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If you watch this video in its entirety You will walk away with certainty that You know exactly what you need to do to Make your first one hundred thousand Dollars will you do it that’s up to you But understand this works every single Time because it’s a proven method that I’ve actually used to obtain a seven Figure net worth by 24. now it was very Difficult a lot of time effort and Energy went into it but I promise you Can do the exact same if you do what I Talk about in this video but before we Get to that guys I want to make one Quick announcement so if you’ve never Seen a video of mine you’ve never seen My channel just skip the next two Minutes because this might not make a Lot of sense but if you’ve been on this Journey with me for the last year first And foremost what a year it has been Absolutely life-changing and very very Hectic if I have to say so myself but Guys I am on a mission and that mission Is to onboard a million people into web 3 because I think this technology is Good for the world and that’s what my Whole purpose of making these videos is For moving forward I’m actually going to Be making just general broad business Advice videos and overall life advice on This channel because one for the last Eight months I’ve been doing nothing but Running my projects and my businesses

Not trading nfts and two I really do Think that this channel is about me and My journey and that’s what my passion is Entrepreneurship and running businesses And I think nfts are a function of a Business they are going to be what the Way business is done moving forward but For now I really want to try to kind of Make more broad content that could help You know just 20 year old Brett skip a Lot of the mistakes that he made so I’m Not stopping making nft content by any Means it’s the future and I want to be On the ball as we go bearable I’m making All my nft content is now going to be Put on WG my media’s YouTube channel so WHMI is going to be used as my nft Platform my nft education platform I’m Actually going to put all my business Videos kind of like the nft agency stuff The nft go to market strategy marketing All of that on my LinkedIn because I Just think that’s a much more pertinent Platform for that type of content so by No means am I leaving web 3 or nfts this Is really just so I can can kind of help More people with general advice because A lot of people came into the space and Followed my channel because they wanted To make money and this is actually how I Was able to make my money before coming Into nfts and it was what put me in the Position to do so well when trading Initially I really want to teach that to

You guys I’m making these videos like I Said for my 20 year old self hopefully Anyone that wants to be an aspiring Entrepreneur that’s in that position That I was just five years ago can take These lessons and actually apply it to Their life to help them succeed and Maybe down the line you start a really Successful business and we can work with Each other on how we can actually Implement nfts into that business when That day comes let’s go ahead and get Into what this video is all about how to Make your first 100 000. [Music] Foreign [Music] Guys let’s just get into it you’re Probably watching this video and you Might even have doubts but understand Business in and of itself is simple and It comes down to one core principle if You want to make a lot of money you got To provide a lot of value to the world You got to solve other people’s problems Better faster or cheaper and if you can Actually do that then you’re gonna Receive money in return you give value You receive value in the form of money Very simple and if you want to make Millions of dollars well you have to Solve big problems for a lot of people And somehow do it in the same amount of Time as anyone else in the world that’s

Only making ten dollars an hour so how Do you do that the tried and true method If you’re a beginner entrepreneur and You want to start your first business It’s probably going to be an agency Model where you’re learning a skill and You’re selling and offering that skill To a company to make their business Better because they don’t have that Skills in their business and secret guys If you can make a business more money You’re going to make more money first Things first you have to develop a skill And again guys this is going to sound Very simple it’s very similar to saying How do I win an NBA championship the Answer is just make every single shot That you shoot and if you can make every Shot that you shoot you you’re going to Win an NBA championship what’s hard is All the practice all those shots you Have to take in practice all the running All the training all the dieting Everything you have to do to make that Possible that’s what is hard but how to Be successful in business very simple Learn a skill be good at that skill sell It to others that’s the step that you Need to take first things first spend Some time picking a skill if you don’t Know what skill to choose go ahead and Watch my friend Sebastian’s video he Made a great video talking about 44 Business ideas that you can start in

This 2022 recession but understand guys It really doesn’t matter what skill you Pick or what business model you pick Because if someone’s successful in that Business model that means it’s possible For you too as well I had a very big Issue early in my entrepreneurship Career where I would try Drop Shipping I Drop ship like two or three months Didn’t really make much money spent a Lot of time on it and I just thought That drop shipping was dead and then I Tried Amazon FBA for two or three months Shipped some products here send it to Their facility didn’t get many sales Pretty much made a few hundred bucks After three months of work and said okay This is way too saturated Amazon FBA is Not it and my biggest problem was that I Was just not good enough yet and there Was so much I hadn’t done before that I Was making obvious mistakes from an Expert’s perspective but to me I thought I had it all figured out for whatever Reason I was young I had shiny object Syndrome I thought that it was always The business’s fault this is a really Important lesson for any aspiring Entrepreneur is accountability if you’re Not successful yet it’s because you Haven’t put enough hours in and you’re Just flat out not good enough the world Doesn’t care about our feelings the World doesn’t care about our

Circumstances whatever variable that you May think is the reason that you’re not Successful yet is complete as Directly as I can say it that is the Problem holding back a lot of people is That it’s always somebody else’s fault Or always a weird combination of Circumstances to why they aren’t Successful the reality is you haven’t Put in enough hours yet and you’re just Not flat out good enough you can do two Things from that you can say oh this is Hard and go complain about it to some Friends and they’re gonna console you Because misery loves company you can go Lay in your bed take a nap and just say Oh this isn’t fair and this is hard or You can get up off your ass pave people To teach you how to do things the right Way and do everything you possibly can To be become the best because if your Goal isn’t to be the best you’re not Going to be good enough so understand Guys you have to pick a skill and you Have to stick with that even after Six months you’re not getting immediate Gratification now I don’t think it’s too Hard if you’re starting an agency and You have the right blueprint to get to About ten thousand dollars a month Within the first six months as long as You practice the skill and are committed If you’re not committed in the first Place why are you even watching this

Video and by the way guys I had a big Problem where I love to learn so I spent So much time watching videos learning About something to the point where I Pretty much knew everything about it but I kept catching myself keep watching Videos instead of going out there and Putting myself in the position to face Rejection so this leads me to my next Point first thing you have to do is pick A skill for me it was video I had a Video business when I was 20 years old This is what I started and I went out There and I just started doing work for Free I didn’t know how to get clients I Didn’t know how much to charge I didn’t Have anything to show them and so if I Said hey let me shoot a video for you Give me 500 bucks they’re gonna want to See what my videos are like or what they Can expect from me so I didn’t have that So I just reached out to everybody in my Circle saying hey do you know anybody That needs a video of any kind I did a Night event I did a night bar I did a Nightclub video I did a wedding I did a Music video all completely for free so I Built up my portfolio basically I Obtained results then I took those Videos and showed them to new people That needed video services but I started Asking for two to three hundred dollars Per video how do you find these people You have to go out there and ask and

This is the hardest part for new Beginners is going out there and Actually facing rejection one thing I Noticed in all of my failed businesses Before is I always spent so much time Learning so much time building trying to Make the perfect product or make the Perfect website or have the perfect System down that I was actually spending So much time because I was Subconsciously scared of putting myself Out there and potentially facing failure Because the second you put that website Out there the second you run that ad the Second you get on that sales call now You’re in the position where it’s either Gonna be a yes or a no and everything That you were working on for the last Two or three months could be for Absolutely nothing in the short term That’s something you have to get over And the only way to get over it is by Doing it and failing fast the goal Should be to fail the faster you can Fail the faster you can make a decision On if this is worth pursuing or if you Need to go a different route but the Faster you fail the faster you learn and That’s something the school system does Not teach you they actually teach the Opposite and I think it’s very damaging For young kids so first things first Build a skill find clients do work for Free use that free work to get real

Paying clients and put yourself out There and start actually facing those Yeses and no’s because the more you do That the better you’re going to be able To position yourself and actually offer Your services to the next one and the Next one and I promise you guys Eventually you’re going to get good Enough assuming you’re motivated you’re Putting all the time in the world in to Actually become successful and then You’re actually putting yourself out There in the position to even be able to Possibly achieve success the reason I Say that this is simple is because again The path is simple make every single Three-pointer but to make every single Three-pointer you have to take a Thousand shots you have to eat properly So you’re able to have the energy and to Perform and your body will actually Respond to the training properly you Have to train with the right people you Could spend 10 hours a day using a stair Stepper but if you’re using the stair Stepper that’s not going to translate to Basketball so you need to make sure You’re around people that can teach you The right way the most efficiently if You’re not doing that for your business AKA you’re not learning from people that Are actively practicing what your skill Is learning from the best to skip their Mistakes if you’re not actually focusing

On your onboarding process say you have Good videos and you have good sales Ability but then you close a client and You don’t have the invoice ready for Them or how to collect payment or what They should expect they’re going to get Scared and they’re going to walk away And so these are all tiny different Details and different aspects of your Business that can inhibit your growth so If you get good at making these videos If you get good at talking to clients And actually selling them on why they Should go with you and you get good at Your actual systems and processes you Should be in a position that you should Be making at least ten thousand dollars A month and that shouldn’t take you over A year if you’re very focused and very Committed understand that I started my Video business at 20. I didn’t start Making six figures until I was able to Go full time when I graduated but Actually building it up and getting that Infrastructure and in place was why I Was able to hit the ground running when I did go full time and that’s how I Actually went from about a thousand Dollars a week to about 2500 a week with My video business I did end up facing More problems from there but that’s a Story for a different time on how I Actually turned that to a million Dollars so today I’m going to cut it off

There because you need to walk before You run if you’ve never started a Business before that’s how you need to Think about it get a skill stick with it Get some results show those results to Future clients and then Word of Mouth Treat them well give them exactly what You promised and then they will refer Other people to you because you’re so Good at what you do that’s how you make A hundred thousand dollars if anyone Tells you different they’re lying that’s A hundred percent proven way to make a Hundred thousand dollars a year and I Promise you the only thing holding you Back is you and if you’re not there yet You just need to keep going you will get There just keep going my friends that’s Gonna do it for today’s video I hope you Have a wonderful day I will see you in The next one Foreign [Music]

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