3 Ways NFTs are Good for Your Business

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What’s going on everybody it’s another Great day live in the bret way and today We’re talking about the three reasons Why nfts are good for your business Let’s get into it [Music] All right guys so before we jump into This video i do want to make a quick Reminder that our third batch of nft Academy passes are actually dropping Today at noon pacific time 3 p.m eastern And we’re really excited for this we’re Rolling out web work which is basically An upwork but for our internal community Basically the fiverr of web 3. so that Way if you want to get a job if you want To work in web 3 you can actually go There and look for jobs and anyone That’s a holder can actually post their Job and actually get hired for their Services as well on top of that we’re Actually commencing our five million Dollar mint club members and officially Minting their rewards and on top of that Guys we’ve made a lot of additions to Really help people make sure they can Actually get business for their agency And scale their nft agencies because That’s what we need in the space we need Web 3 natives like you and i onboarding Web 2 companies the right way and so Guys really excited for that again we’re Minting 500 at 0.5 ethereum today july 31st sunday at 3 p.m eastern time really

Excited for that guys in general if you Don’t know nft academy is we literally Teach you everything you need to know to Build in web3 whether that’s smart Contract development web3 marketing Community building project management You name it we’ve got it we’ve done it All we teach it all so guys that’s nft Academy but without further ado let’s go Ahead and jump into the three reasons Why nfts are good for your business so The very first reason the nfvs are good For your business is going to be that it Is going to give you a competitive Advantage okay so the number one thing That you need to understand about web 3 Nfts and cryptocurrency is that the Whole philosophy of it is that it’s Better for the consumer it puts power Back into the consumer’s hands and That’s really really powerful because Eventually how things are going to Happen is that nfts are going to be Everywhere web 3 is going to be Everywhere and consumers are going to Wake up they need to value their data Privacy they need to value digital Rights ownerships and so once that’s the Case everywhere no one will be buying These ip license products that are sold Infinitely no one will be buying in-game Centralized items everything is going to Have to be nfts so that’s going to be The future in 5 or 10 years it’s best to

Get a first movers advantage but on top Of this guys right now competitive Advantage what i mean by this is that if You sell a course for example typically How we see people selling courses is They’re going to sell a 1500 course to Their audience and they’re going to sell Infinite of them with no refunds so this Is a big commitment from a customer who Either a doesn’t really know too much About you they don’t know what’s in the Course and maybe they’re just iffy on Jumping in in the first place and so People are going to lose a lot of sales Because a lot of people don’t want to Commit to that full 1500 well if you Actually sell your course as an nft it’s Going to let the customer actually be Able to buy the course for fifteen Hundred dollars take the course and then Whenever they learned everything they Need to learn they can then sell it and So when you’re on a sales call trying to Close a client it’s gonna be a much Easier sell telling them they’re gonna Be able to get their investment back out After learning the course because hey All you have to do is just buy it today Take it if you don’t like the Information you can immediately sell it Just to get your money back i think That’s very very powerful of course this Might limit your ability to sell more Courses but you’re also going to get

Royalties on every single sale and on Top of that you can also offer different Payment structures like a monthly Recurring basis to get access to your Course and so you could maybe do it this Way you could sell lifetime access to Your course through an nft or your Customer can own it and resell it but You could also sell 150 per month access To your course and this will be a nice Monthly recurring revenue for you and Also give a lot of people a lower Barrier of entry to actually get access To your course okay so that’s what i Mean by competitive advantage when your Competitors only sell it blank statement Hundred dollars no refunds you’re now Selling a lower monthly recurring Revenue model 150 a month and also Lifetime nfts that they can actually buy Learn and resell so that’s number one Competitive advantage and there’s many Many different ways you can create a Competitive advantage but that’s just One example so reason number two why Nfts are good for your business is Because it actually eliminates friction And so right now when you sign up for I’m gonna keep using the example an Online course or an online software These are the steps you have to take you Have to create an account name email Password then you have to go verify your Password go to your email account click

Verify now you have to enter your Payment information your address all That then you click confirm okay that’s Four steps to get access to a product or A course well with the beauty of web3 we Have these things called single sign-on Wallets otherwise abbreviated as ssos And these are like your metamask web3 Wallets where basically you have one Wallet and that wallet will be connected To every single site on the planet and Once you connect to the site you’re Automatically logged in and what’s going To happen is if you sell access to your Product or service as an nft all the Person has to do is go to openc or go to A marketplace buy your nft now it’s in Their wallet they just connect their Wallet to your website and your website Automatically checks if they own the nft And if they do they get access to your Website okay so instead of four steps It’s two and this is called eliminating Friction and this is the name of the Game for optimizing and scaling Businesses pretty much every business is Really known for one or two core Services that serve 80 of their revenue And most the times when you’re trying to Scale or grow your business the best Things that you can do is make a better Customer experience and that’s the term Eliminate friction every step that you Have to take in between hearing about a

Product and buying it is friction and if You can eliminate those steps make them Fewer that’s less pain that the customer Is going to have to go through to Actually get your product or service and So that’s what single sign-on wallets do That’s what nfts enable and that’s why Nfts will eliminate friction for your Business all right so that’s number one Number two you’ll get a competitive Advantage against your competitors and Two it actually will eliminate friction So the third one is actually going to be A superpower because this is rule number One in business and that’s to listen to Your customers get feedback from your Customers and so number three is Actually going to let you identify and Communicate and engage with your most Valuable customers aka your most loyal Customers that spend the most with you Okay so we’re gonna stick with this Course example let’s say that you have That monthly recurring revenue of 150 Per month but you also have lifetime Nfts well clearly those people that are More committed to the course are going To buy the nfts and also hold it longer What you will be able to do is create a Community specifically targeted at your Nft holders the ones that paid the full Price bought the nft course these people Will be able to go onto your website or Go into a discord that’s token gated

Meaning they have to have the token to Get through the gate and these people Are going to be much more committed to Helping you make a product better They’re going to be giving you product Feedback they’re going to be giving you Customer experience information they’re Going to be telling you what their Experience is like through your course Or through your product or service and That’s infinitely valuable i actually Interviewed the ceo of recur which is The software company and the platform Behind the nickelodeon nft drop and he Was telling me that’s exactly why these Big brands like nickelodeon and Paramount are interested in joining web3 It’s because they’re going to be able to Connect with the biggest fans of their International ip the fans of nickelodeon The biggest fans of rugrats are the ones Buying these nft collections and Actually joining their nft community Discord and that’s where they can Actually talk to them potentially sell Them more products and actually just get A better picture of why people are so Interested in their products so they can Make their product better so guys those Are the three things i see i want to Keep this one super short if you do want To go listen to that podcast episode Where i talk to the ceo of reeker you Will learn a lot about how the biggest

Brands are thinking about entering the Space and how they are thinking about Actually helping them be that bridge so That’s on the wg my podcast you can find That apple music or spotify or you can Type in wgmypodcast on youtube and find That there so guys those are three Reasons why nfts are good for your Business competitive advantage Eliminates friction and you can engage Your most valuable customers much more Quickly so guys those are three core Components of business i have no idea Why many people don’t see this yet but Hey we’re on the right path we’re very Very early and if you’re building right Now you’re going to be set up to succeed Big time in the future so guys that’s Gonna do it for today’s video if you got Value from this please click the like Button if you want more videos like this I’ve made a lot on this topic go ahead And subscribe because we got much more On the way and of course guys one last Reminder the nfc academy passes are Dropping today so if you’re watching This video because you had notifications On go check that out i would love to Talk to you guys we actually do live Trainings every single week where me and Brandon are teaching you up-to-date Information we do small groups where you Can actually come into a call in a group Of five or ten we can all bounce our

Ideas off each other and talk to each Other yes you can talk to me talk to me About your project on top of that guys If you actually have three passes you Can go to unlimited of those small Groups so literally every single week You’ll be talking to me or my partner Brandon and i just think that’s Infinitely valuable so guys that’s gonna Do it for today’s video i hope you have A wonderful day and as always i will see You in the next one [Music] You

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