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All right guys no intro because this is Important I’m really excited because we Saw what I think is a breath of fresh Air and we saw a big web 2 brand get Onboarded into the web 3 space the right Way almost the perfect way I don’t think There’s really any decision that was Made that I disagree with and that’s Just really really refreshing because Really a lot of projects that have came Into space like Chevy or Chris Brown’s Project they come in and they completely Miss the whole point of their project Like they don’t understand how to help Onboard their web 2 audience they don’t Understand how confusing it is for a lot Of people to buy crypto make a wallet Send the crypto to their wallet connect It to an account and mint that’s a lot To take in for someone that’s completely New and they also don’t understand what Web3 people value like decentralized Asset ownership and actually being able To keep everything on chain and so What’s interesting about this is that Nickelodeon hired an nft agency I think It’s a web 3 native nft agency recur Forever and they just absolutely crush It and so it’s really cool to see how Nickelodeon put trust in their agency And then of course how Riker was Actually able to accept different types Of payment like credit card coinbase pay And even ethereum Bitcoin and other

Cryptocurrencies by still not having you Have to connect a wallet to the site so It’s really interesting disclaimer they Did decide to kind of make you have to Kyc which I’m not against but obviously I’m a public founder so if you evalue Anonymity of course you might not like This but at the end of the day you make Your own decisions and you can always Buy on secondary because they decided to Do it on open C which is the right Choice once again I’m telling you guys They made every right choice so Hopefully I can break this down for you Guys to show you if you’re a big brand Or you’re working on your project how You can kind of meet in the middle and Play Both Sides to benefit your web 2 Audience but also make sure you’re Showing respect in valuing what web3 is All about since you’re using this Technology and that’s the purpose of it Is to give power back to the consumer Tumors so guys super excited to jump Into this but let’s go ahead and look at What Nickelodeon did and give a lot of Props to recur full disclaimer guys I am Not telling you to buy this nft project The I am simply proud of this because of The platform that they made how recur Onboarded them so not Financial advice Definitely don’t buy this because of This but I was really impressed I Decided to pick up a few because I’m a

Big fan of Rugrats I have a great and Childhood memory going to the movie with My mom and really just happy to be a Collector but the platform that they Made was really really impressive so Let’s just go ahead and start there so If we look at their platform like I said In a video a few weeks ago nfts how They’re really going to be used is with These big Brands is they’re going to Make their own Marketplace on their own Platform which makes a lot of sense and I have no problem with they do deserve The royalties I mean they made this IP They’ve developed it for years they’re Literally movies there’s TV series There’s toys these are historic Legendary internationally recognized IP Brands and so they have every right to Make their own Marketplace and collect Those royalty fees for themselves and on Top of that the fact that they mixed it With openc and allow you to withdraw Your nft on chain is really really cool So I’m gonna break this down for you Guys basically they created this Marketplace where you can buy and sell The nft now minting the nft again there Was some hiccups there were some traffic Issues they had a lot of people going on But I do think they will fix that over Time I think that’s the only complaint We had people had maybe failed Transactions uh lag or the site just not

Working but that’s what happens when you Have thousands of people on the site at One time so guys looking at Nickelodeon Very very simple the number one thing I Always teach in the nft academy is that You need to be able to understand the Project in like one or two sentences and So when you actually go down to what the Collection is all about it’s basically 10 000 nfts from Hey Arnold and Rugrats Legendary IP one caveat I want to make Here guys is best case scenario for a Lot of these pfp nft projects that we See like Doodles or whatnot is to become Legendary IP like this and what I mean By that is they’re going to have TV Shows on Netflix they’re going to have Movies and like movies theaters like AMC They’re going to have toys made Distributed across every store in the World like Walmart and Toys R Us these Are brands that we see everywhere that Everyone actually loves and enjoys the Content okay so that’s best case Scenario and what people are speculating Doodles might be what people are Speculating bayc might be now those two Are the top two examples but for them to Be able to justify that price of an nft That’s what they’re going to have to Turn into and so seeing a Big Brand like This that already has the hard part done And they’ve been doing it for tens of Years decades literally now making their

Very first nft collection this is Historic and so what I really like about Their approach with the nft is that They’re not over promising and trying to Overload these nfts with all this Different utility they have have the Backing they have the success behind Them and so this is like them selling Their own baseball cards it’s their First collectible sold as an nft on the Blockchain and that’s what really Appeals to me because of course they can Do a lot of cool things with this nft But they’re not presenting it in over Promising so they are under promising And they could over deliver they can Make a box set of every episode of Rugrats in the movies all in one in a Cool digital exclusive Collector’s Edition for holders only they could do Private screenings of their movie in Theaters for holders only in certain Areas they can give every single holder A plush toy of each different character They have the means to give you your Custom nft they have so many resources And so many different things they could Possibly do that they don’t have to talk About it up front because they have Their reputation and now they have are In the perfect position to just continue To over deliver and add value to the nft If they want but if not it’s still a Collector’s edition it’s like the very

First baseball card of like the rookie Baseball card for Rugrats or for Nickelodeon in general and that in and Of itself is enough for me to actually Want to be a collector of the set so Really wanted to point that out but what Again that is something that could be Viewed as lazy from web3 people saying Oh they have all these opportunities but They’re not doing any web 3 mechanics They’re not utilizing the technology but Guess what Nickelodeon did so if you go To how it works again they make this so Simple to understand and this is really Cool to me so basically it’s your Favorite it’s your collection 90s Nostalgic characters from The Rugrats And Hey Arnold you could actually trade The nfts to earn slime which is cool Because that’s on brand with Nickelodeon They have like the Kids Choice Awards Where they do all the Slime anywhere Anywhere and the Slime is going to be Like basically like what fuels their Ecosystem is what I’m prophesizing here And so it’s kind of like not their point System or their token but just an nft That can fuel different mechanics kind Of like serum did with bayc and so then You can take your slime and if you have 10 slime you’re gonna mash them together To get maybe the most rare 500 mashups Between Hey Arnold and Rugrats so super Simple to understand and the great thing

About this why I respect it as an nft Agency found under myself is that Basically you are going to always have Something to look forward to that’s what I always teach in the nft academy me and My partner Brandon talk about this all The time is that even though once you Mint you need to have continuous events To have people looking forward to Something board ape Yacht Club has done An amazing job of this they minted their Original set then they did the board Eight Kindle Club charity uh Edition and Then they had the mutants that they were Teasing their companion drop but they Also added a cool burning mechanic with The serum and you can choose whether you Wanted to do it or not and so there’s Always this thing to look forward to and Then from there obviously they did other Side Deeds they did their land sale they Did ape coin and now they’re doing their Metaverse and teasing the other side Metaverse so there’s always something to Look forward to always a reason for Holders to hold because they’re going to Get the next benefit and that’s exactly What they did while at the same time Including web 3 mechanics so huge prop There to Nickelodeon and again I’m Giving a lot of credit to recur on this As well the agency behind it so another Thing I wanted to point out was that Gambling is a big factor in what a lot

Of people that trade nfts on openc right Now are really here for especially right Now and so the cool thing they did with Their slime is that the Rarity of the Nfts actually comes with a higher slime Rating so you still have that chance to Pack open a pack and get a rare nft that Gets you more slime so you could Potentially get this future mashup Another huge plus they hit that gambling Itch which is a must and a lot of Companies overlooked that when coming Into web 3. so if we go to the next page We actually go to their Marketplace you Can see this is their internal Marketplace if you click on one of these You actually have the opportunity to buy With credit card buy with crypto Bitcoin Or ethereum and you actually have the Ability to use something called coinbase Pay which I didn’t know existed but was A really good experience I ended up Buying one with credit card one with Coinbase pay and one with ethereum that I sent from my wallet so I could see all Three experiences and coinbase pay was Really cool all I had to do was hit Connect or sign up with Point pay with Coinbase pay and it opened up like a Portal if you’re similar similar to PayPal if you’ve used PayPal before it Opened up like a little portal overlay I Logged into coinbase Super quickly email Password use my authenticator app done

And it checked my balance I hadn’t I had Whatever 300 was in there in coinbase And it automatically took the ethereum Out of my coinbase and paid through Coinbase pay in less than a minute and It completed instantly and there was no Failed transactions I had a seamless Experience all of mine completed all of Them took less than minute a minute and There was no gas fee since this is off Chain initially and so this is where a Lot of decentralized web3 people will Get upset but I think we have to be Reasonable and realistic with ourselves And we really need to meet web2 in the Middle a lot of people call this web 2.5 I think the best way to onboard new People Is not to educate them on Decentralization all these like high Priority things that we value but really The best way that I and I think this is Good is to have them buy their nft Understand the benefits but just keep it Seamless and frictionless and familiar With credit card and then once they have The nft they have some skin in the game They’ve invested 300 then they’re going To go learn about what nfts really are Then they’re going to find out about Decentralized asset ownership and why It’s important and everything that we Value so I think giving them the Opportunity to stick to familiar parts

And learn in pieces is much more Important and this whole web 2.5 Movement is absolutely the future so Again huge props to recur and I did Think it was really cool you could Actually buy in credit card then sell And cash out without ever having to use Crypto now that’s again against kind of The values of web 3 but at the same time We’re trying to give optionality in meet In the middle and so that’s the coolest Thing so next part I want to talk about Is if you go to my collection here you Can actually oop I have this one listed For sale if you go to my collection here You actually have the option to put First sale or withdraw and if what you Do is when you click withdraw is that’s Actually going to put it on chain Essentially and so you’re going to be Sending it from their platform to your Custodial decentralized metamask wallet And that’s really cool because that’s Where they respected web3 values and Showed that they know what they’re doing And they’re here to actually be a part Of our ecosystem and help push this Technology further so this is why Nickelodeon and recurve did everything The right way because especially because They sent them to open C so when you hit Withdrawal you pay that gas fee now it’s On chain in your wallet now it’s the Traditional standard nft on openc

Collection that we all know and love and That we’re all trained on okay and so I Love that they chose ethereum because a Lot of projects a lot of companies are Going to be worried about getting Flack From the general public for being Anti-environment basically because they Think that ethereum is bad for the Environment one ethereum is going to Have emerged in the next few months That’s going to make it proof of stake And make it 99.99 carbon neutral so That’s not even to be a problem in the Future but 95 of nft volume and trading Is on ethereum and that’s where all of Us are so that’s where your project and Collection should be right now And so a lot of companies are choosing To use Matic which I think is a great Solution but we’re just not there yet With demand everyone’s on eth open c And really some people are using Solana And I think Solana has a good chance to Be the future and a lot of companies Like gaming companies that need a lot of Transactions very quickly we’ll use Solana because there aren’t gas fees but Decentralized asset ownership is very Very important and for Collectibles I Think all collectibles should be on Ethereum I think gaming assets that are More centralized should be on Solana so They can value those so different Purposes for different blockchains I

Have a whole video on that as well if You want to go check that out and guys Side note I do want to say this right Now if you are a big brand or you are Someone that has a very notable person And you want advice because I’m saying a Lot right now and this comes from my Years of experience and the dozens of Projects that I founded I’ve learned a Lot I would love to talk to you guys I Can do a Consulting call with you so if You just want to fill out an application I’ll put that in the first link in the Description below just tell me what Company you work for a little bit about Yourself and what you’re looking to get Out of the call and we’ll get that set Up with you guys and guys please don’t Do that just to show me your project I Don’t do any paid promo no one is paying Me to talk about this I don’t have any Connections or affiliation to Paramount Nickelodeon or recur so guys only if you Have like a big brand that you work with Work for whatever you do if you guys are Interested in nfts I would love to help Guide you so you make the similar Decisions like Nickelodeon did and you Don’t destroy your reputation kind of Like these other big brands have so guys Side note that’s the first link for that Application in the description below but Moving on guys so I do want to give one Big caveat one big shout out why did I

Say caveat I’m not editing this guys I Want to get this out fast but I want to Give one big shout out to recur and this Is a web 3 native agency that actually Partnered with Paramount and Nickelodeon On this and they’re actually partnering With them on all six of their IP Brands Including Care Bears Hello Kitty uh some Colleges and actually Star Trek and so Riker has this deal to do all six of the Rollouts it was so well planned it’s all Laid out very clearly on their platforms If we scroll down to their website you Can actually see powered by recur is Going to be Care Bears nft University Hello Kitty I think Hello Kitty will be Massive especially knowing the Asian Markets and Star Trek so really cool They have these laid out and guys just a Quick just a quick promotion for anyone That’s making an nft agency that follows This channel these are the people you Need to be studying these guys have set The new standard study their Marketplace Study their platform and try to reverse Engineer it and provide that because we Want these big brands in the space we Want them to sell their Collectibles as Nfts because it’s the blockchain and It’s forever it’s a better way to do Baseball cards and collectibles anyways So they’re coming it’s just a matter of Time they just need web3 natives like You and I to help them and recur is

Someone that we can all learn a lot from I know I have they’ve done two or three Things they’re just absolutely just been Aha moments for me so they allow you to Do credit card or debit card Apple pay Google pay or crypto you name it they’ve Got it and also eco-friendly platform Which is going to be really important For a lot of these big Brands because They have to play that PR game and they Don’t want to get they just don’t want To get flooded by the general public I Guess it’s the best way to put it so Again I am a nerd about messaging if you Follow my channel they basically have Their brand description as we build End-to-end chain agnostic bespoke Experiences for the world’s large Largest brands in IP our goal is to make Nfts accessible for fans and brands with Seamless easy to use and secure Experiences built and powered by recur Amazingly encompasses exactly what They’re about it hits the web 3 itch it Hits the nft side and also focuses on The actual native fans of web 2 which a Lot of people Overlook and they had the Perfect the best onboarding experience For web2 I’ve ever seen a ton of Frequently asked questions to help People understand what’s going on an Easy way to buy with credit card you Don’t have to know anything about nfts To understand the benefits that you may

Provide and you can actually buy and Sell with credit card without ever Having to use crypto this is something I’ve never seen before and was so well Done So a little bit more about recur this is Something I got really excited about as An nft agency founder and an nft nerd Because I never thought of this and this Solves so many problems and is also so Beneficial and also will make NFTA Agencies a lot of money that also Benefits the project that they’re Working with it’s like the most Win-win-win thing ever so recur is Actually doing this thing called recur Passes they’re doing 70 000 recur passes Basically one pass for every nft they’re Minting and so what this allows for is If you’re an nft agency that’s trusted And has a brand name and trust me recurs Trusted now a lot of people passed on Nickelodeon and overlooked it because Every Big Brand project every celebrity Project was an absolute scam rug that Never did anything because they didn’t Care or they made really weird decisions That just didn’t align with wet web 3 And didn’t help their web 2 audience was But recur after this Nickelodeon drop Has built trust and now going to be a Major name in the space and on top of This they have the Care Bears lined up Hello Kitties lined up you can guarantee

That the hype for Nickelodeon is only One tenth of what those are going to be Because they built a brand reputation They built Trust And now since the mint For Nickelodeon was fifty dollars by the Way super Fair mint price extremely Extremely affordable within meta and Again shows they know what they’re Talking about and they’re definitely web 3 native based on their pricing so Another big prop there but Hello Kitty’s Coming up Care Bears are coming up Star Trek’s Coming up okay so these are going to get Hype and hype and hype well what happens When you’re an nft like I said earlier Maybe I didn’t say that earlier but when You have a lot of people that want to Mint your nft at one time that’s fifty Thousand a hundred thousand people on Your website even no matter how many Servers you have that’s a lot of traffic To handle and that’s why people face Failed transactions lag the website slow Because you have so many people at a Condensed moment of time on the website At any other moment the week before the Week after there’s probably only like a Few hundred people on a website at a Time but for minting we’ve had multiple Experiences where the servers crash for Like a minute and you lose out in sales You have all these different examples Some people try to DDOS attack you all

These headaches that come with all the Traffic being at one moment well what This allows for is these are basically Going to be a pass for white list for Every project that recur does so this Nft agency is selling nfts to their fans People who trust them in saying any Project we do if you own this pass You’re going to get whitelist it for it It’s not a free mint you just get white Listed but I mean Nickelodeon was 50 Bucks they went up to over 600 floor at One point that’s a 10x even if you buy This pass for 300 you still made 300 so It’s really interesting that the agency Can take the money up front and they’re Also going to guarantee since this is Kind of like a mint pass that only a few Thousand people are going to be on there It’s like whitelisting for them And so this is their whitelist process They’re gonna have less traffic on their Website they’re going to guarantee their Holders mint their biggest supporters Mint and they’re going to make money off Of it and those people still mint so Nickelodeon makes money off of it and They’re happy for it so it’s the most Win-win-win thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve never thought about that but it Makes so much sense so if you’re an nft Agency I wouldn’t recommend doing 70 000 Like them where it’s literally one pass Per one mint I would recommend just

Doing like a thousand collection and Letting them mint every project that you Have because you might have done one or Two companies but you’re gonna do more And you might not know all the projects Like them but people will trust you and You’re going to continue to make Projects and you’re going to always Whitelist those 1 000 people and then Leave the other nine thousand up for Public sale for the holders and it’s Just a win-win because that’s a Guaranteed mint for the company and they Trust you so they’re going to do well if You do well because the project will Probably go up in price knowing your Reputation in the space so a really cool Idea and if you look at their Marketplace I’m pretty sure they have Five different color sets and one color Associates to one project so like Dichrome would be the Care Bear uh mix Would be Hello Kitty I’m making these up I don’t know maybe the information’s out There but I think that’s what they’re Doing and so if you buy one of these Colors you’re basically guaranteed one Of these mints for one of those projects Maybe it’s random I don’t know but Really cool idea that you can actually Buy these passes and those are going to Guarantee you mints on their future Drops as an agency so that was really Exciting for me to see but guys that’s

Recur if you want to check out their Website I really do think you will learn A lot read more about them study Everything reverse engineer everything They’re doing and again if you are a big Brand and you want to learn how to do Things the right way fill out that Application happy to have happy to hop On a consultation call with you and help You guys so guys that’s going to do it For today’s video please leave a comment On what other projects you would like me To do a case study on I have years in The game and I really like to digest or Dissect how people kind of think about And what why they made decisions that They made as a project founder as an nft Agency founder It’s your job to do like Game Theory and Think about okay how would this decision Make people upset how would this Decision affect people does this is this Good for my consumer what could possibly Happen what could possibly why could This be bad and you’re just trying to Forecast potential problems that you see And that’s the name of the game so if You guys have any other projects out There I can kind of see those decisions And why they made them uh much clearly Since I’ve done this so many times so Please leave a comment on what project Or what nft agency you would like to see Another case study like this on so we

Can continue to learn and get better Together leave a like if you got value From this guys that really does help the Channel I really appreciate you for that And of course if you’re an nft agency Founder or considering building in the Space consider hitting that subscribe Button because I got a lot of videos Just like this coming out in the near Future for you guys so guys that’s going To do it for today’s video I really Appreciate everybody watching let me Know your experience and what you’d like To see in the future but as always I Hope you have a wonderful day and I will See you in the next one

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