How to Create a 15-Minute Video from a Single Prompt using Text-To-Film Technique

Welcome to this blog post where we will show you how to create an impressive 15-minute video from a single prompt using the innovative text-to-film technique. Are you looking to dive into the world of video creation but don’t have hours to spare? Well, you’re in luck! With our step-by-step guide, you will be able to transform a simple prompt into a captivating video in just 15 minutes. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to unleash your creativity. Let’s get started on this exciting video-making journey together!

How to Create a 15-Minute Video from a Single Prompt using Text-To-Film Technique


Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to create engaging videos without spending hours scripting, filming, and editing? Well, look no further! With the innovative Text-To-Film technique powered by Nvidia AI, you can effortlessly generate a 15-minute video from just a single prompt. In this article, we will explore this groundbreaking AI tool and learn how you can use it to create captivating videos for various purposes.

What is Nvidia AI?

Nvidia AI is an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to generate entire films from simple text prompts. This cutting-edge technology takes your input and transforms it into a professionally scripted video, complete with a voiceover and stock footage. You no longer need to rely on complex production processes or expensive equipment. Nvidia AI simplifies the video creation process, making it accessible to everyone.

Enter a Prompt and Generate a Video

Using Nvidia AI is remarkably straightforward. Just enter your desired prompt, and the tool will handle the rest. Whether you want to create a promotional video, an educational piece, or a captivating story, Nvidia AI has got you covered. Its intelligent algorithms analyze your prompt to determine the appropriate tone and style for your video.

Select a Workflow and Customize

Nvidia AI offers various workflows that suit different video platforms and purposes. For instance, if you’re targeting YouTube Shorts, you can select that workflow to optimize your video accordingly. Once you’ve chosen the workflow, it’s time to dive into customization.

Customizing the Prompt, Voice, and Subtitles

With Nvidia AI, you have the flexibility to customize your video further. You can refine the prompt to ensure it perfectly aligns with your vision. Additionally, you can select the voice that narrates your video, choosing from a range of natural-sounding options. If needed, you can even add subtitles to enhance accessibility or reach a wider audience.

Generate the Video and Make Edits

Once you’re satisfied with the customization settings, simply hit the “Generate” button. Nvidia AI will work its magic, pulling stock footage from a vast database of over 16 million stock media files to complement your script. In just a matter of minutes, your 15-minute video will be ready to go!

However, the customization doesn’t end there. If you wish to make edits to your video, Nvidia AI provides intuitive tools to help you replace or edit specific clips. This level of control ensures that your video is tailored to your exact specifications.

Further Customization Options

Nvidia AI goes above and beyond to offer you complete creative freedom. After generating your video, you can edit the script itself, allowing you to fine-tune the dialogue or inject your own personality into the narrative. Moreover, you can change the voiceover to match the tone and style you desire. This level of personalization sets Nvidia AI apart and ensures that your video is truly one-of-a-kind.

Changing the Background Music

To set the mood and elevate the viewer’s experience, Nvidia AI also allows you to change the background music of your video. Choose from a wide selection of tracks that cater to different themes and genres. The ability to customize the soundtrack ensures that your video strikes the right emotional chord with your audience.


Creating professional-looking videos no longer requires advanced technical skills or huge budgets. With the Text-To-Film technique powered by Nvidia AI, you can easily create a 15-minute video from a single prompt. This revolutionary tool empowers anyone to become a proficient video creator, enabling businesses, content creators, and individuals to engage their audiences in exciting new ways.


  1. How does Nvidia AI generate videos from text prompts?

    Nvidia AI utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze text prompts and generate corresponding scripts, voiceovers, and stock footage.

  2. Can I customize the prompt and voiceover in the generated videos?

    Yes, you can customize the prompt to align with your vision and choose from a range of voiceover options to narrate your video.

  3. Is it possible to edit the generated video if needed?

    Absolutely! Nvidia AI provides editing tools that allow you to replace or edit specific clips, ensuring your video meets your exact specifications.

  4. Can I change the script or voiceover after generating the video?

    Yes, you have the freedom to edit the script and voiceover to further personalize your video and add your own touch.

  5. Are there customization options for background music?

    Yes, Nvidia AI offers a variety of background music options, allowing you to select the soundtrack that matches your desired mood and enhances the viewer’s experience.

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