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If you watch this video to the end You’re gonna walk away being able to get Way more done in way less time because These are proven frameworks that i use On a day-to-day basis that have got me To where i am today so guys these are All things i have picked up along the Way on my entrepreneurship journey and i Want you guys to really understand this One concept and that’s 0.001 Of your thoughts are original meaning Most of what you learn are learned from Other people you learn these behaviors From people in your life like your Parents or your teachers or any role Model you may have so understand that Typically you shouldn’t be attached to Your own ideas and you should always be Open to kind of swapping out previous Beliefs for new beliefs so these three Quick little hacks are actually going to Be able to help you have a more clear Mind and be more effective when you are Working so these three things are really Really important for anybody trying to Run a business trying to make more money Because if you can get more done in less Time you’re going to be able to outpace Your competition and at the end of the Day starting a business is the most Competitive sport in the world so you Need to be making sure that you are Stacking the deck in your favor now guys Just like i said that 0.001 percent of

Thoughts are original thoughts most of What i’m talking about today are things That i actually learned from people like Sam evans alex becker’s early videos and Many others and have actually Implemented over the last three years to Be able to get to where i am today and So i first hand learned these from Somebody else practiced them for three Years and now have actually gotten Amazing results so i can be a great Testimonial that this is actually true I’m sharing this video basically for my 18 year old self so hopefully other People that are out there on the same Journey could actually skip these Mistakes and achieve success much more Quickly so without further ado let’s go Ahead and jump into the three ways you Can get more done in less time [Music] Okay so the very first concept and this Is one where i directly learn from sam Evans if you guys don’t know who sam Evans is he has amazing content that Really breaks things down very simply But very logically that make a lot of Sense and this one is to make less Decisions aka make decisions ahead of Time so when you’re in the thick of your Work you don’t have to constantly be Thinking about little things so what we Mean by this is just making a decision Today that you’re actually going to be

Able to avoid having to make multiple Decisions throughout the week so first Things first if you ever see my videos i Pretty much always wear just a plain Black shirt i’m wearing white today i’m Actually switching it to white these Days but in reality i just wear the same Black shirt every single day this is Something that mark zuckerberg has Famously done and many other Entrepreneurs that i know do because Every single day if you have to wake up And the first thing you have to decide Is what outfit am i going to wear what Piece am i going to put with my pants What’s clean what’s dirty that’s 10 Minutes of thought where you actually Have to go through and cloud your Consciousness with unnecessary decisions Where if i’m wearing a black shirt i Have the same seven black shirts every Single day i know exactly what i’m gonna Wear i don’t have to think about it Another one is gonna be your meals maybe Meal prepping or at least kind of laying Out specifically i’m gonna have chicken And rice for lunch i’m gonna eat this For dinner and then that way if you make These decisions at on sundays you’re Going to know for the next five days Exactly what you’re eating so you don’t Have to constantly contemplate what Doordash you’re going to get or what Restaurant you’re going to go to you

Just know exactly what you’re going to Eat and so these are just a few examples Of course you can go more specifically Like what time you’re going to dedicate To learning what time you’re going to go To bed you can actually schedule things Out but the whole goal of an Entrepreneur and once you get to a Certain level of success you’re very Busy you’re constantly bombarded with Information and choices and so if you Can focus on eliminating the decisions You have to make especially the simple Ones you’re going to be much more Effective because you’re not spending Five ten minutes where you could Actually be in a flow state thinking About problems thoroughly in depth that Actually matter and are gonna move you Forward so that’s number one how you get More done in less time is make decisions For your future self ahead of time and That way you’re making less decisions on A day-to-day basis now this is actually Going to piggyback on what i was talking About by choosing your food and that’s Actually going to be eating a high Protein low-carb diet so i want to Preface this with everybody’s body is Different you should constantly be Treating your diet like a split test and Actually monitoring how you’re feeling After you eat typically the first hour After you eat no matter what you’re

Digesting and so your body’s exerting Energy to actually create more energy And that’s going to make you tired so i Usually just like to do meetings or low Mental work right after i eat that first Hour but more importantly it’s what you Eat so for me if i want to get the most Done have the most energy and be as Mentally clear as possible which is Absolutely critical in business it’s all About stacking the deck in your favor Making sure you’re optimizing your body To be at its best at all times i’m just Gonna eat a chicken breast with maybe a Bag of chips or typically white rice so Very simple very easy to think about i Throw a chicken breast in the airfryer i Go shower go do something come back it’s Ready and then i’ll cook a microwave White rice or just a bag of chips so i Am personally not someone that’s going To go deep into like all of the Different nutrients get vegetables and All this stuff i typically just like 35 Grams of protein which is basically a Chicken breast and then less carbs than That if i have less carbs and i have Protein i am always going to digest that More quickly and i’m gonna feel way Better much more quickly so that’s kind Of how i focus on my diet again this is Gonna be a split test pretty much every Morning i will eat oatmeal and eggs this Is what bodybuilders eat and this makes

Me this digests very very quickly and Again i have sustained energy for three Hours so i really only eat two meals a Day if i’m really trying to be the most Productive i can be because again eating Digestion digestion makes me very very Tired and i try to avoid that so i get What i need if i’m in a very busy week Where i have a sprint to hit a goal and I’m working 60 80 hours that week these Are things that i’m going to be putting Into heavy consideration when i’m trying To get more done and the limited time That i have so guys those are two quick Life hacks that i use to get more done In less time and if you guys want to see What i do on a day-to-day basis i’m Actually going to start sharing that on My instagram story so make sure to go Follow me on instagram at the Brettway.eth big disclaimer there’s a Lot of fake accounts of me out there It’s Thebretway.eth make sure that you follow The right one and i will never dm you Selling you some bitcoin course or ever Trying to sell you anything in the Instagram dms just a quick heads up but If you want to see what i’m doing on a Day-to-day basis i’m going to start Sharing and explaining it on my Instagram stories so go follow me over There but guys since we’re all about Getting more done in less time i want to

Keep this quick let’s get on to the Third way to get more done in less time Guys the third one is going to sound Cliche and i heard a lot of people Talking about this and thought it was Super overrated until i started trying It myself but i really want to break Down why this is important what the core Objective actually is and how i actually Practice it and that’s gonna be Meditation so you hear meditation all The time and that’s not a coincidence Why the top people in the world are Doing and practicing meditation when you Are at a high level in business or in Life you constantly have hundreds of People emailing you dming you all this Information coming in and all these Fires and so you have so much going on In your mind it’s very hard to think Deeply and linearly about a specific Problem and so you end up not getting Much done but thinking about a lot and It gets really distracting and so the Whole point of meditation for me is to Really just get that chatter out of my Mind so in the morning when i wake up i Basically have seven different things i Looked at my phone i have anxiety There’s 17 different things i need to Tackle today and i can’t really pick What i need to focus on and so the best Thing i have found is actually literally Just sitting there for 20 minutes and

Just doing nothing with my eyes closed I’m not listening to music i’m not doing A guided meditation i’m literally just Sitting there with my eyes closed and Just thinking and what you’ll find is After 10 to 15 minutes you’re gonna Start your mind is gonna go in crazy Different directions you’re gonna go Think about what you can do with your Friends today you’re gonna think about What you need to do for business you’re Gonna think about that big current event In politics whatever it is your mind’s Gonna go a million miles a minute but After about 10 to 15 minutes that Chatter you run out of things to think About and so you’re literally just Sitting there with nothingness and what You’re gonna see is after that 20 Minutes once you get through all that Chatter that chatter isn’t nearly as Persistent throughout your day-to-day Basis and so when you’re sitting down on Your computer you’re actually just much More laser focused on what the task is At hand and so if you have a very clear To-do list you did that 20 minutes of Meditation the chatter’s gone you can Just start breezing through it because You’re not constantly distracted with These thoughts you haven’t thought about Today when you have all of these Thoughts that come every morning all This anxiety with your phone and working

Whatever it may be if you actually get Those out of the way in that 20 minutes Of meditation you’re much more likely to Be clear and effective when you’re at Work and on a computer try it out again Guys you don’t need to be in some crazy Yoga room with your hands up like this i Personally just like to go on our pool At my apartment complex put on my Noise-canceling headphones with some Nice pleasant meditation music and just Sit in the pool for 20 minutes with my Eyes closed and at the end of the day It’s not that deep it’s whatever works For you try this out for yourself what You’re comfortable with but don’t Overthink it and always just try to ease Into these guys don’t feel like you need To go all in on all three of these at Once maybe just think about the next two Meals that you’re gonna cook maybe just Try to meditate for 10 minutes and see What it’s like and then try different Types of meditation for me i treat every Single day like a split test and a Combination of different activities and I guess foods or substances to see what I’m optimally at my best right now i Typically wake up brush my teeth drink a Quick cup of coffee drink a cup of water Then go up to the pool do my meditation Read a book for 30 minutes and then i’m Gonna start my day it actually allows me To get some of my own time collect my

Thoughts and then tackle my day and then That’s when i’m gonna start thinking About eating oatmeal eating the chicken And then i’m gonna shower while i’m Digesting and then i’m gonna put my Black or now my white t-shirts on and Start my day so guys those are the three Things that i do to get more done in Less time if those were helpful and These actually seem like they may work For you if you could hit the like button I would really appreciate that and even Just share this with a friend or share This with a business partner so you guys Can all be more effective together the Most important thing about anybody’s Journey in life to be successful is to Be around people that are bettering you So set that standard in your friend Group and you’re going to be the change You want to see in the world but guys i Hope you have a wonderful day and if you Guys could actually leave a comment on What you’ve done to get more done in Less time that’d be really nice to see As well so guys i hope you enjoyed this Video again i hope you have a wonderful Day as well and i’ll see you in the next One [Music] You

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