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All right guys so real estate and nfts Is something i have mentioned a lot on The channel if you’ve been watching me Over the last year so you know owning Like land or deeds as nfts is something That i’m really excited about just like Imagine going on zillow seeing a house Getting a full 3d tour then we go to buy And sell houses right there on top of Even actually having your own physical Home as an nft on your online digital Profile and then being able to like have That displayed and anyone searching your Name or your profile on the internet can Actually take a virtual house tour of Your home there’s a lot of really Exciting ideas and the goal of this Channel is to really open up people’s Imaginations to what’s possible because A lot of people hear nfts they get upset They think it’s a scam and in reality They don’t understand that it’s actually Very very good for the consumer and a Very consumer-friendly technology so Today i actually have a real real estate Expert i guess is a good way to put it Someone who is a very public person Who’s done this many times before and Shares his experiences on youtube all The time as well if you’re new to my Channel my name is ryan pineda i’m real Estate investor and entrepreneur today We actually have ryan pineda on the Channel and he’s going to share us a

Little bit about how he sees nfts being Implemented in the real real estate World ryan thanks for coming on the Channel how you doing today my friend What’s up brad dude happy to be here man Ryan okay really stoked about this Because one you are such a hustler and Like you are on top of like every trend I i think i go to your channel and you Have a new video like every single day And they’re all just different from Watches selling dirt piles like real Estate and like kmart renovations for Storage units so i see a lot of Different opportunities here and how Nfts can mix but i guess let’s start With the basics what is the likelihood Of houses real estate land being sold as Nfts is that like a practical thing what Do you think on that you know i really Think that the blockchain in real estate Is going to be pretty mainstream five to Ten years from now that’s my belief so It’s kind of you think it’s possible but We’re pretty far away is what i’m Hearing i mean i don’t think five to ten Years is that long to be honest i think It’s coming up way faster than people Think especially those in the real Estate industry because um everything we Do is really antiquated and dated and so Most real estate people you talk to 99 Don’t even realize what’s blockchain or Nfts or how it can be impacted do you

Think that’s like a crux in a sense that That’s already behind that this might be Too far of a jump forward or do you Think that’s like the perfect setup for This um i think it’s a perfect setup for Guys like myself who are going to be Innovators in the space but You know i’ve got a lot of examples of Real estate catching up pretty quickly To technology that um i can share with The audience too i want to get to that But realistically if maybe buying and Selling the actual land on the Blockchain is like that might be the end Goal are there like any specific use Cases that we’re seeing right now of Nfts in real estate yeah people are Already doing it with fun syndications And you’re starting to see it with you Know basically people are nft properties And they’re doing it in a unique way It’s not i would say the official way That it will be done in the future but They are nfting just single family homes Right now we’re seeing like a lot of Creativity more so like i kind of like Individual airbnb owners giving like Holders perks in a sense no i mean You’re seeing people sell the actual Deed of a house to somebody through an Nfd so is th how is this like how does That work with the government like do They have to verify that or yeah so Basically

What they’re doing right now to get Around it is instead of nf teen the Actual piece of real estate because you Know the government and how we do title Won’t allow that right now the way They’re doing it is they’re nft the llc That owns the real estate and so by you Buying this nft you have ownership of That llc now and therefore you own the Property that the llc owns that’s kind Of what you mean by syndicating it as Well like people do that at scale um Syndication would be a little bit Different um there’s a lot of things They’re doing with tokenizing real Estate which i’m really excited about But on just like the single family side If i wanted to go sell you one of my House flips this would be the way i Would do it on the blockchain i would Just go nft the llc that owns the house I would then just go sell you an nft for The ownership of that llc and then you Know or square and from the government’s Perspective nothing happened because the Llc still owns the house yeah so it Doesn’t matter to them like if ownership Of the llc changes okay this is a Genuine i’ve never bought a house before And so so houses have titles right like That’s that’s the value transfer yeah do You hold that piece of paper as a Homeowner and then like design is it Just a signature how does the government

Get involved i know this might be a Complicated process no no no no no this Is exactly i think this is a great way To set it up for the audience because This is explains why blockchain is Better okay so let’s break it down Because title companies are kind of one Of the most expensive parts of a real Estate transaction really and it will Show how things will change so right now Let’s just say i was gonna go sell you a House okay what would happen is you know We most likely would both have realtors Um the realtors would each make probably Three percent call it a piece the seller Usually pays that entire commission to Both the buyer and the listing agent so The sellers typically come out of pocket Six percent oh my god um from there There’s also these closing costs and Title fees right so your agent Represents you my agent represents me we Agree on a price we got all this stuff Well what’s what happens next is going Into escrow okay so we go into escrow You know all these things start to Happen the title company um I am who i say i am they verify you are Who you say you are you know you might Start getting your loan um they’re going To verify that there’s no liens on the Property that you know everything’s on The up and up right and this is where The title company makes their money

Doing all this verification and just Handling the transaction and for doing This a title company usually makes Around two percent of the price of the Home okay So you know in that sense Buyer pays one percent the seller pays One percent and that’s kind of how it Goes um along with that you’re also Paying transfer tax so this is where the Government gets involved the government Is going to take a fee every time this Property transfers it’s kind of like an Nft royalty yeah okay um And so that’s how it goes today if if Everything works out great title company Handles everything i sign off on all These different documents one of them Including the title of the home you sign Off on all your documents the title Company then takes all of this stuff Including the documents the money the Loan everything and they transfer it to All the places it needs to go and once Everything is done you own the house i Got the money you know if i had a loan On it or any liens they all got paid off From the title company and that’s how it Works okay So you’re thinking okay what does this Have to do with blockchain well this two Percent that we talked about that you Pay the title company and the city and Everything um it’s a lot of money like

That’s millions and mil actually sorry Billions and billions of dollars every Year that are being paid for honestly Something that’s not that difficult um The reason a title insur or sorry i Forgot to mention this part of it the Title company also makes the buyer Usually get title insurance So that if anything happens when you buy The house and you know whatever some guy Says oh well ryan didn’t own the house i Actually own the house the title company Would then insure the property and then Figure out what to do next now i’ve had Cases of title insurance where things Happened after the fact and i’ve done Probably over a thousand transactions Total across flipping on the buy side on The sale side everything else i’ve maybe Had i’ve had less than a handful that I’ve actually needed title insurance for And when i did go to file it didn’t even Qualify so it was just useless right and To put that in perspective on the Thousand different transactions that I’ve been a part of i mean we’re talking Millions and millions of dollars of Title insurance i’ve spent that have not Done anything for me right so you can See that it’s like a really big expense This is where title companies make the Majority of their money and i love my Title companies like all of our title Reps i love them to death but it’s just

Like it’s an inefficient thing that Shouldn’t exist in real estate so Imagine though if real estate was on the Blockchain right the biggest risk of Title insurance that title insurance Prevents right now is like fraud if People just saying they own something When they don’t but if the house is on The blockchain there’s no debate who Owns it like you can’t fake it and if You’ve got the wallet and you’re the guy And i send it to you that’s it and at That point it becomes what is title Insurance even needed for because it Couldn’t have been transferred to you Fraudulently so yeah there’s a lot of Things at least as far as buying and Selling that are gonna change and the Moment we go on the blockchain a lot of These costs are gonna come down sounds Like a smart contract could handle the Job of a title company a hundred percent No doubt about it that’s so interesting So last just for clarification on my end So do title companies are they the ones That are going to take it out of escrow Like it will go the house will go in Escrow and the title company will settle Everything needs to settle and then if They give the green light everywhere the House is transferred over basically yeah So typically In most states every state’s different In how they handle title and escrow but

Like in vegas title and escrow are the Same company and so They’ll charge you an escrow fee for Basically handling the transaction okay And then you’ll get charged these title Fees which are the insurance and other Stuff insurance again one of the biggest Things that uh chain link is working With their oracle so this makes a lot of Sense so i guess i can see the five to Ten year time horizon that doesn’t seem So long now it was such a big problem And you definitely want to make sure you Get that right at scale okay so if That’s not the case for five to ten more Years though i mean that’s like my Utopian vision that i always love to Talk about what do you think the best I know i know you’re working on this Right now so what do you think is like The best way to implement nfts into a Real estate company right now like have We seen real estate nfts what are you Doing with your nfts what’s that looking Like well i think there’s a lot of fun Ways to do it now i mean i mentioned one Way right now that people are selling Properties just through ownership of the Llc i think that’s interesting um you Know i think that Tokenization Of real estate is also very cool there’s A lot of companies trying to do this um Where you know we’re buying apartment

Buildings right now right so you know Right now just i’ll throw a grand Example for you right now we’ve bought Almost 500 units in the last year just In my normal real estate fund nothing to Do with blockchain And when somebody invests in my fund um Our minimum investments fifty thousand Dollars and you gotta be an accredited Investor And so you know they do that they’re Cool and they know that It’s a five-year time horizon you know When they invest and so their money’s Locked up for five years while we go Through this process of this deal That’s cool like people are used to it But if we tokenize real estate with the Blockchain that makes real estate so Much easier and more accessible to Everyone you know if i could take that Same fund and i could say hey guys i’m Going to issue this as nfts or just Tokens for this particular deal And you know based on what you invest It’s how many tokens you get right It now makes it More accessible because it’s just Smaller denominations and it also gives You the ability to go sell those tokens If you want liquidity right because the Biggest problem funds have right now is Liquidity they just you know five years Long time to lock up your money and

People who invest in my fund don’t have A choice On whether or not we sell it’s up to us If we sell but if i were to give you Tokens for the fund and all of a sudden You were like you know what i think the Market’s gonna crash or you were like You know what i just need some cash Right now i love the deal but i need to Liquidate or you know it’s rode up over A year and you’re like you know what i Just kind of want to take my profits and Move on any of those scenarios you could Do with tokenization and you know if you Do it this way and you have enough Tokens out there in a big enough market Where these tokens are traded um it now Takes this non-liquid asset in real Estate and it makes it liquid and i can Tell you the moment that happens real Estate becomes even a crazier asset Class because man There’s a lot you can do i mean just Pegging that value obviously you’re Going to be like really transparent what You’re buying what’s going on with these Deals but being able to peg that value In like live time if it’s an efficient Market this is such a cool concept and That’s going to open up so many doors so It’s going to happen oh it’s like the Perfect example because it’s already Happening all right so we have these Grand visions we already see like this

Is how nfts are being used now that’s The process that hopefully titles and All these companies could be smart Contracts but you’re working on a Project my man and you’re very publicly Talking about this you’ve made multiple Videos on how real estate and nfts will Blend together so what do you kind of See is the best way to put a project Together and what’s your mindset behind Your project yeah so for those watching My project it’s called tykes You know bangling with tykes we’re Trying to build a community of people That are focused on you know real estate And blockchain you know anything to do With real estate and blockchain come Through and so a lot of my audience They’re web 2 based and you know they’re They’re real estate investors they’re Doing great they know nothing about Crypto and so for them they want to join To learn about these things i’m talking About they want to learn to network with Other crypto people so they can be ahead Of the game when that time comes um for The other side of the coin when you get The web 3 or the crypto people a lot of Them want to get into real estate you Know they have no exposure into real Estate they don’t know how to like if They could use their ethereum and buy Real estate with it they would much Rather do that that’s me i would do that

Right now exactly and so i tell people All the time like the moment you start Creating this marketplace where there’s These homes and these syndications and Things that people can use ethereum and Crypto to buy into you know it’s going To be great so um really our mission With tykes is to bring that community Together and get the big brains get the Real estate investors get the Entrepreneurs the marketers the Developers you know all those people on The same place and you know community is First off the most important thing like Most projects but i think where we get Different is the bit i don’t want to say Utility side because it’s so um you know Cliche exactly I’m gonna say the business side is what Makes us different because for us i’ve Already run masterminds and education Businesses and other things like we we Have a very big mastermind thousands of Students all over the country um in my Real estate program and we know how to Throw events we know how to hold Trainings every week and make sure our Students have success and so types is The same thing for that with digital Real estate we are going to be having Live events we are going to be having um You know zoom calls trainings top Experts everything you can imagine we’re Going to be having all of those things

For tikes holders and so it’s going to Be really cool um just on the education Piece and the networking piece as we Bring everyone together In these realms but you know along with That we are going to have this entire Marketplace and basically this ecosystem With tykes that i haven’t seen really Any project do successfully yet um where If you stake your tykes you’re going to Get um our own cryptocurrency called Tycoin and you’re gonna be able to Utilize that in our marketplace we’re Creating where you know we’re gonna put Our own stuff right we’re gonna have Different courses you’re gonna be able To buy indoor events with tie coin You’re gonna be able to go to trainings And get merch and other cool things um And that’s gonna be awesome for you to Spend thai coin on which technically is Free you just get it by staking um but You’re gonna also allow or we’re gonna Allow our um community to also post all Of their stuff on the marketplace as Long as it’s relevant to you know what People and types want and so it gives Other people a way to make money when They otherwise wouldn’t maybe because They don’t have an audience that you or I have but they have a great service a Great product you know something that The community would love now it gives Them eyeballs to go sell those things

And it just creates this ecosystem with Tycoin that’s going to be amazing so i’m Really excited about the marketplace and Basically our tokenomics for all of that And how it’s going to work but i guess The big one that people are going to Probably be attracted to that i kind of Call a gimmick because it’s just more Fun than anything like i’m more about The education and people like building Businesses and making money but the fun One is we’re going to be creating these Things called tyke shares it’s kind of Like a time share and um we’re going to Be buying real estate all over the Country that tykes holders are gonna get To stay at so i’ve already bought a one And a half million dollar home here in Vegas and um i’ve already furnished it Decked it out with all these Gear Um everything and what’s gonna happen is It’s gonna go on the marketplace and the Dates are going to be there just like an Airbnb or something and you’re going to Be able to buy the dates that you want To stay there at and you know get to Stay there on those dates and we plan to Do this across the country buying cool Spots up so yeah i mean you talked about How can you utilize you know nfts and in Real estate we’re doing this in another Way with you know kind of a airbnb Timeshare aspect the coolest thing about

It is that one you’re learning by doing Because as you buy these houses you’re Going to be teaching these live Trainings but on top of that people can Literally like use their thai coin Connect your their nft to the website And literally book nights at a community Home which pretty cool we’ve seen people Like throw big parties but never like a Consistent thing where you could like Plan trips with people in the community And so i think that’s the great Extension and then of course i love you Watch my channel you guys know i love Marketplaces because i think that’s the Best way to diversify value so having Your community members being able to Like host their own houses kind of set That new standard you’re gonna see a lot Of people do some creative things that Will just be a lot of fun so i think That’s really cool but the biggest thing I’m wondering is you have a big youtube Channel if you guys don’t know he has Like 200 000 something followers or Subscribers on youtube amazing content But most of your content and your Audience is web 2 native and so what is Your been your strategy to try to like Onboard them and get them into the nft Site because i’m sure they have some Opinions Yeah you know i thought about this for a While you know if everyone thinks about

The first time they had to go open a Wallet and do everything it’s Intimidating It doesn’t even matter if you’re a real Estate investing investor who’s made a Lot of money like it’s it’s pretty Complicated your first time So i said you know what i want to make This so seamless for the web 2 community That they can get in the project and Then we’ll train them on getting the Wallet and all that stuff so um i Actually opened up a pre-sale for tykes To my community you know i launched at My my last event we had over 300 people And um it sold like freaking hotcakes it Was crazy then i sold it to you know the Rest of my following and subscribers and Everything and all in all Um we’ve already pre-sold over two Million dollars worth of tikes doing it This way What percentage is that of your supply Um our supply is 5 000 okay and right Now i want to say we’ve already sold Like you know around 4 000 of the 5000 Okay So you know we we did that and it’s been Great um off the bat and for them Basically we said hey you can pay with Credit card you know here’s the page you Know pick how many you want to buy if You buy five tikes you get special Rewards and so majority of my people all

Bought at least five And then um we said hey if you have a Wallet address put it in great that’s Gonna be what’s worked for you if you Don’t that’s fine over the next month Before we met we’re gonna um basically Onboard you into crypto we are gonna Send you videos on how to set up wallets And stuff but if you need help We are going to be able to go with you Hand in hand and set up your wallet and Get you going and so yeah my focus has Been really integrating these web two People in i think that’s how we get web3 Where it needs to be you know we’re Doing that at tikes and it’s going to be Amazing i mean i think that’s what you Have to do and it’s so crazy to me we See so many big web 2 companies just Completely overlooked that part and i’m Like if you guys care about your Audience you’re going to hold their hand And make sure they can experience this With you so i’m glad you’re doing that And i came 4 000 to 5000 already just From your audience it’s pretty crazy so My man i love the concept i think you’re Doing great things and i think it’s Really important because a lot of Decentralized maximalists will be like That’s like not the way take credit card Take money like they’re gonna get upset About it but like it gives them skin in The game they’re invested then they’re

Going to go through those painful steps To figure out so are they going to be They’re just going to be able to Basically meant a free nft basically Like white listed right now exactly okay Yeah they’ll just pay the gas when we go To mint Okay cool i mean that’s the best way to Do it i know this is something that my Friend iman did with his group jen’s Croquet club and that project did really Well and again he focused very much on His native audience focused on quality Of people and that project i think is Over 10th floor right now so absolutely Crushing it and very similar vision you Guys would get along great so this is Something that i’ve talked about on my Channel for a long time real estate nfts And to see someone literally on the Bleeding edge pushing the boundaries and Starting something new is really Inspiring and so hi guys i was able to Pull some whitelist spots for you i got Your back so if any of you guys are out There and you believe in real estate Nfts like there’s no better place i say It all the time than to be around people That are smarter than you and doing what You want to do in life and so if you’re In real estate you’re in nfts you Probably want to be in a community Around people pushing the boundaries and Seeing every opportunity out there so if

You are interested you do have to Subscribe and like this video but the Link’s the first link in the description Below and you guys have that opportunity Now so i really appreciate ryan coming On because it’s not common that we get Such experts in their field to come on And share their knowledge so guys if That does interest you and you do want To be around like-minded individuals Check out that link in the description Below follow ryan check out his youtube You’ll learn a lot over there personally My favorite form but tiktok instagram Check him out he’s doing a lot of cool Things but ryan thank you so much for Spending the time thank you for teaching My audience if you have anything you Want to share before you go Nah man go get your tikes guys They’re going to sell out quick so i Appreciate you for having me on brett Means a lot of course father thank you So much and i’m looking for that live Training in the academy my friend i Think that’s going to be very beneficial So ryan have a wonderful day thank you So much great chat my friend Thank you [Music] You

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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