How He Turned TikTok into an $11M Cash Machine

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This is Oliver and his mood chocolate Business is on track to do 11 million Dollars in sales this year and the crazy Part is he started the company just 18 Months ago with zero followers on social Media this year we're gonna do over 10 Million dollars in Revenue how old are You I'm 21. in this video we sat down And talked about his secret Tick Tock Strategy that's going to make him over 4.5 million dollars in profit this year Alone for the next week we were ripping The responding to comment videos and you Know that month we did close to seven Figure he also told us why he chose to Start a chocolate company even though he Had no experience in the industry and How he thinks anyone can do the same it Wasn't like oh like I'm obsessed with Sex chocolate like no it was like I know That I could Market the out of this This video shares the full Playbook on How to use tick tock to build an Eight-figure business from scratch so Sex chocolate it's safe to say that that Is a very odd business to start so how In the world does someone decide that This is the product that they're gonna Go all in on most people start off with You know trying to build the product and Brandon and they try to figure out how To Market it whereas I have a very kind Of clear understanding and background of Tick tock and you know viral marketing

And so I kind of reverse engineered it Where I was like how do I build a Product that's going to go viral that Lends itself to organically going battle That was like the Genesis and the thesis Of times a lot of people are like yo What sex chocolate what are you like Obsessed with sex what are you obsessed With chocolate and like you know what I Certainly like both definitely not your Passion no no no no I can't I do like Both but you know it wasn't it wasn't Like oh like I'm obsessed with sex Chocolate like no I was like I know that I can Market the out of this I know That I could blow this thing up on Social media and ultimately Um make this thing pop and we've done Just that little secret for you we Actually saw a similar product on Tick Tock that was the Genesis of tops we saw A similar product and some random chick Posted a tick tock about it had 8 Million views 2 million likes I go to do Research on the brand they're not being Sold online they're packaging and Branding sucks they have no social media Presence and it's like holy there's Massive opportunity here clearly it can Go viral clearly like it's an Intrinsically viral product if somebody With the right background came in to Execute they could make millions and Millions of dollars and I decided that

That person was going to be me he saw That the product naturally got people's Attention on Tick Tock because it was Controversial and then realized that the Only competitor wasn't even selling on The internet he then realized his unique Skill set of tick tock marketing and Online sales would give him an advantage He saw a gap in the market and he failed It this is really important for aspiring Entrepreneurs to understand before Choosing Which business to start do not Look for the best business to start in 2023 instead ask yourself are you the Best person for this business odds are You have specific knowledge a specific Skill deal or a specific network of Relationships that will give you an Unfair advantage in that market if you Want help identifying the best business For you personally to start we have a Free tool that will help you generate Personalized business ideas based on Your advantages I'll leave that in the First link in the description below okay So he saw the opportunity in the market But he's never made chocolate before how Did he actually go about getting the Product made it's crazy except Everything is at your fingertips the Reality is I looked up chocolate Co-manufacturer on Google and then I Scraped every single website for the First 20 or 30 pages and I just was just

Ringing phones calling people pitching Myself asking what the moq was asking You know uh minimum order quantity we Didn't reinvent the wheel I'm not a Scientist I'm not a chemist basically we Took the most popular and effective Natural supplements they usually come in A pill in powder format and repackaged It and turned it into an incredibly Luxury experience that was destigmatized That wasn't taboo and something that People could be proud to share with Their partner from idea through this Product like just the very first time Like we should try this to actually Having your first like Sellable product right how long was that Like 11 months 11 months 11 months That's like r d basically so it really Is that simple he just Googled chocolate Manufacturer and started calling dozens And dozens of people until he found one That was willing to fulfill his order And as far as the recipe for the Chocolate goes he didn't reinvent the Wheel he just got a standard chocolate Recipe and added the standard Supplements for this industry combined Them in voila and one thing to note is He doesn't even have a personal Warehouse he just has the chocolate Manufacturer shipped the product to a Third-party Logistic Company who then Packages and ships the products to each

Individual customer okay so he has the Product down and the product is made but How did he actually go about selling the Product pay extra close attention to This because this Tick Tock strategy is Genius it was intentional from the start Again we did not create this brand and Be like okay like how do we Market it We're like yo we know how to Market it We know how to get eyeballs we know how To get you know to drive customers the Viral video is not what drives the Majority of the sales it's the follow-up Video that drives the true conversions So like what I optimize for is a viral Video right to get as many views and top Of funnel brand awareness as possible But the sales come from video two three Four once you have the viral video you Want to respond to comments from that OG Viral videos with new tick tocks so the Creator posted video it goes viral right Then the Creator makes responding to Comment videos responding to comments From that original viral video and their New videos and when you respond to Comments from the original viral video It actually retargets all of the initial Viewers from that original viral if it's From your account yes really yes wow so It's like video two three four five six Seven eight you can make as many as you Want it's free retargeting wow and in Those retargeting videos is when you

sell the out of the product Ah and you address pain points you tell Them where to shop you tell them to go To your store and buy it right now Before we sell out like that is where Like you're pushing conversion but don't Get it twisted you first need the viral Video wand in order to like get to that Point so you should be optimizing for Vitality once you hit virality video two Through you know 10 or 20 is when the Bulk of the sales will come I had a Video that did over 30 million views That video may be generated forty Thousand dollars in sales that day Itself itself okay the follow-up videos Generated 130 000 the next day and for The next week we were ripping the Responding to comment videos and you Know that month we did close to seven Figure okay so the idea is to make Dozens of videos until one video goes Viral AKA it gets a lot of views then Once one video hits he uses a tick tock Feature called respond to comment to Make a new video that then gets shown to All the people who saw the initial viral Video aka retargeting the respond to Comments video is when you actually Tackle objections add call to actions And ultimately try to sell the product And convert people into customers and Since he chose a product that was proven To go viral from the start it's just a

Matter of making dozens of videos until One hits I want to break down just how Intentional he was with this business so He chose a product he knew could go Viral because it had gone viral before He then uses tick tock's algorithm to Test which kind of videos go viral once They do he has a retargeting strategy Using the respond to comments feature to Then finally convert those views into Paying customers this is truly genius Because it's intentional from the start There was no luck involved this was his Exact plan and it's working perfectly But making a video that goes viral is Easier said than done who's making these Viral videos and what's their process I Wasn't like super picky like oh you need To be like a super high performing Creator like or like you need to have X Background or whatever it's like no do You have all your limbs and do you have A phone like like let's work you're Gonna name the account some variation of Tabs some variation of tops chocolate Okay Chocolate Company tops chocolate Coat tabs USA the viral chocolate at This point we have hundreds of accounts They have full creative control now what I will say is that like when a video Goes like viral I send it out to all of My creators it's like yo you guys all Need to remake this take notes remake This because if you see a viral hit

Remake that chances are it will go Viral again and I don't know which one's Gonna hit it might be the prankster it Might be the grandparents it might be uh The model it might be the only fans Thought he I don't know right like I I Don't I don't know I can't tell you Which one's gonna hit but I know that Inevitably if I have enough content Going out every single day one is going To hit and all I need is one to hit in Order to drive serious impact and sales It's generated millions of dollars in Revenue my thesis is that if you have Enough scale you will win if I wanted to Do this for my company right I would go To Twitter what do I search Ugc Talk content Ugc and then just look for people who Are there there will be thousand so Simple and he basically hired anyone From high schoolers to grandparents for Very cheap next they were each required To make one video per day on their tabs Branded account they had full creative Control and could decide to make any Video that they wanted now he has dozens Of people creating content for him every Single day it's just a matter of time Until one hits this style of content is Called Ugc or user generated content and it is The most affordable type of content Because you're not paying some celebrity

Influencer thousands of dollars to make A post just everyday people working for Everyday prices even goes into how he Set up an affiliate program where he Only pays people for the sales that they Generate AKA free marketing he goes into Depth and detail on this entire process In the full podcast which I highly Recommend you guys go watch it is just Two hour hours of extremely extremely Valuable content I'll leave that link in The description below okay now that he Has the product and is getting sales I'm Curious on how he's managing all this From creating the online store to Managing all those influencers what Software and tools it's using to make This possible okay I mean so clavio for Email okay like right off the bat same Right uh I have an amazing amazing text Messaging platform that I use that 99 of People don't know about it's called one Text okay uh and they are Revolutionizing the text message you get What they do is they allow people to buy Your product Within the text message So instead of hey like hey customer Here's a link to finish your purchase It's hey customer this is a real human Being press one if you want to buy like You're like you abandon this product Press one if you want to buy it and then They have to put in their credit card

Information once but now their their Card is vaulted within the one text Ecosystem which means that any other Merchant that uses one text and has an Overlap doesn't need to even ask for Their credit card again they can Literally click one and they can buy That introduction I'll introduce you one Quick upsells I mentioned that earlier For the Post purchase upsells Um I love those guys Trello yeah I use trailer for Organization and obviously slack Um like my whole entire business my Whole entire business is run off of Stock I love stock but in terms of other Like interesting apps like social Snowball huge shout out to social snow Um basically like they streamline the Whole entire affiliate and influencer uh Process okay so those are the tools that Oliver is using to achieve this level of Success and I highly recommend everybody Use these tools if you aren't already They are super helpful Oliver was able To create an eight-figure business at Just 21 years old so is he just some Sort of Genius did he get lucky or is it Something else what I really believe is That it's not about intelligence it's About experience the more experience you Have in the space the sharper you become And that leads to training like your Intuition like your subconscious right

So it's not like like you and you like You and me like we're able to like look At a situation and it's not that you're Smarter than me she said you have Pattern recognition you've seen that You've seen that situation 800 other Times so you know exactly how to Navigate you know exactly what moves you Need to make in order to cross that Finish Line whereas for me I'm a newbie I'm like wait hold on a second I get I Fall into this mousetrap here I step on This land mine here I'm not able to get From point A to B but it's not because You were smarter than me it's simply Because you had better simply because You had more experience which leads to More intuition and a wherewithal on how To on how to basically move Um and so my biggest piece of advice for People is to get that experience to Learn those skills and you can't cheat That there is no shortcut you need to Fail before like times like I had like 20 other Adventures a lot of them were Massive failures right Um a lot of them were ridiculous A lot Of them are ridiculous Concepts you know But that's part of the game and the only Way to hit big is to have all of those Smaller experiences and each one you Pull something a learning out of a Lesson out of and then all of a sudden Like things start to clicks things start

To come together and then one day you Wake up like you know One day one day I wake up and I'm 21 Years old and I'm worth millions and Millions of dollars and it's a holy So that is the story of how Oliver went From zero to 11 million dollars in just 18 months with Tick Tock the key Takeaway you need to take from this Video is that he started the business That was right for him he was self-aware And asked himself okay what am I good at AKA what are my advantages and for him It was viral Tick Tock marketing so he Started there and then found a product That matched his skill sets this is Really important for aspiring Entrepreneurs to understand before they Choose which business to start that's What Oliver did and it is just super Inspiring to see again if you are Looking to start your own business I Highly recommend you go watch that video He doesn't leave anything out and we go Into extreme detail on how he's actually Making this possible but that's gonna do It for today's video I hope you learned Something if you did leave a like on the Video for me other than that I hope you Have a wonderful day and I will see you In the next one

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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