How to Play Sorare Fantasy NBA – Make a Team, Trade Cards and Enter Competitions

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What's going on my friends I have been Having so much fun watching the NBA this Year for like the first time in my life I don't know about you but we didn't Have an NBA team in the town that I grew Up in and so it was hard for me to Really care about a specific team but Now that I've been playing so rare and I'm buying these cards buying these Players it's much more fun to watch Their games because I feel like I have Some skin in the game or something on The line so guys if you don't know what So rare is it's basically fantasy sports Fantasy Football Fantasy Basketball but You actually own the cards and the Players which is really cool so unlike Your traditional League of 10 friends Where you just draft players you play Against each other and you do it all Again next season these are actually Cars that you can buy or earn through The free to play game the cool thing About it you do own the cards so you can Buy them or sell them for ethereum on a Secondary market so if you guys don't Know I made a whole video about what Sober is and the whole concept A few Weeks ago so go check that out I'll Leave that link in the description below But I do want to go through in depth how To actually play how do you buy players How do you enter competitions and how do You ultimately win prizes and this video

Is actually sponsored by so rare So a Huge shout out to somewhere for Sponsoring the video what they're doing Is exactly what the world needs they are Normalizing digital asset ownership by Actually using web3 technology to power Everything that's going on in this game Without that being the core focus of the Game so big shout out to so rare for Sponsoring the channel but without Further Ado let's jump into how to Actually play all right so first things First guys like I said in my previous Video they have football NBA and MLB They're all fully officially licensed by The leagues themselves so this is the Real deal but for this video's sake We're gonna go into the NBA so if you Guys want to learn like all the rules All the specifics how scoring Works what The competitions are what different Cards are just go ahead and click this How to play and you're going to learn All that information there but for the Sake of time and for this video I'm Going to walk you through step one step Two step three how to get cards how to Make your team and how to enter Competitions so first things first if You're brand new you're gonna need to Make an account and then you can Actually connect your wallet so first Thing I want to say this is completely Free to play when you sign up you're

Going to be able to pick like a captain Mine was Joelle embiid and then you're Actually going to get like 10 to 15 Other players so you can start entering Competitions completely for free and I Actually do have an affiliate link so if You use the first link in the Description below you're going to get a Free card just by signing up with that Link so check that out guys but Ultimately like I said it's free but if You want to play at the highest level Which is what I like to do I actually Invested quite a bit by connecting my Wallet and sending some ethereum over to My account but guys totally up to you if You're just getting started just stick With the cards at the common level so Basically what you guys need to know Before you actually start building a Team or buying cards is understand what The different cards mean and there's Really only two things you need to look At one like the Rarity what type of card Is it and then two the average score Over the last 10 games because this is Really important basically how NBA so Rare works is you're going to be Entering these competitions but each Competition has a points cap very Similar to a salary cap in the NBA where Teams are really only allowed to spend 100 million dollars a year on players This same concept applies if you're

Entering a competition there's going to Be a specific amount of points cap that Way you can't just buy Kevin Durant LeBron John rant all the best players And whoever has the most money wins it's Much more strategic typically you're Only out around 120 points on your Five-man roster and so what this means Is right here Joelle embiid's average Score over the last 10 games is 39 and So if you use Joel embiid in one of your Games he is going to take away 39 out of That 120. so basically there's going to Be 81 points left for four other players So with that the other side here is this Multiplier that you guys are seeing this XP bonus and that's where the Rarity of The card comes in and so these silver Cards are the one you get completely for Free for signing up but these cannot be Bought or sold on the secondary Market That's where you go to the gold cards The Limited cards these cards give you a Five percent bonus but these can be Bought and sold then if you go to the Red the rare cards they have a 15 XP Bonus what this means is basically Donovan Mitchell on average scores 45 Points in his last 10 games and so let's Say in the next game he scores 40 points You would get 40 points and then you Would add a 15 multiplier to that so if He scores 40 add 15 that's six he will Have 46 for that week so basically you

Want your highest scoring players to be A higher Rarity because you're going to Get a bigger XP bonus on top of their Large score already gold has a 5 XP Bonus red has a 15 XP bonus and blues Have 25 XP bonus and blues are called Super rares there are also uniques and Those have an even higher bonus those Are literally the one of ones and those Are super expensive and hard to get but Let's say that you have your team and You're ready to play just go over to the Button play right here and you're gonna See the competitions so let me quickly Explain how these work first you can go To the upcoming you can see what's live Right now or even past competitions that You've been to but we're in the upcoming Section game week six is coming up That's going to be November 7th through November 10th and basically your players Almost every player is going to be Playing a game every three or four days And so there's two game weeks every Single week if your player does play Twice in one week they just take the Higher scoring game of those two games So that's how this works and then again Here we are with the tier system again So I was explaining those common silver Cards those gold cards those red cards And those blue cards there's different Competitions for different tiers so Obviously that the people who have the

Most expensive best players aren't just Going to compete against the people that Don't have those big XP multipliers so If you're playing completely for free You can just play in the common Champion Or common Contender but with that being Said that's where most people are There's over 23 000 people already Registered to play this week but only a Thousand cards up for prizes so only one Thousand for 23 000 people it's much More competitive so for me I've been Playing a lot in the rare Contender Because there's only 871 people playing But 675 rewards up for grabs and so if We look at the rewards basically how Well your team does you're gonna put Five players into these competitions and How well your team does out of everybody Else that enters is the position that You get so if your team you had the best Five players who performed the best your Team will be first and you're gonna get A rare tier one red card which is going To be basically one of the best players In the league with a red 15 XP bonus on That twitch is very valuable and so as We scroll down you can see the Difference if you get 81 to 270 you're Going to get a rare tier three you get Top 80 you'll get a rare tier 2 and so On and so forth so those are the prizes But if we look at the details on how to Get into the comp competition here we

Can see that we can use limited or rare Cards we can use up to three rare cards And within 110 points budget so let's go Ahead and click register so I can show You guys what that means but basically Like I said earlier about the points for Each player you only can use 110. so Right now that you'd think that the Obvious thing to do would be to use Donovan Mitchell because he's been Averaging 45 points he's my best player But at the same time that takes away 45 Almost half of the points I'm even Allowed to use then that means I could Really only use like a Colin Sexton Maybe a Christian Brown Jeremiah Robinson and I only have 14 points left And so this is where the strategy gets Really interesting because you can't Just choose the best players you can't Just buy all the best players and expect To win you have to really balance it out So you need to look deeper and use some Strategy what team are these players Going up against is Donovan Mitchell Going up against a team that has one of The best defenses so maybe he's not Going to do as well just this week so Maybe instead of Donovan Mitchell I'll Use a Brandon Ingram and then same thing Goes for every single player maybe these Role players like Christian Brown who's A rookie this year he's been getting More and more minutes he's getting more

Trust and so as that goes on maybe he's Kind of undervalued because three games Ago he was only getting like 10 minutes A game but now he's getting 20 minutes And therefore scoring more points but Since this is a kind of a lagging score He is going to be someone that is going To be performing higher than his average And so that's going to be a much more Strategic play and so this is what this Looks like this is where you have to be Decisive this is where you're gonna have To buy certain players based on the week Just because you might have to hit a Specific points cap but look at this I Have 15 points left I have all five so Instead of Jackson Hayes I'll take him Out now I have 21 points let's go ahead And get a Patrick Beverly in there just Because we want to get as close as Possible and have the best chance Possible to get as many points as Possible so if those are the five people I want to go with all I have to do is Hit submit and I'm officially registered Once you own the Players Once you have The cards it's completely for free to Play so there's no fees nothing just to Register these tournaments and the cool Thing is if you have multiple cards you Can enter multiple tournaments now any Of those five players that I just use I Cannot use to enter other tournaments But let's just go ahead and do the

Limited Champion Edition here so again This is going to be a 120 point cap and There's going to be no red cards allowed Just the gold limited so they have two Different types of tournaments they have Contenders and they have Champions and In the Champions they have this thing Called the most valuable player and Basically your most valuable player just Doesn't take away from the points cap so You're going to want to use the best Card that you have as your MVP and so For me that's Nicola jokic he averages 49 points over his last 10 game but Since he's my MVP he is not taking away From the points cap so let's go ahead And go down I think Jalen Brown has been Having an amazing season is only going To continue to get better so let's throw Him in let's use Devin Booker because he Is from Arizona which is where I live Now let's throw Kelly oubre in there He's been very underrated I actually Went to college with him as well so That's really cool and then let's scroll Down and see if we have any other Players okay so here's the problem I Only have 13 points left but every Player that I have available has more Than 13 points and so this is where I Either have to a make a sacrifice and Choose a different player here so maybe I'll take Jalen Brown out and substitute Him for an Evan Mobley okay that frees

Me up to 24 points and then we could Find oh let's actually let's change that To a Jalen Smith 27 that gives me 26 Points and then boom PJ Washington so I Nailed it zero out of 120 the average of All my players is exactly at the points Cap and so this is the team that I'm Gonna rock with and that's where Strategy gets involved so let's say I Didn't want to make that sacrifice I Only had about 15 points left and I need To go find a player that averages less Than 15 points so I would just go here I Would go to the market and then I would Decide two different strategies you can Go to the market and you can do manager Sales which is just the buy now option The buy now option just like eBay you Can look up any player you want so just Go to player let's type in LeBron James And then you can see all the Lebron James for sale if you need to buy them Right now and enter them because the Deadline's approaching I always go to Lowest price and then I could pick up a LeBron James for 90 now if you want to Try to get better deals you have a Little more time on your hands you're Actually going to be able to go to these New card auctions and so the cool thing That's so rare is doing they didn't just Release all these cards into the wild Into the market immediately they are Always constantly on a rolling auction

There are 5 000 of each player as a gold Card one thousand of each player red 100 Of each blue and then one of one the Unique blacks and so the unique blacks Are by far the most expensive the blues Super rares are also very expensive Because you get a 25 multiplier so if You look here you can see that Andrew Wiggins is up for auction and that is Available for one minute this auction Ends in one minute so let's say I want To bid on Andrew Wiggins someone just Bid on him for 449 dollars I'm gonna go Ahead and place a bid for 476. Gotta Type in my password all right so let's Just go ahead and place a bid for 536 Dollars that's my bid and if anyone Decides to outbid me then I will lose But if I have the heist I just got Outbid but basically Whoever has the Highest bid when time runs out they will Win the card but how do you know how Much to Value this card for well you can Just click on the player click on their Name right here hit cards and then you Can actually go and see how much they Previously were sold for so obviously I'm looking at the blue auction right Now and we can look that four days ago He was sold for two thousand dollars Nine days ago 2300 14 days ago fourteen Hundred so if the price starts to get Around fourteen hundred dollars you're Gonna start seeing that this is

Appropriately valued with the market but Maybe if I can place a bid right here no One's paying attention I could get a Snipe so if you have more time on your Hands you can actually find a lot of Opportunities to get these cards cheaper Than anybody else has if you're at the Right time right place and you're paying Attention so that's really cool guys Let's go ahead and go back to the market Let's say like I said I need a card that Has less than 15 points all I would do Here is go to the 10 game average and Slide this down to 15. so I won't see Any card that has more than 15 points And then on top of that maybe I want it To be a red I don't want to see any gold So I'll type that in and then maybe even Then I want to look for a player that I Specifically want this week because I Know that they have a good matchup if This is a player that's only averaging About 10 to 15 points per game this Means they're probably not a starter and So you're going to want to look for Players that a might have a good match Up maybe they're really big they're Seven footer and the team they're Playing has no seven Footers so they're Going to get more minutes for this game Specifically or maybe the starter that Plays their position gets hurt and now They're the next person up and they're Going to be playing much more this week

And so their average score is only 11 But they only usually play 10 minutes Now the person that plays in their spot Is hurt so now they're going to play 20 To 30 minutes a game and they're much Likely to score more points so that's Where you can get really strategic and The more you follow the NBA the better You're going to be at this now I don't Have a lot of time and so I use this Tool called so rare data to just really Give you a high level thing of what's Going on so guys I've been playing this Every week but I think a lot of you are Probably smarter than me and I don't Have enough time to watch everything so If you're into so rare and you're Playing this every week join my Discord I'm bringing back my personal Discord The Brett way I'll make that the second Link in the description below and I have Channels where we can all talk about and Just nerd out about so rare because this Is something that I've been really Enjoying the last few weeks and that'll Be really fun for us all to do together So we can hang out in voice chat we can Talk about so rare you could give me Advice on what players I should be using This week and if we win together we'll Make sure to share the love so guys That's kind of how it works you can just Search for specific players their team Whatever score they have whatever type

Of Rarity you're looking for based on What you need for that week's Competition and another really cool Thing these cards are Lifetime and so That's where age actually matters if You're buying a LeBron or Kevin Durant Who are in their 30s and kind of at the End of their career that might not be as Good of a choice when you can get like a Rookie who has decades considering these Cards last forever it's not just another Interesting Dynamic that goes into the Market value of these cards but alright Guys at a high level that is how to make Your first team what players to look for What metrics matter and how to actually Enter your competitions and buy and sell Players so guys that's going to do it For today's video I want to give one Last shout out to so rare for sponsoring Today's video I think what they're doing Is huge and I love that they're just Using nfts and web3 Technology to Enhance an existing experience you know Nfts you don't need to reinvent the Wheel they are just using this to solve The digital asset ownership problem They're doing it so so seamlessly They're doing it the right way with Official licenses from the biggest Leagues and I couldn't be a bigger fan Of what so rare is doing so guys if you Do want to play click that affiliate Link that first link in the description

Below and if you use my link you'll Actually get 20 common cards and one Limited card if you buy five cards of Any price from the primary market so Once you get signed up once you get your First team made join my Discord we can Hang out in a voice chat we can talk in General chat look for those underrated Players who we think will be good picks This week and if we win together we can All share the left but guys I hope you Enjoyed this video click the like button If you like what sober is doing other Than that I hope you have a wonderful Day and I will see you in the next one Foreign [Music]

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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