Dan Harmon’s NFT is a sleeping giant

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100 million dollars in funding the most Legendary TV creator of all time and a Confirmed show on one of the biggest Television broadcast networks in Existence yet they didn’t even sell out 30 of their supply guys this project is Guaranteed to be exposed to literally Millions of people in just a few months And just like Reddit no one in web 3 is Talking about it so guys no Announcements let’s just get straight Into it if you watched my video on Garyvee’s Project V friends I talked About the best case scenario for Projects like azuki or projects like Doodles would be to have a TV show on a Major Network or a movie and that would Be to just get more brand awareness Which is why I think those projects are Kind of risky right now considering They’re in the 10 to 20 000 range and It’s still unknown whether they’re going To be able to pull that off or not but Crepopolis already has a show confirmed To be on Fox yet no one seems to care so If you don’t know what krippopolis is Let me break it down for you my friend So basically krippopolis is an animated Comedy TV series that fox just announced And they announced it’s actually going To be the first ever animated series Curated entirely on the blockchain which Means it’s going to be web 3 native from Its Inception they made this TV show

That’s going to play after the Simpsons On Fox with nfts and blockchain Technology in mind which is massive in And of itself but on top of this not Only is it backed by Fox but it’s Actually created by Dan Harmon who is a Co-creator of Rick and Morty he created The show Community and many other iconic TV shows and movies that all of us know And love and not only that they also are Funding the show internally with over 100 million dollars to kick things off So proven TV network proven TV Creator And 100 million dollars before the nft Project even launched so it’s Interesting because we hear everyone in The space say you need to bet on teams Bet on people yet when the single most Proven team of all time announced the Project the nft community is nowhere to Be found and honestly it’s kind of Embarrassing so as a web 3 native who Understands how you guys perceive things It makes sense why many were skeptical After all a lot of big Brands and Celebrities have came in and exploited The space and taken advantage of the Community and kind of just taken more Than they’ve given so I think a lot of People lumped Fox into that Circle due To their mint strategy so let me kind of Just break down what happened with the Project because it actually did mint in August it minted a few months ago so

Basically they announced a collection Size of 10 420 and a public mint price Of 0.18 which actually happened in August and let’s be honest that was not A good time in the market and 0.18 with A 10 000 Supply is a pretty high price Pretty high Supply so basically the nfts Serve as the Ultimate Fan Experience is The best way I could put it where it Basically grants you access to token Gated content token gated merch you’re Gonna get voting rights for the show Which is pretty cool meet and greets With the team including Dan Harmon which Is really cool future drops and of Course they did like a private Discord So in my opinion and apparently the Greater community’s opinion the utility Wasn’t all that sexy and due to this They actually only ended up selling About 3 000 of their nfts which is about Thirty percent of their total Supply and With that their floor price did actually Start going below mint price just a day After mint and typically in the nft Space that means the project is doomed But I kind of want to show you guys a Different perspective because I don’t Think we’ve ever seen a project with This much Firepower before I actually Tweeted about this when they were Minting and I decided to pick up five at Around .08 a few months ago simply Because of this but before I explain

That guys this is not Financial advice Do not buy these nfts because of this Make your own decisions have your own Investment thesis and understand that You should only buy these nfts if you Actually enjoy the show but this is what I think most people are missing I think A lot of people are comparing them to Your typical nft project and are judging Their actions their results based on That as well where this is a totally Different caliber of project Fox Committed a hundred million dollars to The show aka the show is happening Whether they have mint funds or not Whether the nfts sold out or not the Show is 100 happening on top of this This show is already confirmed to be on On Fox right after the Simpsons so as I Mentioned previously the nft space as we Know it is simply an awareness game yet No project has ever had the amount of Eyes on them that krippopolis is Basically guaranteed to have with their Show the average Fox animation TV series Show gets over 2 million unique viewers Now I’m not saying this is going to Happen but imagine something as simple As a character in the show turning to The camera making an nft joke and then Showing you like a QR code embedded on a Rock telling you to go purchase their Nft that will instantly Drive hundreds Of thousands of people to their website

And that is powerful so though the Current utility isn’t that mind-blowing It also means they may be under Promising so also understand this guys Fox is a big company you know they’re Not your typical Anonymous 20 year old Dev team who can launch Securities Promise passive income and get away with It they are under a huge microscope Because even them implementing nfts in General is a big risk with the SEC Regulation it’s not very clear how these Things are getting classified anything They do can go under scrutiny and people Could find a reason to sue them so they Need to be very careful and they can’t Rush into anything because they have Shareholders of course so in my opinion The possibilities of what they can do Are virtually endless and it’s much Safer for them to not overstep but let’s Be honest they have more money more Access more Talent than pretty much any Nft project out there and again I have To say it one more time the show is Confirmed it’ll be airing in 2023. so in My opinion the project hasn’t been Successful yet simply because the demand Hasn’t been created yet aka the show Isn’t released so basically most of the Target demographic who the nft is for is Completely oblivious to the fact that These nfts exist right now which in my Mind was the perfect opportunity to get

In early so many people in web 3 Probably viewed their choice to have a High mint price and a high Supply is Kind of like a cash grab but for me it Kind of seems like they gifted us the First opportunity before it gets exposed To literally millions of new fans and The fact that they didn’t sell out and Went under mint price was lit really Music to my ears because this was my Belief before they mentioned and I was Actually able to pick up a lot at like Half price but the space has quite Literally never seen anything close to This much Firepower because to me it’s Pretty much certain that the show is Going to be good and like that’s the Hard part it’s really easy to come with An idea and sell people on the dream of An IP brand but making a good show or a Good game is really really hard and I Think it’s safe to say that fox and Dan Harmon know how to make a good show now Of course it’s not guaranteed three of Fox’s last eight shows ended up getting Canceled this year but if you’re gonna Bet on anybody you probably want to bet On people who have done it time and time Again so that’s kind of just my logical Thought process on why I think this Project has a really good chance and That seems kind of obvious but so do Reddit nfts when you look at hindsight I Mean it took us three months to realize

The power of Reddit nfts and boom they Were the Talk of the Town in every Single web3 influencer was fomoing in Three months later and news flash guys When every influencer is talking about a Project just to capitalize on that Trendy engagement farming topic of the a Day you are officially too late so Understand you had a full three months To buy Reddit nfts for dirt cheap but if You decided to buy one after everybody On Twitter was talking about it you are The extra liquidity so the reason I’m Saying that is if you want to see those Crazy 100x games that people talk about All the time and act like they get all The time you have to understand you need To be buying when there’s just silence And no one sees it and no one Understands it and so this is what I Think is the best chance to replicate Something like that simply because People are overlooking how powerful a Show on Fox May Be how hardcore some of Dan Harmon’s fans are like just look at The Rick and Morty fan base those people Are lunatics and if they made an nft and They launched Szechuan sauce just for Nft holders the price of that nft would Do very well because there’s a real Intrinsic demand of a truly emotionally Connected fan base so to me this project Has as good of a chance as any to be Something truly special and I think it’s

One of the safer bets of course guys I Know this sounds exciting but be Rational don’t play with money you can’t Afford to lose and understand stand I Cannot see the future I am not Affiliated or being paid in any way I do Have five of them that I bought like the Day after mint but that’s it this is Just my basic logical thought process Which has been wrong before Castle kids But if I’m gonna bet on anyone it’s Dan Harmon with a hundred million dollars Backed by one of the biggest television Networks in existence so guys I hope you Enjoyed this video I hope this thought Process where there’s going to be an Innate fan base they’re marketing to Community outside of web 3 makes sense Because those are the people who are Actually going to Value this and they’re Gonna get this cool experience meet People in person get custom merch and The nft is just the vehicle that Delivers that to them so guys that’s Kind of what I look for I’m really not Buying any nft projects from the web 3 Community because it’s all just hype It’s just the same people trading back And forth all trying to make money off Each other and it’s a little bizarre to Me so I’m looking for projects companies That have value and they’re just using The nft to deliver that value so if you Guys align with me on that subscribe to

The channel because I have a lot of of These videos and there are a lot of big Companies entering the space the right Way right now but of course if you could Leave a like on the video it really does Help the channel other than that guys I’m not going to ask anything else of You I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the next [Music]

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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