created his Own art world called three land and as He calls it it’s a playground where he Builds all these characters and monsters And his first collection called three Land world shows the variety of Imaginative characters that he’s capable Of bringing into this same cohesive Style this new collection is called Three landers and the art is pretty Clean again i think the floor nfts are Interesting enough to keep everyone Satisfied and here i think these bulbous Eyes could also become a potentially Iconic trait and in fact it’s exactly What their logo highlights now this one Is a bit more expensive at 1.7 eth but Again we’re comparing this to perhaps a Doodles which is trading at 10x the Current price so what we’re asking is Does this have what it takes to reach That level one of the ways that you Could do that is by expanding on the Lore behind the art because i think if

You take an art style that looks like This one and you expand on the Storytelling and the narrative then you Can create something like an adventure Time which i’m sure also inspired Doodles in some way so specifically They’ve hired someone to be the creative Director and build an in-house media and Story team to explore three land part of This will include establishing the Foundational culture of each of the 12 Dnas that reside in three land and you Can see this all starting to get fleshed Out in real time in the three land story Channel on discord they’re also going Down the fashion rabbit hole which a lot Of collections are doing but in this Case at least they have a founder who Has some background in fashion but more Importantly if you have good looking art And you have a good narrative behind it And the team is sharp and they Understand web 3 and they’re exploring All that then i think you’re already in A better position than 99 of other Collections now one risk to consider Here is that this is a very congested Lane and what i mean by that is that There are many projects right now that Have this sort of you know colorful Friendly art style and so it might be a Little difficult to rise above the noise Consistently because i do expect we’ll See even more of these come out plus

It’s still early and people might wait a Bit longer to see what the craters can Do before they take three landers more Seriously so i don’t know if there are Some upcoming catalysts in the short Term they’re gonna make this skyrocket Anytime soon now in general all these Collections that we spoke about are ones That i personally like from a Collectible and artistic standpoint Right so i vibe with the art i vibe with The artist i like what their visions are And so i don’t really look at this as a Pure financial play in fact i don’t Recommend that you ever buy nfts that You don’t personally like because again Most of these are just gonna fail no Matter how good the story is and so it’s Better that you just buy things that you Like and so you have a collection down The road that you’re not ashamed of Looking at but i hope this was helpful And i gave you more of an idea of my Thought process as a collector i’m sorry If my voice was a little off today i was Sick the past week but i am back to Making consistent videos again and so Thanks for watching and i’ll catch you At the next video

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