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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the brett way and Today we’re talking about what i think Is the best business opportunity to Start in 2022. let’s get into it [Music] All right guys so if you’re like me you Think nfts are going to take over our World why is that because digital asset Ownership super powerful it puts power Back into the consumer now you might Have heard about ethereum you might have Heard about solana nfts i like ethereum Infts but at the end of the day guys i Don’t care what blockchain things are on What ecosystem they’re in or even if They’re a little bit centralized as long As i have true digital asset ownership And i can actually sell my in-game Assets when i’m playing fortnite sell my Digital items or even buy a course Take the course and then resell it Because it sold as an nft I’m interested and so i think that is Hands down the future and every single Business will have to implement this Type of mechanic into their business Because consumers will demand it imagine A world where you’re used to buying a Fortnight skin the fortnight skin is a Limited drop there’s only 100 000 of These and three years later just like Party hats and runescape they become Extremely valuable because they are

Quality novel collectible in the game Now i think that’s gonna be massive i Think nft gaming is gonna be massive i Think digital asset ownership is Something that we need today but Unfortunately we haven’t woken up the World to that yet and so guys that’s why I’m really excited to share the specific Business model that anybody can Implement today build a foundation learn The skills needed to be successful in The next three years as more people find Out about this beautiful thing that we Call digital asset ownership aka nfts Then you’re gonna have a plethora aka a Whole boatload of clients lined up Waiting to serve so guys that’s what i’m Talking about today an nft Agency the concept is not new if you Follow my friend iman my friend Sebastian they are agency experts okay Some are advertising agencies some are Video agencies design agencies branding Agencies aka you’re a team with a Specific skill and you help mid-level Businesses big businesses implement that Skill into their business so if your Company your local business you need Help with social media never ran a Facebook before you never ran a tick Tock instagram whatever it is you hire Your local social media marketing agency Some 20 year old Gen z kid to run your social media and

You pay them a few thousand bucks a Month so you can get more awareness and Grow online which is very beneficial and Instead of having to spend dozens of Hours yourself as a busy business owner Trying to run a retail store you can Just hire this local agency they’ll Handle that for you give them a few Thousand bucks now your business grows When when okay so picture a world where Every single consumer demands digital Asset ownership aka they won’t play Grand theft auto unless you actually own That car then you can sell that to Another friend imagine where you won’t Buy a course because yeah he has a Lamborghini in his ad yeah he has a big House in his ad oh yeah he’s talked on The stage in front of hundreds of people But why do i want to pay 500 If i have no idea of what he’s teaching In the course is actually worthwhile Well with nfts guys it’s going to be a Great thing because you can buy that nft Take the course and once you have the Information then resell the course to Get your money back and if it’s a good Course you might even make money on it Okay so guys once that’s demanded every Business is gonna have to do it or else You’re not gonna sell imagine that’s the Standard you can buy a course take it And then sell it why would you ever buy A course that you can’t sell again why

Would you you won’t you won’t guys this Is the future i have 100 certainty in That you might not see the vision i Promise you it’s just a lack of Information and education we’ll get There if you look at adoption from the Internet in 1999 that’s exactly where we Are with nfts if you’re one of those People that think nfts are just some Silly picture that you trade to make Money yes that was a phase that happened That was there we capitalized on it but It’s so much more and it’s a Technological renaissance so guys the Idea of an nft agency is simple there’s Going to be mid-level companies they Sell courses they sell in-game assets or Maybe they’re a patreon creator and they Want to implement nfts aka digital asset Ownership into their business but they Don’t have an understanding of web 3 Culture they don’t know how to do smart Contracts they don’t know anything about Website development they don’t know Anything about minting functionality They don’t know how to make a digital Item tokenized what we call so that’s Where you come in you an nft agency are Gonna hop on a call with this business Learn about their products learn about Their services and come up with what we Call a go to market strategy aka how are You gonna position this nft what is the Nft going to do for the buyer and then

How are we actually going to implement This and market it to their consume okay You’ll come up with that strategy then You’ll tell your friend your business Partner your team member hey we need a Smart contract this is how many we’re Minting this price this day and this is How we’re going to do it then you’re Going to tell your operations guy and Your branding guy and they’re going to Make sure it all gets done on time and Then you’re going to collect 10 000 or a Percentage of mint from that client okay Very very simple a lot of you might say There’s a low barrier to entry and ft Agencies won’t work you’re wrong guys Every single business is gonna need an Nft strategist so whether you’re a real Estate person whether you’re a car Person whether you’re watch shoe Whatever you are you’re gonna have a Specific knowledge and a specific edge Over anybody else though i don’t think It’s going to be extremely difficult to Learn how to make a smart contract and To actually help other projects do this In theory if you take time it’s Relatively easy but at this day and age I can make a website in 15 minutes but They’re still multi-million dollar Website agencies out there nft agencies Are absolutely amazing why because no One is doing it right now my friend Brandon my partner at the nft academy

Where we teach people the biggest Opportunities to build in web 3 in the Nft space him and i have been doing this For the last year and have made a Comfortable seven figure profit in the Last 10 months doing this with alpha Groups we have helped around seven alpha Groups create conceptualize and go to Market with their alpha group and do Very very successful launches multiple That have done over a million dollars in And of themselves so we really have got The system down we have a very specific Niche and guys it’s wide open that’s Just what we chose based on our skills So if you want to think about helping Businesses implement nfts some are going To be really down the line three to five Years but that’s worth starting today Because no one else is doing it by the Time the market does catch up you’re Gonna be so experienced you’re gonna Have a seamless operations a seamless Foundation already built and that’s Gonna be a huge advantage over the People just now hearing about it in the Next three to five years so guys think About it a lot of you are probably Trying to find ways to make money online You probably tried drop shipping you Probably tried maybe even marketing Agencies you probably tried amazon fba All these different business models and You’re really struggling with it there’s

Two reasons for that one it’s really Saturated they’ve been around for a long Time thousands of people have made Videos on it and it’s super well known And clear or two you gave up too early And didn’t really stick with it i think Every one of these business models is Valid as long as you are patient put the Work in try to learn and put yourself Out there every day and just continue to Grow and go and go most people get shiny Object syndrome and they give up on a Business model after three months they Oh this doesn’t work and then blame the Business model without taking Accountability so guys i really want you To understand an nft agency Why this is by far the best opportunity Is because no one sees this vision yet No one’s talking about it if you could Find another youtuber talking about nft Agencies please send them my way and i Want to partner up with them that’s a Very smart guy okay so guys nft agencies I know five people at least that are Doing this i know people that just do Nft developing agencies where they Charge three eth up front then seven Percent of mint i know people that are Onboarding the biggest fortune 500 Companies because believe it or not even If they have 10 000 employees none of Them understand web3 culture and they Make stupid stupid mistakes if they

Don’t have advising or guidance from Experts like you and i okay if you’ve Traded nfts have you bought nfts if you Understand what blockchain and Non-fungible tokens are how to mint them How to verify and collab land how to do Any of this You are 20 times more qualified to help These companies than anyone within their Organization so guys i promise you you Are smarter than you think if you’re Into nfts if you’ve watched my channel You know what you’re talking about and These companies need you to help onboard Them into web3 so if you guys are like Me and you think this is the future and You think this is a big opportunity then Guys commit today start finding smart People around you build your team i am Very technically dumb i have no idea how To be a developer how to do any sort of Development what code is but luckily i Found a smart friend named brandon who Could actually help me get things done i Have the ideas i find the positioning i Think this is how we should do things Then brandon gets it done and then we Have an operations guy who helps oversee And piece all the pieces together we Have artists we have discord people you Don’t have to have all of that you just Need someone with the idea someone that Can make it happen Just like that you have an nft agency so

Guys i did a full one hour live training In the nft academy today literally right Before this and this is what inspired This video and so i literally broke down Each step you need live in front of all Of our academy students guys we don’t Know again nfc academy that is our Program where we teach people how to Build nft projects or what opportunities Are out there to build in web 3. Firsthand we do weekly live trainings so You can hop on small groups with me and My partner brandon every single week Just like i mentioned earlier guys we Sell it as an nft so you can buy the nft Come check us out hop on our calls learn Our information watch all of our videos And you don’t like it sell it or keep it Keep learning and once you do get the Skills required you’re ready to start The business again you can just sell it Then so guys that’s the nfc academy i Just did a full one hour live training I’m actually going to link in the Description below this one was so Important to me and this is what we need We need more people like you and i Onboarding companies into web 3 if we Want mass adoption so i actually am Going to put the whole live training as An unlisted video on youtube in the First link in the description below so i Did one hour i broke down every single Piece you need to run an nft agency like

Ours and literally what skills you need What roles how to get clients what Niches to go after literally everything So this is something that excites you Guys go watch that video completely for Free that’s it that’s gonna do it for This video do yourself a favor think About nft agencies just be open-minded Guys and i promise you you’re going to Be way ahead of everything this is Probably the best opportunity to make a Million dollars in the next three so Guys i’m putting that out there do with It what you want that’s it for today’s Video if you got value if you’re Inspired if you see the future like i do Please hit the like button it really Does help the channel leave a comment Between what niche you might see being a Good fit for nft agencies subscribe if You like this type of content guys we’re On a wonderful journey the fun’s only Just begun with web3 i hope you have a Great day and i will see you in the next One [Music]

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In the recent 21st session of the Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris last November 30 to December 11, 2015, the Paris Agreement was finally adopted. After a series of negotiations and anticipation, the first global climate change treaty aiming to cut carbon emissions around the world was agreed upon by 195 country leaders. The deal was the biggest move to fight and avoid the effect of dangerous warming to the human race.

Corporations Made to Disclose Potential Losses From Global Warming By SEC?

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

Welcome to the Future of Money

Despite all the global media propaganda, it should be recognized that Global Warming (mankind’s CO2 emissions causing catastrophic future warming of Earth’s atmosphere) is an unproven theory. Still, we find governments around the world including our own calling CO2 a villainous gas compound and looking to regulate it, even demand that corporations recognize this theory as an “inconvenient truth” (as Al Gore likes to put it). In fact, the SEC or Securities Exchange Commission demands that corporations put into their investor disclosure material the potential risks of climate change.

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

Welcome to the Future of Money

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