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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the Brett way and Today we’re talking about the first Steps you should take if you want to Start an nft agency and looking at some Of the top agencies out there right now That we can take inspiration from let’s Get into it [Music] Alright guys so the last 48 hours since My last video I haven’t showered I Haven’t changed clothes I’ve just been In a hardcore monk mode if you don’t Know what that is if my friend Iman Gotchi talks about all the time same With Sam Evans where they basically talk About eliminating all distractions from Your life no social media on your phone No video games sleep right meditate eat Completely clean no alcohol no Substances whatsoever just water healthy Food and focusing on optimizing your Productivity in your health and guys It’s something I’ve been doing for years And I do attribute a lot of My Success To it on top of this I kind of have the Mental framework of going on really Focused two to three weeks Sprint with Work I learned this from novel ravacon Most people kind of view business as a Marathon you need to be grinding 24 7 And there’s hustle porn out there no I Really kind of abide to like there’s two Or three weeks we’ll get extreme bursts

Of motivation hyper focus and just be Really really effective on a specific Goal just push my body as far as I can And so right now we’re doing that with WG my we have a lot rolling out for that And I’m just really excited about it so It’s been a fun week but yeah besides The point those are just some life Lessons right there let’s get into the First steps to take if you want to start Your own nft agency all right so my Partner Brandon who is a co-founder of The nft academy with me always talks About in the live trainings how the best Way to be successful is actually go look At your competition and see what they’re Doing first because odds are they’ve Been doing things for a long time They’ve made mistakes optimized their Funnel and have actually learned a lot Along the way so if you could skip those Mistakes and just jump start to their Baseline you’re going to be much more Successful and so that’s exactly what We’re going to do guys there’s a great Book Secrets by Russell Brunson this book like actually changed My life or not my life but at least how I viewed selling products presenting Offers and what a sales funnel was and In that book they always talk about Funnel hacking where basically if you Want to learn how to do something the First thing you should do is go to your

Competitor or go to the top business in Your field and see how they structure Their business how do they go through The flows of information to their Customers how do they deliver their Information what are their email Sequences like just learn their process And that way you can start with a good Baseline now of course I am a person Where I like to have Creative Edge I Like to kind of come at things from a Different angle and so just a straight Copy paste isn’t really my style but it Is always always always critical to do Market research and to see what’s out There so that’s what we’re gonna do Right now guys all right so let’s go Ahead and get into the first steps you Need to take when starting your nft Agency so yes we’re going to look at our Competitors but first what we want to do Is pick a niche and pick a service so Guys a lot of the ones we are going to Go through today are in the pfp niche Just because that’s what was popular and I want to show you guys the most Established who is the best at it but I Strongly urge you guys to be more Forward Thinking and kind of have the Balls to think about how you can help Onboard actual companies actual Brands Instead of just doing the everyday pfp I Know humans really like to not think for Themselves and really like to compare

Past experiences to Future ones where You have a mental frame work of what You’ve experienced in the past now you Compare that to new information and That’s kind of like your Baseline you Can judge differences that’s how we Think as humans but in reality the best Advantage you’re going to have is being The first to do something and not Waiting for everybody else to do it if Everybody else is doing it you’re never Going to be successful you’re never Going to be able to stand out and that’s What we call a saturated market and That’s what the pfp agency side is right Now of course there’s always room for The best but in reality guys I really Want you to focus on a specific Niche Outside of pfps if you can secondly pick A service you don’t need to be an All-in-one nft agency like ours we’ve Been doing this for over seven months at The very beginning of the pfp craze and Have gained a lot of talented people Along the way that was not just on our Day one so for day one first thing you Want to do is just pick a specific Service I really view there are four Pillars to an nft project basically you Need the art you need the nft smart Contract development and the minting Functionality then you’re going to need The community the social media and then You’re going to need marketing and so

Whatever your strengths are what Whatever you are the most skilled at or Whatever you like the most pick one of Those and then build a team around it Guys I highly recommend taking time and Making sure you’re getting the right People on your team I can’t express how Important this was this is a big mistake And this is why I think I was not as Successful as I could have been at a Younger age because I was trying to do Things with the people in my life around Me my friends maybe they weren’t fitting In maybe they weren’t having success I Was like all right come over here we’re Gonna make a business together that was The wrong approach though it was fun and I was helping people in my mind it Really stifled our success because I Wasn’t around again level 10 talent I Wasn’t around the best people so the Moment that I decided to call my friend Crypto Brando who was very successful What he was doing and team up and then Elevate the people around me I saw a Much higher level of success much more Quickly so I cannot emphasize how Important it is to prioritize who you Are around you are the average of The Five People You spend the most time with We hear that all the time it sounds so Cliche but it is so true enough of the Life lessons let’s just go ahead and Jump into what these other nft agencies

Are doing break down what they’re doing Right and how we can take pieces of These to start our own nft agency today All right guys so there’s a few of these I’m going to go through these pretty Quick but understand that you’re Supposed to take these videos look at These companies and then go deconstruct Them yourself if this is the niche or Service that you’re going after okay I Have examples of each of those four Pillars so I’m gonna just briefly talk About them it’s your job to go in and Dissect every detail I’m talking about Send them a message acting like you’re An interested client I’m talking about Going to their website and looking word For word why they’re saying things their Way they’re saying the tiniest details Are what make these work and that’s what I mean by optimizations and if you can Learn those you’re going to skip months Of work that they had to do to get here So first off number one best nft agency In the pfp world in my opinion is Ox Studio they have world-class delivery World-class development and world-class Branding and I think they position Themselves perfectly in the world okay So before we get into this project There’s one contingency I want you guys To understand there’s a difference Between derivative nft agencies that are Just making these derivative project rug

Pulls rug pull after rug pull just Trying to make a quick Buck those People those are not what we want and That’s not what I’m talking about when I’m talking about nft agency Ox Studio Does things the right way and they’re Very clear about it Ox Studio based on Their description which I think again I’m a messaging nerd that is my favorite Thing of marketing it’s messaging have The best bio in the game and those tiny Details Matter so basically they are an Artist first web3 as a service company Web3 grown brand incubator build Better Together beautiful break it down real Quick artists first so they’re very art Focused they use the term that’s similar To web 2 SAS software as a service but Web3 as a service and they’re a brand Incubator AKA they help you grow your Brand what Ox Studio does is they’re Bread and butter they find a Thailand Based thick Line animated art artist and Then they’re actually going to help them Use the technology to bring their art Into web 3 build a community around it And then they actually kind of offer Different services so their very first Tweet which I highly recommend breaking Down something like this on your Twitter If you’re starting agency just so you Can clarify what the clear objective is Of their project because when a lot of People hear this in the nft space

They’re just going to think they’re Making project after project after Project to be cash Grabbers guys be a Little smarter than that respect them For what they’re doing they’re helping Artists come into space the right way And if Ox Studio puts their name on a Project that’s a huge stamp of approval And you as a buyer can rest assured that Everything is going to go smoothly Because these guys are the real deal the First type of service they offer is Co-founding partnership where you get The full-fledged service not only launch Roadmap advising but also co-driving the Business development and management Along with building out robust web3 Social architecture that’s when they’re Going to literally Hold Your Hand They’re going to do everything with you Build your roadmap out together Basically this is for someone who Literally just has art and an idea and They’re going to help you build the rest They’re going to build a mod team They’re going to build the roadmap with You they’re going to help you execute Your utility and then stick with you as You go to make sure the project has a Good life the second type of their Service is a tech partnership where Basically they have projects with Long-term relationship partners ship Where we provide in-depth tech services

And project advising basically they’re Just going to help you make the website Probably make the Discord and then Actually make the website in the smart Contract and then they’re going to hand It off to you after mint and then if you Need technical Bots or something in the Discord I’m sure they’ll help you out And then the third service is a launch Partnership we offer services to provide Our partners with an industry-leading Technology Suite through project launch And reveal but not beyond that this is Literally where they just give you Connections help you set up collabs do Your smart contract set up your website And then again right when you launch You’re good to go that’s kind of the Approach that we take at our nft agency We’re going to help you with everything Pre-launch everything that you need your Discord your smart contract your website Your marketing and then we’re going to Set you up for all the people you need And once you launch now it’s you and You’re guiding the ship to run your Business that’s the whole point of these Alpha groups that’s kind of the approach We take they have all three of course We’ve done all three but publicly that Is what they offer and Guys these guys Like I said are the best and the best And just so you guys can see the level Of quality the projects that these guys

Have launched they did three Landers Which I’m a proud holder of they did Lonely pop which is amazing art they did Yoki ugly people and dreamy and I’m sure They’ve done a few more but those are The main staple projects they’ve done All in the last year and they’ve Absolutely crushed it so huge props to Ox Studio that’s the only example of an All-in-one agency guys that’s like the North Star that’s where you want to be Big shout out to them the next example Is going to be what I think is probably The most profitable and the most Efficient most effective probably the Best gig in the business but it takes a Lot of technical skill and that’s going To be a development agency so my friend Art McCarty is an absolute baller and The cool thing is she doesn’t even have Any technical skills just like me we Don’t know how to code but somehow she Is the founder of a web 3 smart contract Development agency and she has developed For some of the top top projects I’m not Allowed to say who since she’s my friend I know who she has I’m not allowed to Say it on the channel but guys it’s some Of the biggest projects in the space she Has to developed for and they absolutely Crush it they’ve very simple pricing Model A few weeks up front as a down Payment make sure they’re covered on Costs and then a percentage on the mint

On the back end anywhere from the five To twenty percent range depending on the Project and The Leverage that you have Understand that’s how these deals work It’s all about leverage and this is just A really tried and true business model Because all you need to do is take on a Client you’re not responsible if they’re A rug pull you’re not responsible for Their marketing you’re not responsible For how their project works you don’t Even have to associate with them they’re Just hiring you to do the SMART contract And then make their website obviously You have a moral and ethical obligation If it’s in your best guess that they are A rug pull probably not enable them but At the end of the day it’s not Necessarily your liability next project That’s very similar to a stereo Labs is Actually minded Studio they did Mecha Verse they did pudgy Penguins they’ve Worked with Snoop Dogg and they’ve Worked with the sandbox game so they are Some of the most experienced developers Anytime I see these guys on a project I As a consumer just feel super confident That they are going to have a successful Mint and they ultimately work with the Big biggest projects and you know their Smart contracts are going to do well so Guys that’s a development agency again Super simple if this is something that You guys are thinking about doing

Definitely go study these two now moving On to codex codex is your strategic web 3 partner they’re taking a more simple Approach to this game and I think that Is really kind of cool because that’s Kind of what we do our nft agency Doesn’t have any website no Twitter No Frontward facing social media it’s all Just Word of Mouth through experience of Course again I have a personal brand so We get a lot of deal flow and of course The nft academy we meet a lot of Projects in there but in reality guys a Lot of people spend way too much time Trying to make the perfect website make The perfect branding make the perfect Everything before even launching and by The time that they’re ready to launch They totally missed the moment that’s The term function over form where really You just want to focus on having a Functional product and getting it out There going to Market so you can learn And make mistakes again so many people Spend way too much time trying to Perfect everything in reality they’re Kind of just delaying that possibility Of getting rejection and hurting their Ego and possibly failing a lot of people Really really fall into that trap where They think they need to have everything Perfect but really they’re just Distracting themselves from actually Going out there and getting feedback and

Possibly getting hurt highly recommend Taking the minimalistic approach get a Good product and just start Word of Mouth trying to get your first gig That’s what codex kind of seems to do Here and this is really cool because They actually partnered with this other Nft agency Arc de vac who actually work On mind blowing so I think one of these Companies had specific responsibilities And the other had different Responsibilities so again like I said Instead of just having a few guys trying To do everything average mind blowing Seem to take the approach where they had A really famous artist and they found a Nft agency specializing web3 development And then they found a project Specializing in marketing social media And those agencies came together to make An amazing project arctivac is actually A really popular nft agency and they’re The ones behind karafuru they’ve also Did a project moniverse shark Outlaw Squad which I don’t know a lot about but They are Kara thuru’s nft agency and They’ve actually crushed it our food was Actually known for having one of the Biggest launch pads where they help Launch projects and I’m sure they have Their hand in the mix for percentage of Mint for all of those these are Elite Top level some of the top projects in The game that have actually executed top

100 mints in the nft space moving on to Another project is rftp I don’t know Anything about this brand but guys this Is something that you could study look At their messaging see how they’re Positioning guys it’s really funny You’re gonna find a theme that almost Every one of these nft agencies is Saying we are the bridge because I mean K-money makes fun of it all the time We’re going to bridge the gap between Web 2 web 3 but it’s just so funny that All these brands are using that same Term we are the bridge and it might be For a reason guys because that might be The best way to explain what you do to Web 2 companies who really don’t Understand our world so guys I know it Could be easy to make fun of this say This is corny say this is cringy oh my God why is everybody saying we’re the Bridge but in reality if that’s what Works that’s what works and that’s what Business is all about success moving on To the next one is going to be brewed IO From my friend nft llama this is what we Call an nft marketing agency AKA web3 Digital marketing and honestly llama Absolutely crushes it if you look at Their rollout operation sin guys the Best way to study Marketing in web 3 is To go see the very first tweet the very First Discord announcement what was Their strategy how did they decide to

Open the Discord and llama put on an Absolute master class with operation sin So huge props to llama from one market Or another he absolutely crushed it kind Of seeing what he’s doing which is Absolutely beautiful it’s literally an Art form the way he came out created That Curiosity created that unknown Aspect of what operation sin was really Cryptic messaging then they even like Changed his profile picture acted like They took over llama’s account they Hacked him or had him kidnapped he was Crying for help it was really Performative and just absolutely Beautiful I would be 100 rest assured That this was my marketing team that my Project would be in very very good hands So one last props to llama absolutely Crushes it is Twitter Persona how he Puts himself out there is just very very Tactical and so well done so fruit i o One of the best web3 digital marketing Agencies agencies like this are some of The most high in demand because it is so Hard to find a truly great marketer and It’s safe to say llama is one of those People now I would love to see it if you Didn’t use his personal brand but hey he Earned that that’s the position he’s in And he’s just doing a fantastic job with That moving on to another type of agency Is a whitelist agency so deep in Research is actually one of the alpha

Groups that we just launched they were Actually the people who helped create The third ever whitelist launch pad in The nft space for the magic mushroom Clubhouse so we were like the third Project actually give away white list Spots and these were the guys doing it With us they would do all the Outreach And they would secure us hundreds of Spots for MMC now they’re in a position Where they have all of these connections They know pretty much everybody in the Space and anytime whitelist spots are Given out they get first dibs and so Basically what happens is they are going To get 500 to a thousand whiteless spots From one project and they’re going to Distribute 100 to magic mushroom Clubhouse 100 to another project 100 to This Alpha group 50 to this influencer And then negotia associate giveaways and How the actual rollout of those why the Spots will be done and then how the Fulfillment works and so that is what we Call a whitelist agency this is a little Harder if you’re new but if you’ve been Around for a long time and you know a Lot of people this is a really good Business model as well they charge Monthly for it and they just absolutely Crush it then moving on to the last one I just want to give a shout out to dark Labs this is my friend Amir Hussein a Fellow YouTuber he has an alpha group

And now I think he’s rolling out his nft Agency and I’m really excited for this He has cryptic messages I might be wrong But I think that’s what it’s coming to Only reason I think that is because Pretty much every nft agency is using The word labs and I’m just really Excited to see how he executes because He’s just a fun personality in the space You guys understand those are different Types of agencies that you can Implement In the nft space for pfps I highly Recommend you go forward thinking for Brands with real products brands that Actually could use the nft with their Business and they actually have an Innate audience so you don’t have to do The typical advising route because right Now if you’re new to the space you don’t Really have connections you’re not in Tight with these project Founders it’s Going to be really hard for you to Distribute your whitelist spots and That’s kind of how the marketing works Right now so a lot of times what we’ll See another cool kind of gig in the nft Space is being an advisor and typically Projects just want advisors where you Can actually just disperse whitelist Spots if you watch my video Last Friday With Gronk wizard that was his Specialist that’s why he gets brought on To be an advisor he made relationships With all the top people in the space And

Now when a project that wants to give Out their whitelist spots they say hey Gronk we need to give out 2 000 Whiteless spots he’ll just go to all the Top projects because he has that Connection and actually distribute them And then he’ll get a percentage of mint For that because it’s a very valuable Skill so guys those are the different Type of nft agencies that worked in the Pfp phase if you’re thinking about Starting one of these definitely go Study some of the best that’s the best Place to start take what they learned That’s your Baseline and now you can Start making better decisions and Growing from there but again I have to Keep reiterating I highly recommend Focusing forward because guys if Everybody’s doing it it’s too late you Want to start thinking about what other People haven’t seen yet and think about How this can be implemented in future Spaces think about patreon think about Courses and one last note I know this is A long one but I hope it’s really value Packed for you guys I know courses as Nfts isn’t the most optimal to benefit Your bottom line as a business owner but Understand guys the whole point of web3 And nfts is that they’re giving digital Asset ownership back to the consumer It’s a consumer friendly decision so Maybe the top course creator will never

Do it maybe the second or third will Never do it but if you’re the fourth or Fifth content course creator in that Niche it’s going to be a big competitive Advantage and it’s going to be really Assuring to the customer that they’re Going to be able to take your course by The nft and if they don’t like it they Can then just sell it and maybe even Make money off it it’s just a better Selling point and what I call a Competitive Advantage for you if you Actually do implement this and So Eventually I have very utopian ideas and I think that consumers one day will Hopefully wake up and start demanding it And they won’t buy a course the other Way but that could be five years away so Guys try to find a practical called Niche that this could be implemented in Right now expressed how it could be a Competitive Advantage it could be a Selling point and it might make your Potential customer more likely to go With you instead of your competitor but Guys that’s what you should be doing if You’re trying to start an nft service Those are the first steps you should Take pick a niche pick a service build Your team and then study the best that’s Going to do it for today’s video if You’re still here I love you oh my God I Hope you learned something if you did Please click the like button it really

Does help the channel if you’ve enjoyed These nft agency videos I’m so glad You’re here reading the comments has Been so reassuring all those people that Were just here that were whiny that were Just here with the money have kind of Gone so if you’re still sticking around That’s how we know you’re the real one And that you’re taking and watching Videos like this all the way to the end You’re amazing so guys if you could Leave a comment on other nft agencies Out there that you think are killing it Or some markets or niches where you Think would be great to come in and Dominate as the nft agency for that Niche leave that in the comment section Below everybody in the nft space right Now is so early on the building side and So if we can come up with ideas together We can actually help bring Mass adoption Much quicker so guys if you want more Videos like this go ahead and subscribe To the channel I’m going to keep making Nft agency and building videos because I Think that’s what we need in the world More education on how to onboard people And how to actually Implement nfts into The real world with actual real use Cases guys so that’s the mission we’re On if you’re here you’re a part of it Thank you so much for all the support It’s been an absolutely amazing year With you guys but as always I hope you

Have a wonderful day and we will see you In the next one [Music] Thank you

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