Making Millions with FREE ai (Chat GPT and Stability)

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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This company is literally making Millions of dollars every single day by Using a free AI engine that anybody can Use at any time so if you haven't heard Of Linda let me break it down for you so Many of you may have seen on social Media on Instagram a lot of people Uploading this anime or animated version Of their face and they're doing this Through an app called linza Ai and what Linza does is they have you upload 10 to 20 photos of your face and then once you Submit those photos you have to wait About an hour and a half and they just Basically run these photos through Stable diffusion's AI engine it's Completely free for anybody to go Directly to stable diffusion's website And do this for themselves the Interesting thing is people are choosing To pay linza 10 to do it for them why is That so the principle of money is that If you can create value for somebody you Get money in return and so what value is Linda creating if they're just taking Your photos and putting them into this Free AI generator then sending them back For you well my friends this is what I Like to call Value Arbitrage it is 2022 And we love convenience so what lindsa Figured out was that if you can actually Create a very well-designed UI or ux AKA User interface user experience then People are going to choose to use your

Platform over the free one that might be A little more clunky so if you actually Go to stable diffusion it's pretty broad It might be a little confusing and you Might not be thinking top of mind oh I Could make a cool animated version of my Face and so what linza decided to do was Actually make it very convenient and Very seamless with one purpose in mind That is to create avatars for every Single person they called this feature The magic Avatar feature and so what is So cool about this app is that it Doesn't really do anything different in The stable diffusion it just delivers it In a more seamless streamlined specific Way so instead of having to go to a web Browser to use stable diffusion send all Your photos to your computer upload them And then ask it for an avatar they just Had you upload it directly from your Phone on an app on your phone and if you Wanted to get your 100 photos you would Pay ten dollars for them to generate Them for you so all they did was take This free AI engine that anybody could Use but narrowed it down to a more Specific Niche use case and on top of That made it an app on your phone so They made it slightly more convenient Slightly more clear and they did the Work for you and that's why they earned Ten dollars that's the value that they Created and that's why they're making

Millions of dollars a day but this Creates a very interesting opportunity For those entrepreneurs out there that Understand what's happening this is what Is called value Arbitrage right now There's a huge boom in the interest in AI because I think chat GPT really Helped people have that aha moment of What's actually going on with AI and how Much it could impact our lives and so These are some of the first use cases of The technology that have gone mainstream But again what we're seeing with chat GPT is that there's so many broad use Cases that people aren't even really Sure how it's going to be plugged into Our everyday life and so if you are an Opportunistic entrepreneur with hustle Speed conviction and grit this is a huge Opportunity for you to find these Different Arbitrage opportunities what I Mean by Arbitrage opportunities all you Have to do is find different specific Use cases for this AI whether it's chat GPT or stable diffusion like linza There's so many different ways this Technology will be used to make Different Industries better and if you Can identify one specific Niche Opportunity then you are going to make a Lot of money because people are not Going to go to chat GPT for everything They don't even know how they could use It to help their life yet and so if you

Can find one specific Niche use case for It then make a new UI or a website and Brand it towards a specific audience and Lends us examples as people who wanted Magic avatars but this could be Something completely different so like Lindsa did they used it specifically for Their magic avatars help people make Avatars but this can be you use in so Many different ways another example Something I've already done is using it For my thumbnails on YouTube you could Be the person that makes the AI YouTube Thumbnail generator where you take this Free AI engine and then make a platform And help people create their own custom Thumbnails with it and you charge a Small fee on the top for helping them With this idea that is the value that You create and right now since it's so New people are paying a lot of money for This because they haven't figured out How to do it themselves and that my Friends is what we call Value Arbitrage And since this is a big Trend AI looks Like it's here to stay it could become a New meta for AI businesses in the short Term and so if this is something that You see and if you're quick and take Action there are literally tens of Thousands of little opportunities for You to actually create a business and Capture some of this value Arbitrage so Guys that is what Lindsay AI is doing

They are simply using a free AI Generator called stable diffusion and They put it into a more convenient app With better user experience and a better Design and then charging people ten Dollars for that convenience that's all They're doing and they're literally Making millions of dollars a day doing That so if you can apply that concept to A different Niche or a different sector Then you are going to make a lot of Money just like Lindsay Ai and guys this Is the beginning of a new frontier so I Hope this opens your eyes and gets you Thinking of different ways this Tech Could disrupt different Industries a lot Of these AIS are open source for anybody To use and that's your opportunity if You see it before everybody else at the End of the day I'm a futurist I like Seeing opportunities early and taking Action and capitalizing on them that's What's got me to where I am today so if You guys see this opportunity click a Like on this video and actually I'm Going to be making a video on seven Different businesses you could start Capturing this value Arbitrage in just a Few days so if you're looking forward to That click the Subscribe button so you Don't miss any of those videos but guys Other than that I hope you have a great Day and I will see you in the next one Foreign


I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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