Luke Belmar: From Waiting Tables to Making Millions, The Future of Crypto and His Biggest Investment

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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Mr Belmar Mr Brett this is gonna be so Much fun the right way there's so much They don't know bro oh bro so much we Don't know I don't know I feel like Every time we talk I walk away with like A Whole New Perspective one of the few People were like so consistently so Efficiently I can you can just like Change my opinions just like that so we Have a lot to share yes bro I want to Start with what the people want to hear What cryptocurrency am I buying today to Make a million dollars tomorrow okay so First bro thanks for having me oh yeah Like it's it's been an honor kind of Seeing you scale I remember seeing you At 9 000 followers a thousand subs and Nothing on Twitter is like seeing you Become one of the leading people in web3 When it comes to education and teaching People in Mad respect to you but I've Seen you go away and I look forward to Kind of what I'm gonna do so being here Is an honor and then to answer your Question right now would I want to Invest in is projects that Have established companies right behind Them that uh have known Founders and That have the potential to Disrupt multiple Industries because They're already kind of behemoths Whether through cash flow or their Positioning in the market for example Finance right I would be a big investor

In BNB coin not at these prices right Now but to be observant of it and I want To be betting not only on projects but On people right because you want to be Rallying behind uh the best of the best And that was kind of my investment Strategy throughout 2020 when it's kind Of when I put my entire net worth into Crypto uh was Focusing on the people that were behind The thing not do I like the token do I Like the community no is the founder Somebody that I can rely on to make my Uh my support of him More valuable right and a person that Can actually disrupt the industry so I Voted on CZ through pancake Swap and Through BMB and it it paid off do you Think these tokens are going to be used Like people are buying these tokens to Actually use these types of like FTX It's it's more so betting on the fact That that token will be utilized Massively in an ecosystem so for example In the binance smart chain a lot of Stuff happens with BMB just like on Ethereum we use eth I prefer in some way Shape or form the binance smart chain Because of how efficient and quick it is I haven't been you know transacting a Whole lot right now recently with uh Uh with uh the ethereum blockchain after The merge just because I haven't been if I lately I've been traveling so I

Haven't seen if there haven't been any Meaningful updates there probably have Been so I'll do my due diligence and Come back to you on that one but uh I Like the binance smart chain and the Projects that are being built on there So once again nothing is truly Decentralized right so when we talk About living in a decentralized Metaverse right you're on centralized Servers you're most likely utilizing a Computer that has a security system that Is centralized or a device that is Centralized or if you're in certain Countries your internet is centralized Even your ability to not access certain Websites you see open C banding able to Access their website because of where They live that shows you that even the Decentralized web3 exactly so this uh This idea of a specific token right now I I don't really know but I would be More so looking at winners uh as in a Group of people or individuals that can Carry kind of like the uh the the what Do you call it the Baton yeah I mean I Think that's the best advice yeah I Don't really care about coin I'm more on The nft side obviously yeah and it's all A bet and I think that's going to be one Of the hardest ends to disrupt all the Powers that be We're not gonna let this Happen quick so the nft side can be used Such more widely and so much more depth

Individually so that's people don't know How deep you've been in the game for so Dude you really don't talk about this I Have I don't I don't and you know what I I love crypto so much because of what it Represents uh in some way it's shape or Form it's elusive because I really Believe that the forces at BR have Already been in crypto for a long time In fact I even maybe agree that they Allow certain things to happen to push Their own narratives or agendas like Central Bank digital currencies but I Started buying Bitcoin in 2000 16. I I say I got into crypto in 2017 Because that's when I became like a Crypto guy but in 2016 I was buying Bitcoin when it was 200 300 400 so at That point you know I was waiting tables That was kind of when my life changed Instantly from 2016 to 2017 I started Drop Shipping started e-commerce it just Took off uh in a very interesting manner But in 2016 I was waiting tables in the Beginning it was January uh or 2015 late 2015 something like that and the tips You know that I would receive from that Day I would go to the ATM uh deposit it Would be instant deposit cash I would go On an exchange called bitstamp uh or and I would basically buy xrp because I was Bamboozled by the whole xrp yeah And then I would buy Bitcoin and a Little bit of eth and that was when it

Was a couple hundred bucks and stuff Like that so xrp had a bigger market cap Than anything Correct yeah so the the flip right the Switching in in 2017 was a big deal uh But I made money you know I think I had Like 160x in 2017 but I wrote a lot of It down and then I was like okay this is Gonna happen again it happened Repeatedly so I was like my goal now is I need to make a ton of money so I got Into e-commerce we did I think 16 Million in 2019 and we rolled over all Of our profits in 2020 into crypto and In the last two years we 40xed uh our Portfolio and yeah we cashed out of all Of our assets at of ethereum at 3950 and Out of all of our Bitcoin Investments at 55 000 and we shorted Luna as well uh at A dollar six with fifty thousand dollars Short was it 2.9 Million Dollars short In five days so we've been doing quite Well and now like I said bro if you Focus on winners like people embed on People not the the of like Daniel cistelli and this entire wagmy Culture meme culture that stuff doesn't Really it's trendy it'll have its spikes But it won't last So you need to be able to Rally behind People that are serious and people have Backing uh unfortunately from the forces That kind of control the world you need To be able to

Play the game and finding those people That are willing to play the game and Investing behind that is a good strategy Okay that's a fast come-up story because Now you're living in the neighborhood of Some of these Founders yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Wow so it did really really well and I Would attribute it all to education like Educating myself throughout the day You're always hitting me up look I'm Reading this book this week you said you Were reading like a book a day bro so Book every three days because if you Read 100 Pages a day which isn't a lot Like you nobody can tell me that it's Unrealistic to read 100 Pages a day it Might take a person two three hours you Might have to be dedicated but when you Learn how to read properly you could Read 100 pages in two hours it's painful For people when they're on Tick Tock all Day yeah you could you could I I could I Could debate that you two two and a half Hours you could read 100 pages and do it Well and understand what you're doing And the three days go through guys book And do that repeatedly and you don't Have to do it your entire life maybe you Do it for three months but think about How ahead you would be of your entire Competition would be unbelievable your Habits too like you want to do it for Sure these are the things that people

Don't speak about but but what you eat What you put in your mind I'll Focus Your on education I'll Focus your on Surrounding yourself with the best People all of that adds up to like Making faster decisions better decisions Better information and even for the like A lot of people in crypto they glorify This idea of like the ubereats and all This stuff and okay I get it it's cool But at the end of the day it's it'd be Dope if if you imagine if your life was Optimized and optimize the lives lives Result in optimized outcomes so if Everything that you do is designed to Uh yield of positive result do those Things and so many people self-sabotage Especially in crypto and you're on your Computer all day and you're degening You can be turning around right there Eating proper food without eating you can do some push-ups you Can do some sit-ups and just go back to Doing your grind and that'll give you Lifespan longevity which is going to Allow you to kind of be able to enjoy Your money if you make it you don't want To be a fat slopping dead being around You this weekend you take that so Serious and it's paying off clearly okay So this is where I want to get like into Your deep I guess not conspiracy mind But I want to get your take on it Because I am like so imaginative and

Creative I love to think about nft Strategies how they're going to be used Everywhere in the world big Brands Governments or whatever so South Korea Just announced that in 2024 they're Making every single one of their digital Like their driver's license the Blockchain backed nfts for every single One of their citizens in two years They're gonna like have huge economic Benefits all the administrative costs of People like checking your ID at the Airport or checking your ID at a Pharmaceutical company Liquor store you can buy liquor online Now if it's age restricted it's in you Connect your wallet they can verify your Age so there's going to be like they Think they can save 13 of their GDP Yeah but what are they giving up So so it's not about it's not about what You get but what you have to sacrifice In order to get that people sacrifice Freedom for convenience so at one point You have to figure out where you draw The line and unfortunately technology Advances so fast that you can't Necessarily create the necessary Infrastructure to sustain certain levels Of power and for technology and things Of this kind but dude Imagine This Imagine you're connected to the Blockchain and everything that Um you do is buy access because that's

What it is by access this thing gives You access so you're restricting Yourself to the access what happens okay Let's say a hundred years go by and this Digital access is good because Everything works and and you just happen To have a good government but somehow Within some way shape or form like it Happens in in history uh you get a bad Uh government right what happens when They take over that technology now you They that technology allows for what the Restriction of what your access so you Don't have to be thinking about the best Case scenario let's say it happens 95 Percent of the time but what happens With the five percent of the time Because that five percent of the time Yields thousands of years of slavery not Just 50 years look at China dude They are introducing the credit credit System the uh they're introducing like Base tracking recognition that basically Tickets you so when I go to Shanghai in 2019 I'm like literally walking down the Street and it blinks red And like the the road when you're trying To cross the crosswalk and I look over And there's a big panel and in that big Panel there's a screen that is showing Basically in Chinese that scan people's Faces they identify it through your ID And they ticket you directly to your House right

So they track your face and then they Associate it to your identification your Address and they send you a ticket For jaywalking because they they see That you exist there so okay the Technology is cool because it optimizes People not having Liberty but damn Should you be ticketed for jaywalking And that's where the things get gets Really tricky and people like oh well That's not going to happen okay that's Fine but what if right so if we can Prevent it dope if we can't prevent it I'll just move to places where Potentially that infrastructure doesn't Exist and operate from that location so I have that location freedom and that's Kind of extremely important when it Comes to uh navigating places that have A lot of control It's a really fine line dude look at Look at what happened with uh Canada With the with the truckers and freezing Their bank accounts and their crypto Walls and their crypto exchanges what The guys is crypto oh yeah yeah but We have to comply with it okay Centralized Nothing different just the difference I Think the decentralization what's the Difference between somebody sending Somebody Bitcoin okay in theory not Whether the currency has more value Intrinsic value or not or a dollar right

Be a venmo or via the blockchain like Does it really matter if I send you usdt Or venmo no so in that case the Blockchain isn't really valuable Bitcoin Is valuable because it is decentralized In some way shape or form you can't Decentralize the value or the Manipulation in it but you can transact Through it in uh in a fairly Anonymous Way Especially if you introduce that Anonymous way in physical uh exchanges Right and I think that that's what's Going to start happening with Bitcoin is That Bitcoin is going to start moving Like actual cash Which is a theory that I have people Once bro this is my theory this is why Bitcoin is going to be so valuable and I Don't think this is a theory that people Have really caught on to As money becomes more Um Less valuable right there's a reason That micro Bitcoins are pieces of Bitcoins are called satoshi's right Because I genuinely believe that as Bitcoin increases in value I don't know What it'll end up at but I I think it'll Be worth a couple million dollars why Because it's not that Bitcoin will be More valuable valuable it'll be that the US dollar will be less valuable Therefore the price and correlation to

The value of the dollar so it could Still have the same buying power as Today but correct Millions dollars Correct and I'm not saying that that'll Happen I think it'll increase in demand Uh because I think it is popular and I Think it has the potential to disrupt But people are going to start Transacting Satoshi In person The most untraceable way of transacting Money how's that work like just hand Driving a phone having a pen drive that Is worth 50 cents Transaction is done passing USBS and I Think that that's how we're going to be Transacting in a way that is going to be Untraceable when the actual physical Cash is gone and that's when I think Bitcoin will become valuable I know people haven't heard that theory Because it's something I've kind of been Pondering but I think it's uh it's a Potential uh Add additive to the value of what Bitcoin is going to be because that's How I'm going to use Bitcoin because That's how I know certain people in the Neighborhoods like you said that I live In Right you have access to different data Sets and different information that's How a lot of them transact Makes so much sense like that's going to

Be the new drug dealing value transfer Value okay so I'm crazy yeah yeah you Got so many we can talk for hours about Conspiracy theories or where we think The world's going but on that note you Were early at Drop Shipping you were Early to Ecom that you killed it that's What you've kind of made your first bag And you rolled it over to crypto so for Me we all kind of live that make money Online Niche phase in 2017 2018 2019 Where everybody was like talking about Drop Shipping is a big opportunity and The earlier you were the better you did Do you see something like that happening Or web3 as a service agency 100 we were talking about it right and This is just major Alpha because people If they understand this they're going to Really be able to capitalize on it is People are in the business of creating Communities in web3 maybe it's not about Creating web 3 communities maybe what You have to go and do is service web 2 Communities with web3 products So go find existing communities for Example I'm going to give you guys some Major Alpha and I'll give you guys a Story because I just happen to be a g And I'm just extremely nice that's what We're here for so I was sitting in Lyon France I told you This story I was gonna go uh snowboard Uh in the Swiss Alps but I wanted to

Spit stop there because there's a really Good pasta restaurant that I like to go To so we were there And I was sitting in the plaza where all The skateboarders are I was like okay so All the skateboarders are here and I Just spend probably 30 minutes watching Them all of them falling hurting Themselves hitting themselves you know Skateboard to the shin uh bumping Against the metal bumping against the The concrete bumping against each other Uh smashing skateboards falling and Every once in a while they land a trick And everybody celebrates them and They're in the business of like becoming Better right so they already have Sacrifice and uh the wherewithal it's a Community that goes through trouble uh They're kind of like the underdog so They're very resilient you want to find A resilient community and I was like Wow Imagine they had a web 3 product like an Access pass that gave them access to Meetups around the world and somebody Organized skateboard meetups right in This city and in this city and if you Bought an nft and it was it didn't have To be expensive twenty dollars right it Would give you access to all the parks In every single place in the world and You could go and skate in those places Right just just that alone you've Created a community and what have you

Done you've created a technology that Allows you to contribute and create a a What I call uh a a an internet tribe and There's a guy called Jordan green I Believe or Jordan Green Hall something Like that and he talks about the theory Of uh tribal formations in the internet That right now everything is so Macro and people are kind of just like They feel too disconnected from reality They have no community that now things Are going to start being uh dissected And broken down into tribes which is What webbreed's going to do is going to Bring a lot of uh tribes together so you Know a lot of people want this idea of Everything needs to be boarded Yacht Club everything needs to be worth on the Rolling Stones cover no that is just an Anomaly that just happened to be a a pop Ultra uh Bonanza but that's not the Average community so the average Community is going to be tighten it and You can build your own little ecosystem That is self-sustaining and that is Profitable and that is a good Environment where people can do whatever It is that the that that Community is Supposed to do in an effective way Uh and still be successful so I think People need to start considering that And those are my opinions regarding yeah And quick just everyone understands Because we might not have all web 3

Natives all the nft does it's just if You have this nft in your wallet you get Access to the group correct if you don't Have the nft you get denied it's called Token gating that's it's frictionless That's it automatic and so do every Single Community for example we right Now we went to the Jake Paul fight the Ticket was the most annoying you're Just sitting there nonsense figuring out Where you're gonna say how you're gonna Sit where are the passes okay this pass Belongs to you this pass belongs to you I couldn't like okay I'm gonna take a Photo of this send it to this person Take a photo of this send it to this Person take a photo it's so terrible so Annoying oh well now you can't get back In that's what they would tell you okay So it's only I can only go in once why Because they can't validate whether a Person owns it or it's a screenshot but Being on the blockchain you can actually Validate what you own so having Instances like that where you reduce Friction without reducing Freedom right I think are extremely beneficial and What we saw I mean there's so many Examples of that that's just the Ticketing industry correct that's going To happen in every different industry And this kind of run that everyone knows About nfts now was just kind of like the Art world of Renaissance and they woke

Up to nft technology that's going to Happen in real estate in its own bubble That's going to happen in every other Industry independently of each other it Might take five years for some 10 years For others art is now but even then the Beginning of this was just nft Communities these were communities all Around there's only like a few hundred Thousand people that know about nfts Dude but I do the same thing with nfts For example people think that nfts need To be a virtual thing just like Satoshi's nfts on physical items right Doing it with shoes exactly so I think Nfts are going to merge into the real World a lot better and what is going to Happen is the winning companies are the Ones going that are going to build a Front uh UI experience that enables People to use the blockchain with no Friction right so you see Shopify I'm a I'm a big investor in Shopify Um I have about 10 of my net worth in Shopify Is a lot Um and I just bought it recently like Literally a couple days ago I put in a Ton of money because uh it's it was Undervalued and there's and I saw it my My investment is already out 40 which is Pretty good on spot Um so I'm really happy with Shopify Anyways they are building a really good

Front UI experience for nft technology Right so I think that they're going to Compete really well with that you have Openc for as much garbage as they're Gonna they're gonna play together Shopify is going to make it every brand That we talk to they want their own Marketplace yeah make more royalties It's branded and it's seamless can be a Centralized email password they have Their own Marketplace if someone just Wants the product they can buy an nft on Their Marketplace correct but if you Care about the decentralized ownership Then it's going to go to an aggregator Like open C so it's kind of like Amazon And eBay typically you buy it you're Going to have your options because You're going to have your options uh but I think people Um that kind of build that ecosystem That experience for people to have a Seamless way to interact with blockchain Are going to win yeah I mean we say it All the time the future of nfts is not Knowing you're buying it right like you Just know that you get the benefits you Own this thing on the internet now which Is kind of crazy to think about Everything on the internet right now is Just rented like there is not really an Option to ever buy or own a digital item Yeah you you basically go and you buy The rights to to uh Instagram or you

Know Meme page right and you now own the Company of that and with that you own The Instagram page but Instagram shuts Down that that mean page now what Happens you lost half of your business Right so you're operating at the mercy Of what we know to be a now super Censoring media right which it's Unfortunate which that's why we uh keep The big boy topics for for in person Um but yeah dude that's kind of like my My train of thought you need to be able To build that UI experience in the front End whoever can do it effectively both In a centralized in a decentralized way As well Uh is going to succeed it's always going To be a blend I mean decentralization is A spectrum but we need guard rails for The everyday person like people are used To charge backs Amazon Instant returns I Don't think uh full self-custody world Is realistic so I really do think I Don't think so either people are too Stupid It's unfortunate to say but look how Many people just get scammed by all the Board holders especially I do well it's Just everybody dude it's it's not it's Not easy technology is moving really Fast and that means that you're cyber Security like look at everybody Everybody has a computer everybody has Their their camera enabled on their on

Their phone everybody has their location Turned on nobody cares about their Privacy right so all these people Talking about blockchain decentralized Decentralized decentralized ever their Entire life is centralized you know Everybody has a bank account they all Use their Amex cards you know they're All using Uber they're all using uh Airbnb uh and everything on their life Is centralized so if you want to truly Live a decentralized life you're gonna Have to live in a cave somewhere and This is my problem with a lot of people In web 3 and in the nft space a year ago I was like stepping the Kool-Aid way too Hard web3 values to its core but you Have to just be realistic with how most People are going to interact with the World what they're used to but still get Most of the benefits digital asset Ownership that's what import what's Important and I'm going to go on record I 100 think that web3 as a service if You can figure out how to make nfts for Companies even mid-level companies Low-level companies in three or four Years it's going to be that whole social Media marketing age the whole make money Online Trend that Tai Lopez kicked off All again and so if anybody wants to get Into ground level Start thinking about how to integrate Web three or or first is get good at

Web3 exactly and become a person go Through the process or like myself that Understands how the space works and you Start building a reputation where What you say actually matters and if You're Building Products based off of Kind of those values people will Recognize it and uh you can build Meaningful meaningful businesses and With that yield the values the and the Returns that come with that so I think People can really start planning for the For the next two three years I don't Think 2023 is going to be pretty Um uh I think the Market's going to be Very sideways and very like Like sideways down trending Um right now we have a little bit of a Balance with Bitcoin I don't think it Means anything Um but I think we go into One more cycle with crypto before kind Of uh The introduction of Central Bank digital Currencies that I think will be kind of Introduced between 2030 and 2050. about Different institutions different Countries so we have we have about 10 20 30 years to to get super super rich and Uh influential enough to own our own Little land and do our own thing not be Uh bothered How do you even prepare yourself for That if you're just an everyday person

Um you just start picking up some books Like just make money is that like the Soul goal no we'll figure out what money Is okay uh once you figure out what Money is figure out Um why it matters and then change the Relationship and how you view money People view Money the wrong way people View money as as just like Like a return for it's like they view it As a prize or uh uh something that they Own they hold money is simply energy Right it has the ability to perform or Do something in your return Money doesn't really have any value it's Just value that's attributed because Somebody's falling under the same belief System that you are but it doesn't hold Any intrinsic value it's all based off Of one single thing Trust Right so the US Dollars solely based off Of trust I was sitting we were doing the Capital Club event in Albania and we were Sitting down with the head of the Central Bank of Albania his name was uh Fulani by Mr Fulani and he was the guy That signs the money in Albania And ask them three questions the first I Asked them do central banks uh run the World and he said well I can't tell you Uh what I think but what I can tell you Is what JP Morgan said which is Somewhere along the lines of whoever

Owns the money oh like I owns the world Uh this so he just giggled and that's The first thing he said the second Question I asked him I said is Bitcoin Money remember mind you I asked the head Of the Central Bank of Albania central Bank right is Bitcoin money And he was like we started kind of Debating a little bit back and forth About it and you know money needs to be Or value it needs to be trustworthy Needs to be a means of exchange so we Went through kind of the list of what Money has to Be have the attributes of money in order To qualify to be money and he was like Bitcoin is money that was his conclusion And then the third one was uh This whole agenda 2030 great reset will It happen and uh kind of will be we Introduce Central Bank digital Currencies into the ecosystem of the World he said yes hands down it's going To happen and it needs to happen uh and They kind of have the philosophy of you Know like the industrial revolution of Deal and uh theme and automation Uh they are wanting one if you actually Study it it was a very harsh change Right it was a very harsh political Change it wasn't like a happy really Yeah it wasn't happy thing it was like a Forced abrupt uh Uh Revolution like it is now so there's

A revolution that's coming and it's Basically this idea in this philosophy In this world view that you have to we Have to reach Uh so whatever that means people can do Their research and figure out kind of What that looks like so I think I think that people kind of kind of got To be looking at a lot of different Aspects here G where do you even find That information Uh you can't find it on a gov website You know you can't find it on the bullet List a bullet point list you have to do Your research and start piecing things Together you know it's going to take a Lot of self-awareness Um and a lot of understanding that many Of the things that you believe Were written and are merely opinions by Other people and that those opinions can Be influenced the food pyramid's like The biggest like food pyramid's crazy Dude yeah the food and for example we Know we were told Cheerios were like the greatest thing Ever for your heart your cholesterol and Now they had some sort of crazy lawsuit And the FDA just stated that Cheerios Are not healthy right so they were Healthy up until three months ago now They're no longer healthy right so what Happened nothing happened it's just a Bunch of garbage and you need to kind of

Have that perspective where uh People can lie to you with the Information but yeah your best interest Is not yeah it's not always in people's Lives yeah so people don't care and We've seen that in crypto repeatedly Right all these people have promise that They love you they love you community Wag me wag me and they didn't screwing Me over so you're in that situation and Uh it's not a great situation to be in So you have to be aware and kind of Alert that's why you kind of have to Have that little tribe that kind of Keeps you expected How many people do you think are in one Drive I think what's a good number I think Well it depends I think if you can have A group of like 10 to 50 people that you can really Really trust or a group of like 300 Which is what we're building actually Um 300 just like people that you can Rely on in different Industries Different niches I think that's all you Need you don't need millions of Followers you just need 300 dudes That'll go to war for you and that Manage different sectors that you can Trust fully and that you operate in The Syndicate in that manner and you can Dude if think about it think about this Okay 300 dudes everybody Nets a million

Dollars a year which is super easy to do Now you have a network that's worth 300 Million dollars in its first year How powerful is that the next year It's worth 600. In 10 years you have a three billion Dollar Network that's with no Appreciation of assets it's just your Income generated Tell me that's not possible now that Dude I'm teaching people here you're how You can build syndicates that are Powerful and everybody can still own Like a percentage you start building Trusts and shares and holdings companies How do you think the rich people operate They're operating in this Banner okay Everybody putting a hundred million Dollars in this fund let's grow it Together let's do some business deals Just do whatever and they start moving Money that way you need to be able to Move in in a group because when you're With a lot of people you can multiply a Lot quicker so people need to find the Network that they trust the people that They trust and nfts can be a gateway to That when you see how conversations even Our level go down and what free space or Wherever it may be and it's really no Different at the top I'm sure it's been Doing it together for days it really is Not That's really powerful it can easily

Balloon so we talked about xrp earlier And I want to get your opinion on this Because my partner is a big xrp believer And so this is my biggest bag in 2017. It was all the rage why did they get a Lawsuit on them if we might not want to Be able to talk about this oh I can go Into I can tell you what my my theory is On top of this corporate blockchains the Idea of like hedera Seller I think this this will get picked Up because your channel is pretty big so This is my theory on why xrp uh received The lawsuit from the SEC I think a lot Of the heads of the SEC Prior and current uh were seed investors In ethereum they were that they Participated in the Ico of ethereum Therefore they have a vested interest in Seeing Um ethereum succeed as the main Blockchain and the thing that you had Kind of seen right now is what is one of The biggest holders of ethereum across The entire world a company called Consensus and census owns metamask okay So they're super centralized Um and now we're in a scenario where We're no longer proof of uh work but We're proof of stake which means what Whoever owns the most ethereum and Stakes the most ethereum owns the most Nodes therefore has the most voting Power and who owns that consensus the

Guys that created co-created ethereum so It's a very centralized Network and who Owns and co-invested in consensus JP Morgan or Chase Bank or a bunch of banks I don't know HSBC I don't remember Exactly which ones so you're in a Scenario right now where dude like banks Are still they got their hand in the Game they're playing their game so I'm I Think it's a dirty a dirty play Uh that's my opinion but I think I think Xrp wins the lawsuit Um The problem is in 2018 2019 2020 2021 It just wasn't a good investment It's not whether they have the potential To do or not do something but if you had Your money on anything else Dogecoin you Would have made more money right so you Got to play the game at its current Moment you can't be religious about Things you got to be able to bounce Around where the where the liquidity is You got to be able to move where the Money is and just the money wasn't Flowing into xrp because it just wasn't A good investment at the time I've never Heard that stance I have I've had the opinion that xrp Built like a really disrupting Tech and The powers that be wanted to slow down But I'm in litigation didn't let any of The oh no xrp is completely part of the System 100 they're going to be using

They're going to be using that with ECB They're going to be using that which is The European Central Bank I think They'll use it with uh the bank of International settlements I think xrp Has great technology I think it's going To be extremely useful and they use it a Lot already outside of America right so In Japan and South Korea they don't give They don't care right uh what the SEC Says they'll continue using it so Um whether it works or not in America Doesn't really matter it'll work in Other places and it can still be worth a Trillion dollars without being in America right like many other companies So they're super in deep with the banks Um and I think that they're going to win The suit but I think it's some sort of Rivalry some sort of uh competition There or who's going to be running the The network for for transactions and Payments it's an interesting one because It's not a currency pedals So I want to end off with more nft Questions okay really two sides of it One or this what does the nft space have Wrong right now the NFD has a space has Wrong a few things the first one is that The first relationship that people have With a project or with a group of uh Founders is transactional so when you Establish a foundation of a relationship

Based off of transaction then what else Is going to happen in your relationship Beyond everything being focused on Transaction everything is going to be False why because you've given that Person something now you're expecting Something back you're expecting your Return to be worth higher I don't know What sort of delusion it is That causes this uh it is disgusting Um from both sides that Founders are Forced to say hey it's going to be a Good investment in like two weeks what Are you guys even talking about people Will ruin projects in three days this Right holders are Relentless bro just Wreck them and it's like okay so you Want great products you want great People but you're scaring your the Talent because of your behavior right so People complain about getting scammed Right let's talk about which one was the Nft project uh that was this that was a Scam that was a big uh Like pixel World Pixelmon yeah yeah so Pixelmon they got acquired dude Um yeah it's just unbelievable so you Have Pixelmon in a situation right here Where people are given 70 million Dollars to an anonymous founder and it's An anonymous dude like what do you Expect you you gave this dude this Anonymous dude that you don't know that On the other side just put out in some

Art and you trusted him with millions of Dollars like the delusion is Unbelievable take some accountability There yeah there's risk there's risk in That gamble so people get upset oh well You owe a refund all of the all this Stuff like dude relax like you're Playing the roulette here and if you Assume that there's not going to be any Bad actors then you don't really Understand the world because guess what I think he's just all you need is a excuse me little Dell computer And now you're in a situation where any Person anywhere around the world can hop On a VPN hop through a tour browser open Up uh uh a Twitter Twitter account post Some images open up a smart contract and Sell fifty thousand dollars worth of Garbage nonsense and it'll sell out Instantly so What do you expect people are not to do That people are going to do it they want The fast easy money I don't even think He was like that malicious like yes use Fomo tactics and with their mint Structure duck Dutch auction whatever But I really just think he have the Skill set 19 year old kid you think he's Gonna make the next Pokemon oh I'm not Even I'm not even talking about Pixelmon I'm talking about more so in general Just kind of the cultural that's behind It so toxic Doodles they're facing this

Right now because they've made like 50 Million dollars off their project I Haven't really like what have they Really done other than like Making more nfts and they raised another 50 million so like by the way shout out To you because you texted me the day Doodles minted in a very slow time in The market I did tell you and I caught At point eight hello yeah point eight I Ran 16 of them yeah I bought 16 of them I gave two away to my friend uh I hold It I think I held about 12 of them Um Yeah I've been holding since point eight I got in early with nfts I got in uh With board Apes at 40th I got in at Pudgy penguins at basically mint day Uh and now I'm a co-investor in the Company really really cool that was a Really nice kind of 360. yeah Um uh got into Doodles at point eight What else did I get into I got into Azuki I told everybody to put their Mortgage on azuki Um Ah that's about it I'm glad I'm on that Text list because it made me a lot of Money Brandon flipped from point eight To for 1.2 and he was stoked so oh man Sold yeah I know there's a lot of good Projects and I've also lost a lot of Money so that's kind of the decide that People don't talk about which is a lot

Of these influencers that preach wag me Wag me uh at the same time they're out There to secure the bag and they're out There to make money so you can't just Feed off of the culture you also have to Understand that people that are found in Companies a lot of them are out here to Uh if you get rich and that's their Nature and you need to understand it Because that's the reality of the Situation whether it sounds Harsh or not it's the reality so yeah There's some people that are out here to Create and some people that are out here To impact but it's not the majority so Uh I want to do great things but at the Same time I want to get paid you do Things at the same time you want to get Paid for your time we couldn't be able To do this unless we had money and I was Able to travel to EU cost thousands of Dollars like it's not cheap so you need Money in order to do that so we have to Provide services and products and think Nature so uh I would say kind of people Need to be more aware and not be the Problem that they call out because a lot Of them are kind of just the problem Themselves so dude it's a great Community it's a great space I love that You're pioneering it I love that uh You're at the Forefront of it and I look Forward to kind of joining you on that Journey a guy people don't know how deep

You are because you never talk about on The other pots but I'm glad we go a Little deeper on this one so last thing I guess what does the nft space have Right what do you think is going to Translate talk about physicals you Talked about communities what else I Think uh the tribal formations are going To be huge I think the the physical Products are going to be really big and I think the validation of Um Of big items uh in an itemized manner Are going to be big I'll give you an Example I can't say the exact company But it's a company that right now is Introducing nft technology to their Carfax right so ever it'll track Everything about the car so every time How many times you've actually sat on The car how many times the car has been Turned on how many uh uh times its turn Steered left and steered right Everything about the car Drew original Carfax of the car will be Imprinted on the blockchain through an NFP right so imagine having a Carfax That you own or a car title that you own And I think that it's going to translate Into these big things not only the Digitalization of validation like Validating small things but as receipts Of actual infrastructure Um so I think it's really really cool so

Think about every knowing every little Thing about your car and being able to Scroll through it on a on a portal kind Of like provenance dude like yeah in a Portal that tells you okay you you Change your oil six times and you change It on this day and this is how much oil You actually put in like that would be Super sick so with that once again comes The other idea of the misuse of that Technology for control and power and all These things which that's not always the Struggle right the difficulty anytime Any new they're gonna do it under the Guidance of decentralized bro here's the Thing every time a new technology has Been introduced people fight over over It they go to war over it they kill over It gunpowder salt Peppers uh all these things tulips dude People of course people killed Themselves over these things gold what What value does gold truly have oh yeah It has some properties can be used for Whatever today right so but people still Murdered each other over it so uh Yeah people will do the same thing over Crypto they'll do the same thing over All these things and people just have to Be careful okay last last one do you Think the existing companies like Artifacts or Zillow are more likely to Integrate nfts You to dominate or do you think web3

Startups like the Zillow the web 3 Version of Zillow I think I think uh Carfax and these big companies will hire Out This uh Department to the web 3 agency Web three companies correct uh to Develop this stuff so it won't just Happen at even for example people are Like the government has a 300 billion Dollar budget for infrastructure in New Mexico Uh which is a joke because the Government doesn't invest in New Mexico anyway Um but that money doesn't go Who builds it right do you think it's Some government employee no they hand Out the contracts they're like here 75 Million dollars to you 80 million Dollars to you build this in this way Okay somebody approves it somebody Signed stamps done dude our boy got beat Up yesterday we were interacting with The cop where did the cop take down he Was like what what's your date of birth Dude what what the what the heck does my Date of birth me seeing it have to do With this guy like punching this other Guy it makes no sense right so the System is kind of useless so you need to Introduce more efficient ways to kind of Manage Society And it's just kind of hoping that the People that kind of manage it don't

Abuse it but every time like I said we See a new technology we see abuse so Being able to move with flexibility Where there is uh the most amount of Freedom in in the world is the best kind Of uh route Oh well articulated my friend it's what You're known for so I appreciate you Coming on appreciate you sharing your Thoughts thank you for having me I look Forward to doing it uh again and Hopefully in Puerto Rico we should come Out to the tax Haven We should maybe sit down with Peter Schiff that'd be pretty neat yeah with The gold guy I bet I could I bet I could Turn him yeah well I've I've met him I've been at his house it's been uh it Was a it was a good time I think uh I Think I don't know if he stands in the Same way with nfts that he does with uh With currency but yeah I don't know We'll have to ask him let's do it I Think I I think we'll we'll do that but Anyways see you in Puerto Rico though All right appreciate it brother everyone Go follow Luke Belmar yeah Appreciate you

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