4 Ai Side Hustles That Will Pay Your Rent

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Here are four realistic AI side hustles That will pay your rent with just a few Hours of work each day you could be Easily making three thousand dollars Plus a month all you need to do is pick One and take consistent focused action Like this video if you're excited to Make money with AI now let's get into it The first side hustle is YouTube Automation more specifically a faceless YouTube channel which means you don't Need a camera so if you guys don't know What faceless YouTube channels are They're basically these videos that have A voice over narrator that tell a story About a specific topic it should Whack for a former UFC commentator to Become an expert then you just have like A slideshow of images or videos that go With the voiceover it's very Straightforward you've seen them Everywhere it's very popular to see Educational or historical videos in the Style and now with AI voice tools like 11 Labs your voice is not even needed Yes that was AI so I have a personal Friend that has a faceless YouTube Channel and his channel is in the History Niche and what he does is he Chooses a specific topic he then finds Articles on that event and asks chat CPT To write them in the format of a video Script once complete he uses quill bot To reword the script at a high school

Reading level disclaimer if you're using Articles like this make sure you're Crediting the actual article by linking It and giving author the proper credits And do not copy it word for word next we Need the voiceover narration and to do This he created an AI clone of his voice He went to 11 labs and fed the algorithm Text narrated by him 11 Labs then uses That to create AI voice-overs that sound Just like his voice you don't have to Use your voice you can use any voice or They actually even have preset voices That anybody can use once you have the Voice cloned all you have to do is Upload the script and just like that you Have instant AI voice overs once that's Done now all you have to do is edit the Video but this is where you add your Human touch and really set yourself Apart download a free editing software Called DaVinci Resolve and guys video Editing is really easy I bet you can Learn the basics in like one hour but Once you have that figured out then you Just go looking for stock footage in Your Niche basically it's images and Videos of the topic that are free to use On the internet just Google your Niche Stock footage so the more effort you put Into this the better the videos will be Which means the more views that you will Get really make sure you have the Mindset of making great videos just

Because AI tools make it fast doesn't Mean that you should be rushing to make A lot of low quality videos you need to Take that time that AI solves you and Put that into making a better viewing Experience insurance for your audience But now that you're done editing and the Videos complete the last thing that You're going to need is a thumbnail and To make a thumbnail all you need is Mid-journey my friend uses mid-journey To make his thumbnails he keeps it quick Easy and simple and they have been Working very well and just like that You're done this AI system will make you A super human YouTuber with freakish Levels of productivity my friend makes Each one of his videos in less than Three hours and last month he made four Thousand dollars on YouTube ads alone if You're interested in making a faceless YouTube channel like my friend he Actually made a free course showing the Entire process step by step teaching you How to use each tool I'll leave that in The first link in the description below Okay this next one is my personal Favorite and is by far the biggest Opportunity to make the most amount of Money and that is to create an AI Software tool with no code on Bubble This is a pretty big deal because Everybody knows that software companies Are the best business model because you

Only have to make the product once and Then you can set sell it to thousands of Thousands of customers it's really high Leverage this is the opposite of say a Restaurant where you have to make a new Product the food every time there's a New customer but the reason most people Haven't made a software company is Because traditionally you have to hire a Developer and that's really expensive But thanks to the evolution of no code Not anymore so if you don't know bubble Is a no code platform that helps Non-technical people build web apps kind Of like how Shopify helps you build Online stores without code bubble helps You build software companies without Code which is revolutionary because you Can now build sites like Facebook and Airbnb without having to hire developers Initially I thought it was too good to Be true but then I had my team try it Out for themselves and believe it or not They made a fully functional AI software Tool to help students with their Homework all they had to do was connect The open AI API to bubble and design the App for a specific Niche use case and Just like that we were ready to accept Payments and get customers in three days It blew my mind so last month I had to Make a free course of walking you Through that entire process and showing How you can do the exact same thing in

Under two hours so if you want that I'll Also leave that link in the description Below there are so many problems that AI Can solve right now so if you see one And have a cool AI software product idea Definitely pursue this this is a huge Opportunity right now and the timing Could not be better so the third side Hustle is one that's pretty new but it's Going to be a big deal and that is Selling prompts there's word on the Street that companies are paying over Three hundred thousand dollars for good Prompt Engineers right now but I don't Think most people know why prompts are Even valuable in the first place so let Me explain with an example when you are Looking to get an output from chat gbt There are hundreds of different ways to Ask that same question but how you ask It that question will drastically affect The output that you get so let let's say I wanted to understand the script style Of Alex hermosi so I could start making Videos like him if I ask chat gbt Describe Alex hermosi's script style I'm Going to get a very lazy answer that's Not very detailed but if I ask it in a More specific way like tell me Everything you can about Alex and Rosie's scripts I want to use what you Give me to get a language model to Recreate the script about a topic that I Choose use a ton of detail and be

Specific I want to know things like the Tone the structure used persuasion Tactics and other things along those Lines to be able to tell chat gbt to Recreate a script in that style don't Talk about the subject he talked about Just the style and all the elements that Would help a language model recreate it The output is extremely detailed and This detailed output not only helps me Learn but it also is a new template that I can use to ask chat gbt to write me Scripts on any Topic in the future this Shows how valuable prompts can be and The interesting part is I didn't come up With this detailed prompt I actually Found this on a website called prompt Base which is a prompt Marketplace you Can get prompts for or chat GPT Mid-journey and many other AI tools and So if you don't really know how to ask a Question then you can just buy the Prompt here and since I bought that Prompt that means somebody sold it to me And that is your opportunity so if You're knowledgeable in a specific area You can make a lot of money selling your Prompts every industry has its own Unique terms or phrases that Outsiders Might not know about for example if You're not a marketer you're probably Not going to know how to ask chat gbt to Write you a Facebook ad script or an Email campaign but since I'm a marketer

I would ask chat gbt to write me a Facebook ad with a controversial three Second hook with a call to action to my Lead magnet and then write me an email Drip campaign with a persuasive sales Copy that will optimize for conversions If you're not a marketer you probably Don't know what call to actions lead Magnets or email drip campaigns are so You'd be better off paying a few dollars To buy my prompt from me so you can get The best out put possible this way You're not guessing how to ask something That you know little about after all you Don't know what you don't know that's Why buying and selling prompts are a Great side job you don't have to be an Expert in something but odds are you Know more about a specific topic than Someone else might and that is valuable All right and the final side hustle is Going to be using AI design tools to Start a handful of different design Businesses the first one would be using Canva in mid-journey to create Thumbnails for YouTubers this may sound Simple but let me explain your angle a Good thumbnail is not about who is the Best artist but who is the most creative Getting someone to click on your video Is almost more important than the video Itself because if no one clicked on it They'll never be able to watch it in the First place so creating thumbnails that

Get people to click is a very valuable Skill for example I made a really good Video on businesses of the future and I Was really confident in the video but When I uploaded it my click-through rate Was under five percent which is below Average and because of that I only got 9 000 views in my first five days which is Below average for my channel so on the Fifth day I decided to change the Thumbnail and immediately my Click-through rate jumped from five Percent to ten percent which triggered The YouTube algorithm and I ended up Getting over 100 000 views in the next Three days alone now that video has over 300 000 views and it made me two Thousand dollars if I never changed that Thumbnail it probably would have only Made me two hundred dollars so a good Thumbnail Creator literally has the Ability to make YouTubers tens of Thousands of dollars extra per year and If you can make them more money you will Make more money now this is a skill that Has to be learned and you can learn for Free on YouTube but the only way to Learn is by testing different thumbnails And seeing what's working I use a tool Called tubebuddy that lets me split test My thumbnails constantly all I have to Do is go in and add the different Thumbnails I want to test and then it Automatically Cycles them through Day by

Day and then after they all get cycled Through whichever one got the most Clicks is deemed the winner and gets set As the permanent thumbnail for now on And I want to make one thing clear the World does not need another cheap Thumbnail designer there is a difference Between being able to make a thumbnail And making great thumbnails because I Would pay top dollar for a professional Thumbnail crater someone who would full Time go and come up with ideas design Them and then test them on my behalf Iman gotchi has three people on his team Doing this full time because he knows That even if it gets a one percent Increase in click-through rate that can Result in millions and millions of views I am like actually looking for someone With this skill right now which is why I Threw it in this video so if you have That skill leave your experience in the Comment section and my team will reach Out to you but if you're new I recommend You learn from Mr Beast and Patty Galloway because there is a science to Good thumbnails but the great thing is There's a ton of free resources to learn On YouTube and you don't have to spend Hundreds of hours learning Photoshop Anymore you can just use AI tools like Mid-journey in canva canva you can crop Format add text you can do everything All with no code you can use mid journey

To generate any image in canva to cut Format and add text your only limit is Your creativity okay so bonus side Hustle using mid-journey in canva is Going to be selling products on Etsy now I don't know a lot about this but my Friend Liam Evans has made three million Dollars in the last few years selling These products on Etsy and he actually Made a full video on how he does it with AI on his channel so definitely go check That out he is an absolute wizard at Making money online and you'll learn a Lot but that's going to do it for Today's video check out the free courses In the description if you're actually Serious about making money online with AI but other than that I hope you have a Wonderful day and I will see you in the Next

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

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