I made a list of the most hyped upcoming NFTs

I covered some of the most talked about NFTs launching in the next 60 days.

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The extended list (in no particular order)

1. Art Gobblers:
2. Starbucks NFT:
3. Memeland:
4. Valhalla:
5. Paint by Fewocious:
6. Ether:
7. KPRVerse:

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Hey guys we have a great video today Because I’m going to be reviewing the Most hyped upcoming nfts through the end Of 2022. now yesterday I tweeted out for You all to send me your favorite pics And I’ve chosen a few of them that got Some upvotes but which I also found Pretty interesting myself now before we Start I need to make it clear that these Were chosen based on the attention that They’re getting so they’re not Necessarily the best drops and there Might be projects out there that are Just as good but maybe just don’t have The same level of marketing I’m just one Guy yes I have 50 unpaid interns with me But we’re not going to catch everything So these are just the most hyped drops The ones that I think Twitter are going To be talking about over the next few Months I also want everyone to Understand that this is for mild Entertainment purposes only okay none of These projects are guaranteed to do well Jpegs are always risky let alone during A potentially once in a lifetime global Economic crisis so please hand in those Signed permission slips and let’s get Started okay so first on the list is Art Gobblers which is being released by sort Of a dream team right so on one hand you Have Justin Roiland who is one of the Creators behind Rick and Morty he’s Actually the cartoonist that design

Those characters and then on the other Hand you have Paradigm which is this Web3 investment firm that’s mostly known For being on The Cutting Edge of Tokenomics and mathematical models so You have this amazing blend between Art And Science and what they came up with Was this our gobblers now this is an On-chain game for our collectors and It’s designed to be completely Self-sustaining meaning that it could Theoretically last forever without any Human intervention there’s no road map There’s no future releases it’s just This game forever and essentially how The game works is you have these Characters called our gobblers that Consume pieces of art made through this Drawing tool which they have on their Website and you can see here so Basically any person on Earth can use This tool to make a piece of art and Then you could turn that art into an nft Using Goo which we’re going to get into In a second gobblers will then consume This art and over time they create these Mini collections that are so bound to That specific gobbler and so if you sell The gobbler it comes along with all the Art and in the future you might see Really impressive gobblers right so you Might have one that only collects art From people if he ever participates or One that only collects the best Pepe

Memes or really any other theme you can Think of so in a sense our gobblers will Be a game where artists can sell nfts in A specific format that collectors AKA The Players may want to buy and the game Is going to be using a three token System so there are multiple ways to get Exposure to the project so you have Gobblers pages and then goo so first you Have the gobblers themselves and these Are going to be 2 000 nfts launched for Free on October 31st and they’ve been Doing whitelists on social media through The form of meme contests and thread Contests and I believe it’s still open So you could potentially still get on The list now after the mint each gobbler Will then start earning a token called Goo and you can use this goo to create Pages which are then used to create the R nfts you can also use the goo to Create more gobblers and over the years These supplies should increase until They hit a full 10 000 supply of Gobblers now I know this all sounds Complicated and this is with me even Skipping the fancy tokenomics that is Going on behind the scene but at the end Of the day the bull case is pretty Simple and they lay it out here so if They could convince some top artists to Make art using the drawing tool then That’s going to raise the cultural Significance of the entire collection if

That happens it should start attracting More collectors who want this kind of Art which then attracts more artists and You get one of those flywheels that Everyone’s trying to create now if They’re successful then over the next Few months you might start seeing top Artists creating nfts using pages so you Might see x copy and ferocious and Matt Fury and a lot of that value would flow Back to the gobblers but also to the Pages because there’s only 69 new pages Created every day and eventually that Drops down to 10 pages per day now this All hinges on one assumption and that’s Whether or not they’re able to convince Collectors that this kind of art is Worth collecting because essentially you Can think of this as like any web 3 game And what we’ve learned from web3 games Is that they only work if you have at Least one party that is actually having Fun in the game okay they’re enjoying The game for the intrinsic values not Just a bunch of people min max in the Tokens and so if that happens here then You know it just becomes a Ponzi and it Falls apart so if they don’t convince Collectors that you know this is all Cool then it might not work and given The fact that they’re not really going To be you know supporting the project After launch and they’re not putting in All this added effort to make it big

Then you really have to make a good Decision on where you think the Consensus is going to fall but Personally I’m pretty hopeful I think There’s a lot of thoughtful parties Involved and it’s just the kind of game That I would love to see be successful Okay next on the list we have Valhalla So this is going to be a classic 10 000 Anime inspired pfp with good looking art In my opinion but there’s also a very Unique angle here because Valhalla is Being being created by a startup called Stacked Studios which as you can see Here it’s a fully docs team and some Impressive background so already off to A good start and what stack Studios is Trying to do is pretty ambitious okay They want to make a web 3 alternative to Twitch and if you’re not familiar with Twitch this is the premiere streaming App for gaming and they’ve been in a lot Of hot water lately okay a lot of Controversy they’re part of Amazon but They haven’t really evolved the platform That much in recent years so people are Kind of like okay Amazon sees this as More of an afterthought and so these Guys see an opportunity to compete with Twitch and become a platform where Gamers can stream but also where they’re Gonna have tokens maybe the streamers Can earn rewards and tokens and it Better aligns the incentive between the

Platform and the streamers honestly There’s not a ton of information around What they’re planning but the pitch was Solid enough to get them a funding round Worth 13 million oh here we go venture Capitalist VC alert I’m out I’m out look For whatever reason there’s a group out There that always becomes more skeptical When VCS get involved right and sure There are some downsides to it but you Know I generally look at it as a Positive signal because you know what Are the problems with nfts is that Founders treat holders you know both as Like investors but also as consumers When you approach consumers you know you Want to Delight them you want to create This air of mystery and so you don’t Always reveal everything right not every Detail of what you’re planning and as a Result the holders might not know the Full roadmap and this is becoming an Even bigger problem now that the SEC is Cracking down on road maps and so when Someone is able to raise a round like This you know it tells you that at least There’s a coherent pitch of some kind Going on behind the scenes so it’s a Much lower chance of being a rug and a Much lower chance of being just a group Of random teenagers that don’t really Know what they’re doing anyways sorry For the tangent so you have stack Studios doing their twitch thing and

Then you have Valhalla which is going to Be their Flagship brand and essentially They’re tackling the market that sits in Between fashion and gaming and they’re Definitely not the only ones doing this But there’s a good reason why so many Teams are heading this way and maybe now We’re going to enter the prediction zone So you know feel free to clip this and Send it to me a year from now and let’s See how I did so I think one of the Biggest growth drivers for nfts over the Next 12 to 18 months is going to be These online creators so essentially Twitch streamers and YouTubers and tick Talkers and I might do a longer video on This but the key is that you know these Creators control huge audiences that Love gamification and they love Collecting and being online and when They realize what they can do with nfts I think they’re just gonna all race to Be the main competitors in the space and Right now it is generally taboo and There’s a lot of negativity around nfts But really I think all it takes is just One or two creators to completely change The narrative and if I had to guess Which collections are most likely to be The gateway drug for these creators it Would probably look something like this Anime fashion gaming so this is where Azuki is this is where Valhalla wants to Be and there’s another upcoming nft that

A lot of you mentioned called ether Which didn’t have enough information for Me to cover today but it could also Potentially fall in the zone and one of Their recent teasers had a voice over by Myth who is a popular Esports Personality now going back to Valhalla They’ve been announcing some Partnerships that makes me believe they Understand the opportunity specifically They partnered with top Esports teams in Valorin and League of Legends so it’s a Very interesting Market I think it’s Still up for grabs but you know it might Be too early to say whether Valhalla can Take the lead or whether they have the Execution needed to get there but it Does seem like a solid project now full Disclosure I do have a white list on This one but these are just some of the Reasons why I am excited alright now the Last project I want to cover is a bit of A curveball okay it’s not a profile pick It’s not a game it’s just good Old-fashioned Starbucks now I haven’t Spoken about this one on the channel Before but I believe that if they Execute correctly on this then Starbucks Could 100 percent have the largest nft Collection we’ve ever seen okay and Here’s why so Starbucks has over 27 Million people in their loyalty program In the us alone and it accounts for over 50 percent of their total revenue now I

Just did a video on Reddit nfts and how Those surpass everyone’s expectations Right they hit 3 million wallets Millions in volume someone sold one for Twenty thousand dollars and that was Without any real perks okay it was just Having an avatar on Reddit in contrast Here you have a group of people that are Already these loyalty members they’re Already hunting for rewards consistent Buyers and just overall hardcore fans of Starbucks and the nfts are just going to Take this loyalty program to the next Level so first you’re gonna have free Nfts and so these are ones that you can Collect by doing quests which you know I Don’t know maybe it’s going to the same Starbucks for 10 days in a row or Ordering a new kind of espresso drink And so you can upgrade your account get Better and better nfts with better Better Rewards and then you can actually Sell those nfts to other Starbucks Customers through the Starbucks Marketplace and then second you’re gonna Have these premium limited nfts that you Can actually buy and these are going to Be essentially access tickets for call It five star experiences so maybe trips To Costa Rica maybe you get lifetime Discounts things like that and so They’re using a similar approach to what Reddit did where you know you give out All these free nfts and give them a

Taste for what it feels like owning an Nft you know keep in mind 99 of them Have never owned one and then they start Liking it and they go back and drive up The man for the premium ones now I’m not Really a Starbucks kind of guy okay I For some reason like getting overcharged With that Indie coffee shops you know Reading the lore behind each being like I’m buying some Elixir from Middle Earth But trust that I’m gonna be all over This one of course it could completely Flop and you know corporate nfts have a Still a negative track record in the Space but Starbucks has typically been Ahead of the curve in the past I do Think they’re kind of tech savvy and so Who knows if they can pull this off it Could be one of those things where we Look back and go like yeah that was Definitely one of those Game Changer Moments all right well that’s it for Today you know there were other projects That you guys mentioned so there’s going To be a longer list in the description But yeah thanks again for watching and I’ll catch you the next video

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