Buying the best NFTs I can find

In this video I go over my top NFT picks and my thought process behind my strategy.

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Hey guys it’s John Carlos so I recently Joined an nft fantasy league where a Bunch of people are trying to compete to See who can become the best Trader now You might have heard of fantasy leagues Before in terms of NFL or Premier League This is sort of like that except instead Of trading athletes we’re trading Penguins and cats and whatever this is And it’s a pretty simple game so here’s How it works so we all go on this site Called where it lets us sweep Real nfts with updated real-time prices We all start with 100 eth in play money And then after four weeks we all figure Out who made the most money and so over The last couple of days I have been Filling up my portfolio which you’re Going to see in a minute and so today I’m going to walk you through why I Bought what I bought so you are going to See my picks but also hopefully my Thought process now obviously you know This is all for entertainment purposes And I’m putting in way less due Diligence than I would if I actually was Dropping six figures on nfts in the Middle of a bear Market but then at the End we get to see these seeds grow into An nft Empire and hopefully we can take The top spot in the league they are Giving away some nfts as prizes so I Don’t know if we get some of those I’ll Give them away on this channel now one

Thing to keep in mind is that four weeks Isn’t a ton of time right and I’m not Gonna lie this actually does put me out Of my comfort zone because I’m not like A short-term trading specialist and so What this means is that there are going To be some nfts that we might have Conviction in long term but which we’re Gonna ignore because they might not have Any Catalyst in the next few weeks and Then vice versa there might be nfts that We don’t really believe in but which Might have a short-term hype cycle or Some announcements that we think could Move the market so with that said let’s Take a look at these picks 100 each to Win the league and what I’m gonna do Here is click on my name and there you Have it a fidenza for 96e thanks Everybody for tuning in Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Linkedin and Friendster for more hot nft Alpha okay now let’s get into the real Portfolio and what I’m gonna do is go Down one by one as they show up in the App which is I believe in alphabetical Order the first one here is beans okay This is the lower collection in the Azuki brand and this is one that I own In real life and they’re gonna be a few Of these that I actually do own in real Life because I have conviction in them And I’ve already done the research so if You’re somebody who’s going to be in the

Comments like oh I can’t I he’s chilling He’s Shilling his bags oh I do not care Okay not even one percent so just I Don’t know if you don’t like it click Another video now zuki’s have bounced From the bottom that they had a few Weeks back and they’ve been quietly Building in the background and so while Other high quality profit collections Have already shown their hands you know Collections like Moon birds and doodles Where we already know you know the Details of the road map we actually Don’t know much about what azuki has Been planning behind the scenes now on a Longer term scale looks like they want To double down on this like Lifestyle Brand at the intersection of music and Gaming and so like I wouldn’t be Surprised if they go down Esports for Example would make sense and if you Check out their roadmap on their website They have had Partnerships in progress Some redacted items and yet we haven’t Had any major announcements for a while So I don’t know maybe it’s worth taking A bet that something does get announced Within the next four weeks now the Reason that I’m buying beans instead of Just an azuki is because well one it Gives us a little more flexibility in Terms of you know maybe selling a Portion of our position down the road And two there haven’t really been any

Announcements around beans specifically Since they came out so we don’t really Know what they’re planning to do with it And I would expect some kind of reveal Around utility for beans in the future I Think what helps with the Zuki is that They’re still a very vocal presence on Twitter right there’s still a lot of People with high follower accounts that Have azuki profile pics and so as soon As there’s an announcement I can expect You know them just going nuts and that Could add to the momentum of the reveal Okay next we have a single crypto dick Butt which I don’t know I think I might Have just wanted in here for the culture But it does have a lot going for it Right it’s one of those no road map cc0 Projects maybe the quintessential meme In the space you know in terms of like How unapologetically ridiculous it is But it also has like this Um For me this is the type of project that Does pretty well whenever there’s a Market downturn and people just want to You know goof around and have fun and Over the past few Cycles it’s actually Picked up a pretty decent whale Ownership okay especially amongst the Punks Community which we know has a lot Of money that they spend on jpegs but Honestly I’m not going to pretend like There’s some Galaxy brain analysis going

On here you know it might just be me Justifying wanting a crypto dig but for The memes okay next we have the biggest Purchase that we’ve made in the entire Portfolio and that is Digi daigaku which Is another one that I own in real life And from the outside this one can look a Little complex but you know the thesis Is pretty simple okay you have this guy Gabe Laden who has already made a couple Of billion dollar mobile games in the Past and so he is like a game veteran at The highest level and now investors gave Him 200 million dollars to do it again Except this time with web 3 and they’re Definitely innovating they understand The space creating new types of smart Contracts new business models and They’ve stated that they want a lot of The value from the ecosystem to flow Into the Genesis collection I think they Have like 20 or 30 team members already And Gabe does a good job of maintaining This presence and attention cycle on Twitter and it looks like they have a Bunch of announcements in the short term So it fits right into this kind of trade Now the one problem here is that I don’t Think this fantasy app takes into Account air drops okay at least doesn’t Seem like it and so we would be missing Some of the value of holding a Digi Daigaku but anyways I’m still bullish on These I bought two of them for 26 each

So about a quarter of our budget and Yeah obviously the floor dropped Immediately after I purchased so off to A great start okay next we have paint by Ferocious so ferocious is one of the Most well-known artists in the space you Know just Good Vibes all around haven’t Heard anybody say anything negative About them and they’ve had one of one Art pieces go for millions of dollars Okay so a lot of demand from Wales and Fellow world is going to be their next Big web 3 project and it’s going to be a Profile pic collection maybe more stuff And paint is going to be your ticket Into that ecosystem because it is going To be the white list and so getting Exposure to pain is like taking a bet on The project as a whole now I don’t think This is coming out within the next four Weeks but it’s been a while since we’ve Had a serious update on this and so There might be an announcement soon that Again picks up hype and momentum and Especially now with renga doing so well Collectors might be looking for that Next big artist-led collection and Fellow world seems to be at the top of That list and so yeah we have 10 of These at five eth in total so one of the Bigger positions in our portfolio Okay Cool now we have genuine Undead which is Another art play and this is a pixel art Collection but it’s one that uses 24 by

24 pixels which to me looks great it’s Really hard to pull it off and it points To the talent of the artist and I think It gives it a very unique look compared To most other Collections and to me it Has some of the best pixel art profile Pics in the space on the volume side it Did spike a while back but as you can See it has been slowly picking up Organically over the last couple of Weeks and so I’m hoping it can break its All-time high once again soon now my one Concern with this one is that it has a Supply of 10 000 nfts which is just like Unnecessarily big I don’t know why so Many of these collections are going so Big could have gone with just even 2 000 Nfts you know up the quality on the Individual uh art but whatever you know That doesn’t bode well for the long term We don’t really care about that it does Fit perfectly into the art meta in the Short term especially post renga okay Next we have yet another art play this One is heads by Matt Fury if you don’t Know who Matt Fury is he’s the artist Behind Pepe which is probably the most Famous meme in Internet history and this Is 1 000 profile pics but it’s basically One of one art by Matt Fury that’s the Whole story and I personally really like The art right it reminds me of like These trippy 1990s Chuck E cheese Characters or Muppets but really you

Know on the four week time scale there Probably aren’t any catalysts so this Kind of is just a bet on maybe the Short-term hype cycle that’s being Brought on by renga and again people Just looking for more artist-led Collections Matt Fury is another one who Is near the top of that list right Somebody who has sold one of one pieces For millions of dollars and on a long Term basis super bullish on his name in History and the impact that he’s had on Culture I also think there’s some good Downside protection on this one there Are a ton of whales that like Matt Fury And these are one of one pieces okay They’re the cheapest Matt Fury one of Ones on the market so I do think there’s Some protection there and some upside as Well okay now we have other Deeds which Are the land nfts for yuga’s upcoming Game other side and what I really want To do was buy the land that contained Codas which is going to be one of the Main characters in other side but the App doesn’t let you do that it only lets You buy the floor and so I went pretty Big with the floor bought six of them With a total of about 10 each there are Arguments of all kinds where their other Side is going to be a good game or bad Or whether it’s doomed I don’t really Care this game is not coming out in the Next couple of months and so really what

You’re betting here is just the hype Cycle okay and Yuga is some of the best Marketers in the space we know that they Pretty much much I’ve mentioned that There are going to be some announcements Or reveals in Q4 and so really I’m just Betting on them hyping this up and Getting some momentum back in the Collection so bottom line who cares if The game is good if the announcements Are solid the price will go up if not Then we’re gonna lose money okay next we Have pudgy penguins which is one of the Oldest profile pic collections in the Portfolio which is kind of crazy to say Given that it’s only been out for like a Year at this point it’s one of the most Well-known brands in the space it has All these influential collectors in There and whales the sentiment around The new owners is pretty positive and Now we’re just waiting for announcements Around the roadmap okay but this is one Of those rare collections that sits in Between being like a meme but also There’s road map collection so it has Almost two paths to success and so if They put out an announcement that’s Awesome for us but even if they don’t it Could do well just on the memes alone Given what we saw this most recent bear Market pudgy Penguins has done pretty Well and so maybe it’s like a hedge Against some of these pure roadmap

Collections that we have here given that Whenever there is a bear Market it seems Like these road map collections are the First ones to get crushed now we get to The one that everybody’s been talking About and I’ve already mentioned it a Couple times on this video and that is Renga if you’ve been following the space And there’s no way you’ve been able to Avoid renga it has some of the most Insane volume action from any collection In the last six months it also has a Pretty wide base of collectors so you Have people from board Apes from mizukis From moombas from punks it’s rare to Find a collection that has this much Agreement across all of these Influential communities now honestly I Don’t think this story is much deeper Than that like there’s no one expecting Some genius Innovation or a huge Netflix Show if you get that that’s a bonus but It does feel like just an art play and Look maybe that’s enough for this to Just keep pumping it’s hard to say but What I will say is that the volume looks Very healthy meaning that there are People buying the mid-rares and the High-end pieces as opposed to just Purely trading the floor which is a good Sign and we also had a nice pullback From its three teeth high and that’s Where we got in okay so bought three and An average of about 2.2 e okay the last

Thing I’ll say about oranga is that it Has a pretty open Lane in terms of Attention right nothing else is Happening in the space right now and if You look at these upcoming drops there Isn’t a ton to get excited about except For one project which is related to this Next one the potatoes and the potatoes Are an nft almost whitelist ticket into The project called meme land now meme Land is an nft that’s brought to you by The people who made 9gag and if I’m Gonna be honest with you I don’t really Know if I fully understand it okay I Know that me at 9gag is his big platform And now they’re doing web3 stuff but Beyond that I don’t really know what They’re planning to build and I’ve asked People and I don’t think there’s much Clarity on their end either however what I do know is that these guys are very Good marketers and so this is another One of those cases where I don’t really Care about the execution on the end Product I just care about how much they Can hype this in the short term and We’re getting closer to the launch date So there might be more reveals potatoes Might be confirmed to have get like two Or three white lists for the meme land Collection and so I’m just playing the Hype cycle all right there you have it Guys that’s the full portfolio and we’ve Kept about a quarter of the budget

Liquid just in case we want to do like Some follow-up bets on some of these Collections but also in case any stealth Drops come out or some new catalysts get In the comments and let me know what you Think but also maybe some Alpha on some Projects that we should be looking at I Know you don’t have to be asked twice to Show anything and this is one of those Cases where Shilling might actually be Relevant hope that was fun guys thanks For watching and I’ll catch you again Soon

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I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos!

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