How He Made $1 Million+ Selling NFTs at 19 – GronkWizard

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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the bret way and today I want to share with you guys how some Of my successful friends have made it in The nft space let’s get into it another Great day My name is brandon chin or medical boy What’s going on i’m andre salinas what Is your coach crew it’s your boy push Plug and welcome back to another video [Music] Guys hello so as always the goal of this Channel is to keep you guys up to date With the biggest money making Opportunities in the nft space back in The day that was trading recently i’ve Kind of switched to building and have Made that a core principle of this Channel and so i have a lot of other Friends that have made amazing projects In the nft space and are very very Successful builders now the interesting Thing is a lot of them have very unique Angles and they all did it in very Different ways my claim to fame was Through youtube teaching people how to Make and trade nft projects uh through Youtube and the algorithm did me well And people seem to have gotten value From the videos but a lot of other People are equally as successful if not More and they did it in completely Different ways and so the goal of this Video is going to be to show you guys

How different founders that have all Made over a million dollars in the nft Space whether through building or Trading just how they did it and how They kind of credit it in their minds or What they credit their success to and so Today we have my friend gronk wizard who Is an amazingly amazingly successful Person especially for his age in the nft Space he’s the founder of zen apes nft And is also advised for the top of the Top projects in the nft space so how did This 19 year old kid do this can you Tell me that gronk wizard what’s up yo What’s good brad um so i’ll pretty much Jump straight into it so i got into nfts Around may Last year so it’s you know almost been a Year um and pretty much i started Without any money i was broke i was on Government funding to go into college at About 4 000 australian to my name And you know i needed to make that cash Right so i ended up starting an Investment club with one of the founders Of now zen apes and we were exploring Crypto in different angles there and Eventually got on board into nfts Through axiomfinity um and so we wanted To do some sort of level of nft Consulting much like the advisory sort Of you know angle that’s going on now in Nfts um but you know we didn’t really Have a way to sort of launch ourselves

Into space so it started off with Me making uh xenips so i did the pixel Art With four other people from uni and so There’s like images off of us in our College dorm and such and zen apes was Into the space itself Um so pretty much Like we had an angle of you know really Focusing on mental health for Actual nfts themselves i think there’s Such an angle where you know even if you Don’t know anyone if you’re talking into A discord and you you’re talking like Even if you have and i have a Conversation brett we’ve never met each Other you know if i tell you and open up To you about you know what sort of Problems i’m going through or um you Know just how my day is going that Positivity and that sharing of Information can really sort of you know Brand out my day so i wanted to build a Community For zen apes around that and with this Was sort of in the time when you know a Lot of dows you know we had mutant cats Dow we had you know head dow a lot of Other projects launching and they were Saying they were very related to the Community but wouldn’t really give you Know money back to the community right They wouldn’t they would give five Percent ten percent you know and they’d

Usually pocket the rest i would assume So we had an angle where you know we Said why doesn’t 100 of the mint and 100 Of the secondary royalties go to the Treasury to benefit the project But for me that sort of meant i only got Paid in zen apes assets so i didn’t Really solve my financial problem of Being you know a broke uni student Because Even though i got paid 50 zen apes and i Had skin in the game it meant i couldn’t Really sell You know the nft without getting flooded By the community so that left me you Know a bit of an issue where i had a Project but i hadn’t really sort of Cracked that financial sort of gain i Was looking for so that really led me to Um hustling my way into different Project white lists i think your Audience would uh a hundred percent Percent remember hate beast um invisible Friends those wireless grinds that’s Something that i participated in um you Know funny story i ended up getting a Repetitive strain injury in my shoulder Because i was whitelist grinding so much And moving my mouse and not leaving my House every day but that’s Yeah Um But no i was doing that grind and sort Of something that i noticed that really

Launched my sort of success into the Space was You know moderators and community Managers this was around Um december they seemed to You know switch from project to project I’m sure you remember there was a stage Where you want you would see one mod you Know on the most high project hate beast And then you would see him on the next Project you know wabi-sabi or something Um and i sort of realized that building Rapport with These individuals would really help me a Score collaborations for zen apes b Pocket a white list for myself And you know see just get connected Right and become become almost like a Market maker for white lists so i end up Building a massive spreadsheet with About 800 names in it and Every single person i would label a Founder community manager alpha grinder Influencer developer and i would keep I mean you would have the tag you would Have you know how good my relationship Was with them and then the most Important thing the last time i checked Up on them so i end up building this big Sort of system where i check up on these Individuals every three days or so in a Systematic manner this was between Uh january to march And that would that really boosted my

Name in the space and so what that meant For example if we were having a Conversation brett and i checked up on You and you saw hey i’m really in a need For a good moderator you know gronkwizz Is at the forefront of your mind you Know hey i’m in the really i like this Guy he’s got skills growing quizzes at The forefront of your mind and so i sort Of used that brand of of zen ape founder To transmute that into getting mod jobs I was at pxquest i was a karafuru and Then eventually getting into advisory um So i tapped into wabi-sabi Chilbert club And now Gangster all-stars have been on four Months and meme land two of the top Projects with some uh more in the Pipeline so pretty much like In summary i went from Founder to building my own brand but in The process you know building rapport With a lot of different people in the Space which boosted me And you know my image to to avenues Where i could make money and do Different angles and learn different Things And Each one of those was a step towards That next step like there was no Shortcut for you you can’t just Magically become an advisor you had to

Start the project first then you had to Build the relationships while you’re Grinding for white lists then you had to Add value and become useful and check up On them like when you told me for the First time that you made that Spreadsheet of 800 people and you Systematically went through it every Three days and made sure to reply to Each person like that is hours on hours And hours of work can you kind of just Go into a little bit of depth on how did You have the mindset to put these hours In like what drove you Yeah i think um for me like Like coming into this space um doing a Mechanical engineering degree and just Being sort of a normal uni student and All of a sudden for example like i’m Talking to you like like one of the like A youtuber with hundreds of k Subscribers huge twitter audience um you Know talking to elite businessmen um Like even starting off that sort of Process in the space i thought wow like For for a 19 year old you know um sort Of skinny guy victoria’s secret model Body frame not too much going on for him You know i wouldn’t say i’m particularly Smart and have any any sort of action Okay you’re smart Yeah now talking to to all these sorts Of big people i thought you know that’s In itself an opportunity beyond money

And Even if sort of nfts or web 3 goes to Zero which i doubt it will you know Having these connections is something That i think so powerful and a lot of People don’t think about um step up in The ladder but it was done in a way Where um you know you build rapport and I think a lot of people when they when They think about nfts it’s in a very Sort of nebulous way how they approach The space And you know sort of coming from an Engineering background systematizing it And But also the same time relating to People is something that i think a lot Of people can learn to do Um and that’s sort of changed my life a Lot in terms of you know even Relationships just focusing on them you Know you and i are just focusing on the Laugh you know focusing on just checking Up on how we’re going I think a lot of people miss out on Doing that in in not only web 3 in life And there’s some real nuggets of gold When you really put you know the time in Of you know growth and actually changing Your life in in web 3 and just in General It’s so interesting because it’s so Simple but i think it’s safe to say You’re a big believer and provide value

Up front for free without asking for Anything in return and that’s what these Checkups were like you were like hey if You need a mod if you need something i Know people and you made yourself useful And offered value up front Not even trying to like like oh i need To sign an nda oh so i mean this Contract i’ll give for 1500 no you just Did it and then you checked up on people How are you do you need anything else And then now that’s what got you top of Mind and so i was how we met is simply i Was referred to you by someone that i Value and he had a good experience with You and he connected us and then you and I just immediately just as this Relationship has grown right off the bat Just got into what are you doing what am I doing how can we help each other never Talking about money just trying to give Each other critical feedback so how did You adapt that mindset and how conscious Of that are you when you’re approaching These partners Yeah i think i think it comes from a Serving a serving mindset i think you Know you’ve got to give before you get 100 um I think for me sort of what i identify As a trend is a lot of this space can Seem somewhat transactional i mean i get A dm probably every day asking hey can You connect me to meme lands can you get

Me white lists from meme land or Gangster all-stars and i think um It’s Sort of just i i don’t know how it Happened but it just flipped in my head Of you know If if you sort of as you said provide Value first and you know actually go out Of your way to help someone um it just Works in your favor no matter what i Think a lot of people Expect a lot of things in a space Whether it’s a white list for for Grinding a discord whether it’s you know Someone to respond to their message and I think you know if you sort of move Away from yourself and really focus on You know growing yourself but also Giving back along the way i think that’s A way better model of going and it makes Everyone’s life a lot better i think and I think that’s really the goal i think Web 3 and nfts is about you know giving People the freedom but in a way that is Is nice you know um exactly and And obviously it’s grown my career You know in a cooperative manner i think Why not that’s what the space is about And you know we’re still it’s still so Small that you may as well be friends With everyone you know 100 we’re all in This together like the wag me a culture It might be a little cringey funny but As you’ve evolved all the people that

Are building right now like in my Opinion when the big corporations come In the big fortune they’re gonna wipe The floor with us and so it’s gonna just A matter of time before we all really Have to team up and conglomerate so i Think it’s beautiful that you have that Mindset and that’s kind of how you’ve Approached things especially at your age And how effective you are is just so so Impressive so like i hope that story is Kind of like inspiring people in my Audience to understand this is someone Who didn’t have a big following none of Us had big followings a year ago and we All found a way to like help each other And grow together Through very brute force ways obviously It takes a lot of time and everyone Likes to say they work 16 hour days just To like flex but like no like it was Literally 16 18 hours a day of just Straight providing value to other people Being useful and building relationships So there was one thing i wanted to say Oh my god sorry Yeah i just i just got also just sort of Sort of something for for the audience To think about that i i really you know Sort of reflect a lot of the time i mean When you get i’m sure i’m sure brett is Very familiar with this as you get Bigger and bigger in this space and grow You know a lot of people think about

Short-term gains right they think about Let me spend time to get this one white List i think the real grind for for nfts Is in the in the dms where you know you Are building your network and i think You know as people throw opportunities It’s important to think about what’s the Long term and what will this do for me In in a medium sense and i think i’ve Done a lot of things for free Um and i think Like even though that didn’t make me one Either on the spot or or something it Definitely made me made me 10x down the Road whether it’s in a year’s time and i Think My sort of principle that i live by and I really like from from three law he Tweeted is that um integrity and Reputation is the next biggest blue chip And i think um People should take the time to to Reflect that build their networks build Their fundamentals and build their brand Image in web3 Like that’s single-handedly the most Important aspect of this game everyone Says you need to network and build your Network but that makes it like you said Transactional like it’s about Relationship building and following up With people and actually caring and Trying to help them the first time i’ll Have a conversation with anybody any

Project founder any any person that has Value that they could provide to my life It’s never going to be about me it’s Always going to be hey how are you doing Seeking to understand their business What they’re doing and maybe what Problems they’re facing and if there’s a Way that what i have can help them and What they have can help me we’ll come Together in a mutually beneficial Agreement and that’s just the definition Of business so that’s such a key mindset And i feel like that’s the mindset that Pretty much any successful person has Because that’s like the only way to grow In the space is doing it with other People and then again i always tell People in person i’m a favor for favor Type of guy i’m not interested in twenty Thousand dollars to do a service you Help me i’ll help you whoever does it First doesn’t matter but that’s just how The relationship is gonna go for the Next five to ten years because everyone In here has a very good understanding of This technology very very early and They’ve all built things that are Significant just imagine what we could Do together in the next three to five Years so that’s kind of my mindset as Well and it’s beautiful to hear that Echoed from you so gronk wizard i Appreciate you coming on the very first Founder fridays on wgmy’s youtube

Channel guys i posted this one on my Channel just so you guys know every Single friday on wgmy media we’re gonna Have a video just like this where i talk To my very smart other founder friends Who’ve all made over a million dollars In the nft space and just kind of share Their story and i promise you’re going To see a lot of parallels that echo this Exact conversation so gronk thank you so Much for everything you’ve done for me You put me on so many cool people Already i like you always have like four Or five people i’ve never heard of that Could help me tremendously so you’re Like the ultimate connector of talent And that’s infinitely valuable to me but Do you have anything that you want to Share with before you go my friend Um Look i like what wag me wag me media is Doing check it out guys I think um Like I sort of i sort of really aspire to you Bret because what you’re doing really Speaks volumes in terms of actually Building bigger picture things And Not many people are doing that in this Space just yet and if they’re not They’re not getting the credit they Deserve so i appreciate you having me And you know keep doing you bro dude

You’re too humble thank you for saying That but share something about your Project you’re on here do you want to Shout out the zen apes or anything Um Nah dude i i like i like the project to Speak for itself um I mean I’m gonna do cool things uh you know You can follow along if you want if you Don’t you’ll see me anyways Oh you’re the man that was sick All right well thank you so much gronk Wizard i hope you have a wonderful night Everybody else thank you for watching Hope you got some value from this if you Did leave a like leave a comment on who You would like to see on here as well And of course he’s a little humble but Definitely go check out zen apes and Ft’s a lot of cool stuff going on over There and i mean pretty much any top Project coming out is a good chance Gronk’s an advisor so if you see that Probably in good hands alright guys have A wonderful day as always i will see you In the next one [Music]

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