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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the bret way and today We’re talking about how you can get Clients for your nft agency let’s get Into it [Music] All right guys so i’ve been getting a Lot of good feedback on the nft agency Videos and i really do think this is an Important mission because we need web3 Native people like you onboarding these Companies into the space we’ve seen so Many projects come in and just Absolutely fail on their go to market Strategy and that’s why this is so Important to me i’ve been having a lot Of fun making these videos and really i Think this is the best way we as a Community can actually help bring mass Adoption so guys today i’m actually Going to bring on my partner brandon who Is actually a co-founder of the nft Academy with me and he just so happened To have started a media marketing agency When he was 20 years old it was in the First year he was having clients like Spirit airlines and universal music Group so it’s safe to say that he’s very Experienced and knows how to get clients Very early on in his agency so hopefully His lessons can help you guys figure out How you can do this for yourself now one Thing i want to talk about real quick Before bringing brandon on is that it’s

Very very important to have at least Somewhat of tangible results to show Potential clients because it’s not very Smart to just say hey trust me i can do This even though you’ve never done it Before and so i think it’s very very Important a lot of people in the nft Academy have been working on profile Picture projects and have been holding Off from dropping just because of market Conditions and that makes sense and i Really do think that no matter where you Are in the process of your project you Should still go ahead and plan on Minting whether it’s a free mint or you Have a mint price whatever it is just Get that out there go through that full Experience live it and that way you have Some results backing you that you can Show that these companies can feel rest Assured that you know how to do smart Contract development you know how to Build a community and you know how to do All these steps because you’ve done it Before so that’s really really important And something that you absolutely need To leverage when potentially getting on Client calls but with that being said Let’s get brandon on so you can actually Get the opportunity to talk to potential Clients brandon welcome back to the Channel guys if you didn’t know this This is my partner everything that i’ve Done in the nf2 space he’s been right

There alongside with me he really Handles the back end does the Development and also really helps with The marketing as well so very very Experienced on top of that he is the Co-founder of nft academy and really Heads that up with me so brandon i’m Really excited because you have some Agency experience in your life and had a Lot of success very early on into the Start of the agency the agency still Exists by the way so that’s a five year Long agency so brandon tell us your Secrets how did you do this it’s always Something that i’ve really admired about You so share it so i’ll be completely Honest when i first started my agency Honestly i saw it all over social media Everybody was starting a marketing Agency doing social media marketing and At the time i was in school i didn’t Have a ton of money i didn’t have an Absurd amount of experience obviously You know i did video work in high school For some companies and started dabbling A little bit in the marketing side but No like actual authentic experience and I didn’t have money either so it was Really difficult so i almost in a sense Would be like okay i’m gonna start an Agency that way i can like gain the Experience needed without necessarily Spending my own money right like i can Learn um and these companies will bring

Me on and obviously at the time it was Very affordable i’m very cheap compared To many agencies um but it really just Opened up an opportunity for me to Network and meet people as well as Develop and hone in on my own skills Okay well that you did and that’s really Important developing hard skills so you Can actually help these companies and so I think a lot of people might be at that Phase where they have dialed in what They’re good at they’ve kind of Assembled a team from watching these Videos and they’re excited to start Their agency so they have the team they Have the skills but now they just don’t Know where to go to get a big company or Get any client to help with their Services what would you do what would The first steps you take to get your First nft agency client okay so the First thing i’m going to do is we’re Going to backtrack a little bit just to Make sure that i know a lot of you have Been building your teams i know a lot of You have a lot of things in place but Don’t get too ahead of yourself you’re Going to make mistakes that’s just how You learn but if i can help you avoid Some of those mistakes and set up a Foundation for your agency to where You’re actually retaining the clients That you bring on board um and it makes You look good in the same process i

Think i just really want to quickly Cover just a few foundational things When it comes your agency number one First thing i’m going to mention is There’s no shortcuts to this there’s no Shortcuts to starting any long-term Business in general so if you’re gonna Do this and you wanna build something That’s authentic this is gonna take time And you just have to be okay with that The second thing is identify your core Service what are you best at and in this Space less is more i did fall into the Trap and many other people do if you Offer more services it’s a better chance Of getting clients which i guess you Could make the argument that it is but i Promise you it will hurt you in the long Run rather than help you because there’s No way and many of you don’t have you Know an absurd amount of experience and A ton of case studies and previous Results that you can prove um to really Close clients right off the jump so Identifying one core skill that you’re Developing that you can really focus on Producing good results that you can show To future clients is the best way to Scale you can always add more services In the future but really identifying one Core thing is going to help you a ton The next thing obviously build your team Outsource if needed you can also do Agencies on your own i know a lot of

Single person agencies at the same time But ultimately depends on the service That you want to provide the third thing That i’m going to say or the fourth Thing i’m going to say is then build Your brand obviously socials website etc Probably the most important thing i Would say next is have a detailed Onboarding process what do you do when a Client signs what is the first email They get what are the steps what access Do you need what accounts do you need Have all of this very detailed out Strategize pre-written however you want To do it i know a lot of you are just Focused on how do i get clients but what Happens when you get one and your Onboarding process is garbage and it’s Just not a good look again just like Building nft projects everything in the Space is perspective and you want to Create your brand in a way where it’s Perceived as extremely high value and Part of that is just having a very Detailed system and process the next Thing i would say is obviously how to Prove yourself and create credibility if You do have previous work previous Experience case study start to compile Those things build out a list obviously You can add your fluff if you you know Deem needed but these are really Important and then lastly your pitch i Think a lot of people skip this and they

Just focus on all the other things how Do i get clients how do i get in front Of people but they don’t really dial in On what they’re gonna say to that person When they get their foot in the door or That business or that brand and the Pitch is gonna be extremely important it Needs to be concise and this pitch will Also help you when hiring and getting People to see your vision at the same Time you know your first email outreach Right if you’re sending emails if you’re Contacting them through social media Whatever it might be your pitch is going To be important so just make sure you Have those steps really dialed in before You even decide to really start dialing In on your lead generation process Because if you don’t have that if you Don’t have the foundation It will catch up to you super important Because everyone’s always asking us how To get clients but i know for a fact They do not have an onboarding process They don’t have brand socials nothing Down one side note i want to say for This guys you need all this absolutely But i really believe the philosophy Function over form it’s more important To get the basics out and done than Spending weeks trying to make the Perfect website or the perfect socials Or the perfect onboarding process just Think about it get something down that

Works that’s seamless and go because Most people the scariest part is getting On that call and then possibly facing Rejection so really really focus on Getting it make sure you put energy and Effort into it but you want to get out There and you want to start failing Essentially so you can start learning Exactly and then now i guess we can jump Into lead generation obviously the Biggest roadblocks that i see with People starting agencies number one is Getting clients and work like you just Said and secondly is gaining experience Needed to be able to sell a service Right and so there are a few things Obviously because as a client the three Most important things to you is trust Credibility and obviously that the Person that you’re hiring has experience And that’s any job that’s you being any Boss agencies clients you know software Company whatever you’re trying to build Project this is very important so trust Credibility experience so how do you Gain experience first of all like we’ll Start at the very bottom right like how Do you get experience if you have never Done this before if you’ve never done Work for other companies the easiest Thing i can tell you and again this goes Back to the first thing that i said when I started was this isn’t easy is free Work don’t be afraid to put yourself in

Positions where you’re working for free To just gain the experience and see People who are obviously better than you See their process how they do it how They learn obviously take a ton of Courses try to learn as much as you Possibly can that never ends actually We’re still doing that but free work is Gonna be important don’t feel like you Have to make the bag right up front this Is a long-term game that is the easiest Way to do it secondly is obviously Starting your own business starting your Own project if you’re currently working On your project just like you said Earlier you know it’s like just go ahead And get it out there go ahead and move On it try to gain results see what Results you get at the end of the day Like this entire game if you want to be Successful it’s all based on failures The only way you learn is by failing and I feel like school and other things and Education system it’s like they punish You for failing but and it’s just not a Good habit to get into be okay with it Know you’re gonna make mistakes but if You are working on something right now Your own business tool whatever it might Be project just go ahead and focus on That get it out there try to create a Case study try to pull little things That you’ve learned out of it that you Can use in your pitch just to gain

Credibility and trust with any client That you’re talking to now the one thing That i will say is probably the best way To number one grow your network which is Extremely important when building an Agency and really anything in general Your network is your net worth we say That all the time but is partnering with Agencies especially if you don’t have a Ton of credibility just because a lot of These agencies even ourselves we get Overwhelmed we have a big team but even Then we can’t take on everything right And at times it’s like we need to Outsource specific things so we can free Up time to take on newer projects and we Outsource a lot of agencies just partner With other agencies that are below them To outsource to just to get work done And now what this allows you to do Number one is it could allow you to be Able to use that client’s name as a case Study for your own agency or establish Good partnerships or give you a chance To almost create your own reputation With these clients that they have Because you may be on calls with them You may be talking with them but at the Same time it just creates more Experience and if you do good work for These agencies they will start handing You big deals and the good thing about It is they’ve already pitched them They’ve already been making money off of

Them so it’s really just a matter of you Negotiating with an agency on how much You need to get paid for your time to do A specific service but they’re already Open to that they wouldn’t have you know Even hopped on a call with you if they Weren’t ready to give you money and That’s just how it works so just think About it this way like as an agency we Have a team and we can handle a few Projects at a time right but sometimes Things come in waves and sometimes we Need three websites this week sometimes There’s going to be weeks where we don’t Need any websites so sometimes we have To outsource even though we can do Everything ourselves we need other web Design agencies or our agencies or Marketing agencies depending on the time And so this is a really good example of Why there is demand and that you should Be reaching out to other agencies and See how you guys can help each other Like to an extent it could be another Agency it could be another project and Again going back to the free work you Could reach out to another project be Like i have this skill you guys are in Dire need of this it doesn’t look like You guys are doing it can i just do it For free i just want to help you guys i Believe in your project whatever your Pitch to get the foot in the door is but Just by doing that you never know who

You’re going to meet in that project you May meet someone who is actively helping On another project that needs your help And sees the value that you provide and Now there’s a money-making opportunity There but agency partnerships i i think Is very overlooked i feel like a lot of People are like why would i want to work With my competitor again we say this all The time like this space is all about Collaborating the only way you grow is By collaborating with other people who Are doing the same thing as you and it Doesn’t matter what space it’s in Doesn’t matter if you’re an agency or You’re a solo entrepreneur it’s the same Thing don’t feel like people are your Competition there’s always something to Learn from someone else and if you can Put yourself in a position where you’re Working with people who you’re Technically competing with but you Establish a relationship and they want To help and it’s mutual you will benefit In more ways than you can imagine i mean Some of the biggest projects that we’ve Had on the table came from other Agencies who have a huge brand on the Hook right now they just do not have the Time and it’s a time sensitive offer so They always pass it down to other people They can trust like us so you have a Network of other agencies okay so that’s Step number one

There’s You got something else yeah i mean if You want The next thing i would say is an option And obviously you took this approach as Well but this is personal preference is Brand yourself create your own personal Brand and brand yourself as an expert Like brand yourself as someone that People can trust that and you’re Providing value to people that uh you Say that all the time you know you Started your youtube channel and just Providing value that’s all you did in The same way that put you in a position Where people looked up to you and they Saw you as an expert in the space and at The time when you first started youtube Channel no one knew who you were you Know but this is just part of the Process and yes that takes time and it Is something you can do you know and Focus on for a few months but at the Same time everything is going to take Time it’s a patient’s game so as you Know you’re kind of building the back End and building the fundamentals to Your agency you can also work on doing Free work and building your personal Brand at the same time for a few months You know and do two things at once i Mean tap into it at both angles and then The last thing i’m gonna say is your Outreach approach is how you reach out

To someone now everybody like myself and You obviously we get hit up all the time About projects and people asking us to Advise or they need help on marketing or Really whatever it might be but all of Them are the same it’s literally a dm And it could either be a full page or a Paragraph or it could be you know a few Sentences but it’s all the same and i Get all these like hey is the first Message and then it’s like i have a Project it’s really cool this is going To be the next big thing you know like Everything it’s literally the same thing So you want to find a unique way where You can stand apart and now obviously You can be as strategic and as creative As you want with this but one thing that I’ll say is a simple way of doing it is Creating a video now let’s just say you Created a small personal brand you know Maybe it’s on twitter maybe it’s on Youtube maybe you’re just emailing Someone but create a thorough video Analysis of that business of that Company of that project that you want to Work with and start literally laying out The things that they’re doing wrong i Just want to help you you know is is This notion of the video and when they See that first of all it’s way easier to Consume and see what you’re talking About your vision and what you’re seeing Than through a standard email or a text

So create like a short like three minute Video running through all the different Issues how you can solve them and what The benefit will be when you solve these Issues have them see kind of the whole Game plan and it’s unique it’s a video And if i see the quality and i’m like Wow this is like a very quality video And i now i’m like i visualize i see What they’re trying to say i see the Issues that they’re bringing up i’m like Okay those are good points you know i’m Gonna take the next step and just hop on A call with them because at the end of The day just like you’re not trying to Sell them up front your one email isn’t Gonna do anything is not gonna get them Any closer to purchasing your service so It’s a matter of really just getting That foot in the door opening up that Conversation and the best way to do it Is by being unique and i think the Videos are really overlooked and they’re Very easy to shoot that’s actually Something i used to do with my video Agency and it was really quality over Quantity making something specific to Them and identifying a problem they Didn’t even know they had and then Immediately giving them the solution and Then within that video they got to pick Up on my mannerisms how i speak do they Like my energy like those little details Really matter to get your foot in the

Door and again free work is something That i did so unbelievably much in my First two years like i would Intentionally try to do things for free So then that way they’d want to do me a Favor that would go way further than the Thousand dollars they might have paid me Those are two things i really want to Point out right there and those are Really important so guys of course There’s like cold email outreach there’s Linkedin lead gen there’s so many videos On specific legion out there but again It’s really important you understand the Specific niche you’re in and what medias They actually consume within each other Like if you’re trying to reach out to an Nft project or an nft company don’t Email them you want to go into their Discord server these are very simple Things and understand that it’s not Universal one side note yeah i mean you Could also like dive deep do research Look into the company try to see if you Have anyone you know that already has That connection established because that Works way better is the intro yeah Exactly if someone already trusts that Person that you’re reaching out to and You use them to kind of get your foot in The door you’re immediately levels up Versus that guy who just out of the blue Just emailed them um but at the end of The day like those three things i

Mentioned even the free work included Right like agency partnerships branding Yourself and really coming up with a Unique outreach approach you should be Doing all of it now What you start with obviously depends on Your experience and what you what Service you want to offer but at the end Of the day you can never go wrong by Branding yourself as an expert and first Of all that will help you in other Aspects of your life and your network in General and then agency partnerships Probably the easiest way to make money And you know establish the credibility And experience that you need and then Obviously the unique outreach approaches Is key so i used to watch videos like This all the time when i was starting my Agency and i’d always get so frustrated Like why can’t they just show me a Step-by-step process to get clients Every single time that just works it’s Because it’s not that simple and it’s Not that black and white you do need to Look for these specific projects or Message people in a specific way that’s Strategic and it’s all contingent on the Niche so if you guys are interested i Did make we did a live training in nfc Academy last week where i broke down Like the seven parts of an nft agency And in one of those parts is how to get Clients and i broke down a strategy

Specifically for patreon you want to Make a list of a 100 creators make the List get their emails and then you’re Going to want to go into each creator Find a specific point about their Content that stands out to you and then Send them an email in relation to that Point and that way you can get over 100 People on the same niche speak to them Directly and that’s the best way to get Your foot in the door you want to make Sure it’s very clickbaity very flashy i Can make you a million dollars in a Month assuming that the mint does well And to stand out so they’ll actually Open their email but guys we could talk About this forever we’re talking really Fast because we’re trying to keep this Video short and so you guys can kind of Get the major points of what it takes to Get clients but if you want more content Like this and actually talk to us Directly in the nft academy we do weekly Small groups every single week where you Can talk to us and we actually answer Your questions and just have Conversations about what we’re seeing as Well as live trainings every week and if You can’t make it we have recordings There so i’ll put that recording as the First link in the video description for This video so you can go check that out That one’s just for free so you can kind Of get a taste of what we do in the nfc

Academy but we’re having a lot of fun And i think this is a very very Important mission like i said because if We want mass adoption if we want people To benefit from this technology it needs To be from web 3 native people like you And i that have been living this for the Last year so brandon i think this was Infinitely valuable thank you so much For coming on and sharing that for sure You’re someone that i can hold in high Regard in this field so i think it’s Really relevant so do you have anything Else you want to share before we go nah I think at the end of the day you nailed It right like this is a huge opportunity Obviously we’re all here because we Believe in the web 3 space and there is An issue with marketing in the web 3 Space and development and there’s just No agencies out there really that are Taking full advantage of helping Businesses on board in the web 3 space And this is something a lot of companies Are looking into right now especially in A bear market obviously to come out on Top when the market does decide to take A shift it just presents tremendous Opportunity it’s kind of like imagine Starting a social media marketing agency When when instagram and facebook really Started taking over like this is the Opportunity that we see right now and uh I agree with everything you’re saying so

That’s why we’re sharing it with the People it’s a wide open market it really Is and so many web 2 agencies are trying To implement nfts and they’re absolutely Falling flat and so we need web 3 Natives i can’t express that enough and If you’re watching this and you’re Interested in having nfts implemented Your business go to the nft academy There’s a lot of amazing very talented Nft agency owners in there that i know Will treat you right so guys that’s Gonna do it for today’s video i hope you Got some value out of this if you did Please click the like button maybe Subscribe if you want more content like This because we’re pumping these out Almost every other day right now leave a Comment on what industry you’re excited To disrupt with your nft agency and what Skill sets you guys would like to share With others networking is key working With other nft agencies go to the nft Academy find other agencies you guys can Piece each other now you have three People getting leads and you’re all Doing your own role so guys that’s gonna Do it for today’s video as always i hope You have a wonderful day and i’ll see You in the next one [Music]

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