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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the bret way and today We’re going to talk about how nfts will Really be used in our world let’s get Into it [Music] All right guys so i had an amazing Response to my last video talking about What i think is a great business Opportunity which is actually starting An nft agency if you haven’t checked out That video i really break down the exact Business model me and my partners use to Make over a million dollars profit in The last 10 months of course we did much More in sales but that was just our take And we really just broke down my mindset On what i think is necessary for mass Adoption and that’s going to be business Owners like you and i that can help on Board companies into the web 3 space so Definitely go check out that last video But guys also understand it’s completely Okay if you’re not interested in being a Business owner being an entrepreneur Starting a business is probably one of The hardest things that you can do but Guys just want you to know that that’s My passion that’s what i’ve always done In life and so that’s what i’m gonna Share with on this channel really the Whole goal of this channel is to help Keep you up to date with the biggest Money making opportunities in the nft

Space and so when flipping nfts and These pfps was hot that’s what i was Happy to do on the platform but guys i Think nfts are going to be massive and They’re going to be in almost every Business everywhere and so that’s what i Want to talk about on this channel as we Move forward so i like to keep an open Mind and i urge you guys to try to do That as well be as open-minded as Possible guys there are no nft experts This technology is all so new we’re all Figuring out together we’re really just Pioneers that’s the term there’s no web3 Experts just pioneers and that’s us so Props to you if you’re still watching Nft videos and keeping yourself educated And up to date i do like to think that Since i am someone who has been creating In the space for so long who Participated who was in communities then Actually started making projects and Building and now educating and forming More that i do kind of have my finger on The pulse and kind of share with you Guys the most up-to-date thoughts in the Nft space so today i kind of want to Piggyback on my last video but keep it a Little more broad just so any of you Guys can kind of stay up to date with Where i think we’re headed okay so right Now a lot of you like me i was an Ethereum maximalist at one point and i Really really like decentralized web 3

Culture but realistically no matter what I like that doesn’t mean that’s how the World’s going to work and i can accept That because you know we’re rational Logical human beings over here that like To keep an open mind and so how i really See nfts being implemented into the real World is in my opinion not going to be Necessarily exclusively ethereum in fts And secondly more importantly not on Openc i think openc will keep a strong Hold on the art world maybe nifty Gateway as well but at the same time i Think that’s really all open c is going To be used for of course we have utility Nfts nfc academy our education nft is on There as well and though i find nothing Wrong with openc just realistically Looking at the decision some of these Businesses are making and looking back At the conversations i had at nftnyc With some of the top builders in the Space i see that there’s going to be a Lot more diversity in blockchains and I’m excited about that guys i urge Everybody to be blockchain agnostic all I’m excited about for nfts the core true Thing that i’m passionate about is Digital asset ownership i don’t care What blockchain you’re on and i really Don’t even care if it’s maybe not even On a blockchain as long as even if it’s Centralized and you actually can buy and Sell your assets and it’s truly yours

And then you can profit from that that’s Totally fine with me so i kind of want To give you guys a glimpse into my Vision for the future of how i see these Things working so if you guys the best Example i can use is actually going to Be from gala games they just dropped the Announcement of a new battle royale a Western battle royale style game i think It’s called grit and in grit you can buy Their assets now gala games has been Really applauded because they are the Leader in investment funding for web 3 Games they have mirandis which is a game I’m really excited about they have a Dozen games so i’m going to list them if You guys want to go look up gala games Look at their token they have a whole Ecosystem built out and they’ve invested Over a billion dollars but their first Game that i’ve seen that’s coming out Relatively soon is called grit and this Is gonna be a blockchain game where Basically you can buy their in-game Assets as nfts but what they’re doing is You actually have to create your own Account through their platform so it’s a Little bit centralized and their nfts Are actually on their own platform as Well so they’re not going to be loaded Onto openc they’re going to have their Own marketplace for their own in-game Item so that’s number one i want you Guys to really understand moving forward

When we’re thinking about nfts being Implemented into games they’re most Likely not going to be on open c to Trade okay now that doesn’t mean they’re Not on chain that means that they’re Just on their own marketplace so guys if You didn’t know openc is just the most Popular marketplace there’s also many Other nft marketplaces whether that’s Looks rare nifty gateway wearable many Many others okay guys understand that When we go into the future maybe if You’re thinking about being an nft Agency yourself understand that openc That’s how we do it with our alpha Passes that’s how we do with our Educational programs but keep an open Mind a lot of times these game companies Or these people that have the funding to Make big ecosystems will just make their Own marketplaces and that’s totally fine They’re going to take the transaction Fee for themselves they deserve it they Need cash flow to sustain their business They’re doing the consumer a favor by Making their in-game items nfts in my Opinion so they absolutely have the Right to do that and keep in mind as Long as it’s on chain it’s totally the Same thing just a different website to Go and buy and sell the nfts and once You own it it is still in your custodial Wallet so guys understand that that is Going to happen and that’s completely

Okay so if you hear a project come out And it’s not on openc don’t fudd them i Think that’s going to be pretty much the New norm moving forward so guys that’s Number one where i think the future of Nfts are going to be we’re going to see A lot of more centralized marketplaces For their own ecosystem but again i Think that makes a lot more sense and That’s what we already see with gaming In and of itself so guys moving forward Now we’re gonna see centralized Marketplaces of course moving on i don’t Know if ethereum is going to be the Winner for nfts so everybody knows right Now that ethereum gas fees suck back in The day in the peak pfp hype we were Paying 100 150 Per nft just for a transaction fee and That was like the unfortunate norm but You had to play the game and that’s what You had to do to participate that is Very very big problem because it’s not Scalable we were only seeing about 60 000 transactions and that was the gas Fee imagine if we hit 600 000 or 6 Million or 60 million transactions a day On the blockchain as a whole if you guys Understand the blockchain how gas fees Work it is specific towards certain Contracts and it can be spread out and We have 8.2 or eth 2.0 coming up which Will limit this it won’t eliminate it But it will make it slightly better and

There are optimizations so in five to Ten years i think that problem will be Solved but as of right now based on Conversations i’ve had with some of the Top people in the space building some of These billion dollar games building some Of the most important projects in the Space a lot of them are leaning towards Solana and so guys you need to Understand that whether you like Decentralization or not i personally Don’t think a fully decentralized Ecosystem is the best or most efficient Way to make decisions because a lot of People are much much more informed can Understand the whole scope because They’ve been working on something much Longer and it sometimes is okay for some Of those more educated more experienced People to be making most of the Decisions in theory that’s what you want I know elon musk and naval ravicon talk About all the time how in theory you Actually want the person who’s the best At something to be teaching everybody Instead of a bunch of mediocre average Teachers teaching the masses which is Kind of what we see in the college System we see a lot of unqualified or Maybe not as qualified people teaching At some of these universities in america At like state schools and it’s totally Fine but in theory guys sometimes i just Want you to open your mind that if

You’re really a true decentralized Maximist sometimes for efficiency and to Make the best product possible you might Want to just have the smartest people Making those decisions and so solana is Kind of an example of that where it is a Centralized blockchain not saying They’re the smartest people i don’t know Enough about them to truly say that but Understand that it is centralized so it Can make more efficient decisions and They can have some control honestly They’re pretty smart people i think They’re gonna do well by that but Understand that a solana blockchain has A very fast transaction speed very low Transaction fees and for most nft gaming That’s gonna be a must i don’t think any Games are gonna be made on the ethereum Blockchain they might be made on layer Twos like polygon or immutable x but i Do think solana has a really good chance To compete with ethereum in the long run And this might be like a google to apple Situation in my opinion i think solana Has the best chance for gaming and Really guys don’t fud any nft project Just because it’s on ethereum solana Polygon whatever it may be just Understand that founders are making Decisions based on their specific Project so if you’re running an nft Agency and you’re making a go to market Strategy yes i usually choose ethereum

Because that’s where 95 of nft volume is At right now and the projects that we Meant are applicable and usable right Now with our alpha groups but in the Future guys understand if you’re making A game or if you’re talking to a company That has more forward thought and needs To have mass adoption they’re gonna have Thousands if not millions of customers It might be a better decision to go on Solana and go on maddox so don’t make Short-term decisions just because that’s Where the hype is right now if you’re on A future focus project that’s going to Have hundreds of thousands of people That’s what i want you guys to get out Of this if you’re thinking about Starting an nft agency guys as we evolve As we adopt it seems like almost every Single company might even start making Their own blockchain they might even Start making their own wallet a lot of Them are making their own wallets and They’re 100 gonna be making their own Marketplaces for their own in-game Assets so guys that’s going to do it for Today’s video i want to keep it short Sweet and simple i want you guys to keep An open mind and understand so many Developments so many technological Advancements are coming it’s similar to Myspace myspace was the one everybody Thought myspace was the best social Media and all of a sudden facebook came

Along it wasn’t taken seriously at first But as they made advancements as they Made a better product it then became a No-brainer and myspace completely died So guys we’re gonna see that a lot these Next three to five years there’s going To be a lot of innovation i really think That in three years from now almost Everything is going to be unrecognizable So that’s why it’s really really Important to stay involved on a daily Basis to keep practicing and to keep Actually outputting so you can see what The best practices are and guys there’s A ton of smart people a ton of small Teams four or five people that are Working on really really simple products But they’re going to be really really Impactful simple scales you hear alex Hormozy say that all the time in reality Once these new tools come along it’s Going to just make things so much easier Guys think of it now where literally if You want to make a website you’d have to Hard code it on the back end using code Only there’s no overlay no user Interface no user design to make it easy For you and i to drag and drop websites That didn’t exist you just had to use Code it was very difficult very time Consuming we’re at that phase right now With nfts but as we inch forward we’re Going to get more and more tools that Make it easier and easier for the

Everyday person to make nfts and so That’s the goal that’s what we’re Heading for and i need you guys to have Be my eyes and ears out there so if you Guys could leave a comment down below What tools you’re seeing out there that Would be the most helpful for creators Or builders in the nft space that would Really help me i can’t see everything so You guys feedback is critical leave a Like button if this did kind of give you Guys a better perspective or at least Kind of more clearly see where we’re Going in the nft space but guys keep in Mind it’s going to be all about making The most user-friendly onboarding Process anytime i talk to any of my Building friends it’s always always Comes back to it is so hard to onboard Web two people if they’ve never bought Crypto don’t know what nfts are it’s Very hard to get them to see the value And buy it so that’s my biggest focus Right now when i’m working on my nft Agency is how can i make the most Seamless onboarding process possible Where they don’t even know they’re Buying nft honestly nfts have probably One of the worst reputations worst brand I mean what the heck does the word Fungible even mean it took me so long to Learn that one so non-fungible tokens Not very sexy we got to come up with a New word for it and that’s really my

Focus right now when talking about our Nft agency and actually bringing on new People is how do we get it so they don’t Even think about the word nft but they Understand the value of actually owning Digital assets so that’s what i’m trying To work on we’re also focusing on using Tools that actually can let you buy nfts With credit card so again they don’t Even have to think about cryptocurrency Now they’re still going to have to buy a Web3 wallet because decentralization and Blockchain again i do think is important But it’s all about just making the Easiest onboarding process possible and That in and of itself is a business if You can find all the pieces you need for Any company to sell a product as an nft Where the consumer doesn’t even know What nft is i would license that from You i would buy that from you just to Implement and to make my onboarding for My clients better in the future so guys I hope this shows you how many different Little opportunities there are get your Foot in that door and then sell it and You can make hundreds of thousands if Not millions of dollars just being there And making things easier for other Business owners if you want to go to the B2b route so guys like i said that’s Gonna do it for this video i hope you Got some value of this if you did please Hit that like button it really does help

The channel subscribe if you’re new Subscribe if you want more videos like This and more perspective and guys i Hope you have a wonderful day as always I’ll see you in the next one [Music]

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